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  1. Would you pay someone to take "special pictures" of yourself?
  2. Phone calls or lack of them...
  3. Just Needed to Whine - Miss Talking to Him on the Phone
  4. Will I ever stop crying? I find visits stressful
  5. Do You Wish You Could Bring Your Cellphone Into Visitation?
  6. FREAKIN OUT! Haven't heard from him in almost 2 wks...
  7. Missed his visitation, now he won't call or write!
  8. Missing my baby! Wish he would call
  9. How many times do ya'll talk in a day?
  10. Unique and Fun Mail Ideas For Him
  11. Feel good today after talking to my man
  12. Visiting attire, trying to put together the perfect outfit!
  13. Fighting over the phone, how do you get past it and make up?
  14. Need creative ideas, I am running out!
  15. Global tel link & disconnected calls
  16. Securus Pay Now $15 a call - even for local??
  17. Slow mail these days!
  18. Local numbers-what's the best way?
  19. Delay in Mail for UK people?
  20. Mail issues, what can be holding up mail getting to him?
  21. No visitation! Prisons on lockdown
  22. HELP. What would you do? How would you feel?
  23. Can't wait to see my baby tomorrow...St. Patty's Day!
  24. Global tel link and life option?
  25. Suprise visit tomorrow. He will be so happy!
  26. Will comminication issues get better?
  27. Our first 4hr special visit
  28. Excited! Change of plans get to visit today
  29. Tomorrow I'm visiting my man w/UPDATE wasn't able to go
  30. So frustrating...he keeps getting kicked off the phones
  31. Do you freak out if he doesn't call when he usually does?
  32. No call yet, feeling I wrong to feel this way?
  33. $18.12 for a 15 minute call!? Please help with suggestions
  34. Does anybody use Google Voice?
  35. Great visit, now I can't wait until next month!
  36. How often do you talk on the phone?
  37. Is there any way to get cheaper calls?
  38. So excited first visit to America
  39. So sad looking for support, he called and I missed the phone call!
  40. Waiting! (He hasn't called), if he doesn't it is on!
  41. For those traveling > 4 hours
  42. Delivered two books to my address on accident, don't know what to do.
  43. Visiting my man for the second time in April!
  44. Got the call
  45. Any good ideas for birthdays?
  46. When I pick up the phone the call hangs up?
  47. Can You Wear Jewelry Into Visit?
  48. Would You Go Visit If You Were Sick?
  49. No.Calls for over 5months, he is in reception!
  50. Very sad - calls not coming through
  51. Phone issues, I am going to put limits on phone use!
  52. I finally got a letter today...yay!!!!
  53. What a wonderful suprise, got a card thought I wasn't getting!
  54. Nervous... he's being moved soon, and my GTL account is messed up
  55. Please Pray that I get to go visit him this Saturday!
  56. Somethings Not Right - Can I Access His Phone/Visitation Records?
  57. My first letter to friend's (I met on here) son!
  58. Letterr<3 (21Dayss)
  59. Renting my first Car to go to a visit! Will have all weekend to myself!
  60. I have a visit planned but they're on lockdown!
  61. Using 22 words to express our love!
  62. Sent him my heart!!! GREAT IDEA for your loved one!!!
  63. My man just told me I'm approved for visit....Super PUMPED
  64. Having a conversation with my own pen, and it's not talking back...
  65. Just had my 1st one of "those" calls
  66. Who remembers their first phone call!
  67. Visiting issues, other women visiting. Should I be cool?
  68. Bad experience with phone service
  69. Very scary letter from prison pen pal
  70. Finally a letter from my babe! And a release date!
  71. So excited,I just can't hide it! Finally getting to visit again!
  72. Another missed call, he called unexpectedly.
  73. Any advice for new visitors?
  74. What creative things do you write or send your loved one?
  75. Transferred: Will my letters be forwarded to him or sent back to me?
  76. One Year Anniversary ideas!
  77. Visit Terminated due to crowding
  78. How long does it take to get mail?
  79. Is it better to skip a visit when upset/angry?
  80. Just had first visit! Not sure about how I'm feeling, need advice please
  81. Didn't get to visit - Missing my love
