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  1. Covid-19: Visitation & Precautions? Update All visits suspended
  2. FMC Rochester Family and Friends Update
  3. Sentencing during the Corona Virus Shutdown?
  4. USP Tucson- modified lock down
  5. Release of LWOP inmate due to Corona virus?
  6. $1000 Checks in April Will FED prisoners get the checks?
  7. Letter sent to federal prisoners in Crossroads Correctional Shelby MT
  8. COVID-19 is in MDC Brooklyn
  9. Has anyone tested positive at FCI Butner Medium
  10. Do you know anybody who has been tested inside?
  11. Is There Really Hope?
  12. Covid-19 in Federal Prisons
  13. Federal Prisoner deaths due to COVID-19
  14. COVID-19 Excellent Resource
  15. "Phase 5" Starts Tomorrow
  16. BOP Covid-19 Reports...possibly not accurate
  17. April 1 BOP Stats on Carona Virus
  18. Lockdown conditions at FMC Carswell
  19. Who can we write to about releases?
  20. Possible release of Federal inmates due to covid 19
  21. ACLU sues Oakdale prison over COVID-19
  22. USP Tucson-Penitentiary Covid-19 count?
  23. Fedcure Email-sanitizer is approved
  24. FCI Danbury inmates given Face Masks and Free Minutes
  25. First Confirmed Covid-19 Case at Seagoville
  26. Springfield FMC releases
  27. Anyone know if Herlong is releasing people?
  28. Home Confinement / Update:Recinded
  29. April 14 Another Death in BOP Elkton and Statistics
  30. Video visits & free calls
  31. COVID Response US Dept of Justice OIG Complaint Form
  32. DOJ Watchdog to inspect prisons
  33. Federal Camp Closure
  34. Home Confinement Who knows anyone going home due to Coronavirus?
  35. Anyone know why the BOP does not allow Video Visits?
  36. Is Anyone Else's LO Being Locked Down All Weekend?
  37. BOPs considering using Lewisburg as a regional quarantine stop for inmates
  38. Covid19 in BOP
  39. First female federal inmate dies
  40. Inmate phone & email stations at FCI Terminal Island suspended until May 18
  41. COVID-19 infects more than half of inmates at Terminal Island
  42. Federal Medical Center in Lexington: 113 inmates positive
  43. 70% of inmates test positive at Lompoc
  44. FCI Elkton phone calls (worried mom)
  45. Has Anyone Heard from Their LO at Herlong?
  46. Class action suit against Danbury 5/12/2020 ruling
  47. Covid-19 and sentencing
  48. Public-Health-Expert-Letter-to-Trump
  49. Texarkana FCI Class Action
  50. Supreme Court won't block order to move prisoners over coronavirus concerns
  51. When will visitation be reinstated for BOP facilities? Update: October!
  52. How much halfway house time?
  53. Seagoville went from 4 to 46 cases in a few days.
  54. Covid release while in federal custody with state detainer
  55. BOP - Visitation & Transfers
  56. BOP Transfers/Stuck in transit?
  57. Contracting COVID in BOP
  58. FMC Carswell Covid Testing
  59. Sheridan FCI and Englewood FCI Have Corona Cases
  60. Home Confinement
  61. Loretto in lockdown FYI
  62. COVID - Positive in Prison, How to Survive?
  63. COVID-19 Databases on Prisons - UCLA
  64. Quarantine= inhumane treatment
  65. BOP-COVID-19 Phase 9 Action Plan
  66. Has anyone heard from their LO in Berlin?
  67. Text messages service down?
  68. BOP - social visits begin to resume
  69. Anyone with info about FCI Jessup?