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  1. What does dry writ mean?
  2. How to get a Sentence Reduced in Texas?
  3. A little irritated w/new law that passed
  4. Legal Question, can confession be thrown out?
  5. Felony DWI (3rd) take plea or trial?
  6. Time limit to file motions?
  7. Outstanding Traffic Tickets
  8. I need help for a friend in Prison/Pro-Bono or oganization to assist?
  9. Attorney Jaime G Acosta
  10. More legal woes?
  11. Murder charges?
  12. Attorney reccomendations in East Texas or Houston area! please
  13. Hired atty thanks to harris county district clerk research
  14. Reduction of time
  15. Confused - how can a misdemeanor be turned into a felony?
  16. Prosecutions Offer, Misdemeanor, repeat offender, jail instead of probation
  17. Filing a civil rights complaint
  18. Who knows the group "Texas Writ Writers" stats or has dealt with them?
  19. Need info on Civil Committment
  20. Need lawyer/private investigators
  21. Power of Attorney
  22. How can sentence be imposed prior to the sentencing court date?
  23. Access to Prison Law Libraries
  24. Lawyers costs - Texas
  25. Need help wife being extradited to Texas from Ohio
  26. What is a dry writ? / Updated / Charged in another county!?
  27. Medical Lawsuit?
  28. Need legal advice on assault family violence charges
  29. Confused, failure to ID questions.
  30. Denton County, Husband still waiting on bloodwork after 6 months
  31. Can I get probation
  32. Is there something in code 42.12 that we can use?
  33. Law of Parties
  34. Texas Common Law Marriage / Updated /Marrying someone else?
  35. Court transcripts - How can I find them?
  36. Questions about parole and release on 20+ year sentences...
  37. Marriage Certificate from different country
  38. Texas PDR Question
  39. Commissary Seized for Child Support
  40. Confused, warden told him he would be out in 6 months not 25 years.
  41. Divorce Attorney
  42. Texas Law on Injury to a Child question
  43. Attorney for Inmate while grievance is being investigated
  44. Texas DWI information: relationship to other pending cases
  45. Need advice regarding possession charge in drug-free zone
  46. Lawyer is now disbarred
  47. Can we only see evidence footage w/ a lawyer?
  48. Medical Recommendation
  49. Question About Medical Power of Attorney and Will
  50. Texas, how long can he be held without indictment or discovey?
  51. How can I get a conviction over turned?
  52. Multiple charges/multiple counties
  53. I know we aren't the only ones to go through this (DWI conviction in TX)
  54. Appeal
  55. Anywhere on-line to see if that person has an active PV warrant?
  56. Trevino v. Thaler and appealing in federal court
  57. Can Case be re-opened because of new evidence
  58. Elements of indictment not met, how could that new "evidence'' be used
  59. Affidavit of Informal Marriage - is it legally binding outside of TDCJ?
  60. Protective order
  61. How long can they hold him without a hearing?
  62. Setting aside a conviction
  63. Need Sample "Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Speedy Trial" form
  64. Common law Marriage question
  65. Recording of disciplinary hearing
  66. Presley v. georgia
  67. Texas Courts and Double Jeopardy
  68. How to get active charge status changed?
  69. Probation chances for 2nd arrest for theft?
  70. Texas probono attorneys
  71. Time until arraignment?
  72. Child Support while husband is in Gurney Facility?
  73. Pardon process?
  74. Child Support Question
  75. Questions about filing for divorce while he's in TDCJ
  76. I'm confused, can there be a positive outlook?
  77. Texas Prison facts
  78. Statute of limitations for agg assault against a police officer?
  79. 5 years probation 2nd DWI/evading arrest motor vehicle.Good Deal?