  82. Thoughtful things to send?
  83. Visit got cut short, so many people. So upset, we really needed to talk!
  84. How was the first time seeing him in prison?
  85. Has your man ever said he was gonna call that night and didn't??
  86. A huge weight has been lifted, finally got to visit!
  87. Wish he wasnt so far away! Really want to see him!
  88. Never missed a call, I'm worried w/UPDATE He called
  89. Finally got to see him today, it really lifted my spirits!
  90. Need Phone Service Info
  91. Wanting to visit my guy, but it seems everything's in the way!
  92. Weird Topic of Conversation - sex w/ exes
  93. Hate when he calls upset
  94. Super excited visiting soon! In a super good mood!
  95. Surprising him with a visit tomorrow! Hard to see him on Wednesdays.
  96. Missing Him - Haven't heard from him in a week
  97. Change in Visit Plans, due to sentencing date!
  98. Do they read his mail?
  99. First visit in 2 months. best visit ever despite some bad news!
  100. Help! I'm facing being barred from visits for 1 year
  101. Excited in a way / Transferred, only 1 1/2 hrs away & contact visits!
  102. Card picking is so hard with all the restrictions.
  103. Visit Sunday I hope? 4/1/12
  104. First Visit, it was a contact visit. Going again in June!
  105. What's the longest amount of time you have gone without contact?
  106. Waiting to hear from my man
  107. I need help writing a letter!
  108. No mail, hate when our only form of communication is mail.
  109. I hate mixed feelings! He says he sent mail but I haven't received any.
  110. Time between letters is so slow!
  111. Things to write about, need suggestions as I have ran out of things to say!
  112. Setting up a phone for dummies!
  113. Feeling regretful that I couldn't visit before his transfer
  114. Visiting on Easter
  115. Is this an unreasonable request? HONEST opinions please..
  116. I hate it when he doesn't call!
  117. So anxious for visitation tomorrow!
  118. Waiting.... for my "night call"
  119. I've planned a surprise visit
  120. Just found out I'm approved to visit (nervous)
  121. Finally approved for visits
  122. Do I have any chance to get a visit?
  123. Crazy Mail Ladies Check-In~April 2012
  124. Can I visit my fiance in prison while on drug court?
  125. Sent a Birthday Card to my PP Today..
  126. Really needing to see him...I haven't in 3 years
  127. I need a creative idea to send my boyfriend
  128. Spazz alert-I missed his call
  129. Letters-forgot to put return address, will they be delivered?
  130. Finally heard from him after 2 months!
  131. List not approved- should I take a chance and go anyway?
  132. Is scrapbook paper ok to send a letter on?
  133. Surprise visit, hope he will be happy to see me!
  134. Visit With My Baby Tomorrow! 4/5/12
  135. Yay, a letter read it over and over!
  136. I miss my man so much, his smile and laughs. Can't wait for visit!
  137. Got an amazing letter today!!
  138. I should be able to visit soon!
  139. So annoyed! Interrupted phone calls
  140. They Only Allow One Adult, One child at the Prison Where I Visit
  141. How often can he call?
  142. Random idea, truth or dare through mail?
  143. Help, phone calls are being blocked, have no idea who to go to!
  144. My first visit on Easter Sunday!
  145. How much do you pay for a call?
  146. First call!!!
  147. All smiles!! 1st visit in 2 years!
  148. Visitation cut short due to crowding
  149. He's not getting my letters!
  150. He didn't call today w/UPDATE he called!
  151. Wouldn't let me visit because my ID does not match form!
  152. I love me some him
  153. 15 minutes is never enough
  154. NEED HELP!! Does TMOBILE CELL carrier allow global tel link prepaid calls
  155. I wish he could call :-P
  156. Securus account question
  157. Okay my turn to worry - he didn't call
  158. Had my first visit today. (Easter Sunday )
  159. Best visit ever, completely not what I expected at all!
  160. Are gmail accounts a good option?
  161. The lack of contact/communication is really getting me down
  162. Visitation closed today & i didnt know!
  163. Curious as to your dress codes for visits.
  164. How do I set up phone calls?
