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  1. Character Letter to the Federal Judge
  2. Federal Bureau of Prisons Designation Process
  3. Updated RDAP Rules 2009
  5. New Law? Only having to serve 65% of sentence?
  6. Does BOP take judges recommendations
  7. Can families communicate with the prosecutors?
  8. Im on RDAP - Pre-release and I messed up, HELP what do?
  9. Qualify for safety valve provision but now they don't believe me
  10. Help in understanding pleas, and sentencing recommendations
  11. Challenging security classification or designation
  12. A couple of questions regarding my Federal case
  13. He absconed, and has turned himself in, Now What?
  14. Hope somebody can Help!
  15. Amending restitution?
  16. Why no warrant under ncic?
  17. Downward Departure-what does it mean?
  18. U.S. supreme rules in favor of reduced sentencing disparity
  19. 10th amendment
  20. ReSentencing Questions
  21. What to expect from violation
  22. Need a little help-starting 3582
  23. Federal Restitution Payment
  24. Need Pro Bono for Constitutional issue!!
  25. Just want to help
  26. Motion to Amend Sentence
  27. Attorney Generals Letter- mandatory minimums
  28. Sentence ?
  29. Please help me, iam going crazy!
  30. Parole Violation Questions
  31. Detainer/ Good time/Sentence
  32. BOP wins on not granting credit for pretrial house arrest
  33. Judge Rules DC Parole Board liable for man's parole revocation
  34. Will I be responsible for his child support etc if we get married?
  35. 2255
  36. Please help, is there any way to get points deducted from PSI?
  37. Conspiracy charge! How much time??
  38. 7th Circuit strikes down law barring hormones for sex change inmates
  39. Federal plea agreement
  40. Re-classifiy custody points?
  41. Prisoners access to their Rights
  42. What happens when charges are vacated?
  43. How much time will he serve?
  44. Criminal complaint by FBOP while in FBOP custody?
  45. Update on 2nd Chance Reauthorization and increased good time
  46. Lawsuit by Inmate re Sexually Explicit Materials
  47. Judge rules for inmate in moving Valley Fever (Taft CI) case forward
  48. How much time??
  49. Legal question about plea and plea advice
  50. 11th Circuit gives inmate new parole hearing
  51. Departures & Variances Manual for help w/ appeals
  52. Federal Supervised release & state charges...need info.
  53. Dont understand federal confused
  54. Federal Detainer
  55. S.Ct. cases - Armed Career Criminal
  56. Fruit from the poisonous tree?
  57. Letter to the Judge?
  58. Private attorney?
  59. Employment and federal background checks
  60. PSI's do they do in every case?
  61. Federal prison marriages and visits?
  62. 2255 after signed plea possible?
