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  1. Bored visit
  2. Happy, happ, happy 10 days without hearing from him
  3. Do you cry when visit is over?
  4. Why am i so down? Missing him since the last visit
  5. He was right, but it still hurt my feelings
  6. Don't you just love amazing visits?!
  7. He hung up on me!!!
  8. After visiting, get more sad and depressed.
  9. Frustrated with family not visiting
  10. Can you type a letteer
  11. Securus Frustrations!! Anyone else using Securus living outside the US?
  12. Phone sex, do you do it?
  13. Which do you prefer, email or letters?
  14. Ordering Magazine Subscriptions
  15. Funny Visits?
  16. How do you deal with not hearing from him?
  17. Can't make it to visitation, hope he understands.
  18. Express envelopes, how do they work?
  19. So dissapointed - drama about visitation
  20. So mad! All the phone money is used up!
  21. Need Google Voice Info
  22. Why are the letters different from the visits?
  23. Hearing from them makes your heart skip a beat or TWO
  24. So THIS is why I wait! Had a great phone call
  25. All we have is Time
  26. Sexy letter
  27. So tired of the other woman!
  28. Leaving for first pfv... think im forgetting something
  29. Received mail- I feel much better
  30. Not Putting His Picture On My Desk At Work
  31. What to send my boyfriend for our anniversary!?
  32. Got Mail, finally after 14 days.
  33. Spoiled by phone calls...
  34. Finally got to talk on the phone - I love my man!
  35. How long can you go wthout a mail/ phonecall before you go crazy?? lol
  36. Last phone call before visit, haven't seen him since April!(Updated)
  37. He's not getting his mail...its been two weeks. Who can I call?
  38. The reason I know we are going to work out
  39. So nervous about visit UPDATE/Happy I saw him
  40. Need opinions should I go for a surprise visit?
  41. Having trouble writing to him
  42. So VERY, VERY angry right now!!! (Visiting plans disrupted)
  43. Annoyed - lockdown stopped my visiting plans
  44. Freaking out- Updated
  45. What are you sending for Father's Day?
  46. We can mail and phone
  47. Can they send a visitation application from reception?
  48. Getting choked up when leaving visit
  49. Importance of contact visits
  50. The phone hung up--crying
  51. Going crazy!
  52. My Mwi's Birthday is in Less Than a Month! Ideas?
  53. When it rains it pours, no visits until July 19!
  54. Silly question - visitation attire
  55. So excited finally approved. Now it is time to get on the road!
  56. Bad, BAD day for BOTH of us w/UPDATE
  57. Communication during confinement?
  58. Postcards to calipatria
  59. How do I share visits with his family?
  60. Writing letters to him
  61. scc jamestown visitation???
  62. How often do you visit?
  63. Google talk
  64. Stickers are not allowed?
  65. I think my friend had my boyfriends mail returned
  66. Visitation wear
  67. Please help, having trouble getting through this-just got my first letter.
  68. Best day!!! Finally heard from my man!
  69. Why He Keeps Calling??
  70. Who should get the call - Sister or Girlfriend?
  71. Does anyone know about SECURUS FOR COLLECT CALLS?
  72. Sitting Outside the facility, going for a visit.
  73. Card and letter sent
  74. Going for another visit Saturday
  75. Creative ideas for a shirt...
  76. He called finally--I feel so much better
  77. The Spanish/English letters printed took two weeks to reach him
  78. Heard his voice for the first time in 4 months
  79. Corrlinks Down??
  80. I couldn't get through security, and lost my visit!
  81. Sending my LO $100-$200 at one time...
  82. Had a Prison Visit... Walked Away Feeling Unappreciated and Confused
  83. What are you doing for Father's Day?
  84. The one night I go out - Missed his calls and it ruined my night
  85. What to get him for his birthday?
  86. missed visit with my son
  87. What do you do when angry that irritates your man (on the phone)
  88. He told me not to write anymore more!
  89. Buying Pre-Stamped Envelopes
  90. The jail locked up my keys!!! lol
  91. Running like a line backer to answer his call.
  92. Wandering eyes at visitation
  93. He wants to have phone sex !
  94. Went to visit, he is doing okay!
  95. Do you pass messages for a celly?
  96. Did you see prison coming?
  97. So excited to hear his voice again, he will be out of processing on Fri.
  98. Giving Him a Father's Day Card When His Kids Are Estranged From Him?
  99. I man cracks me up
  100. Do you start to think he's done with you when he doesn't call?
  101. What is the phone number to check parole status?
  102. Best visit ever....almost
  103. Creative ideas for mail!!!
  104. Best phone service?
  105. Its been two weeks without a letter
  106. An organizations that help with phone or commissary?
  107. Phone calls!!
  108. CO in mail room wrote on one of my letters
  109. Should I be complaining about mail??
  110. Free Downloadable/Printable PDF Father's Day cards
  111. I finally got my First Phonecall!!!
  112. orientaion process after being transfered to a new prison?? phone calls????
