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  1. Maximum sentence for DUI manslaughter?
  2. Child Support While Incarcerated
  3. How do I locate Appeal Information?
  4. Attorney Jonathan Saunders Represented Clients Illegally
  5. Laws in Fl regarding divorce while in prison
  6. Important info re: post-conviction motions
  7. Where can I get online access to FL law books
  8. 11th Circuit Grants Habeas Relief on Ineffective Assistance of Counsel (Plea)
  9. Jail Time Credit Granted
  10. Attention members with loved ones convicted of prescription drug related crimes
  11. Federal Civil Rights Actions v. DOCS
  12. Have questions about filing Florida motions
  13. Power of Attorney
  14. Post Conviction Relief lawyers
  15. What will sentencing be like for burglary charges in FL??
  16. Interstate Corrections Compact
  17. Florida - Reducing a Felony to a Misdemeanor - ANYONE?
  18. Motion to dismiss charges
  19. What will be my max sentence?
  20. Appeal was denied. What else can we do?
  21. 2nd DCA online submition?
  22. I need some help!! Inmate Beating!
  23. Do they give sentence reductions in Florida?
  24. abortion in county jail/prison
  25. Legal term
  26. Circuit Court Mandate- case closed- now what can we do?
  27. Detainer questions
  28. Chances of Supersedeas Bond being granted?
  29. Can I Request to Have My Record SEALED or Do I Need An Attorney
  30. Any suggestion for getting Leon County records
  31. Judge offered rehab as option
  32. Doing my scored prison time now.
  33. Bad Representation Form (Ineffective Counsel)
  34. Legal term? Reopen disp
  35. Transferred today, VOP Arraignment tomorrow/What does it mean?
  36. Jqc? What is it?
  37. "Chase the strawman"?
  38. re-entry meeting - nolle prosequi
  39. Help to get him out of CLOSE custody
  40. 8 Felony Counts
  41. Appeals process
  42. Filing for divorce while in WRC?
  43. Motion for jail credit and illegal sentencing
  44. Sheriff Tainting Jury Pool In Pensacola?
  45. Can I get back into???
  46. What does this mean? TRANSCRIPT OF PROCEEDINGS HELD
  47. Mainfest Injustice
  48. Arrested for VOP without a new charge and no proof
  49. 30 Years reduced to 15, less time served...
  50. Florida felony expungement possible?
  51. Being harrassed !!!
  52. Legislature Authorizes Private Companies to Operate Prisons in 18 Counties
  53. Need info about reconsideration in Florida.
  54. Widman Act that was passed..
  55. Confused and Lost in the legal system
  56. Defense Attorney Disbarred
  57. Trial Period Began Yesterday 5/31...So many ????'s
  58. Getting Dismissed Charges Expunged
  59. Clemency Hearings and Commutation of Sentence-Know anything about this?
  60. Time not intially listed in Gain Time
  61. Please Help/Florida case search?
  62. His case is in review!! But...what's next?
  63. Think I got railroaded
  64. Florida Violent Career Criminal Act...Anyone dealing with this?
  65. How does interstate compact work?
  66. How much time is he facing (poss of firearm & concealed weapon)?
  67. Good news for some concerning drug laws...
  68. 50k Court imposed fines for trafficking?
  69. What Rights do they Lose?
  70. 2nd degree drug felony
  71. T.I.E.R. box on sentencing form?
  72. What if he does not have enough points for prison
  73. Due process questions.
  74. Need advice on what happens when the plea changes
  75. Out of State Warrant WHILE Incarcerated HELP!
  76. Anyone aware of criminal appeal lawyers in FL?
  77. Minor children having sex offense convictions sealed at 18?
  78. Appeal process - anyone else going thru this?
  79. Plea and charges different?
  80. Estimated time for his charges?
  81. Commutation of Sentence in FLORIDA
  82. 3.850 post conviction motion-are they heard by the trial judge?
