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  1. New to the South Carolina Forum
  2. Need to Talk to Anyone in South Carolina
  3. Anyone from South Carolina?
  4. "What South Carolina Prison or Jail is your loved one in?"
  5. Marriage in South Carolina Prisons
  6. Former SCDC Employee
  7. fidelity
  8. Any members from Upstate South Carolina?
  9. He did not write back - confused
  10. NCIC Report
  11. My Baby - Inmate pictures
  12. Anyone from Lowcountry South Carolina?
  13. Trying to find inmate - know their screen name but not real name
  14. Mandatory Minimum in NC same as SC?
  15. Moving to South Carolina
  16. J. Reuben Long - Conway, SC
  17. Medical Treatment in SCDC
  18. Cooper Trust Fund for Inmates in SC
  19. Waiting for Trial Date
  20. Comforting Verses From Bible For Prisoners
  21. Are there any Faith-Based Prisons In South Carolina?
  22. Sentence Reduction - need some help!
  23. Truth In Sentencing
  24. Appeal Time Limit?
  25. SCDC Institutions
  26. Sentencing - Lexington County Detention Center
  27. Stevenson Correctional Institution - Columbia, SC
  28. I head out for SC in the morning
  29. Case Report Online - Does Anyone Know How?
  30. Calling the prison and checking...
  31. Education in South Carolina Prisons
  32. Cutting Medical Costs In prison
  33. Now they want Metal Detectors!
  34. Question About Sentencing And Charges..please Help!!!!
  35. looking for family
  36. Finally have a Trial Date
  37. South Carolina Sentencing Guidelines 85% to 65%?
  38. Hardship Transfer - Relocation Question?
  39. How To Locate S.C. Prisoners, Rules etc
  40. Post Conviction Relief (PCR)
  41. Talked to Solicitor - Good News For Me
  42. Hardship Relocation-General Info
  43. What Exactly Happens At A Preliminary Hearing?
  44. What is the difference between First and Second Degree Burglary?
  45. Change to SCDC Policy PS-10.08, Inmate Correspondence Privileges
  46. Time Question
  47. Ptr
  48. SCDC website problems
  49. Daily Updates and Shouts
  50. South Carolina Member Introductions
  51. Welcome to the South Carolina Forum!
  52. Post Conviction Hearing?
  53. Outcome Of My Husband's Court Date
  54. Cooper Trust Fund - Fees??
  55. Cooper Trust Fund /
  56. Does anyone know about Grand Jury Sessions?
  57. Medical Treatment within SCDC
  58. Free Transportation From Greenville, SC
  59. SC Youthful Offender Program
  60. Photos at Correctional Institutions
  61. Time Served Question
  62. Work Credits
  63. South Carolina Inmate Locater?
  64. 1 month left and he is freaking out!!!!
