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  1. TDJC Inmate Care Packages
  2. Care package - Are they allowed in Texas county jails/TDCJ?
  3. Holiday care packages to TDCJ?
  4. Are they going to start allowing Care packages?
  5. Can we send Care Packages?
  6. Inmate Package Program? We can send gifts to our loved ones?
  7. Where can I get info about Care Packages?
  8. Need information about inmate care packages.
  9. Question about care packages
  10. Inmate Package Program
  11. Sending commissary online?
  12. What is a package?
  13. New Commissary packages from Family?
  14. Texas Package Program for Commissary
  15. Care Packages? - Ramsey Unit Texas Prison
  16. Briscoe unit, care packages?
  17. Direct Purchase Program (care packages)
  18. Care packages
  19. Online purchasing for commissary?
  20. Package program
  21. Texas Inmate Care Packages - eCommDirect Service
  22. Care packages !!!
  23. New Commissary Family Care Plan?
  24. Offenders On Restriction Can't Get Care Packs
  25. Commissary Care Packages sent to Inmates?
  26. Care Packages at Hobby
  27. Offender Not Found
  28. Additional unit added for EComm direct!
  29. Michael Unit eCommDirect
  30. Inmate Package Program Catches Inmate in a Lie
  31. List of Units by Region
  32. Stiles online for deposit only
  33. Bartlett State Jail is online!
  34. eCommDirect Online Store (A list for printout)
  35. Email address for eComm doesn't work
  36. Question regarding ecomm direct commissary purchase.
  37. Handling fee
  38. Question about ecomm order
  39. No restrictions, no one has bought anything, only allowing deposit? why?
  40. What happens to Package if inmate is transferred?
  41. Picture identification - eCommDirect Texas
  42. Online package program - how many people can buy for 1 inmate?
  43. Online Commissary - Goree
  44. Q & A Thread: Texas Inmate Care Packages - eCommDirect
  45. Really? Fatigued by low customer service --feels like guilt by association
  46. Are they not allowing purchases for the new quarter??
  47. When will e-comm lists be updated ?
  48. 9 pm is really 8:45?