  165. I missed his call on thursday
  166. Waiting waiting waiting (for him to call)
  167. Question about jpay.. Who decides whether the prison uses it?
  168. Email to prisoners - how does that work?
  169. Tooo excited about visit
  170. Tears - waiting to hear from him
  171. Sending letters back before being transferred
  172. Never thought it would be so hard to put money on the phone!
  173. Issue with google voice
  174. Got a LETTER from my PP This Morning....
  175. Let's talk prison visit fashion ladies! Planning 1st MWI visit.
  176. No mail for almost two weeks!
  177. Appeals to warden
  178. What is going on w/ Securus?
  179. Corrlinks trouble with it
  180. How many times can inmate make calls? Different numbers or the same number?
  181. Worried sick... he didn't call
  182. My Man Doesn't Want to Call As Much Or Write!
  183. He hates writing?
  184. After calls, my mind is distracted!
  185. Could a DUI charge from '06 affect my approval for visitation?
  186. Seems to be a pattern this week- he hasn't called
  187. Phone calls during processing/classification ...?
  188. Need ideas for his Bday
  189. Hardest part of my day is not hearing his voice. No money for calls.
  190. Why is it I'm so miserable until he calls?
  191. Mail issues or he isn't writing me?
  192. Visit today, he says he falls in love more everytime he sees me!
  193. Got a Letter - I love him
  194. So, is it ok to send $ to different inmates?
  195. Need to vent/My sister won't take me to visit
  196. How many letters do you write per week?
  197. Visit this weekend, already have butterflies! w/ update
  198. Finally get to go see my baby!!! Need opinion though??
  199. Visit was a tease, so hard for me to stay in my chair.
  200. First time calling in over a year...
  201. Help w/ jpay please
  202. On my way to visit he calls, wanted to talk to me before visit!
  203. Am I the only one excited to see an email come through?
  204. Depressing phone calls!
  205. Happy I am Visiting Tomorrow!
  206. Random Corrlinks requests?
  207. Got a really special message yesterday...
  208. I finally got a letter, he is finally in a final unit.
  209. My new relationship with the U.S. Postal Service
  210. I haven't had a call in 5 days
  211. Does the mail run today?
  212. First visit 4/14/12
  213. Ideas for letters
  214. Kinda freaking out after visit
  215. Do you pick out something special to wear when you visit?
  216. Have you ever wrote an angry letter to your bf/husband?
  217. What do you send to him? / Not sure what to write
  218. Some calls I could go without
  219. I hate Sundays! {he is on lockdown on Sundays}
  220. Custom, Personalized Crossword Puzzle to Send
  221. OMG!!! SOOO Excited!!! Approved for a special visit
  222. Fustrated!! He called his Mom, why isn't he contacting me?
  223. Feeling Bad.....cried practically the whole visit
  224. Picture from our visit this past weekend
  225. I had the best call today!
  226. Am I wrong not to be happy about him adding others to his visiting list?
  227. Safp Units In Lubbock
  228. He knows just what to say on the phone
  229. Mail call do your boyfriend/husband like to hear his name call
  230. The calls I love to hate... (Can't visit, don't know what to say)
  231. Mail-do you write or draw on the outside of your letters?
  232. Missing calls is the worst!
  233. I hate he forgets what day it is, (calls are cheaper on certain days)
  234. Getting frustrated with my best friend using my boyfriend's minutes!
  235. I finally get to see him after almost 3yrs
  236. How many letters do you get per week?
  237. What rituals do you have the night before a visit?
  238. Slow mail after Easter or just me?
  239. Really upset no mail or calls for nine days!
  240. Hate the damn jail visits
  241. Stuff to Talk About When Your Man Calls?
  242. What can I send to someone while in SHU
  243. How sweet is this? (Love letters)
  244. Need help sending money order
  245. Checking record to visit jail?
  246. A week and no call!
  247. Questions about Offender Connect
  248. Grr! Missed calls for no reason!
  249. Do you visit alone or with others?
  250. Do you think other inmates read the letters you send to your LO?