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  1. Pre-visit routine question
  2. What's The Longest You've Gone Without Hearing From Him?
  3. Flying to Canadian County, Oklahoma Jail for Visit
  4. Nervous about letter need advice asap
  5. Needing To Vent. Haven't heard from him in almost two weeks/Updated!
  6. GTL iPhone problems
  7. 2014 Postal Holidays
  8. Mail being opened before it leaves the prison
  9. Having to share our time to talk
  10. Offender Connect issues from U.S. to Australia
  11. Atlantic-Phone Company?
  12. MWI looking for phone info
  13. Taking photos / Can I take a camera in to visitation?
  14. Need help with phone sex!
  15. Sending money Western Union / Do they ever put the wrong number on line?
  16. How to handle the non communication
  17. Helpful quotes to send my son?
  18. Has anyone received another girl's letter by accident
  19. Phones while in the hole
  20. Am I sending too much mail??? Am I being too emotional?
  21. Securus Issues
  22. Do you dictate your letters?
  23. Books w/ CD's???
  24. How to receive overseas calls?
  25. Unable to receive telephone calls from
  26. Writing to other girls whilst in prison
  27. He ended video visit
  28. Change of address
  29. Letters!!! How often do you send & receive them?
  30. Visitations cancelled! :-(
  31. Jpay issues.
  32. How do you find & choose what books to send ?
  33. Problems with Access Secure Pak
  34. Cancelled planned visit because he didn't want to be searched,then lied
  35. Money on their books...
  36. He isn't directly lying but he is obviously not telling me everything
  37. Google voice
  38. "Boyfriend" in's been two weeks and I haven't received mail
  39. Waiting for Securus Approval...
  40. Any idea for card?
  41. I changed my number and dont know how to get the new one to him!
  42. Discrimination on disability, and harassment from two CO's at visitation.
  43. Where did he go?
  44. What do you send him?
  45. Need input about mail I've sent
  46. Inmates do have access to Corrlinks
  47. Does his or her voice narrate their letter.
  48. How much do you talk to your love one a day/week and how much does it cost
  49. Freaked out over seeing prison
  50. So upset and so hurt - he didn't call!
  51. Just found my biofather and have concerns about mail delay
  52. Missed call makes me build up a lot of emotion.
  53. Stressed About Not Getting Phone Calls
  54. Looking to interview about decreasing availability of conjugal visits
  55. We get to visit! Will a metal detector pick up my hardware in my body?
  56. New to this and I dont even know how to accept the calls!
  57. No reply to letter I sent May 23. Is the mail just slow? Could she be busy?
  58. Phone ads that advertise cheaper calls, how do they work? Are they cheaper?
  59. He's in the hole, no letters yet.
  60. What Is The Wildest Thing You Saw On A Visit?
  61. Mail being delayed almost a week?
  62. Inmate Calls to Cell Phones
  63. Ways to make the time easier!
  64. What are the reasons an inmate would lose visitation privileges?
  65. He's not getting my letters
  66. Beautiful day for a visit
  67. How do I answer on visitation form
  68. My husband isn't getting all of my mail
  69. Can someone out on bail visit an inmate?
  70. Frustrated dealing with issues from the CO's during our visits
  71. Mailing over seas/continents concerns
  72. Communication so important
  73. Real Nervous Waiting to hear from him ):
  74. I am trying to find out about visitation, phones, email
  75. Has anyone had their man get mad over rearranging call times due to plans?
  76. Google Voice?
  77. Upset phone call, son having a bad day
  78. Sending Money, What is a reliable and low cost company?
  79. Visitation, do you have a favorite store for clothes??
  80. Visits suspended. Has anyone had that happen to them before??
  81. Virtual visitation
  82. Yoga Pants for Visits?
  83. Creative puzzle penguin heart envelope idea
  84. My fiancÚ isn't writing me as often as I write him. What to do?
  85. How long does it take to find out if he lost his visits
  86. Missed Calls
  87. Magazine Subscription-what publications are allowed?
  88. FCC how ironic is this?
  89. Mail online service
  90. New boyfriend,should I visit him, what would you do?
  91. What happens to letters when loved one sent to outside hospital?
  92. Problems with Fotopigeon?
  93. 20 days til I get to visit my MWI Mate
  94. Accused of Sneaking Cigarettes in/Visitation Suspended
  95. Is there a cheaper phone service?
  96. Visiting lists in different states
  97. How can I send just one issue of a magazine?
  98. Finally a phone call
  99. Does he ever get mad and hang up on you?
  100. Does anyone use offender connect? I ran into a problem with their site.
  101. His email to me!!
  102. Why would they not give him his mail?
  103. How Can I Get Cheaper Calls?
  104. B/f hasn't called for a couple of days/Updated, he "forgot" what day it was
  105. Forgot the return address!!!! What now? :(
  106. Going crazy because he hasn't called Argh!!
  107. Friend transfered to medium custody Friday. Should I schedule a visit?
  108. Am I the only one about this? No letter in 2 weeks!
  109. Wondering how to print off form 14387
  110. Waiting Faithful
  111. Jpay doesn't accept American express?
  112. Finally got a call from him!
  113. Special visitation request- I can't visit on the regular day
  114. Sending letters
  115. Letters being returned
  116. A great new idea, a mix up
  117. Please tell me I aint the only one who doesn't have time to mail letters
  118. Not getting each others mail... why?
  119. Collect Calls set up to Cell phone
  120. Cheap Inmate Calls
  121. Feeling Guilty about not writing as often
  122. Good phone call
  123. Securus in class action suit
  124. Is this true? Recording devices on the bottom of the visiting tables?