  80. How long to get an answer after filing a 530 Habeas Corpus
  81. Wife in TX has questions about husband facing 12 years for Robbery
  82. Errors in court transcript
  83. What is Magistrate Court?
  84. New DUI Charge while Out on Parole
  85. Bpp-dir.141.355
  86. Outstanding traffic tickets
  87. Need recommendation for civil litigation and/ or criminal defense attorney
  88. Advice - cell phone 4-20 years
  89. Any Successful lawsuits against TDCJ?
  90. Public Defender in Houston, Texas
  91. Anyone know any Houston civil lawyers?
  92. No indictment, no judge, no bail, no arraignment - What now
  93. Indictment process
  94. Power of attorney form
  95. Writ of habeas corpus 11.07
  96. Looking for an attorney experienced with Disciplinary Hearings Within TDCJ
  97. Need Help to file the Writ
  98. Support Letters Shredded?
  99. How long: 3 counts of burg of habitation, 1 count possession & 1 count GTA?
  100. Aggravated Assault Deadly Weapon
  101. Help with letter to request to attend funeral
  102. 20 years non-aggravated robbery charge...How long will he have to serve?
  103. Definition of charge
  104. Need Information on Old Write Up While Husband Incarcerated.
  105. Process for filing a motion for post conviction DNA testing?
  106. Inmate filing for divorce in TDCJ..
  107. Confused about a plea bargin
  108. Motion to W/D Guilty Plea
  109. Texas stacked sentencing; Can the sentences be "unstacked"
  110. How can I find a competent criminal attorney
  111. What, if any, actions may I take to get the sentences un-stacked?
  112. Jail time for third assault case? Any idea of how much time?
  113. Husband took deal from DA....25 and 2 years???
  114. Plea or not? 15 years for ASSAULT INT/RECK BREATH/CIRC FAM MEM PREV CONV?
  115. Pending Charges in Fortbend County
  116. Time Cut Form
  117. Drug attorney in Tarrant County (Jim Shaw)?
  118. Need help finding attorney in Texas that files lawsuits for prisoners
  119. In prison in Texas, active warrants in Colorado
  120. Postpone court costs until release?
  121. Post conviction DNA motion, is there a timelimit for State's answer?
  122. Dallas County CATS test for probation?
  123. My husband is in jail because of his identity was stolen
  124. Conviction Overturned/How long before felony removed from my record?
  125. Should I Have Hope?
  126. Plea bargaining, dismissed charges & PSI
  127. Charged with manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance
  128. End of CI's annonimity in TX? SB 1611
  129. What is a "Pre-trial Motion"
  130. 10 year sentence in Texas - how long until eligible for parole?
