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  1. Missing him a lot today, less phone calls and visits!
  2. Do or did any of you feel awkward about the first visit after no contact?
  3. For people with visits tomorrow... change your clocks tonight
  4. Hand card - what you think!?
  5. He hung up as soon as I answered...
  6. :D so happy! Such a great, great visit!
  7. Just Venting! He talks to his guys while we're on the phone
  8. Got an e-mail and a call at the exact same time :)
  9. PDA - got carried away, CO's ended visit. What's going to happen?
  10. I got my first letter <3
  11. Feeling guilty about not writing
  12. Did not get to visit...and he is being transferred
  13. I freeze up on the visit.. any tips on how to get over it??
  14. How often do you guys talk on the phone?
  15. I really need help. Is there an agency that will help pay for calls?
  16. The Best 5 hour Visit Ever! 1st in 3 weeks
  17. Finally a visit.
  18. Can an inmate from MI write to an inmate from WA or vice versa?
  19. How does the v-connect thing work?
  20. Need input for Thanksgiving project
  21. Help- looking for free postcards to send
  22. So we're back on this again...he's nagging about letters
  23. Waiting by the phone and still no call yet
  24. First contact visitation this weekend..
  25. Phila CFCF call list approval- How often and how long does it take?
  26. I think I send too much mail
  27. I got approved to visit him and got another letter!
  28. Value Added Communications heads up
  29. Just went to see him and was not allowed due to his emotional state
  30. Haven't heard from him in any way
  31. So sad hes in the shu :( i was dying to see him
  32. OmG. . .I get to see him
  33. Finally got to talk
  34. No Mail delivery- Federal Holiday
  35. What to do for his BDAY if he is not here
  36. Don't know when I can see him, so upset
  37. Brain freeze/writer's block??
  38. Highly upset regarding my dad!
  39. Visits-How do you find out when the visitation hours are?
  40. They won't let me visit my husband
  41. Help! I need birthday ideas
  42. Finally approved for visits
  43. Is inmate out-going mail private?
  44. What are you sending your man for the holidays?
  45. Man... I miss him so much when we don't talk
  46. Fun questionnaire for our loved ones?
  47. Having a grumble about visit today.
  48. I wish I could have visits with my man every weekened
  49. Phone Issue - Any Suggestions? Global Tel Link
  50. Sooo happy, all day visitation today!!!
  51. Jpay - what is "Pending" status?
  52. Feeling Down! Got to see him!
  53. Mailman stalker
  54. Getting ready for my 1st Visit... What was yours like?
  55. Conjugal/Family Visits
  56. Do YOU sleep with anything that reminds you of him ?
  57. Nothing again today!
  58. How often does he call and how do you control the cost?
  59. Waiting for the phone to ring
  60. First visit -- need advice
  61. Birthday confetti in birthday cards?
  62. Corrlinks word verification not working on an older blackberry
  63. Phone sex....
  64. Can he still write if he has no money on his books?
  65. Excited and nervous for our first "real" visit
  66. I need your bra help !
  67. Ct-good time bill-does it apply to....
  68. Jpay Rule - Only 1 payment every 72 hours?
  69. So irritated I can't even get in mood to write him
  70. Do you notice a difference in their handwriting?
  71. We talked today!!
  72. Finally some good news - he can call me now!
  73. Damn mail room!
  74. Do all facilities allow email?
  75. Why can't I put money in his account? (He's in the box)
  76. Venting...I hate NCIC
  77. Calls or visits? - pick one
  78. How can I find out if he's talking to someone else?
  79. Would it upset you if he wrote his family and not you?
  80. Getting a letter just pissed me off
  81. Cheaper phone calls
  82. Haven't talked to him in 3 weeks cuz I don't have a house phone.
  83. Need info about GTL
  84. So nervous about visitation I could puke!
  85. Hope everyone had a great weekend.. Mwi did
  86. Visit Saturday..
  87. Sending my pp's Mum a Surprise Xmas card?
  88. What do you do with your mail?
  89. Anyone ever use "discount" call sites? How was your experience?
  90. What to do when bf is too nice and shares phone so now I can't talk
  91. Corrlinks issues?
  92. SOOOO annoyed No visits for another 30days
  93. Needing some 21st birthday ideas!
  94. Worried I haven't heard from him
  95. Pet Visitation
  96. Yay! First visit in a year this Friday!
  97. How many places have visitation Turkey Day? Are you going?
  98. Got Card from My PP today!!!
  99. Information on the neal unit in texas
  100. Help- What will the billing be from this call to my cell phone?
  101. Jpay Question
  102. Postal holiday on 24th or 25th?
  103. Sad, haven't heard from him
  104. He finally called!!!
  105. Im so excited! Visiting 11/25/11
  106. Jpay question
  107. Looking for a good service to email letters to prisons
  108. Is Corrlinks down?
  109. Ladies HELP-Letters returned due to "Court Writ". What?
  110. When was the last time you talked to your man?
  111. Visit went so bad
  112. Ladies!! How many times have you visited your men?
  113. I feel numb, hurt and confused- It was horrible- Visit denied in error
  114. Stamps are going up in January 2012
  115. Do you miss him more once you've visited?
  116. Help!! Would You Feel The Same Way?
  117. Sunday visit
  118. Prison Call Solutions... it's a SCAM, BEWARE!
  119. He calls a lot
  120. How many of you have phone sex with your man?
  121. How Often Does Everyone Write Their Man?
  122. Visits are different, they changed the room and I'm dreading saying goodbye
  123. Any advice for a 1st time visitor?
  124. Had a visit, and just have to say... Love him.
