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  1. Thanks for your Support Kentucky!!
  2. Cleaning House in Kentucky
  3. Moved/Deleted Posts....
  4. Attn Ky members! New forum: Kentucky General Prison Talk
  5. Administrative Move???
  6. Missing him even more than usual...
  7. Cousin needs someone to request transfer to Hardin County Det
  8. When will he be moved
  9. Meade County jail
  10. Am I overreacting? He doesn't want to take the Board recommended classes
  11. Anyone gotten married at Greenriver Correctional Complex?
  12. How quickly can an inmate get approved for marriage?
  13. Minimum and maximum expiration date
  14. Kentucky Sentencing law
  15. Anyone know of a prison in Eastern KY called spooky wood or wood spooky?
  16. Finally found it! The facility my friend is in!
  17. County time count for a probation violation?
  18. Indictments??
  19. Truth is...I've been struggling lately
  20. New KY Treatment Program? C.H.A.N.G.E.S.
  21. Why does it take so long to get to Roederer?
  22. How to get a divorce on the inside?
  23. How do you find out their release date?
  24. Kentucky Vine Link
  25. His override came off! :)
  26. Anyone gotten married at Blackburn?
  27. Help with any info about getting him transferred to LaGrange?
  28. I'm so confused...Transferred 10+ times & still in county facilities?!
  29. What is the penalty for receiving a state write-up for a dirty drug test?
  30. Finally an offer
  31. If you are out on bail and commit another crime
  32. Kenton County
  33. Has anyone heard of the "Gold Seal Program"?
  34. Anyone heard from their loved ones at KSP?
  35. Why was he transferred to another county facility?
  36. Is it true you can't represent yourself in KY?
  37. 85% time change?
