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  1. GTL and Inmate Funds - denied - name not listed
  2. Jpay down?
  3. Should I Keep Writing?
  4. Ideas other than cards/letters?
  5. Why would all visits be cancelled in a county jail?
  6. Mail taking to long!!!
  7. Informed that his visits are suspended for 90 days, visit already planned
  8. GlobalTel monthly calling plan
  9. Need help getting Cheaper Calls!!!
  10. How often do you hear from him/her?
  11. He's often totally distracted when talking to me because...
  12. Does anyone forward inmate calls from a landline to a cell phone?
  13. Want to visit stepdad/abuser in prison after 8 years
  14. Visitation Rights/Visitation Denial
  15. JPay Question - Any Way To Avoid the Fees?
  16. GTL wont let me accept the call
  17. Anyone used inmatecallsolutions.Com?
  18. Got to visit
  19. Wow! After 10 years!/First call w/Pen pal
  20. Visitor information application
  21. Has anyone ever had an issue with Global*Tel Link?
  22. Accidentally restricting call from inmate
  23. Jpay email rejection
  24. PP wants to send me old JP4
  25. Jpay info
  26. Would a goodbye kiss at visit from friend be crossing boundries?
  27. Friend wants to kiss me at visitaton?
  28. Phone issues with GTL??
  29. Local Calls from Local Prison
  30. Do you send sexy pics to your guy? Is it even allowed?
  31. Trying something new with our letters..
  32. Getting phonecalls from MCI Walpole when in Denmark?? Please help!!
  33. Fee to put money on phone account with GTL
  34. JPay having problems with cards with a chip
  35. Dumbest thing I've heard in awhile! Peace sign is a gang-sign??!
  36. Anyone using Google Voice to talk to their man on their cell?
  37. Do you get dolled up for visits?
  38. Sending pages from internet, is there a format for DOC # or cutting off URL
  39. Is it ok to send a picture of me wearing playboy logo necklace?
  40. Has anyone used Skype to talk to their loved one?
  41. What is Telemate and how does it work?
  42. Phone service down.
  43. Do you and your loved one write fantasies for each other?
  44. Financial Aid Charities for Visitors?
  45. Fasteners For Mail
  46. Does your loved one do anything on visits that drives you crazy?
  47. Global tel services i need advice
  48. Can inmates send pictures using jpay email?
  49. Medical Body Metal, how do facilities deal with this for visitation?
  50. Is there a way to get cheaper phone calls?
  51. I'm 16, can I visit? Do I need an ID?
  52. 5 things to send to your loved ones :)
