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  1. Intro--cj2675
  2. What Vermont Prison or Jail is your loved one at?
  3. Prison Overcrowding A Statewide Problem
  4. Uniforms, poor medical, tighter security, no smoking
  5. Moving them out of Vermont to another State
  6. Vt. legislators eye inmate treatment outside the state
  7. Burlington, Vermont Sheriff's Deputy Arrested in Connection with Murder
  8. Lee County Adjustment Center in Beattyville,Ky.
  9. Caledonia Community Work Camp
  10. Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility
  11. Dale Women's Facility
  12. Marble Valley Regional Correctional Facility
  13. Northern State Correctional Facility
  14. Northwest State Correctional Facility
  15. Southeast State Correctional Facility
  16. Southern State Correctional Facility
  17. St. Johnsbury Regional Correctional Facility
  18. Welcome to the Vermont Prison Profiles Forum
  19. Article:Vermont's prison population growing rapidly
  20. Visiting the Northeast (AKA St. Johnsbury) Regional CI
  21. Vermont Prisoners in Kentucky Involved in Riot
  22. Missing a friend
  23. Article: Corrections Commissioner Had Warden Axed
  24. VT Sex Offender Registry is now online
  25. Incarcerated Vermonters can vote
  26. 16 vermonters charged with Kentucky riot.
  27. Ideas for Christmas
  28. Volunteer Opportunities with VT DOC
  29. ARTICLE: Are women offenders getting raw deal from Vermont courts?
  30. Article: Books bring inmates, children closer together
  31. Article: Douglas administration prepares prison overcrowding proposal
  32. State to State transfer
  33. ARTICLE: Kentucky guard arrested for inmate abuse (Vermont transferees)
  34. Article: Senators hear town manager on prison woes
  35. Article: New program seeks to re-integrate offenders
  36. ARTICLE: Correcting Corrections, Great new for Vermont!
  37. State Settles with Inmate's Family
  38. Committee passes bill that would increase inmate good time (Vermont)
  39. Prison reform passes hurdle
  40. A Convict's Call for Help
  41. Article:Prison Guards Seek Protection From Fluids
  42. Federal case could impose death senctence in Vermont
  43. Article: Springfield prison chief is removed
  44. Looking for info Lee Adjustment Center
  45. Article:Inmates get hepatitis vaccine
  46. Article: Inmates' Cocaine Plot Busted
  47. Advocacy group says inmate death could have been prevented
  48. Inmate Gardeners Win Big at Vermont Fair
  49. I have a question....
  50. Anyone here doing Federal time for a VT crime?
  51. New member--Abuse Of Inmates In Vermont
  52. Court will decide whether prison bread is punishment
  53. Be safe....
  54. Springfield may add prison work camp
  55. State prison health care provider hit with resignations of top administrators
  56. Windsor turns down work camp offer
  57. question federal prison camp
  58. Jailing sex offenders in Vermont
  59. Vt. to expand in-prison treatment for sex offenders
  60. Interstate Compact
  61. Vermont to Send Inmates to Oklahoma
  62. Inmate charged with carrying 28 bags of heroin
  63. Which VT Prison do you visit?
  64. Standoff Ends Peacefully
  65. Vermont Department of Corrections Website/Offender Search
  66. Vermont Department of Corrections Contacts
  67. Caledonia Community Work Camp Visiting hours
  68. Northern State Correctional Facility Visiting hours
  69. Southern State Correctional Facility Visiting hours
  70. Vermont Prison Mail Policy/Outdated
  71. Jonathan - Vermont Moderator
  72. Condemned man seeking a pen pal
  73. aug 27th event for family and friends of prisoners- please join us.
