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  1. Martin Correctional Institution Q&A
  2. Polk Correctional Institution Q&A
  3. Desoto Annex
  4. Information on Desoto Correctional Institution?
  5. Tomoka Florida Prison
  6. Central Florida Reception Center - Main Unit
  7. South Florida Reception Center, South Unit Q&A
  8. South Florida Reception Center (SFRC) Q&A
  9. South Bay Correctional Facility Q&A
  10. Okeechobee Correctional Institution Q&A
  11. Moore Haven Correctional Facility Q&A
  12. Indian River Correctional Institution Q&A
  13. Homestead Correctional Institution Q&A
  14. Hardee Correctional Institution Q&A
  15. Broward Correctional Institution
  16. Glades Correctional Institution Q&A
  17. Charlotte Correctional Institution Q&A
  18. Everglades Correctional Institution Q&A
  19. Desoto Annex Q&A
  20. Avon Park Correctional Institution Q&A
  21. Brevard Correctional Institution Q&A
  22. Central Florida Reception Center, East Unit Q&A
  23. Anyone have someone in Orlando
  24. Lake Correctional Institution Q&A
  25. Sumter CI
  26. Dade Correctional Institution Q&A
  27. How long
  28. inmate search!
  29. Memorial Day at Lake CI
  30. HELP What is the "best" prison in this region?
  31. Visit Tomorrow!!!
  32. Questions on Hernando CI
  33. My Red Hawk's now in Sumter C.I.
  34. ANYONE at Central Florida Reception Center??
  35. Water Problems at Martin C I ??
  36. NO POWER at SFRC !!
  37. Getting married at Avon Park CI
  38. How far from Polk CI to Sumter CI?
  39. Hardee Locked Down
  40. Broward County transfer to South Florida Reception Center for intake/processing
  41. Phone Calls??
  42. 2 hour visits
  43. Worst Prison In Region 4??
  44. My Baby Finally Got Moved!!
  45. Is anyone else loved one at Sumter CI
  46. Sumter Correctional Institution Q&A
  47. Question? Charlotte CI Mailroom
  48. What Inmate Property can be Brought to South Florida Reception Center?
  49. Sumter CI what I heard today
  50. Hendry Correction Institution Q&A
  51. POLK CI (is it better than OKALOOSA CI?)
  52. CFRC-Main Unit
  53. Can I find out if someone at Homestead CI is up for parole?
  54. Cfrc-e
  55. Lanny Charles Domino - Desoto Annex
  56. Transferred to CFRC - East
  57. CFRC - South
  58. Official: Guards made inmates lick toilets clean
  59. Lake C.i.
  60. Please help me! CFRC - He's in confinement!
  61. Mental Health
  62. Zephyrhills Correctional Institution
  63. minimum security question
  64. can you pick your prison?
  65. Where to stay when visiting Hardee CI?
  66. Brevard CI & WC
  67. Lowell Annex
  68. Any info on Lake / Avon appreciated!
  69. Martin C.I. closing??
  70. Visitation Form For Sfrc
  71. CFRC-East General Question
  72. Everglades or SFRC or both?? What's going on!?
  73. Where to stay when visiting Avon Park CI?
  74. prisons arond tampa???
  75. do inmates get their money????!!!
  76. Carpooling To Region III
  77. Carpooling To Region IV
  78. Cfrc-east
  79. Close Management- Martin
  80. Death at Zephyrhills
  81. Visitation Forms - Adult & Children
  82. how much money do i send?
  83. Transfers?
  84. Mail at Dade CI
  85. fldoc info search
  86. Cfrc-main Dorm D
  87. To the Broward County line.
  88. Where to stay when visiting Sumter CI?
  89. Phones at south bay or moore haven
  90. Will mail be sent back?
  91. Unbelievable
  92. New Canteen List/Prices
  93. they moved him from CFRC-MAIN to CFRC-EAST...
  94. Sumpter or Polk
  95. " I'M DESPERATE" Please if anyone could help me out with a question...
  96. Phones at Polk
  97. Regarding Martin CI
  98. Prison Directions
  99. this is getting unreal, too long of a stay at CFRC
  100. Inmate personal property release from CFRC-Main
  101. Brevard CI
  102. CFRC-MAIN very slow mail and no phone calls
  103. CFRC - Acceptable Property
  104. Possible going to Lake
  105. FINALLY, Info on BREVARD CI!!!
  106. Radio Shout-Outs in Charlotte Co.
  107. Visiting at CFRC-East?
  108. finally permanent at CFRC East
  109. CFRC- Inmate Account
  110. CFRC East- Mail
  111. CFRC- phone calls and caller id.. new member!
  112. Where to stay when visiting Martin CI?
  113. Any advice on 1st visit to CFRC East?
  114. Where to even begin?
  115. South Bay in lockdown?
  116. (Sumter CI) Bed count for tomorrow's new arrivals
  117. Where to stay when visiting South Bay CF?
  118. Where to stay when visiting Everglades CI?
  119. I'd Love Info. on Martin CI
  120. From CFRC Main to CFRC East
  121. Finally Back at Martin
  122. Anyone have someone currently in CFRC-East?
  123. Anyone have someone currently in CFRC-East?
  124. What is the difference in CFRC Main and CFRC East?
  125. Sumter quicker to release inmates to WRC?
  126. Are they closing Tomoka and sending some to Martin CI?
  127. Question about Polk C.I.
  128. drug testing at Hardee
  129. Held up at CFRC
  130. Something going on at Brevard?
  131. Transfer to region iv. [NEED INFO]!
  132. Transferring from Stock cade to SFRC
  133. Does SFRC take into consideration the judge recomendation for a local facilities?
  134. Where to stay when visiting Okeechobee CI?
  135. how to get in touch with his classification officer at CFRC...
