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  1. A Letter Question: How do you deal with the lapse between letters?
  2. Saw my honey!! 12/26/11
  3. I got my Christmas present and he got his!
  4. One of those weeks, don't have money to put on phone!
  5. How many pages is your average letter to your partner?
  6. Got my first letter from him! 12/27/11
  7. My first contact visit TODAY 12/27/11
  8. Finally get to see him after a long while! w/UPDATE
  9. Got a letter ~ EXTRA awesome day!!
  10. Ex-Girlfriend Sending Him Mail
  11. Sometimes I need someone to talk to and his letters are far apart
  12. Yay! I'm visiting my brother! 12/29/11
  13. 1st visit Saturday 12/31/11
  14. He hasn't written in months
  15. So excited!!! He'll be out of the hole soon! Can't wait to see him!
  16. missing my loved one- What can I mail to him?
  17. On my way to visit! Haven't seen him in 23 years!
  18. I'm happy! Got a good letter!
  19. His reaction to my letter was not what I expected.
  20. Who has never been to visit their man?
  21. Rideshare cancelled at the LAST minute!!! **VENT**
  22. How do you end your letters?
  23. What Do you Wear to Visits to Look Good For Him?
  24. He sent me an email after I complained! Made my day, Love him!
  25. Prison nightmares while visiting with others?
  26. Annoyed-he's not able to call as much lately
  27. Wishing he would call...
  28. My first prison visit today.12/31/11
  29. Crazy Mail Ladies Check-In ~ January 2012
  30. I miss hearing his voice, can't get a call.
  31. My first call from the love of my life!
  32. Sex while in prison (family visits)
  33. Smiling, I got a letter!
  34. Anyone else having an issue of prisons returning holiday cards?
  35. Christmas is over... what do you send for Easter?
  36. Starting to get worried...I haven't heard from him!
  37. Who sprays their letters with their fragrance before sending it to hubby?
  38. How often do you receive calls?
  39. Voice Mail for Inmates!
  40. Haven't heard from my love in 3 days
  41. Wrote him being honest...too harsh to send?
  42. How do you send letters?
  43. Letter Sharing & Mob Wives.
  44. Trying to send a check -please help!
  45. Pre-paid phone time through JPay... His account wasn't credited. Help!
  46. Will he enjoy the naughty letter as much as I enjoyed writing it!?
  47. What's the punishment for using someone else's pin # for the phone?
  48. I want to hear your stories
  49. Trouble Writing my fiance
  50. I hate LOCKDOWNS!! No calls or mail
  51. Who's Visiting on Martin Luther King's B-day?
  52. Anxiety waiting for mail!
  53. Visiting situation
  54. Heartbroken, frustrated and lost, can't visit as planned.
  55. Dirty letter made me cry?
  56. Its been so long!!
  57. Ladies I Am So Excited To See My Baby!
  59. What time does your mail come?
  60. Approved to visit my lovey & get his phone calls!
  61. Awww, I love my baby...two letters in one week!
  62. Trying to get creative with letters and mail
  63. Kinda of a dilemma, he wants me to lie to visit!
  64. I'm paying for more phone calls than I receive
  65. Do you write rough drafts of your letters?
  66. Do you visit with children?
  67. Phone calls with your MWI
  68. How do "mail calls" work?
  69. Looking for advice for cheaper calls
  70. How much money do you spend on phone calls?
  71. 1st visit was hard afterwards- does it get easier?
  72. How late are they allowed to call?
  73. I am jealous of ladies who get conjugals...
  74. Is there a way to find out if he's writing/talking to someone else?
  75. 1.5 hr one way drive, no visit. LESSON LEARNED!
