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  1. The First Call
  2. Missed call etc
  3. How Many Letters Have You Got?
  4. Hard to leave...
  5. I'm went great!
  6. Welcome to the Prison Visitation Forum!
  7. Prison Visitation - Things NOT to Do Inside the Walls
  8. I just saw my baby!!!
  9. Seems As Tho' He Only Wants To See Our!!!
  10. iz he "worth the drive?"my GMAN,GRANT IZ!BUT I:
  11. Great News!!!!!!!!
  12. He looks different
  13. Sleepless in PA
  14. How far do you have to drive?
  15. I am so happy
  16. Flying to the States on Wednesday.
  17. Where can I find good stationery paper?
  18. Visiting List Question
  19. I Am So Sad!!
  20. Im so excited!!!!
  21. My first CONTACT!!
  22. The Great Valentine's Day Idea Thread
  23. Just want to share my day....
  24. Should I surprise??
  25. Gonna See Da Hubbie!
  26. I Went!!!!
  27. Leaving Isnt Getting Easier Its Getting Harder.
  28. What is a trailer visit?
  29. I See My Baby Tommorrow!!!
  30. 15 days and not a thing to wear!!!
  31. strength after visiting
  32. Should i go up there?
  33. Do you still cry?
  34. Boyfriend's Birthday on Saturday
  35. Is This Normal??????
  36. Do you take pictures at visit?
  37. Prison Ion Drug Scanners - Experiences Needed!
  38. Do You Ever Get The Post-visit Blues???
  39. *opinions Wanted About Ex_wife's Visit*
  40. Need a mail dance
  41. Love quotes
  42. Is there any way around seeing him when i have a warrant????
  43. UPDATE:I saw my baby today!!! :)
  44. What am I supposed to take of this?
  45. How much $$ do you spend traveling?
  46. I Finally Get To See Him!!!!
  47. How far do you drive for prison or jail visits?
  48. How do you handle no mail?
  49. Sending books or magazines to inmates
  50. How many of you keep letters?
  51. should i still go?
  52. Sexy Photo's for your man?
  53. He's Changed his mind about me visiting! - Advice Plz!
  54. i'm SO happy now
  55. how often do you see him?
  56. The guard caught us!! This is embarassing!!
  57. Conjugal Prison Visits (do you get them?)
  58. What is the funniest thing he's told you since he's been locked up?
  59. I'm So Excited!!!
  60. How many of you get ready before visits?
  61. Info about service providers for correctional collect calls for ALL 50 States.
  62. Need some opinions!!!
  63. I am getting excited
  64. What you need to know about receiving Collect Calls from Prison or Jail is HERE!!!
  65. General Book & Package Ideas and Info
  66. mixed feelings about visiting
  67. Buying US stamps from AUS?
  68. Prison Mail posting guidelines & State Links ~ Please Read
  69. I spend half an hour in bed with my husband today!
  70. Cheap Gas Links!!
  71. Having a "no mail" day? Need a mail dance? Drop your vents here and forget 'em!
  72. What's the distance
  73. bringin the kids...
  74. I am just so excited this trip for some reason!
  75. Does your man write often?
  76. Do you wear a specific pair of panties to go visit him?
  77. getting pregnant by him sneaking stuff to you
  78. Has he put his mark on you????
  79. List of Postal Holidays
  80. Who pulls away first after hugging/kissing after the visit
  81. Mail ideas, holiday inspirations, printables, etc.
  82. What do the different stamp positions on the envelope mean?
  83. Do You Always Say "I Love You" at The End of A Phone Call?
  84. How long do you get to visit your man?
  85. What's the longest you've gone with no communication?
  86. Which is worse - no mail or no phone call?
  87. Sharing visiting time (at Pitchess)...
  88. How Can I Send Single Issues of Magazines?
  89. He was in the hole.. sigh
  90. What Would You Do If Another Female Was Visiting Your Man?
  91. How far away is he from you
  92. Bad Habits In The Visiting Room
  93. Please read before you arrange to carpool/rideshare.
  94. How the USPS sees your mail (informational)
  95. Are you guys ALWAYS together, holding hands during visitation?
  96. Ringtones - what's yours for him?
  97. What if he sang to you at a visit?
  98. I got to see his jealous side today!
  99. How often do you talk to your man on the phone?
  100. If you had "family visits", would you take precautions?
  101. How long has it been since you got a hug from your guy?
  102. Extra visiting time!
  103. 4 County: Global Tel Link STINKS!
  104. Will you or won't you? Phone sex & risque letters
  105. Does it always turn into sex conversations?
  106. Just for fun! Would you pay for some 'private' time with him?
  107. If you have phone "nookie" how often do you do it?
  108. When you buy stamps, is it the 'Forever stamp' or different ones each time?
  109. Have Creative Mail Ideas? Share them here!
  110. Mail Issues Related to Overseas Members - Post them here.
  111. What do you wear to visit?
  112. Father's Day! What are you doing for him?
  113. Over Charged inmates, for pic. taken at visit
  114. Kissing styles at visiting?
  115. Cons Call Home
  116. Why are the C0's so mean?
  117. Call and cancel your visit if you aren't going...
  118. The Crazy Mail Ladies Check In-August 2010
  119. Does your man ask for phone sex?
  120. Steamy letters
  121. Does lack of mail have the potential to break your relationship?
  122. Happy Birthday Call.
  123. They got my visiting form today! (fingers crossed)
  124. Got my second surprise today!
  125. $6.18 per call!
  126. 300 minutes limit a month!
