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  1. First Visit is Today!
  2. I thought I was losing hope until I got this today.
  3. Suggestions on inmate phone calls
  4. Hanging Up At The End Of The Phone Call !!
  5. Help! Cheap phone calls?
  6. Approved for visits! First visit this weekend!
  7. I am ecstatic! On cloud nine! The happiest woman in the world!
  8. Any ideas for something creative to send to my MWI???
  9. Can Individuals residing outside the United States use CorrLinks?
  10. Get To Go See My Brother In 2 Weeks!
  11. Need suggestions for marking our 1st Anniversary.
  12. Worried... Haven't heard from my man all day.
  13. Need info on local number companies
  14. Printing racey pictures?
  15. I miss him after our recent visit
  16. Help-how to get phone calls
  17. Whats up with Jpay?
  18. How much money a month do you spend on letter writing?
  19. Wonderful day today, was with him most of the day!
  20. Visitation day!
  21. First time in almost 8 mths, I smelled and touched him.
  22. Confused about magicJack....Can it receive collect calls?
  23. Feeling bad about not being able to visit as much
  24. Sad I'm not getting much mail anymore
  25. Freaking Out, he is in a sour mood. Don't know what to do!
  26. Joys of the mail box
  27. Good news -finally got a letter
  28. Confused - I haven't heard from him
  29. Offender connect questions
  30. Weekend Get Away
  31. I have tickets, but want to visit my husband in jail. Help!
  32. Having one of those days, we argued. Just want him to call!
  33. Something feels wrong, he called unexpectedly. I missed it!
  34. MWI keeps trying to call - Phone cuts off before I can answer
  35. Worried Sick... haven't heard from him.
  36. Had my first visit
  37. Tonight's phone call was awful.
  38. Over the phone arguments.
  39. Beware of Packages R Us
  40. It's visitation day!!
  41. What creative things do you send to your man?
  42. Ideas for our anniversary
  43. Calls for other Inmates...
  44. His birthday is coming up/What can I do "special"?
  45. I need advice, emotional roller coaster from visits...
  46. Haven't Heard From My Boyfriend In A While
  47. Visited today and need to rant....
  48. I feel horrible for disappointing him - unable to visit
  49. Confused, not sure if I should visit.
  50. Nervous To Go See Him, first visit!
  51. I heard from him and I can breathe again
  52. 29 days 'til our 1st contact visit!
  53. Have you ever had to cut a phone call short?
  54. Do you and him phone sex?
  55. How often do you get to see him?
  56. CONSCALLHOME.COM question
  57. Waiting for a call..
  58. Stalking the Mailman... I do!
  59. Mailing Calendars to inmates. Any problems?
  60. I hate the letters with news (vent)
  61. Taken off his call list!!
  62. Is it wrong for me not to want my husband to call everyday?
  63. How do you save money on visits?
  64. Crazy Mail Ladies Check-In ~ October 2011
  65. Bday card made at Shutterfly! Wanted to share
  66. First letter feeling?
  67. Birthday ideas?
  68. Visit day!
  69. Break down. ..then he calls
  70. County jail postcard thoughts? Ideas?
  71. Question regarding switching phone services from IC Solutions
  72. Upcoming Visit
  73. Wonderful visit!
  74. FINALLY! I figured out a way to get minutes on my phone!
  75. First official prison visit...
  76. How do you handle showing affection before/after visitation?
  77. Can't See Him
  78. How intimate do your letters with your LO get?
  79. Going to Vist My Hubby Sunday yay......
  80. UGGGHHH,had to fill out another visitation form!
  81. No Call...
  82. What do you do for his b'day? I sent sexy pictures
  83. Need Advice.Would you make the trip even though he could go out on a fire?
  84. Have you ever said "No" to him?
  85. Creative Mail Ideas?
  86. 21 question game
  87. Do you know about mail system VACAVILLA(CMF)?
  88. No Call.. Any Suggestions?
  89. Do you take your Phone to the Bathroom?
  90. Second visit with MWI
  91. When he calls... how his voice changes my mood
  92. What's your ringtone for when he calls?
  93. Going to see him like in 10hrs/10-07-11
  94. Ugh....can't get a local number
  95. Is It Really Possible To Get This Excited Every Time He Calls??!!
  96. Do you ever reread old letters?
  97. One picture denied....
  98. Hang up the phone (Do you ever hang up on each other?)
  99. After you see him are you happy or sad
  100. Great Visit!
  101. Visitation tomorrow...
  102. Legal trouble from letters
  103. Approx how much gas money will I need?
  104. Maxim magazine considered "a threat to prison security"?
  105. "SNAIL MAIL" - Post Office in Financial Trouble?
