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  1. FCI--Fort Dix
  2. Need info on Fort Dix Satellite Camp
  3. Problems with Phones - 7/23/2013
  4. Hotels?
  5. Visiting - July 2013
  6. RDAP at FPC Ft Dix??
  7. How long is your drive?
  8. The "SHU" @ Dix, any info will be appreciated
  9. Is corrlinks down
  10. Visiting cancelled August 17
  11. Visiting Sept 2013
  12. Physical address for GPS Ft Dix anyone?
  13. Anyone have the commissary list for (FCI) in Fort Dix, New Jersey?
  14. How to avoid Washington, D.C. Traffic
  15. Mail delivery at Fort Dix FCI
  16. Traveling from NC, is there a bus, train, carpool?
  17. 1st time visiting Fort Dix!
  18. My husband just arrived there
  19. My first visit st Fort Dix FCI went great.
  20. Another good weekend of visits
  21. Anything important I need to consider? Any good tip welcome!
  22. Need info on transportation!!
  23. Visitation Question
  24. No visits the week of...
  25. Phone-email problems Sept 2014
  26. What can I do for my friend at Ft Dix?
  27. 1st Visit
  28. Heading to Dix Friday Jan2
  29. Marriage
  30. Should I go with him when he SS???
  31. Phones and email
  32. Surrendered Monday, no one has heard from him yet.
  33. Not getting phone calls
  34. Transfer to Ft. Dix last night
  35. Chicken pox outbreak
  36. Inmate death at Dix
  37. Ft. Dix Status?
  38. Fort Dix
  39. Fort dix visit
  40. Is Corrlinks/Email down at Fort Dix?
  41. Tuberculosis
  42. Change in processing weekend visitors?
  43. Incident in the kitchen
  44. Shakedowns
  45. More trouble on the West side
  46. Turned back at guard shack today-LOCKDOWN??
  47. Fort Dix van service from nyc
  48. Van service to Fort Dix Federal Prison
  49. No calls? No E-mails? In a week...
  50. Questions about books, commissary, visiting for new inmate
  51. Dix West side on Lockdown
  52. Leaving Ft Dix
  53. No calls, no emails from the East side
  54. Hotel recomendations
  55. Who else has a husband/man in FCI Fort Dix?
  56. RDAP at Fort Dix
  57. How in the world do you get someone on the phone at Fort Dix!?!?
  58. Are phones / email down at Fort Dix?
  59. Visiting my bf at fort dix for the first time
  60. 1st visit (Fort Dix) coming soon...quick question
  61. EXTREME HEAT in East Side Visitation
  62. Son in Fort Dix
  63. Does anyone else have a loved on at Fort Dix?
  64. How are the visits at Fort Dix?
  65. New Visitation Procedures at FCI Fort Dix?
  66. First visit at Fort Dix! Need info on visits and convenient place to stay.
  67. Fort Dix visiting help needed please
  68. ( IF ) fort dix is in lockdown
  69. Looking for van transportation to fort dix
  70. Transportation to FCI Fort Dix from north New Jersey?
  71. No visits Ft Dix prison for at least a week, punishing the camp too?!
  72. Visiting Fort Dix from NYC on 9/1 and/or 9/2
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  74. Harrisburg to Fort Dix - anyone want to ride along?