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  1. Oregon chat thread!
  2. Beachbum from Junction City, Or.
  3. How is everyone?
  4. Happy Thanksgiving
  5. Looking for a member in OR
  6. If You Are Residing At O S P Come Kick It With Me!
  7. 1 year to the anniversary
  8. PTO Member Ed Mead Will Speak In Portland, Eugene, and Ashland
  9. More Specifics for Eugene and Ashland Talks
  10. snake river
  11. 20,000 Rally Against War
  12. release in oregon
  13. Dozens Of Inmates Released Wednesday Morning
  14. Originally From Oregon
  15. Prison Legal News Settles Oregon Censorship Suit for $55,414.31
  16. Teaching to forgive, not forget
  17. I need a friend in Pendleton!!!!!! Whew!!
  18. Oregon Snake River Prison Ride share?
  19. What Oregon Prison or Jail is your loved one at?
  20. Looking for a friend
  21. My man is at Snake River, Ontario, OR...
  22. Does Any1 Know About A Measure Approving 30% Good Time In Oregon???!!!
  23. Need help to Oregon
  24. Oregon? New 30% Good Time Measure??!!
  25. Gift from Oregon Lifers
  26. Rideshares to Snake River Correctional Institute
  27. halfway houses
  28. Conjugal Visits in Oregon... We deserve them!!!!
  30. How much time does your love have
  31. first phone calls
  32. I dont like this HB
  33. Snake River
  34. New Or Law - Time Cuts!
  35. Coffee Creek Correctiona Facility Intake
  36. ??? What do you know about MILL CREEK?????
  37. Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution
  38. S.r.c.i.
  39. S.r.c.i.
  40. Oregon PD says, "No Defence, waste my time"
  41. Ministry to open half way house in Keizer
  42. "shift to I" rule
  43. measure 11-Second Look
  44. Coffee Creek Wilsonville Oregon
  45. eligibilty for interstate compact?
