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  1. "What South Carolina Prison or Jail is your loved one in?"
  2. fidelity
  3. He did not write back - confused
  4. NCIC Report
  5. My Baby - Inmate pictures
  6. Anyone from Lowcountry South Carolina?
  7. Trying to find inmate - know their screen name but not real name
  8. Mandatory Minimum in NC same as SC?
  9. Moving to South Carolina
  10. J. Reuben Long - Conway, SC
  11. Waiting for Trial Date
  12. Are there any Faith-Based Prisons In South Carolina?
  13. Sentence Reduction - need some help!
  14. Appeal Time Limit?
  15. Sentencing - Lexington County Detention Center
  16. I head out for SC in the morning
  17. Calling the prison and checking...
  18. Education in South Carolina Prisons
  19. Cutting Medical Costs In prison
  20. Now they want Metal Detectors!
  21. Question About Sentencing And Charges..please Help!!!!
  22. looking for family
  23. Finally have a Trial Date
  24. South Carolina Sentencing Guidelines 85% to 65%?
  25. How To Locate S.C. Prisoners, Rules etc
  26. Talked to Solicitor - Good News For Me
  27. Time Question
  28. Ptr
  29. SCDC website problems
  30. Post Conviction Hearing?
  31. Outcome Of My Husband's Court Date
  32. Does anyone know about Grand Jury Sessions?
  33. Free Transportation From Greenville, SC
  34. Time Served Question
  35. South Carolina Inmate Locater?
  36. 1 month left and he is freaking out!!!!
  37. Has Anyone Heard about a new bill in SC?
  38. Red Bird
  39. Picking up the pieces after an abusive relationship
  40. Good News... Fiance transferred to York County Detention Center
  41. Advice for Dad - How to Cope and Help My Son?
  42. Good Lawyer SC?
  43. Halfway house rules in Columbia SC
  44. Husband Just Sent To Prison...where Do I Go From Here??
  45. Transfer From Edgefield, Sc To Miami
  46. Dog Fighting laws in south carolina
  47. Has anyone heard about a possible SC early release in July???
  48. Congratulations on your marriage!
  49. question about TP (toilet paper)
  50. Early Release in South Carolina prisons?
  51. The Things People Will Steal...(semi-funny)
  52. Inmate Search - SCDC website
  53. Today is a year into our sentence
  54. He admitted he's scared...
  55. Can he get out early due to hardship? Need Help Now!!!
  56. Does the prison system ITSELF ever max out an inmate earlier than they are suppose to
  57. Is it ever possible to get an inmate in a pre-lease center when...
  58. How to change a room mate...
  59. Non-Violent Offender's, New Bill?
  60. HUbby gone for 9 months, still waiting for trial what do we do???
  61. His offense changed?
  62. SCDC Warden says he can approve......
  63. Where is Cross Anchor, SC?
  64. Getting Appropriate Forms For Divorce In Sc
  65. Boyfriend transferred - Still waiting for answers..
  66. He's Been Gone For Over 1 Year Now!!!
  67. Question about serving a % of your sentence
  68. Help - My man was sentenced to 25 years!
  69. need some advice (important dont know what to do)
  70. Straight sentence
  71. how do I stay strong??
  72. 1001st Scheduled execution
  73. Info. On Bill 259
  74. Fiance' in Chesterfield Detention Center
  75. Clothing for Shock Program
  76. self surrender 1-3-06
  77. Petition for more food
  78. Cellphone networks - HELP PLZ!
  79. Aiken to Edgefield
  80. Moms of South Carolina Inmates
  81. Joey got his level 2 and will be transferred
  82. Is it real...or just talk?
  83. Sentencing/Re-Sentencing --- How to find out real deal?
  84. need help for my son
  85. classification...long but interesting
  86. husband in SC prison (need info. on getting sentence reduced)
  87. 85% reduced to 65% - Is this true?