  63. Barber Amendment
  64. Trial or Plea? Opinions... PLEASE!
  65. Clueless..scared..worried...
  66. Trouble in fed hh he's in jail, don't know what will happen to him?
  67. Son filed 225 citing wrong disability act
  68. Sentencing Guidelines Retroactivity and Binding Pleas - Supreme Ct Decision
  69. Extension of sentence for rehab purposes - Supreme Ct decision
  70. Federal Juvenile
  71. Questions about eligibity for Retroactive Guidelines Effective Nov 1, 2011
  72. How much time can he expect to receive?
  73. Saftey valve?
  74. Plea, offense level,career offender, enhanced sentence, & new drug law
  75. What makes someone a career offender?
  76. Motions
  77. Withdraw My Plea?
  78. Restitution repayment schedule adjustments without lawyer's help?
  79. What to expect?/Will he do State time after completing his Federal time?
  80. S.Ct. to hear case of fed inmate hurt in private prison (Taft CI)
  81. 500 mile law limit
  82. Help! He's stuck in transit. Release date consequences?
  83. Federal Extradition
  84. Federal writ to transfer?
  85. Improper Designation of Greatest Severity
  86. Pretrial detainees required to have health insurance?
  87. Muslim inmate files suit over cell assignments
  88. Charged again after serving time?
  89. Legal question about home confinement
  90. Stanford found competent to stand trial
  91. Questions concerning federal drug laws
  92. Lewisburg SMU Lawsuit
  93. Power of Attorney
  94. How long for a reduction?
  95. Marriage by Proxy In Fed
  96. Corrupt Case Manager
  97. Virginia considers law to exclude prisoners for political districts
  98. 2011 Sentencing Guidelines available online
  99. Support Letters - how much do they help at sentencing?
  100. Quashing a Warrant
  101. Bond equals time served?
  102. Attorneys try to keep client out of prison pending appeal
  103. Legalities of Spousal Gun Ownership
  104. Help!! Motions 3582 & 750, do they benefit career criminals"
  105. Plea agreement without criminal history points?
  106. Bank Account
  107. Release of Mexican Nationals
  108. Attorney conversation with inmates
  109. Restitution Question : Community Property State
  110. Second chance act- can this help me?
  111. Federal Judges Question Child Porn Sentence Guidelines
  112. Letters to judge
  113. Rehabilitative motion
  114. Taxes while incarcerated
  115. Can an BOP inmate be punished twice for the same incident?
  116. Judge Orders BOP to remove defendant from SHU
  117. Congress fails to fund Spector grants for in-prison education
  118. Free Speech at issue in appeal of lawyer
  119. Federal Court Services for Pro Se litigants
  120. Conspiracy/trial by jury questions.
  121. Objections in federal court- can they be withdrawn?
  122. Serving divorce papers to a federal prisoner
  123. Who can qualify for a safety valve on a drug charge?
  124. Attorney needed: The BOP miscalculated my sentence by 9 months
  125. One shot bill
  126. Appeal
  127. Federal Motion
  128. Pre-Sentence Good Time in Fed Detention
  129. U.S. Supreme Court -Consecutive Sentencing Ruling
  130. BOP New Administrative Rule on Inmates and Media
  131. Men in Black - NY times article
  132. Speaking at Fiance's Sentencing
  133. Help, just divorced in prison and have questions about child support, etc.
  134. Pre-sentence Interviews by Video
  135. Federal Parole Violation Process
  136. Sentence reduction for testifying AFTER being sentenced?
  137. How does an inmate fight a civil suit?
  138. Pretrial Dealing with interstate Commerce
  139. Errors to PSI
  140. A.C.C.A enhancement
  141. Report on 5 legislative proposals.
  142. Anybody had any Luck with 2nd Chance Act?
  143. Group protests Terre Haute CMU policy for Muslims
  144. Advice Please- marijuana conspiracy
  145. Medical issues
  146. Legal advice please
  147. PSR question--no recommendation for sentencing
  148. Civil Rights Violation?
  149. How does someone go about opening a sealed warrant
  150. Ruling on application of the amended crack cocaine guidelines
  151. Son Cuffed in Prison Dorm during Count
  152. How to pay for federal court fees?
  153. Inmate requests release to assist in his appeal
  154. Federal Appeals Websites?
  155. Compassionate Release Motions
  156. The Innocent who Plead Guilty
  157. 3582 motion
  158. Any options? (Mom took a plea)
  159. Scared for him... Do the feds pick up felon in possession charges?
  160. How to find a good appeals attorney??
  161. Good Time Bill
  162. Need some help understanding the legal process
  163. 3 strikes anyone know what this mean?
  164. What is mandatory min
  165. What are white collar crimes?
  166. Attorney refusing to send copy of file??
  167. "Elderly and Family Reunification"
  168. Sentencing Guidelines for "felon in possesion of a firearm"?
  169. Anyone had experience with plea bargains on drug conspiracy charges
  170. Can they really indict him under another name?
  171. Will a lawyer help at sentencing?
  172. Legal Advice Violation of Bond w/pretrial supervision
  173. How do wire taps work?
  174. Criminal History points??
  175. Incarcerated politician and use of his PAC $
  176. Deadlines during the sentencing process??
  177. Appeals Attorneys Question
  178. Can victim receive Restitution and file Civil lawsuit at the same time?
  179. Questions about Rule 35b
  180. Expert at Sentencing?
  181. How can outstanding warrants be taken care of if in Federal Prison?
  182. Fed Expungement/Rights Restored?
  183. Need to reach his unreachable attorney!
  184. Lawyer drama unfolds
  185. Supreme Ct agrees to hear 2 cases from pro se inmates
  186. Attorney Client Privilege??
  187. Need help understanding why his points changed
  188. Sentencing being postponed!!!
  189. Can a federal inmate file a 2241 Habeas appeal?
  190. Federal Appeals Help
  191. Inmate court updates???
  192. Does this mean he got appointed a PD???
  193. Office of Solicitor General-Writ of Certiorari-What does this mean?
  194. Hard time credit?
  195. Hubby is currently in Fed prison now charged after a fight
  196. Is trial the only way??
  197. How to find information on a pending federal case?
  198. Mistreatment by medical staff
  199. What to do about mother's lack of medical attention?
  200. HELPPP..Federal Appeal
  201. BZP amendment
  202. Do you know violations?
  203. Federal plea bargain court date today ..
  204. Appeal questions..
  205. Does any one knows of an appellate attorney in the 6th?
  206. Confused about possible sentence....3rd violation
  207. Son not yet "in transit," is it because he has State and Federal charges?
  208. I stopped paying my restitution fee need advice pleaseee
  209. In the hole for 3 years? What can I do to get him back in GP?
  210. How much time for a kilo of meth?
  211. Evidence question
  212. Notice to abate, motion to dismiss
  213. Federal restitution question
  214. Possibility to serve sentence out in UK.
  215. Question about time served
  216. They won't let him fill out a HIPPA - what can I do?
  217. Must read, fed restitution info
  218. Time Miscalculated
  219. Looking for Information to Support Second Chance Act
  220. Wills and estate planning
  221. PSI Question
  222. Federal Attorneys in the Dallas area
  223. Need Help With Getting Credit for Time Served
  224. Husband filed a Appeal. Now what?
  225. Now What? Question about cooperation
  226. Unsure of where to go now?
  227. Classification?
  228. 9th Circuit Case on concurrent/consecutive sentences
  229. Appointed lawyer-how much you can make to qualify for Fed attorney?
  230. Lawyer trouble
  231. Supreme court ruled in favor; Can my husband file an appeal and win too?
  232. Restitution.... How do I protect our savings before my husband is sentenced
  233. BOP Issues new Sex Offender Program Statement
  234. Restitution and marriage
  235. Help with Federal Time vs State Time
  236. Need help with "Motion to Seal"
  237. Question regarding proffers
  238. Inmate Classification Guidelines?
  239. Who I can contact to find out about a Federal hold?
  240. How closely do judges stick to the pre sentencing report?
  241. Appeal process questions
  242. Theft Chart Sentence Guidelines Any Chance to Argue for A Variance
  243. Is there away I can get probation or alternative sentencing?
  244. How do I find a case?
  245. Divesting Assets?
  246. Stay of Proceedings request / Appellate Court, how long to get an answer?
  247. Filing for divorce from federal prison.
  248. RDAP 11th Circuit
  249. Does anyone know what it is called?
  250. Public defender