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  1. Unlimited jail calls?
  2. Do you call before you visit?
  3. How often does he call or write to you?
  4. Can say more with paper and pen
  5. Those out of sight "bills" - daily check-in phone calls
  6. He hasn't written, what do you think?
  7. solo's wife- Will finally get to visit my husband
  8. I accidently sent a contraband item...what happens next?
  9. Share a funny story bout a time your Man called...
  10. How frequently do y'all write each other?
  11. How often do you visit your family member in prison?
  12. What's visitation like for you when you go see your loved one?
  13. How long did it take you to get approved for visitation?
  14. No phone calls and its killing me!
  15. Can you get family visits if you had DV in the past?
  16. Behind glass-no touching! Does one get used to it?
  17. I've Asked my PP to put me on her Visitors list..
  18. When is the last time you visited your incarcerated loved one?
  19. Visiting My Guys
  20. How do I reasure him about the phone calls?
  21. Any of you NOT get letters or phonecalls?
  22. How do you feel about what you can/can't wear to visitation?
  23. Does anyone get sarcastic letters?
  24. Had a great visit
  25. Finally called for his phone card!!!
  26. It's not fair! He writes me so seldom, I write every day!
  27. First visit since he's been gone...
  28. Phone calls or letters?
  29. Can You Write Too Often?
  30. Ladies I need fun and creative ideas to send to our men!
  31. I got a package!
  32. Wasco, husband has not rec'd my mail since June
  33. Should have been approved for family visits
  34. Do jails make exceptions for visitors with hearing impairment
  35. Saturday visit
  36. First phone call on 4th month anny
  37. Cant sleep after visit.
  38. Rude people in Records said he doesn't have a visit list!
  39. Free publications to send?
  40. Is there any good reason why would bf/hubby be late for visit?
  41. How long does it take to activate Corrlinks?
  43. Second visit with my MWI
  44. I Finally Heard From My Boo
  45. They found his Cell phone
  46. He's asking me to pay for the phone calls now
  47. Ladies, Do You Wear Makeup When You Go See Your Loved One?
  48. TrappCall Services?
  49. Needing advice- Want to visit alone, MIL wants to share the visit
  50. Hate these days when I don't get letters.
  51. His birthday!
  52. Can an excon get approval to visit someone?
  53. My mans birthday is Monday... Envelope only gift ideas?
  54. Letters from sons
  55. What are some creative things you do for your man in letters you send?
  56. Can you send photos to your penpal of you and friends?
  57. Finally got a letter
  58. He was suppose to call
  59. I love friday nights because I get to visit on Saturday
  60. After you have read a letter from a loved one in prison you....
  61. Still no call
  62. He finally responded, first contact since 2003!
  63. Creative ideas for emails?
  64. Saw My Booskie Today!!!!
  65. What does your loved one do with a letter after reading it?
  66. ~Crazy Mail Ladies~August 2011
  67. Crybabi- How you you keep it together when it's time to end the visit?
  68. We are approved...seeing jen on sunday whooohooo-UPDATED
  69. Excited about visit
  70. Visiting a prison?
  71. The Weird Things We Send to Our Loved Ones
  72. Have You Your Kids Or Someone Else You Know Ever Been Wanded At Visitation?
  73. If You Could Take One Thing To Visitation, What Would It Be?
  74. Finally got a call but....
  75. Letters don't get to me
  76. Mad about letter from daughter that is asking for money, letters, etc
  77. I hung up on him!
  78. Taking Pictures for your man
  79. Our 1yr wedding anniversary..what to send him?
  80. Amother phone call
  81. Nervous to see my boyfriend. What will we talk about?
  82. Phone calls - Does anyone use Inmate Telephone?
  83. 40 letters
  84. Do you have yourself in a letter writing routine?
  85. He called, I am happy!
  86. Outrageous phone costs!
  87. Need ideas of things to draw!
  88. Is there any way to know who he has on phone record and visitation?
  89. How many letters do you have?
  90. Uhh Depressed & angry at the whole mail process
  91. Questions about letters and other things you send him
  92. Research: Do other states allow calls to cell phones?
  93. Is there such a thing as too mushie of a letter?
  94. Hearing his voice
  95. I feel like I'm stalking the mailman
  96. Good and bad in the visit
  97. Bringing baby to visit for the first time
  98. First phone call
  99. Hate the crappy nights - had a not so great phone call
  100. He finally called!
  101. Can an undocumented immigrant be approved to visit an inmate?
  102. Emailing him is going to cost us our relationship...
  103. My phone died 2 minutes into our call tonight!
  104. Games that can be played through the mail?
  105. Carlessness, my fault I can't talk to him
  106. What to say, when you feel you've said everything?
  107. Mailman vs Me
  108. Return Address
  109. I almost got turned away today!
  110. Husbands Mama got a Contact visit with her son!
  111. Happy Happy Visit Day!!
  112. Ignoring a call on accident
  113. Rule change for visitation
  114. No sound for 3 days
  115. So Excited - He Called
  116. Anyone know if prison calls show up "restricted?" w/UPDATE
  117. Feeling like a horrible wife with no time to write!
  118. So thrilled and I had to share! I Got to Visit Him
  119. Question about phone call I received
  120. Visitation for an Ex CO
  121. My PP is going to be able use Email in 2 months time!!
  122. Different Phone System...
