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  1. How can he call Australia from American prison?
  2. Want to share your happest letters ever?
  3. Silly I know but I just gave the mailman my papers for visatation!
  4. How can I get my new phone number to him asap?
  5. I was denied visit, need advice..
  6. Sending Pictures, two stamps or one?
  7. Last free call, and the call was dropped. (Vent)
  8. Birthday mail
  9. Today's not a good day (he didn't call)
  10. So frustrated! Not approved for visits yet
  11. And I'm off to love!!!
  12. Mistakes in Letters, he gets angry with them!
  13. How Many Letters have you received since they've been gone?
  14. I forgot our anniversary...
  15. Can I use MajicJack
  16. Juicy letter dilemma, he wants me to write more!
  17. Ladies, I have a story to tell you about my visit tonight!
  18. How many letters do you send a week?
  19. Has anyone used Prison Calls Online
  20. Securus
  21. I hate having no privacy in phone calls
  22. I'm new, help? Visitation, calls, canteen, letters?
  23. Inmates calling internationally?!?
  24. Do you make surprise visits??
  25. Do any of you record your calls with your man?
  26. Missing those phone calls.. grrr
  27. I waited 6 hours in line to see my MWI
  28. Considering Time is limited HOW do you chose what to discuss with him?
  29. I really encourage everyone to please visit your loved ones
  30. Cute Mail Idea
  31. Do Not Use OCS Prison Calls
  32. I got a visit appt !
  33. Patience is a virtue- got an awful letter, then a loving one
  34. Random Thought about others in the visiting room...
  35. Mind Your Own Business at Visits
  36. GTL and Google voice
  37. "You have a collect call from ______"
  38. Not being able to finish phone conversations...
  39. Adding money to Securus over the phone
  40. How much are jpay fees?
  41. Bad Feelings Aside When Writing a Letter?
  42. Mail vs. calls
  43. I had a good day today - got to visit.
  44. I forgot to set up a visit :-(
  45. Need Help!! 1 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas!?!
  46. Is GTL scamming?
  47. No e-mails or calls since Wednesday....
  48. Our visit was terminated! I don't understand
  49. Anyone hate holidays because Post Office is closed
  50. My son's sense of humor about card I sent
  51. 2012 Postal Holidays
  52. Cheaper collect calls?
  53. Why do I always feel like this after I see him?
  54. Cards for Sweetest Day
  55. Has your man asked to have phone sex?
  56. JPAY Question- Can the inmate find out how many people you Jpay?
  57. Need ideas for out anniversary coming up.
  58. Going for Birthday Visit!
  59. For everyone who cant visit their loved one as often as they'd like ..
  60. So upset right now / If he goes to the Hole, I may not be able to visit
  61. They let me visit (no ID) AND the 20 minutes was 1hr!
  62. Holidays are approaching, What have you sent in the past?
  63. Does anyone here use Jail Call Services?
  64. The latest, greatest Christmas thread! Gift ideas and mailing tips 2012
  65. Visitation approved!!!
  66. No shirt but something very cool came in the mail!!
  67. Birthday ideas please / What can I send him?
  68. How do closed visits work?
  69. Stamp prices rising January 27th 2013.
  70. Best 30 seconds ever (a call)
  71. Phone Cutting Out 3 Times During Conversation
  72. Ex-correctional officer / When can I visit?
  73. Do cellies and bunkies try to talk to your LO while you're on the phone?
  74. Weird Visit
  75. Local calling guide
  76. "First" contact visit on Sunday!!