  53. After 90 days I finally got to visit again!
  54. Prison visit etiquette
  55. What's the weirdest thing that's happened to you on a visit?
  56. Visitation Denied because 4 years ago in 2012 we had a domestic dispute
  57. Thoughts on bringing kids to jail and prison visits
  58. Telephone games
  59. First visit, what if they turn me away because of lockdown or overcrowded?
  60. Phone hanging up before I can answer
  61. Are You Allowed to Curse in a Letter?
  62. When the victim's family writes the inmate?
  63. My GTL blues
  64. Lost Package Union Supply. Has this happened to anyone else? What can I do?
  65. How do I ask for husband to call me?/I am in the hospital
  66. Jpay help needed, the messaging tab is gone
  67. Seeing sexual acts during visits? Do you or have you spoken up?
  68. Our first visitation
  69. Visits might be suspended for contraband/Updated: Banned
  70. I just don't know what to say/first letter to incarcerated friend
  71. GTL message when pressing "0" says, your call was not accepted."
  72. Jmail down?
  73. My happiest day of the week is visiting day. I can't wait to see him today.
  74. GTL, the phone company that cares?
  75. Undiscussed Issue - Phone Taxes/Fees
  76. What kind of pictures do they let you send to an inmate in prison
  77. GTL declined payments and account block
  78. Do You Ever Run Out Of Things To Say When Writing Letters?
  79. Jpay Raised Fees for Depositing Money
  80. Quarterly Packages - Which Vendor do you use. Kicked out too many on
  81. Quarterly Package Form by TLC
  82. A Virtual Visit to a Relative in Jail
  83. How often do you send out letters?
  84. Minors and visitation. ID??
  85. Need recommendations for Email services
  86. Moved from Max to Med. Will they forward his mail or return it to me?
  87. Can I buy books from Amazon and get it sent? How can I donate books?
  88. Be careful with the phone (GTL)
  89. Hope everyone who gets to visit has a great visit.
  90. Phone Calls, Do they only get one chance to call?
  91. Check Your Phone Bill if you have Securus
  92. Organizing Letters/Cards
  93. Save on Prison-Calls Website
  94. Can they withhold or throw away his mail?
  95. Jpay restriction? Why would they restrict Jpay and not phone calls/visitors
  96. I set up an account with Securus, how will he know how to use it?
  97. Mail being delivered to the wrong inmates
  98. Sending pictures: I take nature and sunset photos. Should I send them?
  99. Visit terminated for suspected contraband. What will happen? Im scared
  100. Visits Behind Glass, He asked me to kiss the glass! Anyone done this?
  101. Visitation suspended and getting reinstated. Do I re-apply for visitation?
  102. Watched a visit get terminated
  103. JPay Emoticons?
  104. Websites that send photos to inmate??
  105. Can I still visit my husband in jail with a no contact order in place?
  106. Sharing visiting time with other family...
  107. Skype Calls / Skype Numbers allowed or not?
  108. Don't know for sure if he will be there this weekend Should I Go & Risk It?
  109. Corrlinks: Is there a monthly fee, plus minutes?
  110. He's asked me to write him questions he can answer, I need ideas!
  111. Looking for info about Securus Technologies - Email Service
  112. 10% Off jpay stamps Nov 22 - Nov 28, 2016
  113. Two Counties in Texas & Securus. How do I get cheaper rates?
  114. Magazine subscriptions
  115. JPAY tablet as a phone?
  116. Friday I went on my first visit
  117. Could someone talk me through the process of sending a book to an inmate?
  118. Books from Amazon arriving without an invoice, may ban Amazon as vendor?
  119. First contact visit in 3 months! Am I going to get used to this?
  120. What should I wear for Pictures?
  121. He can send a 5+ pg letter w 1 stamp, yet mine get returned. Postage issues
  122. Not receiving mail
  123. Phone calls blocked
  124. IC Solutions "Access Denied"
  125. Incorrectly sending Mail to an Inmate :(
  126. Lady in line at visit asks me why mine is there. That annoyed me.
  127. GTL Website: I try to log in it says that the website can't be reached?
  128. Have colored envelopes to get rid of
  129. How do I make my letters more interesting?
  130. Summer heat and your cell phone during visits
  131. GTL advance pay: Does it show on my cellphone bill like a collect call?
  132. (Snail-) Mail "getting lost"... 2nd time it happened...