  125. Have you sent pictures wearing only bra and panties?
  126. CO berated husband at visit in front of family.
  127. Did the guard go too far? Advice, please.
  128. Christmas Visit!
  129. Picture Poses at visitation!!
  130. Heart ripped out... listening to old voice mails
  131. Saying goodbye never gets easier
  132. Reading our letters
  133. Offender number? Vine link? Need help!
  134. Should I take time off work, get over my fears and go see him?
  135. Missed 2 calls!
  136. Prior arrests and visitation form questions
  137. Confused, Are there phone rules in jail ?
  138. Crazy Mail Ladies Check-In ~ December 2011
  139. How do you deal when you can't talk?
  140. In a week from now, visiting for his birthday!
  141. It's been two days since I heard from him
  142. Anxiety Running HIGH
  143. Adding Spice to My Relationship! Any ideas?
  144. I have learned to not mail angry, upset letters
  145. Visitation Taken Away-Please Help!
  146. Finally got my visit, just what I needed!
  147. How do you deal with back to back calls!
  148. Visitation-I wish I could take him with me when I leave
  149. Would It Be Wrong For Me To pay To Go Visit? W/update Sooooooo excited!!
  150. So excited...1st visit Sunday!!!
  151. Visiting Drama
  152. Came here for info about setting up a GTL account
  153. Anyone visiting this weekend?
  154. Do you ever dress up for your man on visits?
  155. I mailed the letter to my dad
  156. Embossed envelopes
  157. Our first family visit
  158. Money Slip
  159. Today is the day, visiting for our anniversary!
  160. Haven't heard from him since Thurs morning... don't know what to think
  161. Usps
  162. Upset about Visit
  163. Missed a phone call! Does he know it went to voicemail?
  164. Anniversary ideas? I need your input
  165. I can't stop accepting his calls!
  166. Why can't overalls be worn to visits?
  167. Crazy Visitation Rules
  168. Got my first phone call!
  169. Finally a contact visit!
  170. Just had to share a handmade card from my sweetheart
  171. I got my Christmas present early!
  172. Video visits? What the heck is that crap!?
  173. Anxious, Waiting on phone call
  174. Parking at visitation
  175. Phones calls...what is the point when all you got is bad news
  176. Its tomorrow :) Finally, a contact visit!!!!
  177. 4 weeks until my next visit
  178. Am I crazy to consider driving 5.5 hours each way to see him?
  179. So confused by his e-mails!
  180. I'm worried because he hasn't called
  181. Can your PP call you at ANY time??
  182. I got to see him & it was his birthday!
  183. Phone and address
  184. Bragging - I've been approved for visitation
  185. Can I go higher then the warden?
  186. First visit at Staton tomorrow..anyone else?
  187. Corrlinks- anyone else having problems?
  188. Questions about Corrlinks
  189. No communication for a few days
  190. Visit went amazing!
  191. Hesitating on writing my letter
  192. Mail Room - This Gets Hairy!
  193. He says it's not worth the trip....
  194. Visit with hubby was better than I imagined!!
  195. Finally some good news for me... approved for visits!
  196. Visited him today but I feel like a jerk.
  197. First visit went AMAZING!
  198. How do you hug?
  199. I'm freaking the heck out!
  200. I love him so much! (Wanted to share part of the letter I got)
  201. Anyone else experience mail delays?
  202. Letter to my baby, writing brings mixed emotions!
  203. Got his letter today... and it broke my heart.
  204. Today is the day... excited for my visit! 12/16/11
  205. Soo elated, got to talk to him for the first time since July!
  206. Yay! We had a contact visit!
  207. Visit tomorrow
  208. Concerned... he hasn't called for four days!
  209. Would a book delivered after mail call get to the inmate right away?
  210. First visit 12/17/11
  211. Finally... waiting to go see him
  212. Collect Calls (Pressing numbers) & Guy friends .
  213. Christmas Visit **excited**
  214. Just got my first call!
  215. He did not call today 12/18/11
  216. Commissary Over Xmas and New Year
  217. What TIME is your PP's Mail Call at?
  218. Saved by his cell phone
  219. His letters have gotten shorter...should I be worried?
  220. Sad n hurt, hate this time of the year. Can't visit!
  221. Would you go into debt so you can visit your husband?
  222. SO frustrated with the phones! (VENT)
  223. No letter back yet?
  224. I am so sad... haven't heard from him in a few days.
  225. It just hit first contact visit 12/20/11
  226. Sending books
  227. He says he can't write, because he doesn't write well!
  228. What do you do with your phone while you're visiting?
  229. Does your man get mad when his family visits but you don't?
  230. Got my first call awwwww
  231. If you only had 1 form of communication, which would you choose?
  232. Something came up-now I can't visit him this weekend. He's giving me grief!
  233. Advice, can't visit for Christmas!
  234. Dilemma need help: Contact visit or go out of town to see family?
  235. I need advice please. Husband's phone and visiting privileges curtailed.
  236. Good COs gave us a double visit!
  237. The Best Christmas: We were granted one contact visit!
  238. When he calls my heart stops!
  239. Does anyone use the prepaid acct phone system
  240. I have traffic warrants. Will I be arrested if I try to visit him?
  241. He gave me a Christmas present
  242. How hard is it to visit on holidays?
  243. I had a horrible visit - he said I am disposable
  244. Dropped Calls in the middle of a conversation, uggh!
  245. Visit today! 12/24/11
  246. Contact visit! 12/24/11
  247. Finally saw my honey today!!!
  248. To go or not to go - for a Christmas Visit
  249. Do you save the letters?
  250. iPhone 4 dropping incoming jail calls