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  1. How can I initiate intimacy over the phone?
  2. First visit, thought they would be locked down but got to visit!
  3. Friend told she can't visit her husband in the hospital
  4. Letters are the only form of communication
  5. Can I wear Hot buns on a visit??
  6. Why is the mail system so unorganized...
  7. Any websites you know of that has anything funny I can write to friend?
  8. Do you put your hand on the glass (non contact visits)?
  9. Visitation approved FINALLY
  10. Hope my guy is okay
  11. Awkward situation with c.o.
  12. What kind of trouble can i get in?
  13. Federal Government Reviewing Prison Phone Charges
  14. Did I do too much? Sending 27 cards for his birthday...
  15. [Wall of Text!] Just Another Morning in Hell.
  16. Can inmates correspond w other inmates
  17. I get to see my baby Sunday!
  18. Securus - The most unhelpful people on the planet !
  19. My dad works in the prison, not sure if I can visit a prison.
  20. Cant' sleep...Can't wait to see him...
  21. Looking for a website to list a friend as a pen pal
  22. Value Added Communication?
  23. How to report an inmate for cell phone?
  24. Visiting my ex bf
  25. How does google voice work?
  26. Corrlinks. my bestfriend and enemy!
  27. What can I do about visits cut short?
  28. Unexpected phone calls are the best...
  29. Finally able to receive phonecalls but there's an issue
  30. Need ideas on how to compile pages to mail him various wedding ideas
  31. Be careful about monologuing
  32. Still waiting on his letter
  33. Not sure how I feel about this :( (pretty long, sorry)
  34. Waiting on his letter
  35. Men say the darndest things!
  36. He has another surprise...
  37. AMAZING AMAZING visit with my Husband
  38. How often is mail sent out / distributed in county jail?
  39. Letters To Your LO: Do You Handwrite Or Do You Type?
  40. How much trouble for opening other people's mail?
  41. Monopoly templates...
  42. Communicating with his friends
  43. Read This Before Asking About Receiving Calls on a Cell Phone
  44. Mother's day card
  45. Birthday Ideas?
  46. Sweet sentiment from my pal
  47. Securus Blocked my Phone
  48. My MWI Sent Me a Mothers Day Card
  49. Help !! My man wants a picture album
  50. Vconnect changeover to OffenderConnect?
  51. Has anyone been denied visitation because you didn't know him before prison
  52. Fed up with the mail!
  53. He hasn't called and I'm wondering if I'll be able to visit
  54. Can't visit my man... HELP!
  55. JPay & Other Money Services
  56. Need help filling out visitation forms
  57. He got a picture ticket...
  58. Should I write or would that be weird?
  59. Does anyone know any official cheap phone call sites ?
  60. Has anyone ever been hit on while visiting their LO?
  61. It's offical I'm going to Texas to see my man.
  62. My husband understands why I didn't visit!
  63. Have you ever made him cry at a visit?
  64. He sent me a card and a poem
  65. You can't know if you're approved b/c it's Protecting Inmate's Privacy?
  66. I cant sleep - Waiting for his call
  67. His letters are getting shorter, my fault?
  68. Visitation attire?!
  69. OMG - How do I "shake it off"??? (They commented about our call)
  70. Ever have a time when you just can't write?
  71. My LO says he calls me every day, but I've never gotten a call from him.
  72. Do you still visit him if you're not getting along?
  73. Do you use profanity when writing to your LO?
  74. He's going to be in the hole for his 30th birthday (any ideas)
  75. MWI - any awesome ideas for Father's Day?
  76. Beyond pissed - another man besides my husband wrote me!
  77. Securus made me blow my top. (Rant)
  78. Should I take my younger kids to visit? Advice plz.
  79. Pending visitor approval with MWI-positive thoughts please!
  80. How many prisons has he been housed at?
  81. Humiliating Visit
  82. Mail themes anyone?
  83. Can't help but feel disappointed...
  84. So bummmmmd - I just missed his call
  85. Visiting question, please help
  86. His letters are like Gold!!
  87. Loving him and his letters
  88. The things we do to see our loved ones!
  89. First Visit Advice?
  90. Are visits at a Halfway House more laid back?
  91. Missing today's visit & feel terrible
  92. Cant visit today, radiator decided to spring a leak :(
  93. Sending sexy pics of different women?
  94. Will my bra set of the metal detector? :)
  95. I can't be the only one with strange visits
  96. Visitation DENIED!!!/Update
  97. Metal detector
  98. What to put in a package?
  99. A question about the new Home Phone service from Straight Talk...
  100. My MWI's birthday coming up!!
  101. Visitation tips
  102. Scared :-( He's in county, I wrote but haven't heard back
  103. Homemade Fathers day gift ideas ?
  104. Got my letter yesterday
  105. New to this. How Can I Talk To My Son?
  106. Writing love letters
  107. Sending him pictures of celebrites... Whats appropriate?
  108. Things arent going too well at home haven't been able to write to him much
  109. I received mail today!
  110. How to cope after visiting?
  111. How much do you talk to your inmate on the phone?
  112. Finally getting to see my husband!!!!
  113. Do you plan ahead on what you are wearing for visits?
  114. Thank you ladies!! Just got a 1 minute call!
  115. Mondays are the worst with no mail
  116. Writing the warden for visitation?
  117. Mail call, blog from a prisoner in Nevada
  118. Sending out our visitation request (former employee)
  119. Forgot to put Dorm Letter on mail..need help
  120. First Visit...
  121. Securus....grrrrr..