  65. Has Anyone Heard about a new bill in SC?
  66. Red Bird
  67. Can inmates buy TV's in the CANTEEN?
  68. Picking up the pieces after an abusive relationship
  69. Good News... Fiance transferred to York County Detention Center
  70. Advice for Dad - How to Cope and Help My Son?
  71. Shock Incarceration Program - SCDC
  72. Where can I find pictures of Inmates?
  73. South Carolina County Inmate Locator
  74. Good Lawyer SC?
  75. Halfway house rules in Columbia SC
  76. Hardship/Transfer Letter
  77. Husband Just Sent To Prison...where Do I Go From Here??
  78. Transfer From Edgefield, Sc To Miami
  79. Can inmates have Cds or cassettes?
  80. Power of Attorney
  81. Dog Fighting laws in south carolina
  82. SCDC Medical Complaints - Advice Please!!!
  83. SCDC Security Levels
  85. Level 2 Institutions
  86. Hardship Transfer Information
  87. Here's the Phone # for Medical complaints/problems
  88. Has anyone heard about a possible SC early release in July???
  89. Overcrowding in South Carolina Prisons
  90. Congratulations on your marriage!
  91. Brother just sentenced in SC
  92. question about TP (toilet paper)
  93. Early Release in South Carolina prisons?
  94. Trying to get son's medical records and treatment for him
  95. The Things People Will Steal...(semi-funny)
  96. Inmate Search - SCDC website
  97. Today is a year into our sentence
  98. South Carolina charges a tremendous amount for items through the canteen
  99. He admitted he's scared...
  100. Can he get out early due to hardship? Need Help Now!!!
  101. Which South Carolina Prisons Have Air-conditioning?
  102. In your experience, how often will a man get transferred to another facility in SC?
  103. Of all the SC prisons your man has been in, which has been most tolerable and least
  104. Does the prison system ITSELF ever max out an inmate earlier than they are suppose to
  105. Is it ever possible to get an inmate in a pre-lease center when...
  106. Moving to South Carolina and curious
  107. How to change a room mate...
  108. Where do you guys live? I'm in the Conway/Myrtle Beach area.
  109. Is there a Food Shortage In SCDC Prisons?
  110. How to send money to an inmate
  111. Where can I find the Ombudsman for SCDC?
  112. Divorce in Prison - need HELP!
  113. Non-Violent Offender's, New Bill?
  114. HUbby gone for 9 months, still waiting for trial what do we do???
  115. Inmates not allowed to attend funeral or visitation of immediate family member!
  116. husband arrived at Kirkland R&E
  117. How much money is ENOUGH???
  118. Hardship Transfer
  119. His offense changed?
  120. SCDC Warden says he can approve......
  121. Divorce While Incarcerted
  122. Where is Cross Anchor, SC?
  123. Getting Appropriate Forms For Divorce In Sc
  124. SCDC / SC BOP - Important Phone Numbers
  125. Boyfriend transferred - Still waiting for answers..
  126. Thanks for being here
  127. He's Been Gone For Over 1 Year Now!!!
  128. question about transfers/classification changes
  129. Question about serving a % of your sentence
  130. Help - My man was sentenced to 25 years!
  131. need some advice (important dont know what to do)
  132. Looking at the SCDC website, I see 2 newer crimes that SHOULD be 85%, but are not (m)
  133. Straight sentence
  134. What northerners think of the South (cute)
  135. What is the SHOCK Program in South Carolina? (prison / alternative)
  136. how do I stay strong??
  137. 1001st Scheduled execution
  138. Info. On Bill 259
  139. Fiance' in Chesterfield Detention Center
  140. Prayer Cirlce...anyone?
  141. Sentencing for Vehicular Homicide DUI
  142. New SCDC Transfer Policy
  143. Clothing for Shock Program
  144. self surrender 1-3-06
  145. Merry Christmas
  146. Question about Custody level
  147. SC Folks, how often has your guy/girl been transferred? Date ranges would be great..
  148. Petition for more food
  149. Post conviction relief
  150. Cellphone networks - HELP PLZ!
  151. Question about how to correct SCDOC error in release date...
  152. Aiken to Edgefield
  153. Boyfriend sentenced to 20 years
  154. Medical care while in South Carolina Prison
  155. Moms of South Carolina Inmates
  156. What do you guys think about setting up a carpooling thread?
  157. Sex Offender Program at Broad River Correctional Institution
  158. Joey got his level 2 and will be transferred
  159. whats up with this 10% charge @ kirkland?
  160. Is it real...or just talk?
  161. SCDC - Yearly Review
  162. Sentencing/Re-Sentencing --- How to find out real deal?
  163. Moving to Florence-Need Help
  164. Why does the projected release date change?
  165. SCDC Classification - Who To Talk To?
  166. need help for my son
  167. classification...long but interesting
  168. husband in SC prison (need info. on getting sentence reduced)
  169. Could anyone help me find Monica Counts in Columbia
  170. Does anyone know what a medical hold is?
  171. Youthful Offender Intensification Program (YOIP) - SCDC
  172. Youthful Female Offender Intensification Program (YFOIP)
  173. South Carolina Legislature - Bills to Watch
  174. 85% reduced to 65% - Is this true?
