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  1. Do you think other inmates read the letters you send to your LO?
  2. Sending letters while he is in reception
  3. It's been a week since I got a letter
  4. He makes my day... Got 2 letters today!
  5. First visit! Need general advice please
  6. My babe is in the hole, want to keep his mind occupied. What should I send?
  7. Finally a call after a month of waiting
  8. Hard letter to read, someone told him he needs to fight or pay to stay!
  9. Messages from my hunni, card and letter.
  10. Getting to visit by myself tomorrow
  11. Miss his voice.
  12. No money on the phone...
  13. Going nuts/Havent heard from my man since this morning/Updated: He called
  14. Dealing with others
  15. Finally approved to visit and hopefully it will be this week
  16. What a day.... finally got to visit my man!
  17. Thoughts on my visit
  18. Picture Advice Please
  19. Have you ever written your bf/husband a "Dear John" letter?
  20. So happy he called
  21. After a month, I finally saw him
  22. Will GTL credit me? Didn't accept calls, but the money is gone
  23. Just had an awesome call
  24. Dreading this week ( no calls or visits)
  25. Do you send a monthly card on your anniversary date?
  26. Irritated by Prison Visitation Rules
  27. Do you ever run out of things to write?
  28. My new addiction to greeting cards!
  29. How many stamps to mail a card?
  30. Still floatin' on cloud 9 since our visit
  31. First visit
  32. How much do visits COST you?!
  33. GIRLS What do you put in your mail to him? Items? Pictures? Artsy things?
  34. Refreshing corrlinks...
  35. Finally saw him!!!!
  36. Can someone with an open case still visit?
  37. Wonderful visit this morning
  38. Why isn't the call going through?
  39. Birthday card from my sweetie
  40. Important talks: do you prefer phone or letter?
  41. Have you ever purposely not answered his calls?
  42. More good news/I may get to visit him on all his visit days
  43. Do you reread letters?
  44. Finally get to see my husband
  45. How much does your LO call?
  46. Lost his phone privileges 'til May 8th, sigh..
  47. Global Tel Link issues...
  48. Sooo excited! Visiting for the first time!
  49. Do you think it's okay to send "pretty" cards?
  50. Why can't he call?!
  51. Almost time to see my love! Feel like I can't wear anything cute.
  52. Haven't talked to him in 4 days & I missed his call!!
  53. Am I wrong? Upset that he keeps calling his mom instead of me.
  54. I sent out my first email yesterday... not sure how it works??
  55. Husband called from strange #
  56. Am I over thinking this? He added another woman to his visiting list.
  57. The leaving part of the visit
  58. If you need a laugh read this one... So excited to visit!
  59. Great First Visit:-)
  60. Better paying job = phone calls YAY!!!
  61. I got a letter from another guy and I told my bf!
  62. Planning a surprise visit with his mom and daughter!!
  63. First private visit tomorrow - so excited!
  64. Wrote nasty letter and feeling awful about it!
  65. 21 questions through letters - help?
  66. Does anyone have the number to GTL customer service?
  68. Can they make visitation any more uncomfortable??
  69. First visit tomorrow!
  70. Super happy today - got a letter
  71. How many had visits today?
  72. Will I ever get a dang letter? Ugh!
  73. Am I wrong for not wanting to visit for a while?
  74. Didn't call me
  75. Is it possible for them to have multiple phone accounts?
  76. First picture!
  77. Stressed out!! My pictures aren't being delivered to him!!
  78. CORRLINKS down today
  79. Crazy Mail Ladies Check-In ~ May 2012
  80. Hate when I get cut off
  81. A picture from our visit
  82. How much money do you spend on the phone every month?
  83. Need help deciding please - Should I visit without talking to him first?
  84. Annoyed because he has others call me
  85. So embarrassing, I feel like I'm literally stalking the mailman
  86. He sent my mom a Mother's Day card... AWWW.
  87. First visit in 2/3 months!
  88. Something special.. Letter Ideas?
  89. Can't visit, bought the ticket. Sent him back from WR. I am frustrated.
  90. When the jail verifies your number
  91. Ear2Ear not working anymore
  92. Would These Pictures be OK?
  93. FINALLY...Phone approved. He called
  94. I get to visit my hubby
  95. Question about mail-will the letter be sent back?
  96. Picture ideas
  97. What's the best way to get a local number for the county she's in?
  98. Falling in love all over again!!
  99. What does he mean in this letter?
  100. Visitation application finally approved!
  101. Is your visit like a date?
  102. These sort of days (when he doesn't call)
  103. Sad after phone call
  104. Do you have the kind of days when all you think of is his phone call?
  105. Jail call solutions is scamming people
  106. How do you ladies know when to communicate?
  107. Anxiety stress and phone calls...
  108. What does he go through when you visit?
  109. So stressed... Haven't heard from him
  110. Just wanna cry - Haven't seen him because I don't have a car
  111. Sending him pics.
  112. Not so good visit, he was mad about phone and acted badly!
  113. Cheapest way for phone calls
  114. Ugggh - Didn't get my visit
  115. How do you stand not seeing him? I visit every week and it's not enough!
  116. Do you shed the many tears I do?
  117. Had an amazing day with my husband <3
  118. New to this
  119. Visit...WOWZA. Saw his upper body nude.....
  120. Website that sends a free postcard
  121. Got another "Special Visit"!!
  122. Visited two jails in one day
  123. One of those days, can't talk to him while in reception.
  124. Less than 2 years!!!
  125. COs taking their job TOO seriously!
  126. Has anyone heard of the app called "Jail Mail"?
  127. It's almost time for my visit
  128. He called his mom before me!
  129. I am SO HAPPY! - had a great phone call
  130. Awwwww I missed his call :(
  131. His random phone calls
  132. An "off" phone call vent.
  133. Do you get this excited for visitation? :)
  134. Blues-I miss my man; I haven't heard from him in awhile and a bit worried
  135. So confused. My bf said my letter didn't come because of the holiday?!
  136. Got a letter/poem today but im feeling like ahh what ever!
  137. How do you feel about sending racy pictures?
  138. which books are allowed ?
