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  1. He's writing to his ex. Am I just jealous or rightfully upset?
  2. Surprise visit!
  3. Contact visits... can someone please give me some insight
  4. On the way to our first visit!
  5. I wasn't able to visit...
  6. Have you ever gotten a surprise call exactly when you most needed it?
  7. Post visit blues
  8. OMG!!! can't these ppl do their jobs right!!(Mix up about visit approval)
  9. Got to visit
  10. Keeping the spark alive & strong
  11. Debit vs Credit Calls
  12. Trying to do Something Special for my man for V-day (so embarrassing)
  13. Another 45 days of phone restriction!!
  14. He hasn't called- how do I deal with the worry?
  15. Foto/Picture/Parfum, please help me!!
  16. What are you doing for your man for Valentine's Day??
  17. Visit today- nervous
  18. I Don't Like When He Talks to Others During our Phone Calls
  19. Question about SEXY pictures
  20. Great phone calls vs. Bad phone calls
  21. Prison calls to cellphones?
  22. Valentines Day- Should I send a card or would that be "too much"?
  23. Overwhelmed, he's pressing me to visit, I'm not sure I'm ready
  24. How many stamps goes on a manilla envelope?
  25. Help! Need some writing ideas for my boo
  26. I'm so anxious- waiting for response to visiting application
  27. Woke up to his voice and 3 jpays= good day!
  28. Bummed out - I have to wait 3 months for phone calls
  29. "Controversial" Books
  30. How do I un-do a block? (I pressed the wrong response when he called)
  31. INCREDIBLY worried! (Haven't got a letter)
  32. He called and I'm happier than a kid in a candy store!
  33. Finally get to visit
  34. I just got my first Valentine card.
  35. Is sending a parcel enabling?
  36. Am I being stupid? He says his phone isn't working, but he calls his friend
  37. How big is too big for a Valentine's Day card?
  38. From whom can inmates receive mail? Can a felon write to an inmate?
  39. Do colors matter when buying cards for guys?/Update sent it now I'm sad
  40. Unwanted Mail Issue
  41. He wrote the most beautiful letter...
  42. He called today and I'm on cloud nine
  43. Sitting here reading letters
  44. Unspoken words?! No... Unreceived letters!!
  45. Chaplain having trouble verifying marriage license
  46. We were disconnected & I don't know if the phones are out up there
  47. I am SO excited! We will get to have phone calls
  48. I had a great visit, first in about two months!
  49. I'm about to open my card!! Or should I wait 'til Tuesday?
  50. ~Check Out Our Pic From Visit Today~
  51. Early V day visit, by far a great one!
  52. What was your Valentines Day Gift?
  53. Visiting him this Saturday... What should I wear?
  54. So in love! Had a great visit
  55. Holding back on taking "sexy pics"?
  56. Global tel link & prepaid phones
  57. Got to see my hunnie today!!! :)
  58. Finally got to see him 2/12/12
  59. Going to see my man 2/24/12
  60. Hard leaving visit
  61. Finally got a call after 5 days and he made my day!
  62. Why he wont ring?
  63. Depressed After Visit
  64. What did you get or do for your men for Valentine's day?
  65. I love this man, every phone call & visit I find new ways to appreciate him
  66. We figured out how to make his birthday and Valentine's day special!
  67. Oh the frustration of the delay in mail!
  68. Not sure how to accept collect calls???
  69. Visiting for the first time...
  70. My first visit...I hope
  71. Special Mail for Me Today - In Tribute to a Special Woman
  72. Worst V-day Ever.
  73. Best Valentines ever !
  74. Got my Valentine's Day card - he made my day
  75. So close! Using Skype, why couldn't I accept the call?*UPDATED*
  76. If the mailman doesn't get here soon *I* might wind up in jail!
  77. Yaaaaaayyyy I got my approval letter for visiting
  78. At a loss for words / So depressed I haven't written in 3 weeks
  79. Unsure about visiting today, he's on Suicide Watch and I'll probably cry
  80. Want to find a cheaper phone plan. HELP!
  81. This visit I have been sort of dreading
  82. Question about dress code for visits
  83. Can send pictures to them through email now
  84. How did you feel when you visited you boyfriend or husband for the very 1st
  85. Ugh!!! So pissed right now! He got upset, I got upset... I hung up on him
  86. He hasn't called today ... he's never done this
  87. How often do you talk to your PP on the phone?
  88. Letters- What do you write about? Running out of topics.
  89. Excited about upcoming visit
  90. Using Call Minutes from Another Inmate
  91. Road trip- So excited to visit!
  92. Visit This Weekend!!!
  93. I got finally got approved to visit!!!
  94. Envelope madness... Why did I get an empty envelope from the wrong state??
  95. I got my Valentine today ;)
  96. Receiving unwanted calls/letters!
  97. Relieved!! Finally got to see him
  98. First visit!!
  99. Please Help, Mail sent to the wrong address! How do I get it back?
  100. Missed his call
  101. Is V connect phone service good? Or please recommend another.
  102. How long does it take you to go visit your Loved One?
  103. Need ideas for fill-in-the-blank gift certificate
  104. About Today's Visit- Am I selfish to want to visit my bro alone?
  105. Our first visit! I got to see my husband today!
  106. Lol the other inmates are jealous of all the mail he gets!!
  107. How do I receive phone calls?
  108. Have you ever noticed the number of inmates juggling women at visitation?
  109. I hope I didn't get him in trouble - phone issue
  110. Good Phone Company For Prison Calls??
  111. PenPal asked me to use jpay
  112. Quotes to add to letters?
  113. Need advice on getting cheaper calls!
  114. Surprise visits- what are your thoughts?
  115. That damn automated lady!
  116. My boyfriend is not writing and I don't know why
