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  1. denied visits bc of continued case?!
  2. ~*~ VERY cute visit ~*~
  3. I finally got a letter
  4. I Saw My BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Visit Tomorrow!!
  6. Visit tomorrow--lots of firsts
  7. The BEST Visit
  8. ILD Teleservices
  9. Warm weather brings out county jail's fashion police
  10. BIG VISIT to see my boo in his new residence
  11. Mass amounts of PRISON MAIL TRASHED by guards!?
  12. Update on First visit in 5 weeks!!!!!
  13. correspondence restriction
  14. problems with telenet (Resolved)
  15. well im leaving at 7
  16. First Visit!!!!!
  17. Can we send calling cards to inmates? Or just the numbers?
  18. What would you do if other visitors were lying....
  19. How to find correctional system phone biller?
  20. will he be able to hold the baby!?
  21. Feeling depressed after Family Visit.
  22. prison calls online in MA
  23. I'm local to the prison. Can he call w/o the collect?
  24. I got a letter!! And i am SO proud of my man!!!!
  25. here i go again...
  26. PCO/Richard????
  27. Going on a visit Wednesday!!
  28. I had a amazing visit with hubby/he went to the hole tonight
  29. News: Defenders want telecoms to pay for billing them for rejected calls
  30. Whats The Difference???
  31. recived a letter from stranger who hapends to be in the same USP as my baby!
  32. Pco- Service Is Sketchy?
  33. YUCK!! Grrrrr! THE NERVE?!!
  34. Is it Thursday yet?????
  35. TV monitor visit with my Boo
  36. Friend Judging Visit with my Man
  37. Hello-Has anyone used Prison Calls Online (formerly Tele-Net)
  38. My first phone call in 3 months and 3 weeks!!!
  39. This prison is driving me crazy!!!!
  40. My First Visit with my Boo!!!
  41. The only positive thing of visit being terminated
  42. This is so irritating, I need to vent!
  43. Looking For Help ---raiford
  44. I Hate Mci
  45. First prison visit
  46. Does anyone know? (Global Tel Link ringing once when line is blocked?)
  47. Welcoming a new Forum Leader to the Phones forum - StacysWar030!
  48. Ladies...could you please give me some good birthday ideas?
  49. Welcoming a new Forum Leader to the Phones forum - StacysWar030!
  50. Bench Warrant Whammy
  51. He made me a something
  52. Its Been A Year
  53. going to see my fiance soon
  54. Dont you hate it when.......
  55. Local exchange collect call block?
  56. Confusing Visit
  57. Three Way Call
  58. my first visit in 6 months
  59. Problem with IC Solutions - HELP! (UPDATED)
  60. MCI!!!!!!!! @#$&
  61. Call forwarding
  62. ~*~ What kind of stamps do you use? ~*~
  63. Need help!
  64. I just sent in my application For PRISON CALLS ONLINE!!
  65. Suggestions.... (RE problems with T-Netix)
  66. Georgia Prison calls question???
  67. Denied!!!
  68. My Sweetie sent me a letter but he is upset!
  69. Need Help (Correctional Billing Services & call blocking)
  70. Fun Things to Do Together with Your Incarcerated Loved One
  71. Visit tomorrow and Graduation on Monday!!!
  72. *~Last day of Vizo!~*
  73. How long does it take you to hear from your loved one via mail?
  74. can anyone think of a way i could recieve a phone call?
  75. Call forwarding to cell phone??
  76. Are all prison calls recorded?
  77. Still no letter - its been a month and 1/2
  78. Lights Out~No visit!
  79. no letter
  80. Birthday inside
  81. UPDATE: no letter in a month and 1/2
  82. Anyone heard of this?? (Anonymous call rejection blocking calls)
  83. Just Got Our Family Visit Date!
  84. It Worked !!!!! I Got Mail
  85. New York to FCI ELKTON
  86. I Just Got A Letter!!
  87. Can I have contact visits?
  88. FUN&KUTE way to write a letter to your man and keep him BUSY
  89. Lets trade Ideas ..... Mail ...
  90. First visit...already a hassle!
  91. Help - Question About I.d.
  92. Newton County Collect Calls
  93. Best Birthday Present I Could Have Gotten Today
  94. Collect Calls From CRAF - calls from 2 different companies
  95. A Birthday Cheer???
  96. Having a early Fathers Day tonight's visit
  97. which phone company is the best?
  98. Confusion re Federal Phone Calls
  99. 1st Aniversary need ideas please!!!
  100. No More Envelope Art from Texas Prisons
  101. New Stamp
  102. He Hugged ME first!!!
  103. Pillow mail ...???? Who Posted that
  104. My New Nosey Mailman
  105. Do You Let Other People Read His Letter?
  106. Lost Mail
  107. What Happens To Mail After They've Been Released?
  108. First Visit... Or Cousins Wedding Poll
  109. A letter from JD to Shawna
  110. Correctional Billing Services Problems
  111. First Visit Jitters
  112. Pco Application
  113. Visits with him v. Job...Have you had to choose?
  114. a longer visit today
  115. Prison Calls and "Do Not Call" List?
  116. Prison Mail Forum Introduction
  117. The Visit...LONG!
  118. Prison Mail: Know your Rights
  119. Prison Mail
  120. Signed up with T-Netix, still not getting calls
  121. Son wants no visitation
  122. has anyone heard of t-netix
  123. Trailer Visits???
  124. GRRRRR so annoyed
  125. 24 days to go and no mail!!
