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  1. Coronavirus: CDCR announced today that all visiting is canceled statewide
  2. San Francisco Attorney Asking to Release Some Inmates d/t Corona
  3. Family Visits Now Canceled due to Corona
  4. Jury Trials in LA County Canceled for Rest of March
  5. Corona Virus & lockdown LA county
  6. L.A. County releases some inmates from jail to combat COVID-19
  7. CDCR Update March 17, 2020
  8. GTL / CDCR announce FREE phone calls / Updated - more free calls!
  9. Santa Rita Jail starts releasing non-violent inmates waiting for trial
  10. 2 staff at San Quentin positive
  11. Covid-19 infects 2 prison employees (guards) at CIM, Chino California
  12. First inmate tests positive
  13. Answer today on release of state inmates
  14. Early release for state CDCR prisoners / Updated & Current
  15. Quarantine in Place in OC Jails as More Inmates Test Positive for Virus
  16. Mandatory 14-Day Modified Program
  17. JPAY available even with no tablet
  18. Cpap machine power cords have been removed by staff
  19. Updates on CDCR and CCHCS
  20. Judge Rejects More COVID Releases on 4/17/20
  21. Former state prisoner with coronavirus
  22. Man from Chino prison is first CA inmate to die of COVID-19
  23. Scanner update says 71 cases at lancaster prison
  24. Eight deaths to date
  25. When will CDCR lift the No Visits order?
  26. 700 Chino inmates to be transferred as coronavirus sweeps prison
  27. 335 LASD Employees, 2,585 Jail Inmates Have Tested Positive for COVID-19
  28. 16th inmate dies at hard hit CA prison
  29. CDCR releasing inmates w/less than 180 days due to COVID Starting July 1st
  30. P.V.S.P on lockdown?
  31. Covid-19 cases skyrocket-San Quentin/Corcoran
  32. Death Row inmate died-tested positive for covid-19
  33. More deaths
  34. Inside San Quentin's Covid-19 Crisis
  35. CDCR's covid response efforts
  36. COVID related Programming credits
  37. 8,000 CA inmates could be released early to stop crowding at prisons during
  38. North Bay lawmakers criticize errors in SQ outbreakhttps://www.pressdemocra
  39. Mule Creek Inmate Family Council 07/29/20
  40. How CA's worst covid-19 burst from SQ to San Jose
  41. Over 17,000 California prisoners 70% more than earlier estimate could b
  42. Cops and Correctional Officers in CA
  43. SQ Inmates ask judge for pandemic discharges
  44. Whose loved one received PPE and when?
  45. SQ dental clinic cited for covid-19 risks
  46. Suspended transfers from County to Reception
  47. Coronavirus outbreak at CA. Rehab center prison