  139. Will my visit be denied?
  140. Finally, daughter and I going on a surprise visit.
  141. Story at visits
  142. International CBS account, need help!
  143. So frustrated - Wasn't Allowed to Visit
  144. Just had to share about special letters
  145. He called at one am
  146. Do you freak out if you don't get a letter?
  147. "It's the little things...."
  148. He Sent a Mother's Day Card
  149. After 6 yrs...we touched today/Updated: Was mistake, no more contact visits
  150. Phone bill $82.88. Talking to him, PRICELESS!
  151. Lies from potential carpool buddy?
  152. Nervous about my visit
  153. Beautiful visit <3
  154. Global tel link question abou a pre-pay account
  155. Facebook- Be-Friending his daughter
  156. phone calls different amounts?
  157. No phone call on Mother's Day.
  158. What do you write your man about?!
  159. Deep Conversation
  160. How do you keep your relationship "alive"?
  161. Just got the sweetest letter
  162. Counselor felt bad for him and he got to call me.
  163. Should I be upset he is buying cards to call others?
  164. Got a letter! Made me cry.
  165. Any thoughts on unique or special for fathers day
  166. Our visits were taken away for 30 days...for a 5 second hug LOL
  167. Help, how can I buy music for my inmate?
  168. Get to see him again tonight
  169. He's SORRY He's not who I want him to be
  170. Letters-Do you write to your husband/bf? How do his letters make you feel?
  171. Does anyone here use VAC?
  172. Visting him after 10 months
  173. writting a letter to the WARDEN
  174. We're switching to Cons Call Home
  175. Nervous, going to Mississippi to see him, haven't seen him in two years!
  176. I want to send him something special for his Birthday. Ideas?
  177. first PFV need advice
  178. google voice, please help!!
  179. I talked to my fiance' for the first time in a while
  180. What do you send as Entertainment for our men?
  181. He called today, been a month but felt like forever!
  182. Anyone else have problems with him writing less?
  183. The power of letters
  184. Pictures that get messed up thru mail process
  185. CorrLinks delay
  186. Missed call, phone disconnected before I could give all info! Vent!
  187. Hanging up and breaking down
  188. That first kiss when you visit
  189. So mad at him, he didn't even acknowledge Mother's Day!
  190. Encartele Calls
  191. Accidental surprise visit and I'm nervous!
  192. What can I send him for Fathers day? Need Ideas
  193. No call yesterday-very disappointed!
  194. First visit, I'm kinda nervous!!
  195. First visit that I brought my kids with me!
  196. Moved to county, in Ad Seg & can't have visits? Anyone heard of this?
  197. We go together like...wanting suggestions
  198. I think I am going crazy!
  199. What is the number to call to global tel link?
  200. I just want to say that video visitation SUCKS!!!
  201. Walking in our house after a visit
  202. Missed 4 calls
  203. Questions about quizzes you and your man make up
  204. MWI birthdaymail-help needed, Ladies
  205. I answered my loves call when I was in a bad mood!
  206. Missing him more than ever after a visit
  207. Females checking my man out at visit
  208. Just wondering: Do you encourage him to keep in touch with other people?
  209. Going to visit him this weekend, 7 hours away!
  210. Waiting on the first call
  211. First Visit Saturday !
  212. Is it illegal to talk about weed over the phone?
  213. Visit today, he's mad. Anyone have a bad visit?
  214. Our visit was cancelled because his baby mom went to see him
  215. His Mama and Visitation
  216. Still no call.
  217. Could This Be A Call From Him?
  218. Finally Going to Get to See Him!
  219. Does anyone else record convo's?
  220. Brother hasn't written or anything. Should I still go to the visit?
  221. Playing mind games with myself, no mail or phone calls!
  222. Corrlinks upgrade!? New app for iPhone
  223. Dirty letters
  224. Feds--Online pics?
  225. hi- Need info about dress code
  226. Do jail or prison let you go over on minutes to talk
  227. severly depressed - can't visit
  228. Hate when he doesnt call, worry so much!
  229. Perfume on letters (funny)!
  230. Ear 2 Ear Phone Service Question
  231. Someone tell me im worried, could he have gotten in trouble?
  232. Bad timing
  233. Finally approved for visits...what should i wear
  234. I hung up on him
  235. Missing him so much - missed a visit
  236. My very 1st phone call!!!
  237. I'm Going to Visit My Man This Weekend!
  238. He was arrested
  239. Forst visit tomorrow!
  240. New to this
  241. i hate count time.
  242. ASPC winslow
  243. Who else stalks the mailman? lol
  244. Ever shopped for clothes only to think if it will be prison approved?
  245. Sent my hubby my first naughty letter!
  246. Such BS! Sargent put him in his place in front of us
  247. *Collect Calls* Is there a way to allow a message to be left?
  248. Our expectations for letters from our men..
  249. Surprising him with a visit, thought I wouldn't visit until July!
  250. Last visit