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  1. First contact visit in 6 days!!!
  2. topics to talk about when visiting??
  3. Waiting by the Phone
  4. Has anyone gotten a letter back marked 'return to sender'
  5. Telmate? Have you used it?
  6. At our visits we are allowed to cook out. Does anyone else get to do this?
  7. Excited/Nervous, My first visit is today!
  8. How do you mask the pain during calls/visits?
  9. He called and I'm happy
  10. "Call not accepted, please try again later" message?
  11. Feelin a lil letters yet.
  12. Chatty COs at visit?
  13. What kind of pictures do you usually send him?
  14. Mail crisis... Looking for honesty not sympathy
  15. 1st Visit in 8 Years*UPDATED*
  16. Ahhhhhhhh i GOT a Letter!!
  17. ~ Crazy Mail Ladies ~ May 2011
  18. Maternity jeans for visits?
  19. What special things has he sent you to make you smile?
  20. Signed up for Jpay, but letter won't go through?
  21. Ughhh Global Tel Link---- Really??~Vent
  22. Collect calls- how much are they between two different states?
  23. Could you go the rest of his sentence without any or hardly any letters?
  24. Did he look different when you finally got to visit him?
  25. Money Order IMSI~Did I fill it out correct?
  26. Hate gtl!!!~Vent, dropped calls.
  27. Need to Vent, filled out paperwork for visit, they filled the spot!
  28. Visit in 2 more days
  29. How do you get comfortable with visitations?
  30. Do you use & like Jpay E-messaging ?
  31. Do you read the letters over and over?
  32. Lost for words.. what to say thru the phone
  33. on cloud 9~He was finally able to call after a month of no calls
  34. Going to see him today! *UPDATE*
  35. Visiting him for the first time.....why am i so nervous
  36. Sending signature certified mail
  37. My first visit!! :( -found out no visits on Friday when I get to the prison
  38. My Mother's Day call
  39. Do you get tired of other people asking to be on his visitor's list?
  40. what do you think about less frequent letters/calls/visits?