  175. J-pay Phone Number
  176. Jobs At Scdc
  177. Question on shock treatment
  178. she is headed for juvenile and I can't stop it
  179. Authorization to Release Information
  180. Calling all PTO Friends in SC
  181. I'm scared. My husband needs your prayers.
  182. SCDC -- News, Programs, Rules and Regulations, SC Code, Juvenile Justice Links
  183. Question about hardship transfer
  184. Suggested attorneys in Greenville and Greenwood, SC?
  185. help!!! husband's child neglected. what are our options????
  186. Sc G2g Saturday
  187. I put a note on a Senator's Car's Windshield Last Night about Sentence Reform LOL!
  188. SCDC Website - when are pictures posted?
  189. SC...How are we doing with the PTO fund-raiser?
  190. Need Information - Release date on SCDC website
  191. Any Suggestions? - (Medical Complaint Department)
  192. ladywalker - new member with a son at Lieber Correctional Institution
  193. New Bill - Inmates Attending Funeral Services
  194. Does anyone have a loved one in Waterloo, SC?
  195. Need a ride from Atlanta to FCI Edgefield
  196. Is it taking an ungodly amount of time for money orders to post for you SC guys?
  197. New - Friend at Evans Correctional Institution
  198. How ridiculous is this? 2 armed guards for a paralyzed person.
  199. 3 weeks update....and we seem to be falling apart
  200. Help (seeking information on how to help daughter)
  201. Far-fetched idea about indigent packages
  202. Thoughts on smoking in prison.
  203. Medical problems in SCDC?
  204. Welcome back anonymous-in-sc!
  205. Cheated by the SCDC!!! HELP!!!!
  206. What do YOU think will happen due to Chief Justice Toal's Prison Study?
  207. Indeterminate sentence YOA program - how much time will he serve?
  208. Why aren't coolers sold in the canteen?
  209. Have any of you successfully had your guy transfered to a County Facility (Jail)?
  210. Kirbyville?????
  211. Anyone stay in Columbia, SC?
  212. SCDC Early Release - July, 2006??
  213. An Eye Opener (Happiness)
  214. Will the Crime Reduction Bill Pass?
  215. Is time amount on SCDC profile right?
  216. 85% Reduction (re-visited)
  217. Do the guys*have* to be on their jobs for 6 months before they can be moved?
  218. Hardship Transfers
  219. County Transfer - I am very, pleased to be telling my friends here that today...
  220. Anyone ever had anyone at the Dillon Detention Center as a State Inmate or otherwise?
  221. SCDC Web page
  222. new to the site - husband in McCormick Correctional Institution
  223. Anyone had trouble with SCDC changing their sentence??
  224. kershaw correctional institution
  225. C/o's Eating In Front Of The Inmates
  226. How can I get my husband moved from state prison to county jail?
  227. what is a straight sentence??
  228. Handbooks For Inmates
  229. Morris Village - Earle E. Morris Jr. Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Center
  230. Ok - I need to vent... sorry!!
  231. Need Help Locating Fiances Birth Mom in SC
  232. what is mo or mi codes ???
  233. new here,son at Tyger River Correctional Institution
  234. 90 day shock incarceration
  235. my nephew is in mccormick correctional institution
  236. Hello everyone, I'm new :) - Husband in Kirkland R&E
  237. Thanks for your Support South Carolina
  238. Hi Im new to this - Husband in Pickens County Detention Center
  239. Statistical Reports
  240. Need info on Hills-Finklea in Moncks Corner
  241. hi finace about to go to Kirkland R & E
  242. Trying to Adjust - Is anyone else having trouble with this?
  243. Need Info Asap Fiance moved to Chesterfield County!!!
  244. For All of You who made it THROUGH!!!
  245. trying to hang in there - boyfriend at Allendale Correctional Institution
  246. Good Lawyer in Spartanburg, SC?
  247. How do I erase a post?
  248. New here, York County Detention Center
  249. what does MOC stand for??
  250. Death while in prison