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  1. Moorehaven
  2. Reentry program
  3. Arcadia Road Prison??
  4. The norm at Lake County CI ?
  5. Sumter First Hand Experience w/in the last year
  6. Florida vs. Ohio Conditions
  7. South Bay Visitation?
  8. South Bay CF on Lockdown
  9. How to send money - South Bay
  10. Just wondering
  11. Death at CFRC-East
  12. Need information on visits at Polk CI
  13. Everglades CI closing, due to black mold.
  14. Anyone have any information on Polk CI or past experiences?
  15. Desoto wc
  16. Phone Carrier for Dade CI- URGENT
  17. Are they allowed visits at Central Florida Reception Center?
  18. Lake CI in Clermont
  19. Transfered from the CFR- main to Reception and Medical Center. Need info
  20. Need info on visitation at Dade CI FL
  21. Sfrc-medical
  22. Visiting at Central FL Reception Center East
  23. Need info on Polk CI
  24. FL Prison Transportation .. PALM BEACH , BROWARD , DADE
  25. Need info about Sumter C.I please
  26. Can books be sent directly from Amazon to inmate at Charlotte Correctional?
  27. Sumter bootcamp?
  28. Transportation NY to Hardee
  29. CFRC visitation
  30. Information about The "First" Dade Correctional Institution required
  31. Anyone hear about a shooting and long lockdown at Lake CI?
  32. Metro PCS and Inmate Calling
  33. Avon Park - information needed
  34. Hardee CI status?
  35. Desoto annex - newbie need info!
  36. South Bay C.F
  37. Help me..need ride to South Bay Correctional Facility.
  38. Cfrc main
  39. Cfrc main Shoes thrown away etc
  40. Anyone have a loved one in Central Florida Reception Center (CFRC)?
  41. Anyone else having mail issues at Central Florida Reception Center Main
  42. CFRC Main Mail issues please help me
  43. What goes with inmate when transferred from county to CFRC?
  44. Anyone need info on Central Florida Reception Center (CFRC) east side
  45. Has anyone visited Okeechobee Correctional? What is it like?
  46. Florida Department of Corrections Region 3 Facilities
  47. DeSoto Annex Issues
  48. Looking for current info on CFRC
  49. CFRC Main vs CFRC East Question
  50. Getting married
  51. My son good adjustment transfered to Holmes
  52. Info on Central Florida Reception Center (CFRC) please, phone, visit, mail
  53. Bridges Of America/Orlando
  54. Anyone with a loved one at CFRC-E?
  55. Looking for info on CFRC main
  56. Sending money/jpay message to Central Florida Reception Center (CFRC)?
  57. Florida CFRC and Jpay
  58. Sumter CI: Tablets available? Email on the kiosk, pics, video visit etc.?
  59. South Bay CF on lockdown
  60. Brother sent to CFRC- where do I start?
  61. Transferred to Polk CI: Anyone have any info on this facility?