  133. Video visits suspended for 2 weeks because I stuck my tongue out!?
  134. Jmail Services are down until the 24th February 2017
  135. Every one have a good visit today.
  136. The perfect love letter/email to send to you LO/Husband/Wife
  137. Can I send a personlized bible to my son?
  138. Can I send Sexy Pictures,what is too explicit?
  139. Issues with JPay or Prison???
  140. In transit, will fed phone minutes start over?
  141. GTL fees have increased. Does anyone know when or why it changed?
  142. Visitation Approval - How long?
  143. Removed from visitation
  144. I missed my first call !
  145. Transferred, do I have to reapply for his Visitation list?
  146. Free 4x6 photo prints
  147. Jpay hasn't been processed
  148. Approved cell phone without internet?
  149. Visiting with Stage IV Cancer
  150. Will he know the book came from me?
  151. Sending books from amazon
  152. Who's used How'd it go?
  153. Book ratings...
  154. How long are you allowed to stay each visit?
  155. How graphic are your prison / jail letters allowed to be?
  156. Have any of you used the Flikshop app to send photos to inmates?
  157. He didnt call today :(
  158. No-go on book American Gods,they're going to destroy it.
  159. JPay - how long does it take normally?
  160. I have to share the photo of Rejected Mail letter
  161. Is Jpay now deleting old emails?
  162. Can they hold inmates outgoing mail?
  163. He wrote me & our daughter a letter
  164. Need ideas: What else can I talk about? Games we can start? Stuff to send?
  165. How sexy can the pictures get?
  166. What do you enjoy most about visits?
  167. Sending letters to multiple people
  168. Questions regarding something mailed accidentally
  169. Securus class action lawsuit
  170. Tightening mail rules due to "liquid K2"
  171. Is Jpay offline (5/5/2017)? Updated - its working!
  172. What can I send to my grandson?
  173. What do you take for food visits?
  174. Jmail declined because of a smell and a white powdery substance?
  175. looks really interesting to create our own book & send it to him
  176. How do I use Google Voice or Skype to forward inmate calls with GTL?
  177. Experience with Video Visitation?
  178. Mail to prison without a return address?
  179. Other people at visits
  180. Locked out of Offender Connect because I used more than 2 debit cards
  181. GTL phone vent
  182. GTL Connect Network messaging not working
  183. No more regular mail? Tablets and email only?
  184. Time stood still, I never realized how important visits really are.
  185. Vistation's tomorrow!!!! YAYAY
  186. Can't wait to see my man
  187. I will get to see J in five days... It feels like an eternity.
  188. Mail Returned to sender... ugh
  189. He's had "writers block"
  190. Call terminated, automated voice said 2 digit violation. What is that?
  191. Update on my love 😊 What can I write/send him to make him feel better?
  192. "From Attica Prisoners to Harvard Law Students" - Prison Writers
  193. Contraband charge for something I mailed??
  194. CO's..The good ..the bad and the Indifferent..
  195. So I'm in shock, we get an extra visit on July 4th! / Updated 7.6.2017
  196. Video-Visits. Does your loved one's facility have them. Do you like it?
  197. What's your JPay- Email experience like?
  198. GTL Call terminated due to Extra Digit Violation?
  199. Worried there wont be visit again: Should I call the facility & check?
  200. What do you include in your letters to make it interesting?
  201. How do prison visits work?
  202. Sexy pictures... need help!
  203. What is everyone's experience with pigeonly?
  204. What is the difference between Jmail and jpay?
  205. Lower the cost of your phone calls with sky unlimited
  206. My Visit: almost a 6 hour drive, 3 hour visit, almost 6 hours back
  207. Unable to Accept GTL Calls - Anyone else having similar problems
  208. If my letter was too sexual will they send it back? Will he get in trouble?
  209. Did I screw up already with the prison mail room?
  210. GTL Class Action
  211. Great visit after a month. Need ideas for our upcoming anniversary!
  212. Having important discussions through the mail
  213. Services similar to Jpay (for International mailing)
  214. You have one minute left!
  215. How do I find an inmate that has transferred from jail to prison?
  216. What places do y'all use online to send books to your Loved One? TX
  217. GTL: When there's no money on the phone, can he hear me?
  218. What do you include in your letters?
  219. Being rushed out of a visit.
  220. Now they're delaying his mail!
  221. Anniversary visit happened!
  222. Slow running Corrlinks on Sundays?
  223. Paytel issues???
  224. Anyone used securus app to video chat with your loved one?
  225. How will I know if mail was refused by a facility or an inmate
  226. Trying to work out a visit schedule, need input
  227. Has anyone gotten a No Contact dropped and been able to visit?
  228. Anyone used / heard of Jail Talk or any company that offers unlimited calls
  229. Received the most beautiful poem
  230. Piercings & Metal Detector: What do you do if piercing sets off detector?
  231. Jpay delays
  232. Asking for photographs. Good or bad??/Update
  233. Phone calls blocked from jail?
  234. Issue with Phone call from RRM Long Beach
  235. Kicked out visit for kissing. Has this ever happened to anyone else?
  236. How long did it take for background check to get back & visits approved?
  237. I am new and need some information about calls from CAN to US
  238. Driving 6 hours, would I be able to visit both morning & afternoon visit?
  239. Can a victim visit an inmate?
  240. Using ConnectNetwork to deposit funds, I am in Europe.
  241. Securus phone issues, U.S. to Europe
  242. Has anyone used Does it save money?
  243. Record request
  244. JPay on weekends?
  245. Is GTL messenger down?
  246. Money on books police's business?
  247. I'd like to do something really sweet and special for him. Any suggestions?
  248. Google Voice and Privacy
  249. Visiting US prison coming from overseas & going through US CUSTOMS!?
  250. I'm trying to find legit website to get free magazines for my son