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  1. Which Oregon Prisons are Represented on PTO?
  2. Other People's Responses!
  3. Sex Offender Placement in Oregon
  4. Timeframe for charges to take place
  5. Seeking information on Programs
  6. How many of your love ones has taken advantage of DOC's education programs?
  7. Anyone Have Someone Locked Up In Oregon?!
  8. Lockdown at SRCI?
  9. List of CURE Support Groups in Oregon
  10. Two months left, and he is falling apart
  11. Transfer during lockdown?
  12. Prison volunteer??
  13. AIP program Questions
  14. Questions concerning Oregon law.
  15. Dsu/imu
  16. Where can i go to look up hubbys court records
  17. Being waived to Adult Court
  18. Now he wants me to stay in confused.
  19. Ex-offender renting in Marion County
  20. My man just told me he misses TRCI
  21. Still thinking of moving back to oregon
  22. Taxes?
  23. If I marry my fiance can I be responsible for his child support?
  24. Question concerning Oregon Prison inmates?
  25. Questions about appeals
  26. Question regarding infirmary
  27. Praying my hubby's sentence is concurrent
  28. Medical treatment
  29. Dreading this morning
  30. Measure 57
  31. How are you holding up today?
  32. DOC Pilot Project - early release to transition
  33. Pre-trial and Plea Offer Question
  34. This is not a penpal ad.
  35. Emerency Eye Exams
  36. Time Line
  37. TV rules in Minimum
  38. Need to have Access to all his info? Help!
  39. Back to the infirmary
  40. Releasing inmates early due to over crowding?
  41. New to loving an inmate, want to help
  42. Another Cool Prison Program..
  43. Minimum security facilities for sex offenses?
  44. Help with medical problems
  45. Ore DOC statutes/admin.rules?
  46. How many SO are there?
  47. Need fingers and toes crossed!!!!
  48. DSU - How long for a hearing.
  49. TV confiscated as a DR consequence?
  50. Osp pow wow
  51. MP3 players
  52. Violated downward departure?
  53. What is the punisment if inmate caught with drugs?
  54. Mp3's
  55. Update on the MP3 players
  56. Sad news - he was arrested again
  57. Insufficient Number of MP3 Order Forms ??
  58. Sentenced to 86 months, when can he come Home?
  59. Question about if you need to be married and such when he is let out.. HELP
  60. Anyone else have an issue with the DOC's interpretation of sentencing order
  61. Surprising my man!!
  62. Questions Regarding My Husband Sentence..
  63. Measure 11 Question
  64. What do y'all do about Christmas?
  65. Does it get easier?
  66. Help! I need to know where to start?!
  67. Does anyone know anything about the Denny Smith Law?
  68. Why do the dates on the Offender Search keep changing?
  69. Moving Closer...
  70. Don't know what to may get time
  71. Feeling like I lost a loved one.
  72. The Convict Code
  73. Looking for a Divorce attorney - WA county
  74. Don't know what to do? Should I move to OR or get married before he's out
  75. My bro is in with an SO I know.
  76. Getting HIPPA and POA in order
  77. Transferring a Car Title & Expired Tags - Help Please!
  78. Need advice regarding a new lawyer
  79. A hopefully temporary lapse of positive thinking
  80. Self Care Tips please?!
  81. Things you don't have to worry about in prison..
  82. Cosmetic dentists in/near Ontario?
  83. Is my son playing me?
  84. Questions about "The Hole"
  85. Depressed moments
  86. Measure 57 questions
  87. Court Fees?
  88. Need to understand why he won't attend certain functions (he's an SO)
  89. Options for minimum placement
  90. Anyone hear about in prison courses offered by community colleges ?
  91. Aip date eligibility?
  92. What's the name of the advocacy group
  93. Transferred to minimum custody facility w/in a reasonable amount of time?
  94. How can I find out who my fiances counselor is?
  95. CURE Support Group Brochure
  96. 1st experience Dad awaiting M11 sentencing
  97. Any Advice Presentencing on M11 charge?
  98. Excited about OYA's Education Portal!!
  99. PDX - treatment
  100. Good news! honor housing-SRCI
  101. Dad attacked
  102. List of Music for MP3 Players? Browsing for Music?
  103. Commissary List?
  104. Silly Question about Parenting Classes
  105. Slow mail/email...where can I check to see if he's in trouble?
  106. Can we still get married if the inmate is in the hole?
  107. Going to prison in 2 months :( classification and prison life?
  108. OSP "riot" ? My son is there. How do I find out what's going on?
  109. DOC handing out 40% on the down low??? Rumor?
  110. Oregon Wildfires And Our Inmates
  111. MP3 players - Are They Worth It?
  112. Oregon DOC Concerns?
  113. SRCI Article in The Oregonian
  114. Oregon Probate - Family dismissive & lawyer doesn't want to pick the case
  115. Setting up a Power of Attorney - how's the practice?
  116. Question about working?
  117. An Unexpectedly Positive Turn of Events!
  118. Boyfriend going to Marion County.. have no idea what to expect..
  119. Inmate Safety Coffee Creek ASAP
  120. When Can Inmate Purchase Large Items?
  121. Commissary and Christmas List 2014
  122. Post Conviction Relief
  123. Who should I send letter to regarding my husbands health issues?
  124. Inmate tax forms - announcement from DOC
  125. Can an inmate bring their books with them to intake?
  126. I've got letters waiting!
  127. Credit Union Accounts & Power of Attorney question
  128. What Happens When An Inmate Passes Away?
  129. TRCI unit # for Behavioral Health?
  130. Get together? Would love to make some friends going through the same thing.
  131. Son on downward departure, got a DUI last night. What happens now?
  132. PTO Xmas Newsletter
  133. Help!! He has a hold on him in the county.
  134. What am I doing in Umatilla!
  135. Filing bankruptcy
  136. Fighting to reform Measure 11 in Oregon
  137. Just Plain Confused???
  138. P.R.E.A Compliance Violation
  139. He's in the Dorm
  140. Just a few questions on placement
  141. Husband is in Ad Seg
  142. Difference between the orange and white ID-BADGES?
  143. First time inmate HELP!!
  144. Updates and Newsletters
  145. Tales From The Inside - part 1
  146. Need info on trip to prison & intake
  147. What are my chances of getting into job traing/school? How soon?
  148. What happens if you get written up?
  149. What is Measure 11 and how does it affect parole/good time?
  150. Do other inmates know what you're in for?
  151. Holidays behind bars
  152. Do all inmates get free health care?
  153. Strip searches after visitation?
  154. After Sentencing
  155. Surgery scheduled, but I go to prison tomorrow. Will I get my surgery?
  156. Question about fire crews at DRCI
  157. AIP/How long is the wait to begin program?
  158. Sanctions while in Disciplinary Segregation
  159. Does oregon still have xbox?
  160. Questions about AIP in Oregon
  161. How many days will Oregon hold someone that is suppose to be extradited?
  162. Deschutes County Jail Transfers To Coffee Creek
  163. Sundays are rough for this girl in Oregon/ how about you?