  106. How often do you talk to him on the phone?
  107. God is good. Got a job, and phone call from my fiance!
  108. How do inmates send & receive letters?
  109. Does Vconnect bill thru your cell phone, or separately?
  110. Can I mention prison gangs in a letter?
  111. Calls me back just because. <3
  112. Need help writing a naughty letter
  113. Do you take your children to see him in jail/prison?
  114. How do you feel about him calling his kids on their mom's phone?
  115. Going to see him today
  116. My Husband hasn't called
  117. How do JPay charges appear on credit card bills?
  118. Ughh, starting to worry!
  119. Corrlinks issues?
  120. To all the others that cant talk to their LOs....
  121. I can't see my boyfriend
  122. How many stamps do I use?
  123. Voicemail?!?
  124. CorrLinks from the inside of a prison...
  125. JPay Email
  126. How long does a new GTL account take to work??
  127. Do I need to put my address on my JPay letters?
  128. Omg! So excited about upcoming visit!!!!
  129. What to Wear to Visit
  130. R-rated letters allowed to be recieved in JAIL?
  131. Vent about the mail
  132. Why has he only written 1 letter?!
  133. Spoke to my fiance on the phone for the first time today.
  134. Bums me out - waiting on his emails
  135. Need ideas for "Me without you is like..."
  136. Crying on the phone
  137. Phone Call Question
  138. My visit was today!!!!!
  139. Mail Not Being Received!
  140. Something I found cute & funny- He likes my quirky envelopes
  141. When they suspend your visits..the letter to write
  142. Phone budget time!
  143. Finally get to visit again after 6 months!
  144. This one guard always picks on us, and I'm sick of it
  145. What things can I send?
  146. What can I do to make my visits better ?
  147. How to keep letters interesting and fun?
  148. Feeling More in Love After Visiting
  149. My Dad doesn't want me to visit b/f. And, what kind of pics can I send him?
  150. So nervous! First visit Sunday!
  151. Not stable enough for visits???
  152. He is so negative!
  153. Feeling Good & Bad!!
  154. Are conjugal and contact visits the same thing?
  155. Need some ideas for letters!
  156. AAAAHHH! Super excited and nervous at the same time!
  157. I had my first visit
  158. Drifting away?/not consistent ??..
  159. Mail not delivered to inmate- who can I speak to about this?
  160. Are you a letter junkie?
  161. Jumping up and down! Finally approved to visit!
  162. Venting, still (No!) mail -___-
  163. I have Uverse...
  164. Feeling guilty about not taking collect calls
  165. One of the happiest days, finally got letters he wrote a while ago!
  166. No mail today
  167. Does Global Tel Link have a website?
  168. 7 Days!! OMG!!
  169. Going all day without hearing from him...
  170. Rather have a bad than great visit
  171. Corrlinks question
  172. Blocks on phone
  173. Happy Dance... I'm on my way to visit my MWI!
  174. My application to visit was denied!
  175. :) ( he tried calling )
  176. I don't like missing my MWI's calls. Am I crazy?
  177. Crosswords?
  178. Taking my Kids to visit him today for the first time
  179. Where is that thread of topic questions to write inmate?
  180. I just talked to my baby 4 the first time!
  181. What time does your inmate call you ?
  182. Need advice, what do I tell him?
  183. He's on transfer status- missed visiting AND missed his call! Vent
  184. How often do you write?
  185. Son was hurt. Need to talk to my man, no phone and mail too slow / UPDATE
  186. Letters from your inmates
  187. Vent: Lack of appropriate Birthday cards
  188. I'm so NERVOUS!!
  189. I heard his voice today :')
  190. What's the scoop on conjugal visits?
  191. Visiting with his family
  192. Great visit with my dad!!
  193. How do you handle not getting letters and calls often
  194. 20 minutes is getting shorter & shorter!!
  195. Recommend a third party vendor for Phone calls ?!?
  196. Does anyone else have nightmares? Do they stop at some point?
  197. First letter
  198. Our First Phone Call, Way Too Short!
  199. What to expect for a contact visit
  200. Hi everyone...his folks would not commit to a special cookout visit
  201. Copyright question- Can I send written out chapters of books?
  202. BF happy about card
  203. Is there any way for us to get a record of visits?
  204. What are all the uses for Jpay? What is GTL?
  205. Still no mail ??
  206. What should I wear to visit?
  207. Small journal- will they let him have it?
  208. Does your man smile ?!
  209. Ugh I am so mad, phone disconnected!
  210. Depressed- Not yet approved to visit but his mom is
  211. So upset...not getting my call again!
  212. Help!! Need ideas for bf birthday
  213. Can't wait until Saturday
  214. Does he write you back all the time? Do you fall behind?
  215. Stresses me out when I get no call...
  216. What time of a day is your favorite for phone calls?
  217. When can his call get through?
  218. Will this happen every time? So upset after visiting!
  219. He called me : )
  220. To write or not to write...
  221. He doesn't want me to visit until Christmas?
  222. I got the best phone call
  223. VAC phone- prepaid or charged to my phone bill?
  224. Visitation just didn't go well...
  225. I'm in a rut... need new ideas for cards and letters
  226. Best day ever! Had my first contact visit!
  227. GTL & no-contract cell phones/How do you set up an account?
  228. Would you put your loved one on the xmas card list?
  229. Frustrated because NY prisons don't allow calls to cell phones
  230. I can only get video visits, am I the only one?
  231. Help! The cost of communication is a problem!!
  232. What would you think? What would you do? We're not writing.
  233. Not being allowed porn?
  234. How do you keep the romance alive?
  235. Debating on whether or not I should make a Corrlinks account
  236. Can't talk for ten days... didn't know I'd hurt this bad
  237. Just got my first call from babyyy(:
  238. Personalized calendar with no wire?
  239. 30 minute Phone Calls aren't enough time.. agree??
  240. I get to visit tomorrow!
  241. They said they weren't locked down, but they were! Ideas?
  242. He finally called after a month!
  243. He said I don't care about him. I'M BEYOND UPSET
  244. Guards get on my nerves....
  245. Letters: What do you write when you're mad and he's not writing at all?
  246. Has anyone been terminated from a visit because of touching too long?
  247. JPAY e-mail- Do you have trouble using the "free reply" option?
  248. Do you have a favorite letter?
  249. Soo happy, unexpected visit!
  250. NFL info to send