  126. I was so surprised but yet felt guilty when I got my mail today
  127. Why do we have to dress like nuns, but the female COs don't??
  128. Independence Day...Mail??
  129. About mail and stamps...kinda funny
  130. I made it safely...visit
  131. Walked out on
  132. Video Mail or Recorded MSGS.?
  133. My letters from Rick have been opened and taped!
  134. Of the 300 minutes allowed, do they round these minutes like cell phones do?
  135. I got my first letter!!!
  136. They told me visits were cancelled and they weren't
  137. PCO and the FLORIDA DOC -HELP!!!
  138. Awesome!! They printed my letter!!
  139. 800 number information
  140. Finally went on my visit!!! yaaaaaaah
  141. Am I the only 1 that seems to get picked on by the female CO's at visitation?
  142. A cute gift idea for our men
  143. OMG!!!! I cant wait...Im seeing him this weekend!!!!!!!!!!
  144. MCI Bullcrap!
  145. Opinion needed...
  146. AT&T mergering with T-netixs in Oklahoma
  147. Got Any Birthday Ideas???
  148. Magazines?
  149. did any of you get mail....
  150. visiting...
  151. Lewis prisons alert dog "LUCY" needs to be put to sleep!
  152. I am So excited ...WHAT A GREAT DAY
  153. just needing to vent after a long week....
  154. The best visit ever!!!!
  155. Magazine Subscriptions?
  156. looking for loophole
  157. Visit terminated today! need help!
  158. What do they ask when you call to make your appointment to visit?
  159. Price of phone calls went up
  160. Need ideas you guys....B'day coming....
  161. Should I Send Him 2 Diamond Rings And A Pistol????
  162. Please Help, Info Please!! (On being denied or approved to visit)
  163. What Is Up With The Mail
  164. Can someone please tell me what to do?
  165. Do you pass letters for him?
  166. letter format???? need help - felony probation, requesting visits
  167. a questoin....
  168. Prison Calls Online
  169. Max Security Visits Full
  170. *~*~*Do You WriTe YoUr Ex BacK*~*~
  171. He made me cry..Check this out...
  172. Just Something Off My Chest
  173. Upcoming Hearing in Georgia RE Price of Prison Phone Calls
  174. No word
  175. Visiting Penpal for our First Visit ever Soon
  176. Do you ever feel guilty when.....(you miss a visit)
  177. Just have to tell someone
  178. Would they hold back our mail???? Help!!!
  179. My First Visit Story (LONG) Day One
  180. Going for my 2nd Visit at FCI Butner!!! :)
  181. A Lil' Help?
  182. Cards With A Lil Glitter?
  183. looks in the visiting room
  184. sample letters to a warden after visitation has been denied
  185. Yikes!!! $700 phone bill
  186. collect call carrier?
  187. anyone else visiting tomorrow? i'm excited :>
  188. Need a B-Day Idea
  189. Stamps to San Quentin?
  190. What A Visit
  191. Has Anyone Had Problems With T-Netix Like We Have?
  192. Unblocking Collect Calls
  193. How many Letters a week dO yOu mail?
  194. Where does the money go from the phone calls?
  195. My First Visit!!!!!!!!!!
  196. What is a girl to do? (getting no word on visitation approval/disapproval in CA)
  197. His Birthday is near
  198. Sexy Letters From Your Man
  199. Its been 10 days since I heard from my husband...
  200. Please Help (Waiting for Approval)
  201. I waited 1 whole HOUR
  202. What should I do? (He is moving...mail will not forward)
  203. MCI~The Neighborhood
  204. Correctional Billing Services
  205. HELP!! Visitation Question =)~
  206. Please Help!!!!! (Can I get approved for a visit?)
  207. Need Some Advice Please !!!!!!!!!!!!
  208. My Fiancee just went to Prison today(coping with no contact visits)
  209. Need Opinion on a letter to my husband
  210. Slow Mail????
  211. Visitation/Sending Packages
  212. USP Lee County Virginia - ride share
  213. federal system - 300 minute limit
  214. I had to wait an 1 hr and a half!!!!!
  215. Anyone been on probation and approved for visit?
  216. Packages "disappearing" (this is a long post)
  217. I'm So Happy Now
  218. He sent me a present!!!!!
  219. Visit Yesterday
  220. Bundle of Nerves
  221. whats the longest you waited......
  222. Forwarded Calls....
  223. Letters : Inmate to Inmate
  224. Why Would The Conselor Say This?
  225. Poll: Average collect call cost
  226. Soooo Excited!!
  227. TX mail is hilarious!
  228. What can you send or not send in the mail?
  229. too much mail?
  230. Do you share bad news over the phone
  231. Postage Stamps
  232. Need Immediate Help!!!!!!!
  233. Blocked from the prison?
  234. Help! Mci Blocked My Line!! Ugh!
  235. need info on mailing money order
  236. Video visitation...worth it?
  237. Question about mailing paperback books?
  238. phone bill to a po box
  239. Mci Number
  240. Can you believe this? (CBS)
  241. My first visit!!!
  242. Gifts from Husband or Boyfriend?
  243. driving to visit
  244. It's been 5 days and still no first phone call!
  245. My First Visit and Announcement!
  246. Mail
  247. I recieved a gift
  248. Is crying after visits normal?
  249. Off for another family visit!!!! :)
  250. Best service?