  74. Someone please help!!
  75. Inmate's request for liquor license denied
  76. Electronic Monitoring Proposal
  77. Vermont DOC Index!!
  78. VT: H.I.R.E. Resources & Assistance
  79. Welcome Guests
  80. IN/OUT State Transfers
  81. Getting married in Vermont
  82. Intake/Bail
  83. Offender Grievances/Procedures
  84. Disposition of Personal Property and Offender Claims
  85. Release Money
  86. Telephone Use
  87. Inmate Visits Rules
  88. Lee Adjustment Center KY
  89. Whose men were sent to KY?
  90. Intro--lonelyathome
  91. Help us name your Vermont Lounge!
  92. Happy Thanksgiving To the Vermont Forum!
  93. Parole Planning- A MUST for the Incarcerated!!
  94. VT chit chat thread
  95. Any info on Southern State CF ??
  96. Visiting Southern State Correctional Facility
  97. Southern State CF new phone system
  98. Cats in Vt. prison must go, supe says
  99. Need Information for a Friend
  100. Education article on VT prisons
  101. VT Prison overcrowding
  102. Bringing Justice to Vermont Prisons
  103. 53 Voices Speak on VT DOC including the prisoners
  104. Care package website for VT prisons
  105. Proposal to Frisk CO's at Random in VT
  106. Where in OK and AZ are they transferring VT inmates?
  107. Sending Care Packages
  108. Could anyone help?
  109. Intro--BarbaraAnnVT
  110. Former Northfield Cop Denies Staging Robbery
  111. Sex offender released, against state's wishes
  112. Vermont's Legal Ethics
  113. Question about parole
  114. Can Someone explain his time?
  115. VT Corrections Officer Arrested for Selling Cocaine
  116. Free camp for kids of incarcerated parents!
  117. Children's Literacy Programs in VT Prisons
  118. Inmates Helped before leaving prison in VT
  119. DOC Community High School now accredited with NEA of Schools and Colleges
  120. VT DOC programs
  121. I know you're out there
  122. Sending Money to inmates in Vermont
  123. Melee Breaks Out in Vermont Courtroom
  124. Remembering 9/11
  125. Within State Transfers...Why???
  126. SSCF in Springfield on lockdown today 9/19/07
  127. Southern State Corr Facility
  128. Lockdown lifted..
  129. Mental Health meeting on VT Prisons
  130. St. J work camp is training working dogs
  131. Helping Children of Inmates
  132. Don't let old post dates fool you!
  133. Vermont could use a few of these
  134. Superbug Strikes at State Prison
  135. Happy Holidays to all of you
  136. VT DOC CO's that Care
  137. Intro--VAPORgirl
  138. If you are going into SSCF...some info for you
  139. Vt. Senators Say increase SA Treatment-cut prison costs
  140. How long does it take to hear from a new inmate?
  141. New to all this and I have questions
  142. What items are allowed in VT?
  143. Question about commissary
  144. Intro--LochRaven
  145. Lee Adjustment Center
  146. Intro--tonigirl
  147. Has anyone gone to Lee Adjustment Center?
  148. Vermont inmates call food foul, sue over it
  149. Prison Calls It Food, Inmates Disagree
  150. Prison Shake Down
  151. Correcting Corrections
  152. Intro--lilhickchick
  153. Inmates don caps, gowns
  154. New policy on books?
  155. Douglas: Act on Prison Reorganization
  156. Went to Lee Adjustment Center!!
  157. Is there any support groups?
  158. Legislature negotiates prison restructuring
  159. Probation & Parole
  160. Caregiver seeks help for prisoners with disabilities
  161. Governor Signs Community Justice Center Bill into Law
  162. Happy Mother's Day
  163. Religious jewelry
  164. Parole question ~ PO keeps changing the game
  165. Made in Vermont: Lessons from License Plates
  166. Question about Miranda Rights
  167. State inmate shuffle set to begin
  168. Good time for VT??
  169. LAC in KY
  170. Please read before you arrange to carpool/rideshare.
  171. Fugutive Employed at Northern State
  172. VT inmate housed in KY at LAC
  173. Vermont, Maine only states to let inmates vote
  174. Do you need help?
  175. LAC - I'm very familiar, maybe I can help
  176. How We Treat Addicts
  177. Carpooling to Southernstate Correctional
  178. Jail in Springfield
  179. Share a ride
  180. Northeast Regional Correctional Facility maybe closing
  181. Where is everyone?
  182. PTO Quilt Project Announcement
  183. Intro--xceleste
  184. Canadian Visiting Prison?
  185. Intro--Research Assistant
  186. A list of Vermont's Correctional Facilities
  187. Links to Vermont Probation/Parole/Field Offices
  188. Watch PTO Posts made in "Real Time".
  189. Intro--hopemlove
  190. Questions about the Kentucky Correctional CTR in Beattyville
  191. Intro--sweetpea4033
  192. Vermont Corrections Academy Director Tased During Arrest
  193. Welcome Guests!
  194. Welcome Members & Guest!
  195. Moving to VT
  196. (VT) People out of jails
  197. Links to Vermont Prison Facilities
  198. How to send food to an inmate
  199. Intro--Rahelsgirl
  200. Going To NSCF. Looking to Carpool.
  201. Prison legal news
  202. Intro--stein919
  203. Are you kidding me?
  204. Quarantine
  205. New (Good Time) Law
  206. STD Vermont jails
  207. Mail from Lee Adjustment Center, KY
  208. New Commissary Site
  209. Vermont DOC Index (Updaded)
  210. Vermont Prison Commissary provider/Links do not work.
  211. New Law concerning release & probation
  212. VT law- Attorney never filed reconsideration motion.
  213. Need Info on Vermont Prison System
  214. Inmate adds pig to Police Cruiser Stickers
  215. Hubby sentenced to 60 days in VT can they keep him beyond that?
  216. Is it common for VTDOC to have problems getting the paperwork straight?
  217. Anyone carpool from Vermont to Lee Adustment Center?
  218. NWCF..What is it privileges such as..
  219. Curious- how harsh is VT in DWI sentencing
  220. 4aceslady awaiting an Ace
  221. Information for families of Vermont inmates in Kentucky
  222. They said the birthday card I sent him had drugs in it, but it didn't/Help!
  223. Intro--Abts
  224. PTO Quarterly Newsletter
  225. Celebrating The Holidays
  226. VT inmate in Arizona?
  227. Song Dedications for PTO Quarterly
  228. Northern State (Newport) - Ask Me Questions
  229. Holiday stories for PTO Quarterly
  230. How long can they keep someone in the hole in Vermont?
  231. Is escape from a Prison Furlough a felony?
  232. Sending money to a Michigan inmate sentenced in Vermont?
  233. The Vermont Informational Handbook for the Families of those Incarcerated.
  234. Vermont prisoners to be moved to Mississippi prison run by CoreCivic
  235. Vermont Covid -19 (Corona Virus) news & information