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  1. South Dakota State Penitentiary
  2. Contest: Your S.D. Story Could Net Big Money!
  3. South Dakota
  4. South Dakota Prisons Overcrowded
  5. What South Dakota Prison or Jail is your loved one at?
  6. Prison Overcrowding
  7. Inmate divorce
  8. Springfield breaks groud for new cafeteria
  9. Felon to Felon Weddings SD
  10. Need info. for Springfield
  11. About Parole in South Dakota
  12. Inmate Telephone Access in South Dakota
  13. Inmate Visitation in South Dakota
  14. Inmate Property in South Dakota
  15. Inmate Mail in South Dakota
  16. Inmate Finances in South Dakota
  17. Admissions and Orientations in South Dakota
  18. FAQ about Sex Offenders in South Dakota
  19. Article: Genova prefers South Dakota prison
  20. Article: Are we happy now? No, but it was right
  21. Article: Escaped South Dakota Inmates Apprehended in Rockford
  22. Mother-Infant Programs South Dakota Women's Prison
  23. Article: Racial tensions renewed
  24. Locks of Love
  25. Board of Pardons and Paroles Hearing Dates for 2004
  26. DOC, Forest Service working together to prevent future fires
  27. Article: Two arraigned in shooting
  28. Article: Burglary suspect just hanging out
  29. Article: Man faces murder charges in friend's overdose death
  30. Article: Long: State crime lab not accredited but fully capable
  31. Article: Group renovating house for inmate families
  32. Article: Program plays key role in rehabilitating teens
  33. Article: Task force on racism regroups, refocuses
  34. South Dakota Members Introductions - Please Come Join Us
  35. FORWARD program: Lifeskills
  36. Article: Indian jails called disgrace
  37. Where to stay when visiting at South Dakota State Penitentiary
  38. Article: Fifth Winner jail escapee caught after car chase
  39. Sioux Falls inmates will train dogs.
  40. McCook Central students helping kids through Pedal Power program
  41. Article: Crazy Horse family protests club
  42. Inmate gardeners provide more than 16 tons of food to Yankton Area Organizations
  43. Inmates make, donate winter clothing for needy
  44. Thune in... Daschle Out.. What will this mean to S.D. Lets hear you opinions...
  45. Article:Rare White Rattlesnake Finds Home
  46. South Dakota: After prison, roadblocks to reentry
  47. A Quiet Violence: Kids in Prison
  48. Cheney in state for annual pheasant hunting trip
  49. Hey South Dakotans, we've got a new subforum !!!
  50. Article: Cold case unit to offer rewards for unsolved cases
  51. Need Probation Info Please!!!
  52. Article: New Downtown Nightlife
  53. Prison program refurbishes bicycles for needy children
  54. Any info on Springfield?
  55. Happy Thanksgiving South Dakota !!!!
  56. New member chosen for parole board
  57. Article: Sioux Falls Man Sentenced After 10th DWI
  58. Drug Testing In Prisons To Expand
  59. Article: S.D. project targets repeat DUI offenders
  60. Article: Taxpayers, Not Janklow, To Pay Civil Damages
  61. Struggling with South Dakota...? Anyone else?
  62. Article: Criminal Code Changes
  63. Article: Rowley Sentenced To 40 Years For Meth
  64. Article: Law Revisions To Affect Drug Related School Suspensions
  65. Article: Law Requires Computer Technicians To Report Child Pornography
  66. Article: Prison numbers increasing slowly
  67. Article: Preliminary update of criminal laws done
  68. Article: 18 Aberdeen Teens Face Charges
  69. Article: Controversy Over Rapid City Work-Release Facility
  70. Article: Courtroom Drama
  71. Article: Locker Room Photography Law
  72. Article: Changes suggested in drinking, driving, lobbying laws
  73. Article: Task Force: Meth Program Needed To Cut Prison Population
  74. FPC Yankton (FBOP)
  75. Article: State struggles to keep up with demand for mental health care
  76. Article: Former police officer accused of rape pleads to lesser charge
  77. South Dakota Check In for the Holiday Season.
  78. Seniors get opportunity to help police