  122. His family and visits
  123. Didn't get to visit with MWI
  124. I wonder if he gets butterflies too
  125. Found out why I haven't been getting letters
  126. Finally Heard From Him!!!
  127. 1st visit
  128. Why wouldnt he put me on his visitation list?
  129. How late can he call you?
  130. Padded envelope?
  131. What would you do if your man didnt call at all one day?
  132. Two letters today!
  133. Snail mail and appreciating the little things...
  134. JPay--JP4 Mini Tablet
  135. What happens to Inmate Mail with perfume?
  136. How can you tell if he is getting letters??
  137. He called! :):):)
  138. Questions about Corrlinks
  139. Ex Bunky Stole my mail information
  140. I'm depressed on the days he can't call
  141. They moved him, will my letter follow him? Will he get it?
  142. First phone call
  143. Wasn't allowed to visit
  144. Does "Any Writing Materials" include envelopes?
  145. How often do u hear from ur man? Letters, calls and/or visits?
  146. Can I visit him in the hole?
  147. How Far Are You?
  148. Can my friend get in trouble for being a middle man?
  149. Photo ducat machine
  150. What personal item has your husband sent you from prison?
  151. How soon can I write him?
  152. Offender connect and calls cut off
  153. Dress code
  154. What would you do? I feel like he's choosing work over visits
  155. Waiting to be approved for visit, I'm nervous!
  156. Will approval to visit different inmate in past affect current application?
  157. SBI Number?
  158. Birthdays Suggestions
  159. How long does it take for mail from Austin Tx to get to Delano CA?
  160. Ideas for what to write on post cards
  161. How do i get in touch with my 'brothers'?
  162. I missed his phone calls!!!
  163. Letter consistency when things are not so well
  164. How often can you talk to your loved one?
  165. Having letters in my purse
  166. My V Connect/ Offender Connect Question
  167. In visiting he said SOB to me
  168. Found out that the jail call services is a scam
  169. Localized telephone numbers from IL to Austrailia
  170. I got mail today from him..
  171. No visit today :(
  172. I went to see him.
  173. Dammn GTL!
  174. What would you do if others were getting longer visits than you?
  175. Bonding (visits) is such a good time with my MAN.
  176. Great News...Visits Reinstated
  177. Do you ever get burnt out on writing?
  178. What do you send him?
  179. Do you remember your first vist? (were you ready)
  180. Visiting two People in the Same Prison
  181. So hard!! :( (sad after visits)
  182. Visiting Dress Code
  183. Approved to visit now he's in the hole
  184. Finally get to see him!!
  185. Be wise to the game Ladies.. Are you the only visitor?!
  186. Corrlinks? I gave him my email addy, do I need to set up an account?
  187. Letters from other inmates?
  188. Would You Wait to Say the More Serious Things?
  189. Prison visit
  190. Today couldnt have been any better!
  191. Need some unique ideas of things to send him.
  192. A weekend visit brings drama
  193. Approved to visit but he's on death row
  194. Bra and metal detector
  195. MP3 Players ?
  196. I missed his first call
  197. Haven't heard from him, freaking out.
  198. Can't seem to write a dirty letter to him without being embarrassed
  199. Flikshop Service for postcards?
  200. Questions about visiting boyfriend in jail- We're co-defendants
  201. Do you keep all of his/her letters from prison?
  202. Denied Visit
  203. Would you ever do a surprise visit?
  204. I have a question about inmate to inmate mail and 3rd parties
  205. Missed phone call Heartbreak
  206. Missed His Initial Call
  207. Do I have to wait for him to get where he's going to send visitation forum?
  208. Got a letter today!!!
  209. Letter came back
  210. USPS takes photos of letters
  211. Is Kitesender down?
  212. Phone calls
  213. Visiting at prison for 1st time what should I expect?
  214. Don't you just hate when the call drops
  215. Told my letter was photo Copied
  216. Why won't he be sexual with me in letters and calls? I am hurting
  217. For those of you that live outside the US (need info on phone calls)
  218. Need help with creative questions to send
  219. Collect calls with prepaid phones
  220. Are sending letters with simple drawings on it allowed?
  221. How to how to handle my last visit with him before he leaves
  222. Drug dog dilemma
  223. FCC votes to cap, slash prison phone rates
  224. Stamp Positions
  225. Mail received after release
  226. Is he trying to tell me something with his letter?
  227. Havent heard from my love in 3 days!
  228. Has postage gone up?
  229. Anyone Else Missing CONVERSATION?
  230. How often do you visit? How far do you have to drive?
  231. Wyatt Detention Center and Snail Mail
  232. How to answer "Have you ever been convicted of a crime" on visit form?
  233. First Letter
  234. Creative/ cute mail ideas ?! help ladies !!
  235. Is it normal to feel sad if you don't hear from him?
  236. Get Frustrated With Lack of Resources/Response?
  237. Really good visit
  238. I get so upset when I miss a call
  239. No messages in two days
  240. Haven't heard from my boyfriend
  241. Crushed that I can't go to visit after all this planning
  242. Haven't Heard from him
  243. 2013 Postal Holidays
  244. I am not sure if I should snail mail him pictures or jpay?
  245. Returned Mail
  246. I think we may have lost our visits! please help!
  247. Worried sick... did not hear from him last night, now several missed calls
  248. Phone Call Rates
  249. Would you tell on another visitor and their loved one?
  250. Prison Visits