  49. Why is there a problem getting a necessity like toothpaste?
  50. Help! Can "only deposit," but not shop?
  51. Can't order items for my bf
  52. Hygiene packs
  53. Snack Packs
  54. Ecomm Problems.
  55. Question on eCommDirect Site Maintenence Schedule
  56. Can only make deposits, confused on why
  57. Hygeine Pack Issues
  58. Is the ecomm site down?
  59. What happens to an eComm order if he's Transferred?
  60. The eCommDirect site is telling me deposits only - why?
  61. eComm closed today 3/14/2013
  62. How do I get a hygiene Package for my wife - Plane Texas State Jail
  63. How long does it take for an inmate to recieve items from eComm?
  64. Wondering if a "Mother's Day Pack" will be available
  65. Still no luck with purchases
  66. New quarter?
  67. Tried e-Comm this morning - nothing
  68. Reality strikes again...
  69. I love e-com
  70. Still no deoderant on e-Comm?
  71. Can't receive care package?
  72. *** eComm store closed Tuesday 4/16/13 ***
  73. E-Comm for those in infirmary?
  74. Can we purchase stamps for an inmate through the eComm package program?
  75. What is E-comm and how do i do it?
  76. Trust Account Deposit Ceiling
  77. How reliable is eCommDirect service as far as sending money to our LO?
  78. Hubby sent me this website (ecomm) but didnt tell me what to do? help
  79. Timing while using eComm?
  80. How long does it takebefore he can get an eComm package?
  81. Quartely purchases
  82. TDCJ Commissary Suggestion/Request
  83. Is Stiles on Lockdown? eComm won't let me send anything
  84. I wish Tech support could reset the lockouts
  85. Wood Rune Set
  86. Can He get an eComm package before he's through intake?
  87. Offender not found message
  88. How does eComm work?
  89. Radios
  90. Lewis HS com commissary
  91. Ecom purchased but hubby moved
  92. Trying to send package
  93. Phone Minutes purchased on Commissary
  94. Male Hygiene Packs on TDCJ's eComm Direct
  95. Ordered ecomm, lock down coming
  96. Whats up with E-comm
  97. Limit per Item?
  98. Any news on Radios?
  99. MP3, JP4 or Music Players
  100. "Medicine"
  101. Deposits on eComm?
  102. Amount to spend on the ecomm.
  103. Is eComm stock almost empty?
  104. Replacement blades for norelco elec razor bought on commissary
  105. Commissary restriction & ecomm already ordered. Will he get it?
  106. Inmate not found?
  107. Request - How can I contact Ecomm?
  108. eComm Direct email address
  109. Ecomm at Polunsky - General Population
  110. How soon are orders being filled/sent?
  111. Deposits only at this time?
  112. Is he elgible now?
  113. New quarter updated for purchases
  114. Ecomm UTMB
  115. Ecomm question
  116. Order back log?
  117. Vitamin supplement
  118. Cancel order need help asap
  119. Valentine's Gift Pack
  120. Can I order things off his commissary list?
  121. Automatic deposit Commissary acct.
  122. MP3 players available in Texas. Is that true?
  123. Ecomm restocking
  124. What happens if they are transferred?
  125. Change in ecomm policies?
  126. Buying Commissary Items for Inmates
  127. Trust deposit.. any notification?
  128. Ecomm direct - is this the same as me putting money on his books?
  129. Is there any difference in putting money on their books or sending ecomm?
  130. No longer on lockdown but not able to recieve Ecommdirect online packages?
  131. Deposits
  132. E-Comm - "Offender may receive deposits only at this time"
  133. New quarter? Does it take a few days for ecomm to reset?
  134. ***eComm Changes***
  135. Having some trouble with Ecomm
  136. ecommdirect at Gist, deposits only?
  137. eCommDirect Credit Card Processing Problems
  138. Kindles in Texas prison commissary?
  139. New canteen spending limit for ad seg?
  140. Quick update
  141. (European) Credit Card Processing Problem
  142. Phone Cards and EComm Purchases
  143. Ecomm
  144. Substitution questions for Eric
  145. Deposits Only Again
  146. Holiday gift sets??
  147. E Comm Question
  148. Why does it show that my inmate doesn't even exist when i put his info in?
  149. Winter candies
  150. Putting money on books or in account
  151. Locked Acct. eComm issue
  152. Is the ecomm store closed for the holidays?
  153. Is there a way to find out if husband has gone to store yet?
  154. Purchasing Shoes
  155. Care Packages, How many can they receive?
  156. Light Bulbs!!
  157. Drawing Boards?
  158. Care Packages
  159. Commissary items out of stock
  160. LO birthday coming up - what is he allowed to receive?
  161. Love the updated Ecomm system
  162. Eccom purchase
  163. Comissary List ??
  164. Only allowed to make one purchase?
  165. Purchase amount hasnt changed
  166. Reading glasses
  167. Ecomm Trouble
  168. Can you send care packages to inmates locked up in county jail ?
  169. Custody level/ E comm purchase
  170. Total amount allowed on ecommdirect
  171. Ecomm or JPay?
  172. eCommDirect NOT working ??
  173. Can you send a e-comm to new inmates
  174. Holiday Packs?
  175. Coffee shortage?
  176. eComm Direct Commissary List
  177. Ecomm Eligibility *HELP*
  178. Holiday Delay for care packages??
  179. Ecomm Update for this Quarter?
  180. Packages for Connelly
  181. Care Package Program
  182. Online commissary issue
  183. He Still Hasn't Received His eCommDirect Package
  184. Stiles unit "store" question/clarification
  185. Need link to purchase commissary items (office supplies).
  186. **New Program** "FanDirect"
  187. Eccom and Trust Fund
  188. Budget cuts & Ecomm shortage
  189. Adding money to someone's E-Comm acct
  190. Sending commissary to a different inmate
  191. Ecomm for Xmas
  192. How do I Cancel an ecom package!!
  193. "Purchase Amount Allowed:$___.___" What does this mean?!
  194. Due to be transferred any day, will we still be allowed to order Ecomm?
  195. ECOMM Update???
  196. Packages? Can I send them from home? or it has to be from Amazon? Books?
  197. Ecomm Hygiene Pack
  198. eComm and lockdowns
  199. Info provided to offender if using ecomm direct