  38. Motion of Discovery
  39. Please help! What is 12 years at 20%? Should he take the plea?
  40. Info on Ashalnd, KY prison camp
  41. Henderson Co????
  42. PLEASE..ANY HELP? Drug program needed while incarcerated?!?!
  43. Probation Revoc?
  44. Anyone have any info on past Wardens of KSP/Eddyville?
  45. IT never hurts to ask... damn public defender
  46. Otter creek closing!!!
  47. Not transported--Again!
  48. Minimum release date / SOTP / Parole of sex offenders
  49. Seven Counties Behavior Health
  50. Which county jails are better?
  51. Any cheap motels near Inez, Ky?
  52. Secure Instant Mail
  53. Anyone have a loved one at Greenville Detention Center?
  54. Icare refund??
  55. What about weekends?
  56. How's disenfranchisement working for ya? Prison Industries/Voting rights
  57. Is this even legal??
  58. My brother's been transferred--Northpoint / Update: Marion County
  59. On waitlist for SAP since July / Not Sure Who To Contact
  60. No contact since transferred to LaGrange?!
  61. No contact orders and friendships
  62. Anyone have a loved one incarcerated in Otter Creek?
  63. Kentucky Legal Inquiries for Inmates
  64. How do I divorce my husband who is in prison?
  65. Marriage and Inter state compact
  66. Help!!! Marriage license....
  67. Christian County Retention Center
  68. Whats the possibility
  69. state and federal charges
  70. I do not understand our justice system
  71. Divorce with minor children
  72. Class D jails
  73. Restoration of Gun Rights
  74. Need advice on inmate cruelty
  75. KCIW or the farm in Western Kentucky
  76. Quick Collects at Marion
  77. Anyone get married at Luckett??
  78. She doesn't have shoes or socks
  79. Support for those in Lexington, KY Area
  80. Looking for housing near Eddyville (KSP)
  81. Class D Level 1 facilities in KY??
  82. Has anyone got married at Northpoint?
  83. Medical attention/transfer
  84. Class D / Full-Service facilities
  85. Transferred, AGAIN! Hopkins County??
  86. Paying restituition in KY for good time credits
  87. Doing an "exchange"??
  88. How does Good Time work?
  89. Have you had to pass on bad news like a death?
  90. Lexington or the person in Frankfort KY
  91. SOTP in KY Prisons.. HELP!
  92. DOC vs. Jail
  93. Questions about Court Docket and Vine
  94. Brady center?
  95. Re: Eastern KY Correction
  96. Online arrest records?
  97. For KSPS Inmates
  98. Transferring Without A Transfer Request?
  99. Vine-Line giving out FALSE information.
  100. Ekcc
  101. Risk Assessment?
  102. Need advice on what happens after indictment in KY.
  103. SAP Program at Northpoint Training Center In Trouble
  104. Need info on Dismas Hafway House, Lexington.
  105. Husband at Marion
  106. Husband not doing good....
  107. Got a call from parole board
  108. Change to KY laws?
  109. KY Law, using SAP as substance abuse class requirment
  110. Roederer behind on shipping inmates due to Marion closing?
  111. Need help understanding "inside" and "outside" charges. How can we help?
  112. Green River SAP on Lockdown/Updated
  113. Son in the hole since Monday for a fight with his co-defendant
  114. Classification Question?
  115. My LO is being represented by the Kentucky Innocence Project
  116. Medical Unit
  117. IPads Coming to KY DOC in October
  118. Sons Friend found guilty
  119. Hardin County Commissary?
  120. Dismissed charges
  121. Lawyer sending me a bill for over $6,000 dollars
  122. Spending time in Franklin County
  123. So confused - How long will he do?
  124. How are they expected to make it paying all that is required?
  125. Sotp
  126. PTO Quarterly - Winter Edition 2013!!!
  127. Lexington-Fayette County Detention Center INFO
  128. Classification/ KCIW
  129. So confused...he's been to court, but no one wants to hear his side
  130. Do sex offenders have problems with other inmates while in prison?
  131. Classification Question
  132. Do SO's have to take SOTP twice?
  133. Conditional discharge
  134. SAP program
  135. U-TAB 7 ?'s
  136. Transfer once he completes SAP?
  137. State points
  138. How does offender get Public Defender in another county?
  139. MEDICAL CONCERN in LMDC! Waiting On Transfer
  140. Searching for Warrant Information
  141. Lee Adjustment Center in Beattyville Kentucky
  142. Serve Out
  143. In-State Transfer For SAP
  144. Parole and pending case in another county
  145. Questions about what happens for new inmate.
  146. Divorce cost calculations
  147. Class C Felony & sentenced to 15 years. Will he go to Roederer?
  148. 2 felonies, 3 misdemeanors, what kind of time is she looking at?
  149. TV's at Little Sandy?
  150. Timesheet in county jail
  151. SAP Program at Halfway Houses
  152. Husband Being Denied Medical Care
  153. Obtaining a Marriage License!
  154. Transfer from one county jail to another county jail
  155. MRS Release.
  156. DOC not granting 90days for a program completed
  157. Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex
  158. How long to transfer from county to state?
  159. Need help with figuring out if she has to do 3 years?
  160. Ordering music from Amazon for Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex
  161. What does "dead time" days mean?
  162. WKCC - changing from female to male?
  163. Not getting 9 months jail credit
  164. Questions- terminating drug court, what happens
  165. Husband is serving 7 years state in Kentucky, consecutive 3 & 4 years.
  166. To whom do I file complaint about housing state inmates?
  167. Female transfers from WKCC to KCIW causing massive overcrowding
  168. Is it possible to buy my SO a Jplayer for his b'day?
  169. Does Kentucky allow someone to attend funeral?
  170. Needing information on Home Incarceration Program/ Mandatory Release
  171. Classification questions
  172. State or Federal Prison
  173. Treatment in Class D facilities
  174. Anyone Heard About ROSS/CASH Being Turned into an All Male Facility?
  175. Difference between Honor Block and General Population?
  176. What is the marriage process like?
  177. Inmate Programs @ County Jail and/or Prisons in Kentucky
  178. Good Time Credit in Kentucky prison
  179. SAP & Parole Timing in Kentucky
  180. Outdoor Recreation, Kentucky State Inmate Class C/D Facility
  181. Plea agreements in Kentucky
  182. What is all done at a Preliminary Hearing
  183. Parole flop in Kentucky
  184. Transfer ?'s and what to do
  185. Burglary in the first & filing for Shock
  186. Roederer Assessment Center / RCC - New Transfer, what's next?
  187. Help. Confused about "Good Time" credit
  188. Kids & School Information
  189. HELP.. Is there a way to find out of a LO is in the "Hole"??
  190. How is this possible?
  191. Plea deal in Kentucky - help appreciated
  192. People who visit and just listen
  193. Class C Trafficking Charge Need Help
  194. Have you lost a LO in the KY State Reformatory nursing or med unit?
  195. When will he be classified in Kentucky? How can we make them do it?
  196. Inmate Medical Care in Kentucky
  197. Help! Understanding 85% rule in Kentucky
  198. Kentucky Classification, County or State?
  199. Kentucky forums have been streamlined + Mobile App