  83. Florida drug laws being declared unconstitutional by federal judge
  84. Useless gesture and Florida's knock and announce
  85. How long before he goes to DR court?
  86. How long before custody level drops?
  87. Due Process and county jails in Florida
  88. My Daughter Molly
  89. Need help to find a lawyer
  90. Lawyer in Orlando, Florida
  91. Claiming Husband on Taxes
  92. Victim recantation
  93. Do inmates file their own taxes?
  94. Do you have a loved one in prison for something they didnt do & appealing?
  95. Need Help and Advice, harrassed by guards. Who can I talk too?
  96. Where will my son go?
  97. Ignorant: attorney fees
  98. Looking for blank 941.45 IAD form
  99. Inmates Filing Tax Returns
  100. Questions on appeals and post conviction relief.
  101. Seeking a South Florida lawyer
  102. pre sentence investigation?
  103. Parole Commission Question
  104. Need to know how long he's facing: Charged with 4 felonies
  105. Fla. VOP
  106. Help please!! Getting warrant served in prison
  107. Fleeing to elude vop
  108. Mandatory minimum vs. lowest permissible sentence?
  109. Looking for an Attorney
  110. Post Conviction
  111. Florida divorce advice please
  112. Looking for a lawyer!
  113. Can prisoner file their own motions/pleadings
  114. can a prisoner be moved from florida
  115. 1st Offense,Don't Score Prison, Upcoming DOcket Sounding ?'s
  116. Please help, social security card!!!
  117. Waiver of Right to Speedy Trial
  118. Wrote to the judge & now there is a hearing about amending the sentence
  119. Help! My fiancee has a detainer.
  120. Past Crimes
  121. Questions about extradition
  122. Florida Score Card
  123. No Contact Order Dismissed
  124. Dang point system. Someone please help!
  125. Gain time in county jail?
  126. Multiple counts-multiple sentencing
  127. Inmate eliModify restraining order for work release eligibility?
  128. Modify restraining order for work release eligibility?
  129. Any way to view case/court dates information??
  130. Please HELP-how do I get copies of the paperwork for his case?
  131. Accepting a plea and what the judge can do
  132. Do you need an appointment to speak with a public defender?
  133. I need some SERIOUS legal advice! (can't get visitation)
  134. In need of an attorney
  135. Appeal process questions/Can I talk with PD?
  136. Traffic Tickets? Time servered?
  137. Montgomery Case
  138. Looking for advice
  139. Confined, no DR. still investigating
  140. Sentence Reduction in Florida
  141. How does Fl treat MVA caused by a sezure?
  142. Early release after plea deal
  143. The hole (urgent)
  144. DCA - Should We File a Formal Complaint?
  145. Does this mean he'll get his gain time back??
  146. Help with understanding legal info
  147. Florida looking to reverse/reduce natural life sentence...Rumor?
  148. Anyone pursued commutation of sentence?
  149. Arranging Legal Visit
  150. No administrative rule to test for Spice
  151. Looking for advice--white collar
  152. Appeal Question
  153. What is appeal process?
  154. Anyone familiar with Armed Robbery sentence
  155. Incompetent To Stand Trial Florida
  156. Interstate Corrections Compact from FL to MA??
  157. Oral Argument now waiting
  158. Charged with a drive-by and being the shooter. What can I expect?
  159. FL LAW SB400 has anyone had luck/ and fiances charges have changed on DOC W
  160. Once incarcerated can your PD still represent you?
  161. Sentencing guidelines
  162. How much time is actually served on Misdemeanor Sentences?
  163. After accepting plea, can it be taken back to court???
  164. Drug Rehab Program to reduce sentence
  165. He does not fit the criteria as a habitual offender, what can I do?
  166. Florida Case Law
  167. B/f Got Caught With A Cellphone in Work Release / Is it a new felony?
  168. Husband offered 15 years
  169. Help me please, he has detainer, what happens next?
