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  1. Trailer Visit
  2. visit on sunday
  3. In your letter do you talk about PTO
  4. Something good 4 me from CBS
  5. Phone number approval
  6. Finally approved for visits!
  7. Date Set For 1st Conjucal Visit
  8. What is the greatest gift...
  9. do you ladies argue in visitation?
  10. His latest letter just blew me away! Big time!!
  11. Im So @%$#* Mad
  12. New I love you stamps
  13. How far do you travel to visit them in prison / jail?
  14. Problem with overseas calls. Advice anyone?
  15. Locked In
  16. His birthday is less than a month away! HELP I need ideas!
  17. Phone List Question
  18. Unable to get calls
  19. Here we go with this mail thing again!! ugahhhh!
  20. First Family Visit
  21. Background in pictures
  22. His friend is being shady
  23. No Mail On Saturday
  24. Just Got a DUI can I still visit
  25. VAC collect call...
  26. I live with my mans parents-can i still use the service
  27. Is it too early to start sending v-day cards
  28. No phone
  29. Oooops..... I accepted a collect call at work!
  30. Can someone help me about blocked calls???
  31. Ladies, Question. How Far Have You Gone With Your Man On A Visit?
  32. Blocked Phone
  33. Where is my mail?!
  34. How can i send money to my love by mail help??
  35. I'm tired,...
  36. Can someone do a "maildance" to make the mail come...
  37. I need opinions on this card I got
  38. So unreal - problems with MCI
  39. How Many Stamps Per Envelope
  40. I got a letter.....
  41. I Got My Valentine's Present From Him!!!
  42. No Phone
  43. Alabama DR/Prisoncalls online
  44. prisoncalls online
  45. First visit went great!!
  46. V-day visit question.
  47. Wanted to share about my visit
  48. Blow -UP phones?...waz-dat?
  49. Visiting List
  50. Just want to share my day....
  51. The maildance worked!! I got a letter..
  52. Is anyone having trouble with TNetix??????????
  53. I think I wanna cry.......
  54. Valentine Gift Ideas Anyone? Im Running Out Of Time!
  55. Got a question...
  56. Tele-Net/Prison Calls problem - UPDATE: RESOLVED!!!
  57. Evercom Correctional Billing Questions (Part 1)
  58. pre-paid cell phones
  59. Crazy visits stories.....
  60. leaving for a visit WORRIED!
  61. Nervous...and need some advice
  62. Mail
  63. How to get cheaper phone calls?
  64. Ever Made Him Cry?
  65. No Mail......
  66. hey girls wonderin if i can get some ideas
  67. update: V-day visit
  68. He loves to be showered with mail..but what about me!
  69. Should I surprise??
  70. Visiting from overseas - please help
  71. Best Wishes On Visits For Everyone Today!
  72. False Accusations..... Need Serious Help!!!!!!!!
  73. help i need a phone call
  74. i have a question
  75. Can ex-inmates visit their friends inside after they come home?
  76. will the mail man run on monday?
  77. Help! My First visit is coming!
  78. Phone Service
  79. Can A Inmate Call Abroad From His Cell?
  80. Rude, ungrateful inmate
  81. First Visit
  82. What did you get for Valentine's Day??
  83. Be Careful!!! I got a warning.....
  84. First visit tomorrow!HELP!
  85. Big Brother CO is watching...
  86. any ideas for Inmates Birthday?
  87. Dorm Room
  88. Fire camps rock!!!!
  89. The Mail Sucks Or Is It Him?
  90. He gave me candy
  91. What rules irritate you about visiting??
  92. Has anyone ever heard........? (abuse during conjugal visits)
  93. Embarresed!
  94. AT&T Correctional Value Plan - Info
  95. Family/Conjugal Visits and the Video??!!!
  96. Outrageous Phone bills
  97. can I visit?
  98. Has anyone else done this? Pt. 3
  99. Contact visits???
  100. Does his scent make you cry?
  101. Ok Ladies, How Far Have You Gone On A Visit Part 2, You Will Not Believe What I Saw!
  102. petition to end the nonsense with mci
  103. Nervous about 1st visit.
  104. 2 more days
  105. To have a visitor, is a blessing.....
  106. They terminated my visits!!!! PART 1
  107. T-Netix new policies - BIG thumbs down!!!
  108. Going to see my baby!!!
  109. Im Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  110. Denied visitation.....
  111. Nosey women at visitation...
  112. mail returned to him
  113. for us full figured gals...
  114. Should I take 2 year old
  115. Does Your Man's Prison Get Mail On Saturday?
  116. Missone Where You At? Im Dying To Know How Her Visit Went!
  117. Kinda Nervous...New Prison...Blah Blah Blah
  118. Pipe Dream - Visitations
  119. They Terminated Our Visits Part 2 (should I Stay With Him Or Leave)
  120. Can i visit
  121. 1st Time Visiting....Was it hard?
  122. A Q for mail to raiford
  123. Transportation
  124. On the road to prison....crazy visiting stories
  125. Need Help On Changing Provider
  126. Joey's worrying for me about our upcoming visit.
  127. No rain will keep me away
  128. Rosita your visit?
  129. awful visit
  130. IS there a difference between these two types of visits?
  131. those darn female guards!!!!!