  127. Making the best of SHU Visits
  128. do you walk right in or sleep in your car?
  129. Faithfully Writing
  130. Reality call dropped and he didn't call back
  131. Finally saw my baby....
  132. I got unexpected mail and I'm on cloud nine
  133. contact visit.~Went great!!!!!
  134. So very ANGRY (they cut the phones off)
  135. Question about surprise visits
  136. He asked me not to visit
  137. Need ideas: Something fun to surprise him with!
  138. Can't believe some of these hoodrats at the visits! Stickin her booty in my mans face
  139. Question about missing a visit etiquette
  140. Visits through the glass. I keep waiting for it to get easier
  141. First Contact Visit!!! I don't know how it happened...
  142. When you start to doubt your decision - go visit!!!!
  143. Trying not to panic!
  144. Need *Birthday ideas* for his 27th b'day
  145. Who reads the mail before it gets to the inmate?
  146. Any experiences with Skype?
  147. Got a sweet letter saying he's sorry!
  148. Got a phone call
  149. Do you think they take our letters for granted?
  150. Tomorrow is visiting day!
  151. How much money are you allowed to bring in for visits?
  152. Denied-Letter to Warden
  153. YOUR PERSONAL STORIES about prison phone calls, for magazine article?
  154. Free Call From Inmate
  155. How do i setup a line to receive calls from douglas Az prison?
  156. Help! Im on probation having trouble being approved for visit!
  157. Crying after visit~Am I the only one who does?
  158. How in-depth do they go into your mail?
  159. Can two inmates write to each other?
  160. Its gettin closer to our conjungal visit.
  161. problems with jpay
  162. Surprise! (he doesn't know I'm going to visit tomorrow)
  163. Just been approved for visits
  164. Need Ideas!~On new ways to start my letters
  165. do you get more minutes if you r transferred???
  166. In consistency with visitation policies
  167. E-mail for inmates is it better than writing a letter?
  168. The cutest letter yet!
  169. When you go to visit does your inmate notice things about you?
  170. A way to save on those expensive calls.
  171. Post office Gripe!
  172. I'm so excited I can't sleep!!! Visit tomorrow!
  173. I need some ideas for his birthday
  174. Why are we so protective of others writing our man?
  175. update on my visit
  176. Im going to see my baby now
  177. anyone having problems with global tel tonight?
  178. having second thoughts about sending in my visiting form
  179. How many of you got one of your mates to write to one of his boys?
  180. Can't wait to visit!
  181. Aww my boo ~ Had such a great visit.
  182. Second guessing myself
  183. 14-hr drive and no visit
  184. Local address for a cell phone using GTL?
  185. Finally he called - It was the best 30 minutes of my day
  186. Phone calls about nothing n particular. I really enjoy them.
  187. Do you ever feel the same?? - wanting more after visits?
  188. No Mail, and It worries me :(
  189. 1st visit soon and I am a bundle of nerves
  190. 2 those who use a prepaid cell 4 calls...
  191. He doesnt want me to visit because of my age
  192. He Still Does It .. (Post-visitation thread)
  193. Magicjack as a forwarding service
  195. Labor Day is coming -- are you going to flood them with mail?
  196. new at this - first visit next weekend
  197. mail room drama ugh!!! (returned my letters due to content)
  198. Contact Visit & Not Excited..?
  199. Should I take his dare and go visit with a big Lady Gaga Hair Bow in my hair?
  200. Rough Weekend with No Visit
  201. Had a great visit today, got me wondering "why" him?
  202. DOC Disconnected Our Call
  203. Stationary for mailing letters
  204. It's harder to deal with the lonliness AFTER the visits......
  205. How often and how far have you gone to see your loved one?
  206. Stamp vent !
  207. Federal lawsuit filed against GTL
  208. Kira International
  209. I know its early, but any fun, new creative halloween ideas??
  210. I got 2 phone calls today
  211. Carpool question
  212. The Crazy Mail Ladies Check In-September 2010
  213. First Phone Call
  214. Almost September!! Finally More Mins On Our phone!!
  215. Sometimes just knowing he's thinking of me helps (Phone Games)
  216. Sooo Happy! first letter!!
  217. can your send magazines to barnes and nobles in your state???
  218. My Recent Letter
  219. Crying During a Visit?
  220. GTL BloCked my Calls
  221. How do I unblock my phone?
  222. Am I on my own, what to write about?
  223. Argh my phone number cant be added to my pp's list!!
  224. The bittersweet feeling after visit
  225. They are having him visit in the women's jail now! How would you feel?
  226. where to get art supplies?
  227. i got my first phone call
  228. My first contact visit!
  229. how do i take it? He didn't talk much at visit.
  230. I saw him for the first time this weekend
  231. I am calls
  232. Collect calls cheaper than GTL?
  233. First visit since he's been in prison!
  234. Losing it! (help) He won't write!
  235. hating the "phone call" system
  236. Does he/she ever flip out on phone calls?
  237. Didnt get to visit today...feelin really sad..
  238. No contact visits until Feb 2011! Need your advise..
  239. How long did it take for you to get approved for visits?
  240. I Get To See My Boo Tomorrow!
  241. Anniversary Ideas Needed
  242. Does anyone know why the prison takes off the postage stamps?
  243. gtl~I'm getting calls but should I call them back?
  244. Do you feed him at visits?
  245. Babe Wrote me!
  246. Can the mailroom hold outgoing mail as a punishment?
  247. Ion spectometry test
  248. Question Re: Phones
  249. Our first visit before he changes his list
  250. Has anyone used KIRA International for prisonal phone calls?