  123. How do you write your letters?
  124. Trouble with Corrlinks?
  125. I visit him from my home!
  126. Online Prison Mail Service?
  127. Phones! (Small melt down/rant)
  128. Changed my address, he was transferred/How long before the mail catches up?
  129. So I'm a little confused - getting mail from another inmate
  130. Phone Calls/I need to notify my son
  131. His birthday is coming! Need some ideas please
  132. Ugh so annoyed and a little hurt: no letters recently
  133. Question About Mail
  134. Photo ideas ..
  135. Nervous before visits
  136. Today's visit was hard...
  137. Ahhh I love him! Got to visit today.
  138. Visits - His mom or me?
  139. Great visit today!!!
  140. Late nite call?
  141. Great visit today!
  142. Newborns & visitation.
  143. Family member died in prison, want to write his fellow inmates but worried.
  144. So annoying! He wasn't able to call
  145. Fighting family for visitation day
  146. Our phone call or how simple words turn it all around
  147. Visit with my MWI..
  148. Acceptable ID for visits?
  149. Should i go visit him?
  150. Birthday Idea: What do you think?
  151. Blow phone kisses?
  152. Expensive phone calls?
  153. Does everyone get letters?
  154. E-mailing? Why can't I send emails? Is it just for some facilities?
  155. Does visiting help your relationship?
  156. Songs that inspire our inmates - Let's Make a List.
  157. The call once per 3 months, can it be a international one ?
  158. Transfer is pending and special request made
  159. Got my first call from him
  160. First Visit
  161. Unexpected phone call
  162. Has anyone ever felt like this after a visit?
  163. Corrlinks Question
  164. I get to go see my Hubby in 6 days!
  165. Got to talk to him tonight!
  166. Just back from visiting......i just wanted to ravish him there and then lol
  167. Why post letters your inmate sends you?
  168. Can you get Visitation forms online?
  169. Missed his call!
  170. Something to do for his birthday
  171. What should I do about packages not released to him?
  172. Can I send cards?
  173. Terrible Tuesday, no call!
  174. Finally! - I got to talk to him!
  175. How Many Times Do You See Your Man?
  176. Oops, upside down envelope!
  177. My visitation was denied!
  178. First visit- he cried, did that ever happen when you visit?
  179. How often does he call?
  180. Crazy Mail Ladies Check-In ~ September 2011
  181. My First Contact Visit is Tomorrow!
  182. Does any one have GTL's phone number???
  183. Need to know if I can ship things straight from the company
  184. So excited - I got a letter
  185. Possible the prison is lying about him being in trouble and getting mail?
  186. He's not getting his mail
  187. Feeling guilty, not going to be able to visit.
  188. Virtual visitation on jpay
  189. Sending naughty letters
  190. So... I came home from visit today to a surprise...
  191. Had a great visit but now missing him even more
  192. First contact visit this normal?
  193. What does this mean, call from another inmate?
  194. Just had a great call,finally
  195. Help please need phone provider info
  196. Romance--Reading the Old Love Letters
  197. How do you make it when you can't go see him on visitation day?
  198. Who reads the mail and where does that info go?
  199. How many wear "sports" bras to visit?
  200. Having the worst day ever, I spoiled myself
  201. Do you ever feel like you need a break from visiting?
  202. Birthday Idea..Anyone know?
  203. Will see him in a couple of hours, Sept. 6.
  204. Upsetting letter.
  205. International calls- What's the best way for a US inmate to call Germany?
  206. Crazy kisses for your man
  207. Boycott Global tel link Oct. 1
  208. So freakin upset! My phone lost service during call with my MWI
  209. Email-- So excited!
  210. I got to see him today!
  211. Why can't they call cell phones?
  212. Got mad about bf slacking on letters (vent)
  213. The sweetest letter ever
  214. Any ideas for letter games
  215. Yay I finally get to talk to him
  216. Problem with visitors form
  217. Excited - heard from him!
  218. My first call is tomorrow
  219. No NO's for visitation? What to Wear?
  220. Finally got to hear his voice
  221. Holding on to the mail until the last second....
  222. Really trying not to cry- Haven't received a phone call yet.
  223. Any ideas to keep the spark in letters?
  224. Something special for our One Year Anniversary
  225. Direction of stamp.
  226. I need help this week - going to visit my daughter
  227. Sexy phone calls?
  228. Just wanted to share (visiting soon)
  229. Waiting for Him to Call. Should I Be Worried?
  230. What can I expect in the visits to come?
  231. Yay! I finally get to visit!!!!
  232. Halloween Letter Pranks?
  233. Visits with my dad are so emotional
  234. We just had a great visit!
  235. Cheaper prison calls??
  236. How often do you visit your spouse?
  237. What cute outfits do you wear to visit?
  238. How does he sign off his letters?
  239. How long does it take for money to get to me?
  240. I sent an orgami kit,it was rejected, what happens now?
  241. I'm getting aggitated with the lack of mail!
  242. Phone Company problems
  243. Lost my visit because of a mistake!
  244. Information on submitting photos w/ my letters.
  245. Got the mail and cried like a baby
  246. What Do You Normally Wear To Visitation?
  247. Any special letter-ideas?
  248. Are phone calls cheaper with cheapjailcalls?
  249. Kinda cute...talking about fantasies. Question about Corrlinks.
  250. Happy dance! Letter full of good stuff!