  170. Violation of probation, unusual circumstances
  171. Once released, can my LO change his surname?
  172. Scam alert!!!! Please read
  173. Criminal Defense Attorney That Takes Payments?
  174. If victim drops charges or doesn't show up, can State still prosecute?
  175. Information about the Green Act?
  176. New state wide law on waking time?
  177. Post Conviction Relief Attorney
  178. Visits suspended question.
  179. Will my husband go to prison?
  180. Score out 10 years
  181. FiancÚ denied medical care
  182. Medical Records due to Disability prior to Prison
  183. Illegal sentence help
  184. Mandatory minimum on 3 years
  185. Has Anyone Used A Lawyer To Get Their Man Transferred?
  186. Attorney Suggestions in Florida
  187. ACLU to report to UN the FL Felon Disenfranchisement Violates Treaty
  188. Sentence Reduction
  189. Release date issue
  190. I want to find why my son was given 20 yrs & other 2 were given 4 & 8 yrs
  191. Jail Time Doesn't Match Sentence...
  192. Post conviction relief.
  193. Need a Defense Attorney ASAP
  194. 17 year old bipolar son charged as adult. To whom should I write?
  195. Looking For Attorney In Orlando
  196. Handwriting expert?
  197. The Murder of Inmate Darren Rainey by guards at Dade CI
  198. Possession of firearm by conv. felon, offerred 4 yrs. What happens next?
  199. Attorney needed/anyone used or heard about Terry P. Roberts?
  200. Pardon In Florida Lawyers?
  201. Appellate attorneys in Broward county?
  202. Attorney from Hell What to do?
  203. Fl Restitution Question
  204. Sentence reduction?
  205. Federal habeas (2254) Attorney.
  206. I stole an Iphone, the person got it back. I'm under 18. What am I facing?
  207. Criminal defense lawyer walton county & Okaloosa
  208. Can anyone find the text for SB 2070 Florida Prison Reform Bill 2015
  209. Walton county Florida Criminal Defense Attorney??
  210. First Offence in Florida, should they of been offered Parole?
  211. Grand Theft Auto
  212. Please help find a pro bono attorney for my son
  213. Per Chapter 33 Rule, how long can one be held in Administrative confinement
  214. They beat him up and he's in the hospital, I need attorney
  215. Are inmates allowed to see their lawyer while in confinement?
  216. First offences, drug charges.
  217. 15 year old adjudicated as an adult
  218. New Law for Drug Offenders
  219. Florida Writ of Habeas Corpus
  220. Jail credit and extradition to FL
  221. Forfeit gaintime with Conditional Release Revoke?
  222. Need help with prison scoresheet
  223. Gain Time help needed please.
  224. Anyone hear of a Bill to change the 85% served time to 71%?
  225. In trouble, help please!!
  226. I need help finding him a lawyer
  227. Cell Phone Tracking
  228. Organized Fraud
  229. Changes in Oct. 2016 in Florida
  230. Motion to correct jail credit DENIED
  231. How Is This Even Legal?
  232. Any Panhandle Civil Rights Attorney Referrals?
  233. ? About the 85% time served and date. TIA
  234. Warrant when complainant is now deceased
  235. Help please!/Fiance arrested for drugs, scared about sentence
  236. Sentence enhancers in Florida
  237. Possible sentence for Fourth DUI in FL?
  238. My bf is in jail and trying to get into phoenix house and probation instead
  239. Is a general court martial always a felony in the state of Florida?
  240. Obtaining a will for an incarcerated family member?
  241. Power of Attorney
  242. Looking for lawyer
  243. Compassionate Release timeline?
  244. Can someone decipher this legalese regarding compassionate medical release?
  245. Florida Justice Institute?
  246. Lawyer for Prison Infractions?
  247. High & K2 in property at work release center. Chances of new charges?
  248. Obtaining a Cosmotology License With A Felony
  249. Florida Procedure Act Chapter 120 HELP PLEASE!!!
  250. New Information About Public Defender