  46. Hey whats up
  47. New to Oregon
  48. Have you gotten married in an Oregon Prison?
  49. First day... (What is the first day like at Coffee Creek?)
  50. Just saying HI
  51. some one please help me
  52. Oregon Get Together?
  53. Lost contact... Any suggestions?
  54. New to Oregon
  55. Helpful visiting information in Oregon
  56. C.r.c.i.
  57. First Time Visits This Weekend. Any Helpful Info Appreciated.
  58. What's going on at Oregon State Penitentiary?
  59. JOB ANNOUNCEMENT for Western Prison Project
  60. First Visit...but sounds like change is in the wind...
  61. Questions about Mail- into OR prisons
  62. Need help understanding Oregon law
  63. Need help on a warrant in Oregon
  64. Postcards...
  65. Northwest G2G
  66. Snake River, Ontario, OR...
  67. Mini Introductions please come join us!
  68. Pacific Northwest GTG
  69. What Cities are we and our loved ones in?
  70. Finally Made It
  71. Measure 11 Link
  72. Questions about OR prisons
  73. Please welcome JJT our new Forum Leader for Oregon
  74. What is the Classification and Tranfer Unit (CTU)?
  75. Weather in the Northwest.....
  76. OR loses out on prison money... (article)
  77. Construction moves forward on Lakeview prison (article)
  78. Love to fish? Got some great recipes?
  79. Coffee Creek, whats going on?
  80. Con-tact Newspaper! First Issue Free!!!
  81. Convicted child molester caught after release
  82. Umatilla or Pendleton?
  83. Okay... Who is playing Keep Away with my mind... Please return!!!
  84. My sweet or friend- would love some pen pals to chat with
  85. A mother turns her outrage into an effort (Article)
  86. Prison officer accused of sexual misconduct resigns
  87. Ruling on Good Time?
  88. Sniper 'Person Of Interest' Is Son Of Deputy
  89. Forest Camp
  90. Inmates at Jackson County jail claim improper strip search
  91. General Questions about Oregon State Penitentiary
  92. Family files suit in death of inmate at Snake River prison
  93. mill creek correctional institution
  94. Shout-Outs
  95. Linn County (Oregon) Sheriff's Office to close state wings of jail
  96. Oregon Inmates get new flat screen TV's
  97. What do you Love about Oregon?
  98. Article: Thirty-three prisoners are infected at the Snake River Correctional Institut
  99. Who's Up For A Roake's Hot Dog? Tuesday, May 18, at 6:30!!
  100. Possible new prisoner
  101. LOW moisture may mean a hot fire season ahead
  102. Another side to the inmate death story
  103. Pendleton inmates set hunger strike (Oregon)
  104. Oregon has a new sub-forum!!!!
  105. probation revocation question
  106. Why is Oregon building a new prison... when one sits empty in North Portland?
  107. Transcript???
  108. A Victory for the Abused Women in Coffee Creek Correctional Facility!!
  109. Court date tomorrow
  110. I want to help get Con-Tact News in the hands of Your loved ones!!
  111. Officials: Weaver transferred to Oregon State Hospital
  112. Our Mini GTG: Recap
  113. Who is interested in Carpooling to the NW G2G???
  114. INFO. on Snake River CI's IMU
  115. Court results
  116. Pay For Stay - Oregon Jail Article
  117. Article: Sex abuse among Oregon inmates below national average
  118. Pacific Northwest PTO G2G - Sign Up List!! *** Location Change for BBQ ***
  119. Kripse Kreme Closing Down Portland Landmark Restaurant!!
  120. Seeking advise - Letter from girlfriend
  121. Driving thru Ontario on Friday, May 28th
  122. Here's the second one: The ex-food worker at the Coffee Creek facility pleads guilty
  123. Lincoln County Meth Summit - Treatment/not incarceration
  124. Mamma's on her way to go see Pappa!!
  125. Article: Report documents hazards that could go home with inmates
  126. Please welcome a new member to my family!!
  127. AAAhhhhhhh... Where did the time go???
  128. tootsiepop73 is getting older!!! Happy Bday
  129. Finally!!! A Job!!! I accepted their offer!!!
  130. Hey Oregon --- What's New with You?
  131. Oregon PTO Flyer
  132. Clackamas County Jail seeks ways to cut inmate drug costs
  133. Buddhist monk from Korea visits Oregon State Penitentiary
  134. Article: CEO heads to prison with full pay, bonus
  135. Best places to live for me and my ex-convict husband?
  136. Last Call for Complimentary Issue Con-Tact Newsletter!!
  137. Just too darn hot in Oregon!!
  138. phone card/parole violation/V.I.N.E.
  139. Got free time... don't know what to do!!!
  140. Editorial: Oregon doesn't have a spending problem; it has a revenue problem
  141. Oregon Towns Host 52-Mile Long Yard Sale
  142. WHERE did Oregonians go?!?
  143. Oregon to revise prison sentencing - affects only limited cases
  144. Article: Polk steps up plans to house homeless offenders
  145. Article: Lack of jail space has inmates on streets
  146. transfer to the state of the Douglas County Community Corrections Department