  79. Guard charged in theft from inmates' fund
  80. 193 inmates get shorter term
  81. Article: The power of caring
  82. Article: Inmates, Corrections staff help make holiday brighter for youth
  83. Article: Inmates Assist With Snow Removal
  84. Article: Prison sentence upheld in rape case
  85. Article: Attempted Murder At Wal Mart Parking Lot
  86. Board of Pardons and Paroles Hearing Dates for 2005
  87. Article: Search Continues For Heasley (escapee from the Beadle County Jail)
  88. Article: Inmate Force-Feeding Bill Advances
  89. Murderer jailed after standoff
  90. Article: Bigamist Sentenced In Sioux Falls
  91. Bush pardons man from South Dakota
  92. Article: Inmates To Assist City Of Avon
  93. Article: Cost of War
  94. New Superintendent named at STAR Academy
  95. Article: SD: Governor Signs into Law the Nation's Toughest Anti-Abortion Bills
  96. Help Wanted’ sign up at Durfee State Prison
  97. Inmates assisting with interstate clean up project near Sioux Falls
  98. Article: Jenner-Tyler Seeks Parole
  99. Article:Corrections Department names new head of prison industry program
  100. SDDOC press release: Science on the Move Trailer coming to STAR Academy
  101. SDDOC: M-2 and W-2 Programs
  102. SDDOC press release: State prison inmates to assist with Rapid City clean up
  103. Article: Panel Looks At Prison Education
  104. Hey!
  105. Inmates returning to Lebanon, SD to continue with storm clean up efforts
  106. Article:Father's Day activities planned for inmates
  107. South Dakota Corrections Secretary Reisch returns from Army War College
  108. Lakota language class begins at Yankton Trusty Unit
  109. Need info. for Yankton
  110. Guys in SD that make pipes?
  111. Article: County jail to install pathogen protection
  112. Hospitality House in Yankton.
  113. Article: Inmate pays extra for sliming guard
  114. Article: State Parole Board
  115. Article: Governor shortens sentences for prison inmates
  116. I'm new and need someone to talk to
  117. Marriage in SD prisons... ????
  118. Article: Most South Dakota lawmakers have degrees
  119. Orientation and admission.......
  120. South Dakota Family Connection Hospitality House
  121. South Dakota State Penitentiary
  122. Mike Durfee State Prison
  123. Redfield Trusty Unit - Updated (Unit Closed)
  124. Rapid City Trusty Unit
  125. Jameson Annex
  126. South Dakota Women's Prison
  127. Yankton Trusty Unit
  128. History of corrections in South Dakota
  129. Inmate Classification
  130. Directions: South Dakota State Penitentiary & Jameson Annex
  131. Directions: Mike Durfee State Prison
  132. Directions: South Dakota Women's Prison
  133. Directions: Redfield Minimum Unit
  134. Directions: Yankton Minimum Unit
  135. Directions: Rapid City Minimum Unit
  136. Locating an inmate in South Dakota
  137. South Dakota Inmate Release & Parole
  138. South Dakota Inmate Living Guide
  139. Yankton
  140. Out of state parole
  141. Husband hurt and needs medical care
  142. Carpool to Redfield...Anyone?
  143. South Dakota members, I need a carpool buddy to visit my beloved!
  144. Article: Inmate Sentenced For Threatening Letters
  145. Article: Gov. Halts All South Dakota Executions
  146. Employment Assistance for ex offenders in South Dakota
  147. Looking for any one with a friend or relative in springfield prison south dakota
  148. Article: Yankton SA Judges should drop dead
  149. Welcome to the new lounge
  150. All Judges recused in state
  151. Physical address for packages
  152. What's everyone doing for Thanksgiving?
  153. How do i find my friend in SD jail?
  154. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year EVERY1
  155. 2007 Parole Board Hearing Schedule
  156. Inmates can call you for $1.35 for 20 minutes
  157. Sentenced in SD but transferd to CA
  158. Precedent for suspened sentence
  159. Former Judge Pleads guilty
  160. Elijah Page, has been executed
  161. Inmate Populations See Decline
  162. Questions about SD jail/prison
  163. Jenner-Tylor denied parole again.
