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  1. Help Me Find Strong... Please
  2. What is the actual time served?
  3. Aerial Photos of Connecticut Prisons
  4. CT Cost of Incarceration Bill Amendment?
  5. Getting moved to Virginia!!!!!!!!
  6. Christmas List for Connecticut Inmates
  7. Do you love your CT Inmate
  8. Inmate Or Prisoners
  9. Have you gotten married in a Connecticut Prison?
  10. Pictures of Different Facilities Link
  11. Question for Gatos Wifey?
  12. No one really cares?
  13. Divorcing a CT inmate
  14. Looking for depressed offenders
  15. IM so depressed he was moved to another prison
  16. Support Groups
  17. Anyone Have A Loved One Wanting To Go To Va
  18. How much Money do you send him?
  19. What is he is for?
  20. I heard from my husband and I am relived
  21. TS Vent and other CT DOC issues
  22. Cable and Weights-Do they still have them??
  23. Talked to Lawyer Again
  24. Injured in Prison Part 2
  25. Thank God I Found This Site
  26. Support
  27. Which Connecticut prisons are considered "dangerous"
  28. What is he in for?
  29. Depressed during lockdown!!!
  30. In home stretch and Losing my Mind because of depression
  31. Educational Assistance
  32. Depression while in Jail.
  33. What is it like?
  34. Chance Of Bail Reduction??
  35. CT Facilities Photographs
  36. Information on connecticut law and sentencing practices
  37. Question regarding sentence
  38. What does my boyfriend mean?
  39. Living In Another State
  40. US Has the Most Prisoners in the World
  41. Help, looking for information about sentence modifcation
  42. My ministry will send a free Bible in to any inmate Upon Request
  43. 85% rule??
  44. Home At Last
  45. Need help understanding sentcing
  46. Being THERE for your man
  47. Whats next...???
  48. Can someone get time off for good behavior when they have a short sentence?
  49. Just Moved Back To Ct And Need Help
  50. Should I be worried about this transfer?
  51. Have you heard of this....
  52. Need Anwers About My Bf's Sentence...
  53. Coming home
  54. Sentence Modification
  55. Coming home
  56. Still on lockdown
  57. Ideas to mark dates completed???
  58. Which CT prison is your loved-one in?
  59. Help with Sentence Modification
  60. Job/Education Help Available
  61. He's OUT and coming home
  62. Sentenced but not remanded ???
  63. Angry at the whole prison system
  64. Can he be released to attend funeral?
  65. Need help RE: GOOD TIME BILL
  66. Need help figuring out my BF's sentence
  67. Not given credit
  68. Where do you find PLAIN underwear????
  69. Sentence Modification
  70. Heat? When do they start turning it on?
  71. Sentence modification
  72. No jobs here huh???
  73. The Constant Noise In Prison
  74. New item on Commissary
  75. Is anyone in Conn prison from another State prison
  76. Is your man in a level 3?
  77. Need info on places that will hire people with a felony record
  78. Inmates are people too!! (ct doc)
  79. Help!!!! fiance's sentence!
  80. Does Connecticut have good time credits?
  81. What are the rules on inmates having Sunglasses?
  82. How are our guys doing in this humid 90's heat?
  83. Why would they lower his security level with such a short time left?
  84. Very little communication
  85. This lockdown feels like the longest ever....
  86. He's Coming Home!!
  87. Does the time he was out on appeal count towards time served?
  88. How common is Seg for your man
  89. Pickin' up my man this Wednesday!!
  90. CT Jails overcrowded
  91. Passports for the Incarcerated?
  92. Inmate status "CUSCOM to RI"
  93. misdemeanors instead of felonies- Sentencing questions
  94. Update from Melandunewen
  95. Counselor caught having a relationship with an inmate
  96. Good time in CT?
  97. TS jail credit problems in CT
  98. Watching TV in prison
  99. Sentencing question
  100. Looking for families of Northern Correctional inmates (Research Project)
  101. Women's Jail Questions
  102. How do you figure out how much time he really has to serve?
  103. Does anyone know if a felon can be on the lease for Public Housing?
  104. Does anyone know if they do blood work prior to release
  105. How much Time?
  106. Why is Niantic Annex on lockdown?
  107. Writing A Final...Your Feedback Please!
  108. DOC food costs and suppliers
  109. Sentence Modification Questions
  110. New law(s) in Connecticut? Low level drug offenders will only do 35%?
  111. Can an inmate serving 10+ years get married?
  112. Sentence modification for husband because I have lupus?
  113. CT's Hot 93.7 Late Night Love shout-outs for those incarcerated.
  114. Sentencing questions
  115. Looking for Wayne X. Weaver
  116. DUI Sentencing Questions
  117. Support for families
  118. Sentence modification
  119. Omg so nervous! Hubby has hearing for Sentence Modification!
  120. Escapee from halfway house staying with friend. Would friend be in trouble?
  121. Mandatory Minimum of 2 years, served 6 mos, eligible for TS or Good Time?
  122. Good Time changing from 5 days a month to 10 days a month?
  123. Jail Credit: mistake with his records/mittimus papers. How do I fix it?
  124. Will they be holding more classes for CO's?
  125. Is good time changing in Connecticut?
  126. Have The Death Row Inmates Been Moved to Population?