  117. What is the visitation like when you visit your loved one?
  118. How often does he contact you?
  119. Waiting on the Mail and Missing him like Crazy!
  120. Happy birthday mail
  121. Visitation Reinstated after a year
  122. What is allowed in writing a letter to him? he complains of boredom.
  123. Friday cannot come soon enough
  124. Where do you keep letters?
  125. Those who use google voice
  126. He called!
  127. All smiles for my birthday...
  128. Would you visit if he was coming home soon??
  129. Phone sex
  130. Finally moved to official unit and has called!
  131. How many times do you visit?
  132. How "sexy" do you get at visits?
  133. Just got approved to visit him!!
  134. Garbled phone line!!!
  135. Crazy visit with MWI
  136. My charges dismissed, no-contact dropped...Finally, a VISIT!!!!!
  137. Have You Ever Cried At Visit?
  138. 1st visit tomorrow!!! Soooo excited!!!
  139. Meanings of a drawing paper
  140. Crazy idea about how to receive calls from my MWI
  141. Upset! They removed me from his visit list
  142. He took me off the corrlinks email list! w/UPDATE
  143. Google Voice/ International problem
  144. He calls just to say I love you
  145. Do you find it hard when getting off the phone with your loved one?
  146. So excited - getting ready for our visit!
  147. 1st visit today!!
  148. Best call ever today! He asked me to marry him!
  149. Second visit with my MWI
  150. I got mail and I love my baby so much!
  151. Frustrated that he doesn't understand why I can't visit this time
  152. Just Gushing About Calls and a Letter Too
  153. Help on removing block from phone - Bealls Comm
  154. So the first visit went well
  155. International calling from Federal FCI?
  156. Sending my man a mail
  157. Where do you shop for visiting clothes?
  158. First kiss during non-contact visit ?
  159. No call in 2 days....
  160. The prison my husband is in doesn't offer family visits!
  161. Should I Visit If I have Warrants?
  162. LOVE hearing from him!
  163. Mail Call on Saturdays and Sundays...
  164. Are some people just not into writing letters?
  165. Visit day- mad
  166. Spicing it up!
  167. Lack of letters.
  168. What do you do for your man's Birthday?
  169. Birthday ideas?
  170. He didn't call today/:
  171. Sending My PP Books from
  172. Prison returned letter because of kiss and smell
  173. Any websites for ordering cheap stationery?
  174. Just bought my plane ticket!
  175. Cheap Phone Calls?? Has anyone used any of these?
  176. Vconnect Questions
  177. Crazy Mail Ladies Check-In ~ March 2012
  178. Where do you buy CDs and books?
  179. Haven't talked to him in a week... I'm trippin'
  180. Does any one know where I can find good Poems to send him??
  181. It's been 5 1/2 yrs. Seeing him Saturday
  182. Calling the prison??
  183. Do unknown numbers from prison charge?
  184. Any ideas on Birthday Gifts I can send him?
  185. My heart can beat normal again- got a letter
  186. I'm visiting my babe this Sunday for our 1 year & 12 month anniversary
  187. Jpay
  188. I'm going crazy waiting for his call!!
  189. Setting up global tel for PVSP?
  190. Same area codes?
  191. I love Fridays!
  192. I hate missing my babe (MWI) phone calls
  193. So frustrated with new visiting procedure
  194. How often can you visit your love in one week?
  195. JPAY site problems. Annoying.
  196. Would you send your man a St. Patrick's Day card?
  197. Can my Friends say Hello on the phone??
  198. Had a great visit but having a bad day
  199. Letters sounding the same
  200. It's always bittersweet when I visit!
  201. Naughty pics...
  202. How much do you pay for calls?!
  203. How does the emailing work?
  204. Waiting for the Mail and I'm losing my mind here!
  205. Can I send my husband jewelry?
  206. First phone call!!
  207. Jpay Question- What does "received" mean?
  208. Visitation was Cancelled
  209. He doesn't want to send me letters....
  210. Words of encouragement from him.
  211. Venting - he doesn't think he should call as much
  212. He doesn't want visits anymore?
  213. Depressed After Visit, makes him not being here even harder!
  214. Visiting a prison
  215. Please, I need your advice! Should I Write to Corrlinks?
  216. How many of you can't visit??
  217. I'm so scared, no contact in days!
  218. Which inmate collect call billing service do you use?
  219. Freaking out a bit... didn't get a call today, visiting tomorrow
  220. OMG: Finally visitation
  221. Gotta get on my A game for my baby - Need to write more often
  222. Am i crazy to plan a roadtrip?
  223. 30 minute blues :(
  224. Sending my visiting request because good luck comes in 3's!
  225. Visiting From the UK...
  226. Suprise visit
  227. What do you use to send your man money?
  228. An idea to help get over the letter writing slump!!
  229. GTL not updating
  230. How to use google voice with GTL?!
  231. Does anyone use Global Tel Link?
  232. He received great mail !
  233. First visit, super excited and anxious!
  234. Visit with his mom coming
  235. Running out of things to talk about....
  236. Just venting.... having awful day and must delay visiting
  237. First Prison Visit
  238. MY PP, strange phone call she just seemed down.
  239. I hate GTL!
  240. HELP PLEASE!/Co-defendants & no contact order: no visits, calls or letters!
  241. Recieved a phone call today for the first time in two weeks
  242. Need ideas for creative things to send him
  243. Talked to my Babe and visiting next week, can't wait!
  244. First visit, didn't go very well. Sister was disrespectful to his mom!
  245. Can you e-mail your children?
  246. First contact visit, got it early, was supposed to be in April!
  247. What can you do if you're denied visitation?
  248. Green dot cards and cell phones
  249. Stressed out... hate not having regular calls
  250. No mail - disappointment