  77. Inspirational Cards For When Our Men Are Feeling Down!
  78. Strained Phone calls. What Do You Do?
  79. No Emails & No Calls - Beginning to a Bad Day
  80. Stomach full of butterflies when I visit my MWI
  81. Unblocking an inmate on Corrlinks?
  82. First time visiting my boyfriend after 3 years
  83. Help getting phone bill down!!
  84. Huge GTL problem! Help!
  85. He's afraid I'll leave him - "performance issues" at family visits
  86. On pins an needles waiting for his call
  87. No local calls
  88. Impatient for my visiting forms to be approved
  89. Best Visit We Have Had Since His Arrest
  90. So frustrated!! Can't visit until the divorce is final.
  91. Does your man like receiving love/racy letters?
  92. Bad day...missing him, no visits
  93. Weird to send a card to another inmate?
  94. Is Your Phone Service Vonage?
  95. Please help - taking my kids to visit my husband in prison
  96. Should I call the prison, haven't heard from my LO since the 17th?
  97. Google Talk/ Google Voice
  98. Why do I feel nervous & worried every visit?
  99. Out of state visit? ANYONE KNOW?
  100. Why do I worry so much when he doesn't call?
  101. Need Suggestions - How to Continue Visits
  102. Sweetest thing he's ever said/ written
  103. How often do you speak to your man?
  104. Missed phone call from my MWI
  105. Feel Good Letters...
  106. A vent... so upset - he hung up on me
  107. Anyone ever get a call from their LO from Securus and hear no recording?
  108. First contact visit
  109. Tears of joy
  110. He sent my old letters back
  111. Way Cheaper Phone Calls!!!
  112. How often do you write?
  113. Feeling insecure - need reassurance
  114. Discount Calling Services
  115. He Ended Our Visit Early AGAIN Ugh
  116. Virtual Phone Number Service/Forwarding Calls?
  117. What to do for his birthday?
  118. Stalking the Mailman..
  119. Problem with money order, his name is too long
  120. Securus ONLY allows valid' known' phone providers...
  121. Christmas Food Packages
  122. To go or not to go?
  123. Sending air mail to US prisoner?
  124. Must be my lucky day! Got 2 phone calls from him!
  125. So Excited, got approved for our family visit!
  126. Is there any way for calls to be cheaper?
  127. Wishing i could talk to him
  128. My Bf Wants to Send My Daughter a Birthday Card
  129. IcSolutions
  130. Yay he called
  131. GTL Prison Prompts..
  132. I've lost one of his letters
  133. Harrassment during visits
  134. How can I get in touch with DOC re an inmate I don't want calling me
  135. Issue with accepting calls on Securus?
  136. Missing his call, get so upset when he doesn't call back
  137. It his birthday....any ideas on what to send?
  138. Couldn't visit, someone visited the day before.
  139. Like a first date all over again!
  140. Good visit today!! Turned ugly after convo with other visitor
  141. Losing Hope
  142. Just want to share my little adventure :-)
  143. Curious....Has Anyone Been Nervous About First Visit?
  144. Jpay: Will they deny content?
  145. Today is a new day - yes my MWI called
  146. Phone hung up! Really mad!
  147. Do inmates get holidays off??
  148. Mail to other inmates.
  149. Thoughts on Dirty Phone Calls- PG
  150. Concern About Daughter's Phone Call
  151. Getting mail from my fiance everyday and havent read them; havent had time
  152. "First" kiss this weekend...
  153. Birthday ideas for an inmate?
  154. On my way with nothing to stop me!
  155. Confused and Frustrated...
  156. Mail vent!!!
  157. I Saw Him :)
  158. Magazine Subscriptions
  159. I haven't heard from my LO in 2 weeks..worried
  160. Call Forwarding
  161. Who knows
  162. Here are some games to play via mail. Please add on!
  163. My letter was too long and rejected!
  164. Prisoner has two girlfriends and neither one knows about the other
  165. I cried most of the visit.
  166. Has your loved one ever sang you a song on the phone?
  167. Taking my nephew to see his dad
  168. So excited...can't wait / Upcoming Family Visit!
  169. Should I go visit tomorrow? He is in the box
  170. GTL going to pre-paid accounts only
  171. Im confused about family visits
  172. Just one of those visits....
  173. CO checks me out at visit, anyone had this problem?
  174. Sent him photo, do they show them around?
  175. How often does he write you?
  176. My visits..
  177. OMG I got my family visit date
  178. Writer's Block.
  179. Just when I want to wring his neck the most!
  180. I HATE the end of the month..
  181. Having a hard time writing...Anyone else?
  182. My new number has been my MWI can call more often
  183. Has anyone conceived a child during Family Visits, or plan to?
  184. He says I'm approved for a visit
  185. Can you keep your piercings in?
  186. Phone harassment from the prison?
  187. What is the best phone service to get?
  188. OMG, I cant breathe........ (he calls too much)
  189. WHAT is a Prepaid Call??
  190. They took our visitation away! Can I appeal?
  191. We have to protest phone fees!!!
  192. Found a better way to send pics
  193. Should I be worried? Phone call dissconnected.
  194. Am I far behind...surprised Corrlinks has an App
  195. I get the BEST birthday gift ever! Visiting my MWI!
  196. Does anyone hear different recordings or beeps on the calls?
  197. Secret Visiting? (Keeping it from my folks)
  198. My letter - Do you get emotional when you write to your LO?
  199. Question about Magazine subscriptions
  200. Two Visits in Five Days
  201. I didn't know we could buy them stuff from commissary
  202. Consolidated is on strike?? How will this affect phones & mail?
  203. Is the Manilla envelope theory true?
  204. Your preparation steps to visiting your man/LO?
  205. Little caution on certain small phone service
  206. Visiting.... Why bother wasting that precious time arguing ?
  207. How often do you visit?
  208. Visiting, why bother
  209. So excited :) My baby can finally call me AFTER 6 months!!
  210. Writing an old friend in prison
  211. Just got approved for first visit!!
  212. How do I tell my son "no" for requests for 3-way calls and to pass messages
  213. No call for days... freakin out
  214. Really HAPPY! (had a great visit)...
  215. Price of stamps will increase next month
  216. Surprised him with a visit
  217. Disconnected, now concerned about phone call
  218. Should I drive 30 minutes just for 15 minute visit?
  219. Recording Calls on my end
  220. FiancÚ's letter gave me tears of joy!!
  221. I was surprised at our visit!! <3
  222. Horrible visit experience.
  223. Tried to visit today
  224. Mail slower than molasses
  225. Just want to make sure the letter I wrote won't get him in trouble
  226. Sending mail from another address for privacy?
  227. Can he get in trouble for writing about drinking alcohol?
  228. "I can't wait" you word things in letters.
  229. Love Lockdown
  230. Today was our first visit :)
  231. Hasn't called since argument
  232. His christmas present for me
  233. Anyone heard of an android app for landline?
  234. Road Trip!!!
  235. No Christmas visit and so down
  236. 7 yrs, no visits w/Happy Visit Update
  237. Worried sick & heart broken
  238. Does anyone have any experience, getting an American phone number.
  239. I haven't heard from him in 4 months.
  240. Love holidays
  241. Missed MWI phone call / How long before your MWI calls back?
  242. Did the Mailroom ruin your loved ones Christmas?
  243. Can't get back on his visiting list. Anyone else had this problem
  244. Anyone going to visit on New Years Day?
  245. Valentines day
  246. Surprise! Getting spoiled by so many calls
  247. How many times does he call a week?
  248. Locked up and Kinda my fault
  249. New FCC proposal to lower cost of inmate calls
  250. Where the hell do you buy postcards these days?