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  1. I'm so proud!! - my guy made minimum
  2. NC DOC Website - Updated and Improved
  3. How to get a divorce if your husband is in prison in North Carolina
  4. Does NC DOC site show detainers?
  5. Clarification for dealing with NC DOC
  6. Living Conditions
  7. Can someone help me?
  8. Scared as to which prison he will be put in.
  9. Maximum time in county vs DOC?
  10. Winton FCI - Help and Info please!!??
  11. Any have anyone in Lanesboro CI in NC
  12. Jody cannon?
  13. Home Visits
  14. Albemarle Correctional Institution
  15. Info on Franklin Correctional
  16. My son is already in processing...hoping for responses
  17. How accurate is Vinelink?
  18. NC 65% Law
  19. Conditions at central prison
  20. New to Prison Talk: Need Help
  21. No Mail "printed from internet" at Mountain View Correctional???
  22. Haven't heard from him today..stressing!! - Not sure about procedures
  23. Property Tranfer??
  24. Will visiting a felon effect my law enforcement career
  25. Jail Credit
  26. Needing some help with marrying my fiancee who is an inmate in N.C.
  27. Work Release questions and help
  28. Columbus County CI in Brunswick NC
  29. Blogs
  30. Son assigned to Hoke Correctional Raeford NC
  31. Son jumped and fan stolen
  32. Doesn't want me there for court!!
  33. Looking for someone in NC going through the same
  34. Structured sentencing, overcrowded prisons and early release?
  35. Wake correctional
  36. Normal to threaten an inmate to plead guilty?
  37. Mountain View Correctional Institute
  38. North Carolina inmates of Mountain View Correctional need your help!
  39. Maury CI?
  40. Attorney recommendations
  41. Felons & Commutations?
  42. How is "good time" calculated?
  43. Transfers
  44. They called his mom to see if he can stay there when he gets out?
  45. Home visits
  46. Will DOC help with reissueing an id and ss card or not?
  47. Getting him home sooner!
  48. $1,500 - is this too much for legal fees?
  49. Indictments
  50. Help! I am new to this!!!
  51. Trying to get married
  52. Structured sentencing
  53. Sentence Structure Laws?..
  54. Classification please help.
  55. Even with structured sen. laws offender will do more than min?
  56. How do I find out if the prison is on lockdown?
  57. Can time be added to a misdemeanor?
  58. Unauthorized Tobacco Use
  59. Visitation help for former employee
  60. Anyone have someone in Harnett Correctional??
  61. Anyone with a loved one in a county jail In NORTH Carolina?
  62. Custody review
  63. Are access deposits are for phone calls too?
  64. How much time can you get taken off while in prison?
  65. Just shipped out, how long will it be until I hear from him?
  66. What prison will I be at?
  67. Release of Prisoners
  68. Has the sentencing chart been revised - and how will affect my husband?
  69. North Carolina Prisoner Legal Services
  70. Happy and sad at the same time :( :)
  71. Hwh
  72. Trying To Get My Son Transferred To Med Custody
  73. What does "next control review" "close custody" & "gain time" mean?
  74. Desperate to help brother
  75. 6 month sentence on a level 3 dui; How long will he serve?
  76. Questions about Sentencing in North Carolina
  77. How Does the Release Process Work in NCDOC?
  78. Completely hypothetical question about involuntary manslaughter
  79. How to find out if a prison is closing???
  80. 12 month sentence (3rd DUI) how long will I serve?
  81. Who pays court costs?? Can his driver's license be revoked if not paid?
  82. Need Post Conviction Attorney
  83. Trouble getting honor grade (Franklin Correctional NC)
  84. Release day ?
  85. NC DOC inmate risk assessment
  86. Home passes (former sex offenders)
  87. My mentally ill son and prison
  88. Restitution
  89. Prison Lockdowns (Any Experiences?)
  90. Inmate canteen account
  91. Clothing for minimum custody
  92. Going to the hole for speaking spanish...
  93. What jobs at Marion for close custody?
  94. How long will they be there??
  95. Anyone have loved one at Dan River?
  96. Processing prison/ R & E
  97. Educational programs in prison
  98. Anyone with loved one at Craggy?
  99. NC can't be this bad?? Stop the lurking and start communicating!
  100. I need help writig a letter to get someone transferred...
  101. New law, 60 days off time of non violent crime sentences.
  102. Any law changes ahead for NC prisons that may allow early release?
  103. Motion for appropriate relief
  104. In need of rental housing in Raleigh NC
  105. Looking for info on an old murder case
  106. Anyone with someone at craggy I need a favor
  107. Why are they making him do his max sentence?
  108. Admitting location
  109. 2 release dates
  110. Process of moving from jail to DOC?
  111. Release date question
  112. Will they notify him that I put money in his JPay & phone acct?
  113. Medicaid services
  114. Im Ready for him to come home
  115. PTO Xmas Newsletter
  116. What can inmates buy at the commissary?
  117. Minimum Levels differences
  118. Partner just began his sentence - General Questions
  119. Transferring to a closer prison
  120. Looking for info on Control Status.
  121. North Carolina Prisons
  122. Broken arm and medical expenses