  76. 25 weeks and counting...and can only visit with 3 of our 4 kids
  77. Visitation denied because of a drug dog!
  78. Phone is going to end our marriage
  79. Rules for contact visits
  80. Does their mail follow them?
  81. Home visits?
  82. Yay! He called...
  83. I Don't Understand What Is Wrong With Me
  84. How do his letters make you feel?
  85. Why does he call and hang up!?
  86. I found out I can visit
  87. Said he would call back but never did
  88. Please help ASAP!!!! What's on caller id?
  89. Is it ok for close friends to write your 'guy' 'man' or whatever?
  90. The best convo yet!
  91. Should I make the trip to visit or save the 5,000?
  92. My PP is not allowed to make international calls- any way to resolve?
  93. Mad at my husband, haven't received a call in a couple of days!
  94. No letter in 5 days
  95. Ugh - they gave me the wrong info and then hung up on me
  96. Oops... Overage on minutes
  97. Has anyone tried receiving collect calls through wifi instead of cell phone
  98. Not sure if I should Visit - what should I do?
  99. Do PC inmates have phone privileges?
  100. Still in the hole... Can't visit, all I can do is write
  101. Bipolar letters, am I the only one that feels like they ramble in letters?
  102. I Have Nothing Happy to say!
  103. Yayyyyy!!!! I get to see my fiancee next Friday for four hours!
  104. I'm all nerves - going to visit him
  105. Ever been leaving visitation in the middle of an inmate transfer?
  106. Visit Day went wonderfully
  107. I FINALLY got to send him letters
  108. Basking in the 'After Glow' after a phone call
  109. Female handwriting in my man's letter to me...
  110. Letter made me cry
  111. Are you picky about what pens and paper you use when you write?
  112. Not sure what to do or say... My cousin doesn't write back. Need advice
  113. Courage. I need a Hug!! I sent the letter with our issues
  114. How often can you send Care Packages in your state?
  115. Does anyone have any Anniversary ideas, besides cards?
  116. Creeped out, another inmate calling me, not my man!
  117. I get to see my big brother sooner than planned :D
  118. Can I visit when he is in the hole?
  119. Can I just say...I hadn't had a call since December 26th; He called today!!
  120. How do you write to someone you love but who you are disappointed by
  121. Pure Romance- Can I send catalog pics of the toys I bought?
  122. Has anyone else ever been denied visitation?
  123. Is there a website to buy landline phone numbers??
  124. I saw my baby yesterday 1/14/12
  125. Sad, not going to be able to visit until Feb 19
  126. I haven't heard from him yet, not sure what is going on!
  127. I'm feeling down because I haven't been able to speak to him lately
  128. My visit, this little bit of time every week means so much to us!
  129. What can I wear to visitation?
  130. Ugh - I haven't heard from him since he got sent to Wasco
  131. So Happy! Got a letter and card from my L.O. today
  132. Do phone calls help or make it worse?
  133. Do you send letters daily?
  134. Can I send him coloring pages?
  135. Anyone Ever Had Their Mail Lost, Not Delivered, etc.?
  136. Am I the only one who gets anxious and excited before a visit!?
  137. My vists - I get to see him every 12 days!
  138. Visitation approval question
  139. His Birthday is Around the Corner!!
  140. Beyond irate. 3 months after applying for visits they say it's wrong form
  141. Visitation through webcams?
  142. I need ideas for husband's birthday Please & Thank You!
  143. Can inmates receive calenders?
  144. Help! Bad weather - what would you do??
  145. Finally heard his voice
  146. What are these Spring, Christmas and whatnot care packages?
  147. Sadness after visit with my MWI
  148. I got to see my baby yesterday!!
  149. What do you talk about on the phone?
  150. Happiest day so far (great phone call)
  151. His letter PISSED me off
  152. I wrote him and think I made a mistake...
  153. Does touching your man drive him crazy!?
  154. I feel like Steve off Blues Clues! Got a letter!
  155. Shouldn't a monopoly on phone calls be illegal?
  156. He sounded so down tonight
  157. Do You Ever Feel Your Conversations With Him Are Always About His Situation
  158. Best letter ever :)
  159. He didn't get my letter
  160. Has anyone used jail call solutions?
  161. GTL question
  162. So, I get to visit for the first time in four years!