  136. Martin Correctional on Lock Down for killing
  137. Huge Forrest Fire in Indiantown
  138. Count at Sumter CI
  139. whats the box???
  140. Everglades CI-ARRESTED!
  141. My boyfriend is AT SFRC and was caught talking on a forward phone to my cell?
  142. Where to Stay When visiting South Bay??
  143. My man is getting out and I need a ride to pick him up!
  144. Driving to Sumter from Polk County
  145. Anybody want to join me, visiting south bay?
  146. Home soon!
  147. Martin: Food Poisoning and another death
  148. Hillsborough garden ... why not Sumter?
  149. Rumor about Polk C.I becoming a transition center
  150. CFRC Visitation questions
  151. i need some info please on region 3 prisons for my hubby...
  152. Swine Flu at Hardee
  153. New rules |every| week!
  154. Question, 3 Closest Facilities to Hillsborough Co?
  155. Everglades on lock down?
  156. Sumter ci phones have been out of order all day (12/28/09)
  157. Sumter ci is off lock down
  158. Were you or anyone you know married at moore haven cf?
  160. Are there any prisons in region 3 not becoming transiton places?
  161. Sumter,marion,lake correctional,demilly &polk correctional
  162. from sfrc to cfrc. where next?
  163. how to contact chaplain at Lake CI
  164. Transfer suggestions for fla region iv?
  165. Sumter c.i on lock down
  166. Everglades CI - What's going on?
  167. Questions about Moorehaven and South Bay
  168. Sumter C.I ON LOCK DOWN - April 8
  169. Information about Moore haven, South Bay, Glades, and Okeechobee
  170. 3 Best facilities in region III
  171. South Florida Reception Center
  172. Here we go again...anyone know what happened at Martin recently?
  173. CFRC-MAIN info?? Current mail situation as of July 2010
  174. KND Transport - Region IV
  175. Problems at Polk County CI with a water main break?
  176. Rotten Chicken For Dinner At South Bay
  177. DeMilly Correctional Instituation Q&A
  178. Everglades CI ON LOCK DOWN w/ update
  179. Visitation at Everglades C.I
  180. Placement after reception center (how can I NOT get sent to Brevard?)
  181. CFRC MAIN Classification?
  182. Cfrc help please!
  183. Love just entered CFRC on 1/19/11
  184. Region III regional director Gerald Wasi has lost his job!
  185. Polk CI Officer in the News
  186. FDOC announced that Brevard and Hillsborough CI are closing by June 2011!!!
  187. What is the annex for?
  188. Suicide at Lake CI
  189. Sumter or Tomoka?
  190. Any info- Okeechobee or Martin CI ?
  191. Need info about inmate trust fund
  192. Fire Burning by Everglades Correctional Institution
  193. CFRC--Please help!!
  194. What now!! He moved to CFRC-E instead of Reality House
  195. Anyone Get Married At Polk?
  196. Where to stay when visiting CFRC?
  197. Lockdown at Zephyrhills
  198. Baseball-Which Southern Region prisons still offer sports?
  199. Desoto Annex
  200. South Florida
  201. CFRC - Packages
  202. 5 wks & no classification at CFRC
  203. Okeechobee C.I Visitation:?
  204. Is Everglades going to be closed?
  205. Visitation @ CFRC - EAST
  206. His First Transfer - Help Please?
  207. Need help with Information (Moore Haven)
  208. Another number for SFRC?
  209. What time do inmates get released from Dade?
  210. Avon park..mp3 ?
  211. Cfrc-main
  212. Zephyrhills CI
  213. Sumter CI
  214. South Florida Reception Center South
  215. South Florida Reception Center
  216. South Bay Correctional Facility
  217. Polk Correctional Institution
  218. Okeechobee Correctional Institution
  219. Moore Haven Correctional Facility
  220. Martin Correctional Institution
  221. Lake Correctional Institution
  222. Homestead Correctional Institution
  223. Hernando Correctional Institution
  224. Hardee Correctional Institution
  225. Everglades Correctional Institution
  226. Desoto Annex
  227. Dade Correctional Institution
  228. Charlotte Correctional Institution
  229. Central Florida Reception Center South
  230. Central Florida Reception Center Main
  231. Central Florida Reception Center East
  232. Avon Park Correctional Institution
  233. How is Desoto Annex????
  234. South FL Reception Center?
  235. Any info on Desoto Work Camp?
  236. Avon Park C.I....Need directions & visit info!
  237. YAH.. First Visit Experience at Desoto Annex
  238. First Visit At Avon Park
  239. NEED HELP ! 1st time visit ! SUMTER CI
  240. Transfered from Lake Butler To Cfrc-e ?
  241. Custody status changed from pending to medium can he be permanent at SFRC?
  242. Desoto Annex
  243. Does desoto annex have air conditioning?
  244. Heading to CFRC-Main this Sunday 8/2/13
  245. South Bay Transfer Out
  246. Boyfriend in the box
  247. Tampa- DACCO
  248. Okeechobee Faith Based
  249. Just got sent back to SFRC
  250. Please help...Father passed away at CFRC-S, who does cremation for inmates?