  147. Info 4 u on Trust Accounts
  148. Phone/debit card info: Snake River Correctional Institute
  149. Going to SRCI July 30-Aug 1
  150. Article: Dannie Eaves got busted for hauling some busts.
  151. More inmates released
  152. Hopping tick and venting
  153. Article: Justice system debates Measure 11 mandatory sentencing laws
  154. what will i do
  155. Felony for Custodial sex in Oregon?
  156. Article: Prison guard accused of abducting 18 year old, leaves her for dead
  157. Article: Ex-police officer gets 94 years for hurting women
  158. Visiting at Snake River Corrections
  159. It's Christmas in Oregon!!!
  160. Don't try this at home!!!
  161. Article: Inmates complete sixth year reducing wildfire threat
  162. Inmates Good Works (Article)
  163. Madras officials prepare as prison plans revived
  164. Travs_girl...where is she?
  165. Carpool to Snake River Correctional Institute
  166. Forecast: Hot and grumpy!!!
  167. Did anyone feel the earthquake on the OR/CA border?
  168. Article: County to pitch levy for justice services
  169. "Not in my neighborhood"
  170. Visiting Policies
  171. It's finally here
  172. Here we go again
  173. compact transfer
  174. Listening Post: A parole board case
  175. Organizations that accept book donations?
  176. Gas Prices?
  177. Does Anyone Know about Oregon prison id braclets?
  178. Article: Mentoring opportunity for children of inmates
  179. Article: Wiederhorn’s company may expect him to set up office in prison, but...
  180. Article: Former youth facility inmate sues over sex assault in 1997
  181. Article: Sen. Gordon Smith can use his influence to ease hunger/Oregon is "hungriest"
  182. Article: Sports in Prison helps make transition
  183. Article: Drag-racing is Class C felony
  184. Whining about the heat/waiting for autumn!
  185. My son is at Coffee Creek Intake/ 2 weeks now
  186. Halfway House in Oregon
  187. Article: Deputy arrested on 180 child abuse, drug counts
  188. Did anyone go see Bush/Kerry when they were in town?
  189. Invite to Abelles G2G in Seattle 8/29!!
  190. Some Pictures of Two Rivers C.I.
  191. HELP! Columbia River CI ????'s
  192. Article: Confusion reigns in federal, state courts
  193. Article: Accused ex-deputy released from jail on bail
  194. Western Prison Project: Call for Submissions for Children of Incarcerated Parents
  195. Haunted Places in Oregon
  196. Thumbs down on Sweet Tomatoes Resturant
  197. Question regarding "Dorm Style" minimum custody
  198. Has anyone had success with Interstate Compact process?
  199. Article: County jails try to avert outbreak of infections
  200. Visiting in Oregon???
  201. Pictures of Columbia River Correctional Institution
  202. Oregon District Prison Ministry
  203. Pictures of Shutter Creek Correctional Institution
  204. Pictures of Marion County Correctional
  205. Article: KULONGOSKI Challenges Minimum Sentences
  206. Inmate Boycott at Oregon State Penitentiary?
  207. Hope, Life and Success after Prison
  208. Press Release: TV show Host raises funds for DNA testing
  209. Mamma Hen needs packing boxes!!
  210. Phone time ???
  211. Oh first experience with SEG
  212. Rock (Me) Hard Place - Getting squeezed
  213. Oregon Department of Corrections Contact Information
  214. I'm gonna send this out to my ex!
  215. Article: Weaver trial could come with $1 million price tag
  216. 3 Generations in Prison?
  217. Limited Edition Barbie Dolls for the Oregon Market
  218. Some interesting reading
  219. Eastern Oregon Correcitonal Institute nixes program NIP/TUCK
  220. Reassurance, how?
  221. Article: Ex-deputies' records released
  222. Approved!
  223. Article: Governor wants one central data system for state
  224. How the funds from a traffic citation are distributed in Oregon
  225. Brainstorming on an Oregon (& Regional) Get Togethers
  226. What?
  227. Article: Slumber party at the local county jail
  228. Oregon V.I.N.E. information
  229. Oregon Communtiy Custody
  230. Oregon Accountability Model
  231. DOC frequently asked questions
  232. Sending mail to Oregon inmate
  233. Oregon Inmate Trust Account
  234. Oregon Inmate Phones FAQ
  235. Oregon Department of Corrections Acronyms, Abbreviations, Jargon and Terms
  236. How to find a registered sex offender in Oregon
  237. I found him
  238. Article: Gov. Ted Kulongoski seeks moderate path
  239. Mother Hen moving to Port Orchard (WA) in October
  240. Article: What are Oregon legislators drinking?
  241. Advocacy Center in Portland
  242. Oregon Rule expands its offerings with a tool to speed up work at crime scenes
  243. I got the 2002 Criminal Code of Oregon (ORS) Book
  244. Oregon Court upholds government secretly track its workers without search warrants
  245. Article: Local inmate stabs two state prison guards
  246. Oregon Artists take chalk in hand in effort to erase illiteracy
  247. Loved One in Oregon State Correctional Institution?
  248. Article: Portland break-ins increase as thieves grow more audacious
  249. Does Anyone know???
  250. Article: Where are they now/Sonny Sixkiller (Longest Yard movie)