  164. Phone help
  165. Someone else use the advice?
  166. Son ae YPC
  167. 2008 Parole board schedule
  168. Article: South Dakota inmates construct wheelchairs for disabled children
  169. In Prison with him....
  170. Article: Expansion Slated For S.D.'s 24/7 Program
  171. Article: More women going to prison in South Dakota
  172. Redfield Trusty Unit to close this fall in South Dakota
  173. Article: BIA shuts 'unsafe' jail in Pine Ridge South Dakota
  174. Please read before you arrange to carpool/rideshare.
  175. Info on phone calls
  176. Happy New Years 09 Everyone
  177. How to save $$$ with the S.D Phone system
  178. My son is going to SD and I don't know what to expect
  179. Please help me. Need advice about an attorney.
  180. New To PT and have a question about jail credit
  181. Design A Logo - New Competition - $50 up for grabs
  182. Time Served Question
  183. Sarah from Springfield SD
  184. Im new so lost :(
  185. How often is visitation?
  186. Please help me with the parole thing
  187. SDSP rules for penpals?
  188. South Dakota Felon looking for work
  189. PTO Quilt Project Announcement
  190. Sending a book
  191. Yankton Prison-Can you get visitation forms online?
  192. Does anyone ever use this forum?
  193. Does South Dakota Have Conjugal Visits?
  194. Save $$$$ by using skype to receive calls from inmates
  195. Looking some insight on a drug charge
  196. Access to criminal records?
  197. Article: 'They want to become better moms'
  198. Article: Prison offers limited nursery program in South Dakota
  199. Letters to the board of parole
  200. How long does it take for them to go to the fish tank after sentence
  201. Why doesnt SD for family/overnight visits?
  202. What to do now please help
  203. What can I expect? Step son just arrested for burglary
  204. S.D.S.P 'No kissing' rule
  205. Son transfered to CCHSI
  206. This is Sad!!
  207. Which prison would he be at?
  208. Inmate's birthday coming up, what can I send?
  209. Struggling to think of nice clothing that would comply with rules
  210. How long for him to get mail in the fishtank?
  211. What is disciplinary?
  212. How to put money on a SD Inmates phone account.
  213. How to leave a voice mail message for an inmate in SD
  214. How can I sent money to a SD inmate for commissary etc?
  215. Inmate Living Guide (rules)
  216. What is the penalty for absconding parole in South Dakota?
  217. Sentencing for Natives seems longer than for non-Natives?
  218. Calendars allowed?
  219. How do I put money on an inmate's books in South Dakota??
  220. Local phone number question for SD
  221. When Sentenced?
  222. Property returned & Grievance
  223. South Dakota Spread The Word
  224. Mike Durfee State Prison visiting times?
  225. Bed in Sioux Falls needed!
  226. Visitation: How strict they are with misdemeanor convictions?
  227. Mail Question
  228. Can inmates send letters whle in Orientation & Admissions?
  229. Can inmates mail letters while in Assessment & Orientation?
  230. What are the restrictions on magazine subscriptions in South Dakota?
  231. Question regarding Springfield
  232. SDSP Visiting Hours
  233. Visitation Question / Visiting more than one inmate?
  234. Springfield - How often do they get mail?
  235. Does anyone know how long one stays in the hole?
  236. worried mom needs info please
  237. Celebrating The Holidays
  238. Yankton
  239. Questions......How do I visit?
  240. How long does transfer take?
  241. rule change effective March 1st 2014
  242. New Inmate Commisary List Effective 1-2-14
  243. PTO Fall Quarterly Halloween jokes/short stories
  244. Song Dedications for PTO Quarterly
  245. SD DOC commisarry policy
  246. Inmate Accounts and Financial Responsibility in South Dakota prisons and ja
  247. Holiday stories for PTO Quarterly
  248. Carpool to South Dakota State Penitentiary from Des Moines?
  249. 3d cards
  250. How to send a loved one a care package in a South Dakota prison