  131. Chances pro se writs are granted in texas
  132. What does " Trial Court Certification of Defendant's Right of Appeal" mean?
  133. S.O. Registration Issues
  134. 3rd strike, medical and other questions
  135. Good time & work time
  136. Does anyone have experience with Forfeiture & Seizures of inmate`s vehicle?
  137. Possession question
  138. Evading with vehicle - plea or fight
  139. Offender Protection Investigation
  140. Any recommendations for a good criminal Lawyer in Houston Tx?
  141. Attorney OWMBY, JOSEPH
  142. Filing for divorce
  143. Recommendations for a none expensive child support laywer.
  144. Lawyer filed (?) Motion for Consideration, its not listed in court records
  145. File lawsuit on Parole?
  146. Fleeing police officer in vehicle & evading arrest det w/ vehicle? Same?
  147. Inmate seeking divorce
  148. Sentence reduction after waiving your right for an appeal?
  149. Finding out who his lawyer is
  150. Need advice and help finding a lawyer to file grievance
  151. Can I send my Will and Beneficiary information through the mail?
  152. POSS CS PG 1 >=1G<4G / What does the "PG" mean?
  153. Attorney Visits in Jail
  154. Medically Mistreated By UTMB Docs During Incarceration-Seeking Legal Help!
  155. FTR sentencing
  156. How/where do you get complete court records?
  157. POA for PDR, is it possible to get an extension?
  158. Community/Forum for Texas Court of Appeals
  159. Husband with 2 charges, need help in Texas
  160. DNA proves not father, but child support proceeding issued
  161. Grand Jury
  162. Blue warrant help !!!
  163. What could happen: possession of marijuana w/intent to sale
  164. Texas - Parole Declined & Charges Added to Sentence
  165. Class C Misdemeanors and Court Appt. Attorney questions
  166. What if my boyfriend doesnt accept his plea??
  167. Help my mom & gf caught POM 215LBS TX
  168. Inmate relinquishing parental rights
  169. Appellate attorney Brian Wice - is he good?
  170. Who can I get information from to find out if there's an Immigration hold?
  171. How can I obtan a police report on an active investigation
  172. IF you go "pro se," can you later ask that a public defender to be reinstat
  173. Arrest warrant on a charge pled to 3 years ago
  174. How is a marriage by proxy terminated?
  175. Religious rights for length of inmate's hair
  176. Question about a family member owning a gun in the same household
  177. Administrative Review of Cases
  178. Legally married to ex-husband, can I file Common Law with boyfriend?
  179. Appealing a Sentence
  180. Confused About Common Law Marriage
  181. What is the process for becoming Power of Attorney?
  182. Domestic Violence 3rd degree Felony. What's going to happen?
  183. First time arrested 2 felonies
  184. Motion to Reconsider Sentence
  185. Divorce hearing set, does he need to be present or hire attorney?
  186. SAFP - Help!
  187. Motion for good time form?
  188. Legal files
  189. Nunc Pro Tunc form
  190. Attorney Tommy Vaughn...& Judge Gary Steele?
  191. Found myself in some legal trouble
  192. Pre Sentencing Investigation Question
  193. Is it too late to hire a lawyer?
  194. Appeal a conviction- one witness rule
  195. 2 Yrs deferred, arrested again
  196. Custody of Step Daughter
  197. Warrant issued but marriage in 1 month HELP
  198. Is it worth risking taking my DWI-2 case to trial?
  199. New law for long sentences?
  200. Aggravated Robbery but it wasn't a robbery?
  201. Thoughts on possible sentence for 4th DWI
  202. Inmate indicted on a new free world charge, what to do?
  203. Parole violation
  204. Help-how long can they hold him with no paperwork or attorney?
  205. Bail?
  206. DWI case-assist?
  207. How do I post bond in Arizona for a Texas inmate?
  208. Texas embezzlement process?
  209. Charged With Aggravated Robbery w/ Deadly Weapon Without Touching a Weapon
  210. Is it legal for the police & DA to withhold that information
  211. Can I write a judge a letter to get him to go to rehab.. not drug related c
  212. 6 felony charges, what kind of time is he looking at?
  213. Charges after release? -- theft >$200,000
  214. How Much Time Is He Looking At? Will they take his street time?
  215. Husband wrongfully accused & convicted. How do I file complaints?
  216. Tx fathers rights
  217. Is it legal for them to feed them twice a day?
  218. Question about illegal sentence stacking in Texas
  219. Looking for an investigator and an attorney for capital punishment in Texas
  220. Enhancement on a misdemeanor charge making it a felony?
  221. Common law in TDCJ but married to someone else
  222. Time credit while out on bond..
  223. Mailing address for a judge
  224. Free world charge in tdcj
  225. Be group of scammers from Dallas area
  226. Hypothetical scenario re: sentencing
  227. I already completed 5 yrs. probation before they indictmented me
  228. What is the possibility of getting his case discharged?
  229. I need some input about an intoxicated manslaughter case in Texas
  230. Reclassifying Offenders / 60 year law rule. Trying to locate the exact law.
  231. How can I find out if I have any warrants (Texas)?
  232. "No Victim, No Crime?" Guy who's "pressing charges" wants to drop them
  233. Nevada to Texas Expedition, how long does Texas have to pick him up?
  234. 3g felony when clearly there was no injury to anyone at all?
  235. One year left on parole and catch new charge for forgery of financial inst.
  236. Fraud Alert from TDCJ
  237. Psycho Chick Wants to File Harassment/Stalking Charges on ME?!
  238. Burglary of a Building 2nd strike?
  239. 3rd degree felony: Can he get out w/probation? Or will they give him time?
  240. Court information
  241. Lawyer said "see ya"
  242. Need Lawyer Referrals - Violations Disciplinary Hearing
  243. Just curious as to how much a lawyer would cost to file a habeas corpus
  244. TDCJ time first, then state jail, vice versa, concurrent?
  245. Cant find info on level of offense
  246. Burglary Habitation with Intend other felony
  247. Husband Extradited to Collin County, Texas no real details on his case
  248. DWI with Child Passenger-Sentences??
  249. Conspiracy to bring contraband in a tdcj facility
  250. House arrest in a "red zone" meaning he isn't allowed to go there?