  88. Jobs At Scdc
  89. Question on shock treatment
  90. she is headed for juvenile and I can't stop it
  91. Authorization to Release Information
  92. Calling all PTO Friends in SC
  93. I'm scared. My husband needs your prayers.
  94. Suggested attorneys in Greenville and Greenwood, SC?
  95. help!!! husband's child neglected. what are our options????
  96. I put a note on a Senator's Car's Windshield Last Night about Sentence Reform LOL!
  97. Does anyone have a loved one in Waterloo, SC?
  98. Need a ride from Atlanta to FCI Edgefield
  99. How ridiculous is this? 2 armed guards for a paralyzed person.
  100. Thoughts on smoking in prison.
  101. Welcome back anonymous-in-sc!
  102. Cheated by the SCDC!!! HELP!!!!
  103. What do YOU think will happen due to Chief Justice Toal's Prison Study?
  104. Kirbyville?????
  105. SCDC Early Release - July, 2006??
  106. Will the Crime Reduction Bill Pass?
  107. 85% Reduction (re-visited)
  108. County Transfer - I am very, pleased to be telling my friends here that today...
  109. Anyone ever had anyone at the Dillon Detention Center as a State Inmate or otherwise?
  110. C/o's Eating In Front Of The Inmates
  111. Morris Village - Earle E. Morris Jr. Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Center
  112. Ok - I need to vent... sorry!!
  113. what is mo or mi codes ???
  114. Need Info Asap Fiance moved to Chesterfield County!!!
  115. For All of You who made it THROUGH!!!
  116. Good Lawyer in Spartanburg, SC?
  117. How do I erase a post?
  118. what does MOC stand for??