  132. is it true that kisses r allowed at beging n end of a visit..
  133. Birthday Ideas.....
  134. New lawsuit being brought against Phone co.
  135. Weird Gaurd During Visit
  136. What does he tell you!
  137. I Lost It On Our Visit Today, I Cant Deal With The Reality Of All This
  138. Drama Today, Woman Caught Another Woman Visiting With Her Husband!
  139. Lost Thread?
  140. The Letter I was waiting for
  141. I Wrote the letter now I'm scared....
  142. Why a phone list?
  143. my first visit
  144. Just Wondering....
  145. Very Depressing Visit
  146. Anyone Going To Garza West Or East?
  147. WONDERFUL visit!!!!!
  148. ex-family visit
  149. First visit....EVER
  150. After visit shock!
  151. Question about visitation approval
  152. Should I write a sexy letter?
  153. After 6 Months, FINALLY Got A Visit!!!!!
  154. Conjugal visit petitions-have they succeeded?
  155. what if during a visit....would you "do it"?
  156. He wrote his momma a mean letter!!
  157. PART 2 ..what if during a visit...
  158. Donít Ever Dial Area Code 809, 284, And 867.
  159. his jealous letter made me feel better!
  160. Phone Bill Passes In Washington State! This could work in other States.
  161. Help us improve the prison phone systems in the entire US (as well as Alabama)!
  162. problems with other visitors
  163. Correctional Billing Services - loophole!
  164. I Need......(a mail dance)
  165. Telenet question???
  166. calls from another country
  167. AT&T Blocks Phone Calls From Prisoners Without Consent of Its Customers
  168. Idea's Please.....
  169. denied
  170. Ladies finally a lipstick that wont smear or fade away!
  171. tight clothes???
  172. Visit....
  173. Had my first visit and I feel better--sort of...
  174. 18 days and counting!!!
  175. Got approved for my 2 day special visit with Randy!!
  176. Evercom Correctional Billing Questions (Part 2)
  177. My Husband's Birthday Card party....
  178. Lost ID !!
  179. Staying connected- need ideas
  180. Gonna See Da Hubbie!
  181. I was approved!!!! I'm going to visit in the AM!!
  182. Got Around the Phone Block
  183. Not a good Visit
  184. Will Tele-net work with my cell phone??
  185. Co Making A Pass..
  186. Are you a ROAD WARRIOR
  187. About Visits
  188. I'm Back From My Visit !!! Heres The Rundown
  189. Funny visit story.....
  190. So confused after visit!
  191. My baby called me tonight
  192. We had a good visit!!
  193. How can I order books
  194. Poem ideas
  195. Now truthfully, how many of you..... (sneak during visitation)
  196. I Went!!!!
  197. Mci
  198. The Letter I'm Writing
  199. how can i lower my collect call bill
  200. returning home present ideas
  201. Mail Dance!!
  202. ways to celebrate his b-day
  203. The Visit!
  206. saying I was arrested in 2001...I wasn't ~~~can somebody help
  207. My First Visit in 3 days!!!
  208. 1 1/2 more weeks till I'm w/ MCI
  209. Visitation Policies violate visitors civil rights
  210. Can visitation rights be taken after approval?
  211. Leaving Isnt Getting Easier Its Getting Harder.
  212. i got a very weird call today from evercom
  213. Outside Connection: Open Letter to Brian Prins
  214. EEERRRRR! visit!
  215. Im going to Visit Joey tomorrow for the 1st time....
  216. Stupid visitation rule!
  217. First Visit
  218. I got a letter from my man
  219. Getting Approved for Visits
  220. Richard ~ I love you maaan!!!!
  221. Im back from my visit......
  222. making sense of his letter
  223. I went over my phone call budget!!!!!!!!
  224. Improper Attire and Sexual Thoughts
  225. Went on a visit today.
  226. Another letter
  227. Help with Phone Questions regarding MCI
  228. Any of you that weren't approved for visiting..
  229. Getting off probation.
  230. Some prisons in Texas dont have phones...
  231. Wierd things you do to save for a visit....
  232. Should I Write My In-laws The Big Letter
  233. My 'spur of the moment' visit....
  234. Embarrassed and Need Advice!!!
  235. AT&T Correctional Plan
  236. BAD visit!
  237. Surprise Visits
  238. What kinds of letters does your man like?
  239. ARGH!!!! NO MAIL AGAIN!!!--Ladies I guess I need a maildance too!!!
  240. How much do you visit?
  241. Check Out Brennan Center For Justice
  242. What do you think about this crz letter, + how do you handle your guys, nonsense
  243. visitation
  244. Finally! Our first visit is this weekend~
  245. Ya'll aren't going to believe this regarding my ex
  246. My Husband's Homie Wrote Me a Love Letter!
  247. HELP!!! Confused
  248. Great Visit!!
  249. Well Did Not Get A Letter Today!
  250. First visit down with many more to follow!