  163. Great visit!!
  164. Other girls writing to your husband/boyfriend??
  165. Sad right now - he is not able to call
  166. Best Birthday gift!! I get to see my bf!
  167. Dont you just hate waiting for him to call!
  168. Why isn't he calling me?
  169. You have 60 seconds
  170. Got kicked out of visit, went too far. Now our visits are more restricted.
  171. My Heart Is Breaking Again (after visit)
  172. Greeting cards sold at the commisary, how's this for irony?
  173. Am I the only one upset when they miss a call and can't call back?
  174. Anyone Had Certified Mail Refused By the Facility?
  175. He's mad because I didn't buy more stamps
  176. Sending mail to an inmate can I include cell phone number?
  177. Do you ever feel weird about writing letters?
  178. What does your LO do with letters and pics?
  179. Is he simply not just calling me or could it be something more serious?
  180. Surprising my Baby Today, visiting on his birthday!
  181. Feeling Withdrawn And Not Wanting to Talk to Him on the Phone
  182. What creative things can you do for your husband?
  183. He used to call every night...
  184. Eleven letters within two days!!!
  185. Thinking of my man- can't wait to visit
  186. Need to vent / irritated from not being able to talk to him
  187. What is the usual dress code for contact visits?
  188. Online website to send prison letters besides jpay?
  189. I can't get a word in with my bf on the phone... can anyone relate?
  190. 24 hours of travel, so worth it! Saw my baby!
  191. He got transferred!! He's closer!!!
  192. Holiday visitations
  193. I'm worried - haven't heard from him in a week
  194. 210 days on lockdown... no calls, no contact visits
  195. Running out of minutes
  196. Why are some places locked down more than others?
  197. He says he doesn't want me to visit a lot
  198. How do y'all store your love letters?
  199. Lost letter?!
  200. His transfer messed up my calls
  201. People need to count their blessings (visitation chat on FB)
  202. How often do you get to visit your loved one?
  203. Oh just a little upset at the moment... Bank problems mean he can't call
  204. I can't wait for my visit
  205. How much mail do inmates get from pen pal sites?
  206. He called for the first time in days.. and I was at work!
  207. I took my first sexy pics!
  208. Haven't heard from him in a week...
  209. He just called
  210. Saw him today :)
  211. Calling for other inmates
  212. Yay! My visit is tomorrrow!!
  213. To everyone who's visiting tomorrow
  214. Can't visit with no money :(
  215. Mixed Emotion kind of day
  216. How far will you commute to visit your man?
  217. Nervous about long distance visit
  218. Will they forward his mail when he's moved?
  219. Got my call
  220. A little confused - he sent visiting forms to family but not to me
  221. Pre stamped envelopes....
  222. Need tips for spreading out phone time... we always run out too soon!
  223. My inmate's mother is telling other people she wants to visit alone...
  224. Rough visit
  225. Super Emotional, Normal or Not? (He called just so I could hear his voice)
  226. Stressin' Out - He Hasn't Called In a Week
  227. Free online puzzle maker
  228. Taking pics tomorrow to send to him
  229. First call in two weeks. Found out he was in medical!
  230. Should I feel guilty? I want to be able to save more money before visiting
  231. Doesn't want me to visit says he doesn't want me to see him like that!
  232. Happy day - They pushed back his sentencing, but I got to visit him
  233. Picture Idea for Hubby!
  234. Crazy Mail Ladies Check In~February 2012
  235. Does anyone have problems with the CO's in visits?
  236. How do I list his address for a magazine subscription?
  237. I hate delays
  238. Yay!!!! Got visiting form and a TON of letters.
  239. How often do you talk to your MWI on the phone?
  240. The joy of knowing you are visting your loved one..
  241. He gave out my mailing info!
  242. First visit any suggestions...
  243. He has not gotten my letters yet
  244. How do we cope with only letters?
  245. Last Visit before he comes home. 02/3/12
  246. Feel like a little kid, got my first letter!
  247. Being Humbled! I got his Valentine card.
  248. County jail visitation
  249. Boyfriend on lockdown - can't visit him.
  250. 3 day visit coming up, but I'm a bit irritated with him