  119. How do you know if the crime is considered a violent or non violent crime?
  120. Here is a good read on Mr. Ozmint's idea to reduce Truth in Sentencing!!
  121. Help me someone - feeling guilty about fiances arrest
  122. Something we all need to do!!
  123. Changes in sentences from 85% to 70%
  124. Another inmate wrote to me from my fiances prison!
  125. Items Stolen From Husband's Locker - Is there anything that I can do about this?
  126. Half Decent and not too expensive Sumter, SC Hotel?
  127. Colds442, would you be up to having a question and answer session? (former guard)
  128. Specific Transfer Day?
  129. Thanks to all of you that prayer for me..but my husbands parole was rejected
  130. Self-Help and Free Legal Help (depending on income)~~~Update 3/11
  131. New Mom Confused - YOA Program
  132. Jon Ozmint is making a statement..and I think it is no coincidence that he timed it
  133. Max Out date: need some help please
  134. I'm really proud of my daughter....
  135. Does anyone use Westlaw?
  136. I am ashamed about how narrow minded I used to be.
  137. Have any of you ever had a problem and contacted the warden....
  138. Question for those of you who use money orders to fund your person's Cooper Trust...
  139. What would you do, I cant visit cause i am his Co defendant
  140. Will the 85% law be changed?
  141. Any new news on TV's?
  142. Behind Prison Walls: The life of inmates
  143. Good for Mr. Ozmint for standing his ground...
  144. Sorta of a Scare
  145. Smuggled drugs don't make it to Lowcountry prisoners
  146. Here is where we are with the Organ Donor Legislation
  147. Lee County, ATU program and time there???
  148. cashless machines
  149. Dont know if this is true or not - COs tough on inmates before release
  150. Frindly opener plz- i am the victum - can we chat.?
  151. Buying a house alone....
  152. These type of stories occur too often for my taste.
  153. Excellent article from local newspaper writer whose brother went to prison for life
  154. Cashless machine questions??
  155. Supervised furlough, do they play around with you when its time to go?
  156. Getting him transfered
  157. TV purchases revisited..
  158. Worried about your inmate loved one?
  160. longggggg time
  161. Well, where's the beef??
  162. Anyone as sad as i am?
  163. Boyfriend lost ALL privileges (father has cancer)
  164. Posts and info re: 85% Legislation???
  165. projected release date
  166. How are prisons assigned to inmates?
  167. Mom says "no visit", to my 12 yr'old Grandson!
  168. How did I miss this? SC man executed for killing armored van guard
  169. SC prisons director: Inmates who break rules give up meals
  170. I see LOTS of lurkers (34). Please consider joining and introducing yourself!
  171. A calling behind bars Columbia International University offers ministry degree
  172. I have questions about our unborn child!
  173. Recieving center in Columbia, SC?
  174. Looking up court cases on
  175. Has anyone added their spouse to their insurance (while spouse is incarcerated)?
  176. Now that Pee Wee Gaskins is gone who is SC's worst criminal behind bars?
  177. Monica Counts
  178. OK - Why can't SC Prisons do this???
  179. Anyone Know Where Susan Smith Is Now?
  180. No PCR hearing, refund due from Lawyer?
  181. Cooper Trust Fund refunds for inmates
  182. What are the requirements and benefits of moving from State Prison to County Jail?
  183. Pinkie
  184. Inmate walks away from job site in Charleston WHAT WAS HE THINKING???? 1 MORE WEEK!
  185. Just found out my husbands parole date
  186. PSA Agency Accountibility Report 9-15-06 LOTS of Good Info
  187. Crime victims to know inmates' status, location
  188. Prison guard charged with assaulting inmate (Turbeville)
  189. Help Or Info Needed - Pre-trial Intervention (PTI)
  190. Staph Infection - Anything I can do about this?
  191. any new Info, on 85% changes?
  192. Its me again
  193. Food in SC Prisons
  194. Mother sues state Corrections Department after son dies.....We're here for you if you
  195. Dental work....
  196. sorry south carolina!!!!!!!!!!!!
  197. Funeral for Mother in law....
  198. How do you sign up for pen pals?
  199. Problems with new TV's
  200. Status of reducing 85%
  201. canteens close for the holidays?
  202. Family of strangled inmate sues state prisons department
  203. Is he in Segregation?
  204. I heard a lady in line asking the guard for a Cooper Trust Fund form.......
  205. Faith-based program helps SC prisoners combat additions
  206. What is your love ones prison name (nickname)?
  207. TBN Launches Second Chance for Prisons
  208. computer access for inmates in South Carolina
  209. Just needing to vent...
  210. Inmates stop attack on female officer
  211. STOP program
  212. SC Work Release
  213. trip ticket?
  214. Credit for County Jail Time
  215. bad news for me
  216. Can Wife of Inmate adopt?
  217. husband transferred, please help
  218. Husband just got sentenced, how much time will he have to do?
  219. Can we claim our husbands on income tax, in SC?
  220. Ozmint: State needs two new prisons
  221. I would like to welcome my friend's mother to this board (CC)....
  222. requesting a prison?
  223. Question on how long before moving to Kirkland R&E?
  224. Question regarding release after serving 85 percent?
  225. son kicked out of livesay pre-release
  226. Why Are Some Institutions Different? A Small Rant
  227. need help regarding my father
  228. husband having surgery
  229. update
  230. More than 1 in 100 Americans behind bars
  231. Looking for Kimberly SC prisons...
  232. Inmate killed by fellow prisoner at Lee
  233. finally!!! Good News - he's getting out in April!
  234. Medical Emergency - Need information - Help!
  235. Need phone number for SCDC Director of Classification
  236. A question about husband transferred
  237. Lock-up Questions....
  238. In 2007, the average inmate had 8.2 visits per year in SCDC
  239. Prison guard charged with assault on inmate (Lee)
  240. Civilian workers, no guards, were overseeing 100 prisoners
  241. help with pay key information
  242. Hi!!! The weirdest thing happened today!!!
  243. HUBBY Sentenced Yesterday And I Am Lost Without Him And Confused - PLEASE HELP
  244. Get Your Men In Check Ladies!!
  245. You know that Prison Study I've been yapping about that was due in May of 2008?
  246. A look at South Carolina's Prison Population
  247. New sentences address gap between penalties for cocaine offenses
  248. PayKey
  249. How Long Til I Can Talk To Him and See Him - REally?
  250. How Can I Speak 2 Him?!