  125. I think he got caught with a cell phone. Will they track me down?
  126. Missing sexy photos
  127. Sexy pics
  128. Waiting for him to call
  129. Ideas for anniversary and Birthday?
  130. Writing suggestive letters that are within the prison's guidelines?
  131. Why won't my boyfriend put me on his visit list?
  132. How often does your significant other write to you?
  133. How to send a letter to an inmate from another country?
  134. Prison rules about sending letters to inmates in different languages?
  135. Inmate phone calls
  136. Letters to and from my cousin
  137. Question Re: GTL, Cellphones and non-prison facilities
  138. Phone Sex?
  139. Deactivating Corrlinks?
  140. Ancestry Book vs. Mail Room
  141. I gotta call!!! I gotta call?
  142. Is securus live chat working for anyone?
  143. Should I surprise him or not? Have you just surprised him with a visit?
  144. Mail Trouble
  145. How long did you wait to send your mwi or reunited bf sexy photos
  146. Help! Phone account tampering???
  147. Dealing with Securus
  148. Securus last call attempt
  149. Need some ideas for what to send for Christmas and timeframe UK to Oregon
  150. Is prison visitation anything like county jails visitation?
  151. How many minutes will I get for Fifty Dollars?
  152. Visiting, Removal from Negative Contact List, NY, Gowanda
  153. Missed phone call
  154. Visitation privileges permanently revoked, how do I write letter of appeal?
  155. Website where I can purchase magazines for SUPER CHEAP prices?
  156. Global Tel Link / Fees increased
  157. What to send him?? Looking for something special
  158. What are visits like?
  159. Visitation denial
  160. Do phone connections sometime have bad reception?
  161. Do any of you ladies have calling plans like the ones advertised?
  162. Mail/ photo websites or apps
  163. Do you remember your first visit/phone call/letter with your inmate?
  164. Problem with calls connecting
  165. What is the procedure for getting an infant in to visit?
  166. Have you ever been sad/frustrated after visit?
  167. What to do during a 6 hr visit?
  168. Dresses in the visiting room?
  169. No call on his birthday
  170. Don't Know if He Got My 2nd Letter....
  171. Highly upset, cousin rode with me to visit and messing w/ my visit time!
  172. What ways do you show affection between the glass?
  173. Orders of Protection and sending mail ?
  174. Landline- Basic Talk
  175. What is the longest letter you have sent your loved one/they have sent you?
  176. Letters: Running Out Of Ideas
  177. Where's a Good Place to Print Photos from a CD?
  178. How to have a safe and happy carpool to visitation
  179. I finally get a video visit!
  180. Patience is NOT my strength
  181. Visitation Form
  182. Trulincs/Corrlinks
  183. Problem at visit, could it escalate ?
  184. Ideas for gifts
  185. Will he be notified if there is money on his phone account?
  186. Visitation- Will I be approved with a record?
  187. Received Corrlinks e-mail and he still has not written
  188. Offender Connect: International calls ?
  189. Indigent Inmate do I avoid getting asked for money
  190. Jpay question
  191. Taken off visit list, what's a good way to address Deputy Warden?
  192. How to keep a newborn calm during a visit
  193. Just sharing about our visit
  194. I hate going without communication with him
  195. Do letters get read by prison?
  196. Union Supply Music Catalog
  197. How do you scent your letters without getting wet marks?
  198. Has anyone used All Around Communications?
  199. "Trigger" words for phone calls???
  200. Phone Calls From Jail/Prison
  201. Anyone having issues with Securus?
  202. Halfway House Cell Phone? Ideas?
  203. Will my boyfriend get a pen pal?
  204. Stressed out about lack of calls :/
  205. Xmas, has anyone thought of what they are going to get their LO?
  206. Just a small vent about the frustrations with prison calls
  207. Jpay has eCards NOW!
  208. Do they think it's annoying, getting too much mail?
  209. Do all jails/holding facilities have a phone service?
  210. Journalist with video visitation questions
  211. What about "sexy" pencil drawings
  212. What should I include in letters?
  213. Severe anxiety about visiting; What's the visitation process?
  214. Great way to send phone pics to mail your loved one
  215. No Christmas phone call from my man
  216. Is getting a local number always worth it?
  217. Calls to Australia from U.S.?
  218. How do you know beforehand how many pages you have written via jpay?
  219. Any good verbal games for visits?
  220. Magazines that are allowed?
  221. Global Tel Link Violation
  222. Visitation issues what restrictions does the jail impose on visitations
  223. I got Approved !!!!!
  224. Three Way Calling
  225. How accessible are you when it comes to getting his calls?
  226. Slow mail?
  227. How often do you visit your loved one ?
  228. Phone cards in county jails
  229. Valentines day mail
  230. Mailing in a photo from a book?
  231. What app to use for calls? HELP
  232. Another visitor
  233. Closing GTL Prepaid Account
  234. Inmate Call Solutions (ICS)
  235. Help with JPay!
  236. What does plugged mean
  237. Securus/collect calls?!!? help please!!!!
  238. How to get an American prepaid SIM card?
  239. Anyone in Australia or Overseas? I could use some help!
  240. Why is perfume on paper prohibited?
  241. App that records our calls- love it!
  242. Having trouble getting onto web page for GTL
  243. How long after a visit to you start feeling "normal" again?
  244. I sent 7 letters but he just got transfered somewhere else
  245. Stamps on envelopes
  246. How many letters can I send a day?
  247. Anybody have experience with Inmate Call Solutions?
  248. Disconnected for 3rd party calling?? There really was no 3rd party
  249. Questionable content in a letter....
  250. Writers Block - Valentines!