  113. so I go to visit him one last time
  114. Haven't heard from him in days..
  115. Soooo upset - can't visit
  116. Global tel link to Securrus When does free calls stop
  117. Am I the only prison wife who hates talking on the phone?
  118. Do you decorate envelopes or leave them plain?
  119. Hes not getting my mail, what to do?
  120. Such a relief, finally got a letter
  121. After 5 months Hazelton approved!!
  122. I didn't realize how bad I miss him, until I saw him.
  123. Yes! I got good news about my visitation
  124. Seriously, what else can go wrong?
  125. What do you sign your letter with?
  126. Do you also check every sentence in his letters?
  127. OMG I get to go see him for the first time
  128. Frustrated by loss of phone privileges!
  129. Ever run out of things to say?
  130. Wrote him back...don't know what to expect!
  131. Creative ideasss
  132. Visit was "OFF"
  133. My mother and her mail box
  134. Milestone- Taking his daughter to visit
  135. Visiting boyfriend craziness!
  136. Can't fight that "after visiting funk"
  137. Finally tomorrow I Get To Visit
  138. Visiting my hunny on his bday!! <3
  139. No Call
  140. Your experience when visiting?
  141. First Visit Friday!
  142. My ex called, he and my new guy are housed in same dorm!
  143. Expecting First Phone Call From a Friend
  144. Weird phone calls... beginning to worry
  145. I love when we have a good visit...
  146. When Will He Get My Letter?
  147. Lost letter...mailed 7 days ago, I still don't have it
  148. Approved for contact visits
  149. Birthday ideas please?
  150. Looks like we won't be getting a visit after all
  151. How do you handle his birthday?
  152. Are you paranoid about putting your letter in the mailbox?
  153. Are there certain topics that we should avoid talking about
  154. Something cute he sent me
  155. Missing phone calls.. how do you feel when that happens?
  156. Birthday present?
  157. Phone time
  158. I haven't wrote my Husband in over a month
  159. Did he get my letter please advice!
  160. How many calls does Securus let you have?
  161. Anxious and frustrated
  162. My Friend Was a CO. Can she apply for Visits?
  163. Phone Number Approved, Waiting for a Call
  164. I got my visit!!!
  165. OMG! I'm FINALLY approved! Yayyyy
  166. Snail Mail.
  167. Good idea or not? Should I send him a picture of his mom?
  168. First call after grateful, so emotional
  169. Being taken off an inmates list so I can visit my man
  170. Sick of the phones getting shut off!
  171. All Smiles - got mail
  172. My time is almost up (phone suspension)
  173. So confused about phone calls...
  174. Let's Hang Out! (Our Phone Date)
  175. What happened to respect?
  176. Weird feeling - about to go visit
  177. Random feelings - haven't heard from him in 2 days
  178. Letters: Do write them out or print them?
  179. Positive Letters to/from our Men
  180. Best part of the visit?
  181. Leaving from visit blues am I the only one who feel that way!
  182. I wish I knew why I feel bad after visits...
  183. Have you ever had a cancellation family visits that was out of your control
  184. Does anyone know? What are some reasons you wouldn't be approved to visit?
  185. Need help! Prepaid Cell Phones that work with Securus
  186. Going to visit and I'm excited!
  187. Google Voice?
  188. So happy I got to hear his voice!
  189. Has anyone ever been on the phone with there man and it hang up?
  190. Prison Call Solutions??
  191. he"s so amazing - he sent me great mail!
  192. Naming a star question
  193. Did you ever miss a visit?
  194. Got another letter
  195. Ladies I need ideas for a photo book!
  196. Does anyone else have this problem? (CO's staring during visits)
  197. Visit with my love
  198. Vconnect blocked calls?
  199. The Rollercoaster Ride
  200. Something Positive - Those Special Calls
  201. Why must guards yell lockdown when I need info?!!!!
  202. Can I Use Another Prison Phone Service??
  203. What is most important to you?
  204. Do you answer his calls at the doctor's office?
  205. Will you get punished for phone sex?
  206. Finally set up my GTL account
  207. Who's all going to see their husband this weekend?
  208. Am I just worrying too much? (no letters for a while)
  209. Can call amounts change daily?
  210. Does your LO call your Cellphone or House Phone?
  211. How many days straight of no call?
  212. Fight over the phone
  213. Cannot sleep - going to see my boyfriend in the morning.
  214. All together how much do you spend on phone calls?
  215. Why won't he write back? It's been 3 months!
  216. Everyone's visits got cut in half because of one visitor's behavior
  217. 50 Things I Love...
  218. Changing Phone Number
  219. Transfer to get conjugal visits?
  220. Question About Mail Screening?
  221. Home phone forwarded to cellphone..
  222. Icsolutions/false detection of 3 way call?
  223. Is there meaning behind address placement?
  224. Seperation Anxiety after Visiting
  225. Hes in for a surprise, approved to visit!
  226. Site for calling for cheaper calls?
  227. I hate only relying on letters!
  228. Visiting Friday. Our first touch in over a year!
  229. Feel like a baby after visit.
  230. Things you send to make him smile :)
  231. Overly Strict Dress Code for Visitors?
  232. What do I write to him about?
  233. Write more!
  234. CMCF lockdown
  235. Should I surprise him with a package?
  236. Finally got a visit after over a year!
  237. Just got back from 1st visit, hugging the cat
  238. What do you do with his old magazines?
  239. How should I handle calls at school?
  240. What kind of letters does your man love the most?
  241. I booked my trip to see my LOVE
  242. One minute phone call
  243. My last few letters...
  244. 2 minute phone calls are the best!
  245. He finally called
  246. There has got to be a real answer for amount of calls in one day?
  247. First contact visit tomorrow omg so excited!
  248. I need help please! He doesn't call or write much
  249. Had a great visit and the best conversation with my man...
  250. Wish I felt like visiting...