  41. Starting to get nervous...going to FL to see him.
  42. How do you prepare for visits?
  43. Visit Tomorrow-----MY HEAD IS SPINNING!!
  44. Question about OffenderConnect?
  45. Help me decode this, meaning of placement of stamps.
  46. Have you used for phone calls?
  47. Slow mail. (Sorry, just needing to vent.)
  48. Just a reminder- The pics you send are not "private".
  49. More calls, less letters~missing the letters
  50. Does anyone have a survey or quiz to share that we can send to an inmate?
  51. Visitation this weekend
  52. Loving the Jpay Email service..
  53. Im as SO excited - approved to visit
  54. Do you think this would be allowed? Several pics on one page?
  55. Cute Things For His Birthday...
  56. Save money on your inmate calls
  57. Writing him another (nicer) wtf letter :(
  58. Got Great News Today about Visitation!!!!!
  59. My bf said it's better if I don't visit?? wtf??
  60. First Prison Visit Yesterday
  61. UGH!! I HATE not receiving calls or letters when expected!
  62. they are trying to suspend our visit over fabricated action
  63. Just got back from visitation.
  64. Calling when he's supposed to
  65. How often do you hear from your inmate?
  66. Do you feel more productive on Sundays because there is no mail?
  67. Creative ideas to change up the mail from time to time
  68. Help with Visiting- What the heck do we talk about?
  69. New with questions! Do I have to worry about everything I say on the phone?
  70. Back from 2 day visit
  71. Ex-celly stole my information!!!
  72. He's sick... on our visiting weekend...
  73. Calling Issues~Put $30 on my account but only shows there is .15 cents.
  74. Got my first call..and I'm not sure how to feel about it.
  75. Letters, how often do you send them.
  76. What do you do when they call grumpy
  77. Corrlinks costs?
  78. Visitation~vent on extended visits
  79. First call since hes been gone:)
  80. question about SMU inmates
  81. Money order... another time...~How does the inmate get the money?
  82. I almost didn't get to visit
  83. I Got My First Letter!
  84. Clip-in Hair Pieces & Metal Detectors
  85. Phone and Trust Issues~BF thinks I'm cheating on him
  86. He doesn't write all that often,
  87. Lost/No Contact Yet
  88. Landline service out for at least 3 days...are you kidding me??
  89. Twenty more days until my first visit!
  90. Question about buying phone time
  91. Visit Finally got approved!
  92. Without these phone calls I'm really feeling the distance
  93. Letters - where / how do you store them?
  94. Magic jack~Has anyone tried or have it?
  95. Looking good for your man
  96. How often does he call?
  97. No Mail Days SUCK
  98. OMG I've been approved to go visit...YaY
  99. ~ Crazy Mail Ladies ~ June 2011
  100. Is anyone else having problems with Corrlinks?
  101. Mail today? Did you get any?
  102. Why wouldn't he call?
  103. First Visit!!!!
  104. Conjugal visits, do they exist?
  105. How do you talk "dirty" to your man?
  106. Do you do this?~When you think he is calling.
  107. First visit coming up scared!
  108. What if the phones are down at the jail?
  109. How much have you spent on phone calls?
  110. Wasted phone calls
  111. Do you ever get worried when you don't get a letter or phone call?
  112. Ladies, how do you cope? Letters only form of communication.
  113. Money gram how do i use it
  114. In a naughty mood, and not sure what is acceptable to write
  115. Risque Writing?
  116. Confused about my first visit, didn't go very well. (Updated)
  117. After 3 weeks of silence, he finally called
  118. MyVConnect or Jpay? Which company is cheaper for phone calls?
  119. Visit tomorrow!!
  120. His ex told the jail I just got out of prison! Will they still let me visit
  121. How was your first contact visit?
  122. How much does your man call you?
  123. How long before they can get mail after they get to prison?
  124. Need ideas about something to send for our one year anniversary
  125. Have you ever received a letter from another man?
  126. Do you only put phone money on your number?
  127. Can't see my honey until the 15!!!!
  128. Having photos taken at visitation~Are you happy with yours?
  129. Vent about kissing at visitation
  130. Do you get calls at a specific time?
  131. Personalized Postcard~Fun thing to do.
  132. If I dont visit he gets mad
  133. Missed his calls
  134. So frustrated, he isn't getting my letters because crayons on them.
  135. He makes me not even want to pick up the phone
  136. Current Issues with ADDmyPHONE!!!
  137. I want a letter from him NOW!
  138. 2 days until i see him!!
  139. Has he ever sent you a sexy letter?
  140. cold case communications~Has anyone used them?
  141. I walked out on a non-contact visit
  142. He finally got my letter after a month
  143. First phone call was awkward
  144. Last visit?!~Advise on how to get through untill I get to see him again.
  145. No mail!!
  146. Do you Decorate the envelopes when you write?
  147. They terminated my MWI's visits for 2 months
  148. Fathers Day June 19th, what to do for him?
  149. Help! what to wear and setting up phone?
  150. Going in on them.~No more visits allowed at the jail I visit.
  151. I don't know whats going on right now with him? No mail vent!
  152. He FINALLY wrote.
  153. Driving myself crazy.. ONE STAMP OR TWO
  154. Received a Letter from a total stranger?
  155. Visiting for the first time in 9 months
  156. Is this too risque for a visit? *pic included*
  157. I surprised my Husband with a visit...
  158. I'm so mad! Letter got returned cause of kiss marks..
  159. Sending "naughty" stories?
  160. Visitation horror stories...
  161. Got our first visit today, it was great!
  162. Does he send you his visition printout
  163. Male friend visits often, is it loyalty?
  164. First phone call!
  165. I need to see my boyfriend,but I'm a minor. help please.
  166. How often do you talk to your man?
  167. Ever used J-Pay?~To send a letter?
  168. My first visit, AMAZING!
  169. How to tell if a GTL call was booted?
  170. How do you keep him entertained when he is in the hole?
  171. Father's Day Visit
  172. I'm writing my college essay on VISITING PRISON and I need help.
  173. Have you sent your husband professional sexy pics?
  174. Do you go long period without talking to him just because you are busy?
  175. Anybody Use Globel Tel Link? having problems
  176. Where do you shop for clothes to wear to visitation?
  177. Worried- He got moved, will my letter follow him?
  178. He sent a poem in his letter! A good mail day!
  179. To the pens and paper ladies!
  180. What are some games you can play with your man?
  181. Addmyphone not working?!
  182. I finally got a letter from him!
  183. My first visit was awesome!
  184. Why do correction officers act weird?
  185. Do you go all out on Make-Up for visits?
  186. Mail Question- Can inmates write to other inmates?
  187. I am STILL so ANGRY!!!!/My Husband Hasn't Received Any Of My Letters
  188. Have you ever had a change of mood when you get a call from him?
  189. How many times do you write him in a week?
  190. Im a wife and my visitation has been denied. Help!!
  191. Have you ever seen his aura??
  192. My boyfriend hasnt called me and im freaking out
  193. He called me and felt so good!!!
  194. Postagram from your phone...have you tried it?
  195. He gets annoyed when he calls and im busy with my family
  196. Good morning! Getting Ready for a Visit
  197. Leaving your boyfriend after a visit is the WORST feeling ever !
  198. Visiting loved ones/Anyone carpool?
  199. Visit Saturday!!~Happy to be going.
  200. ~ Crazy Mail Ladies ~ July 2011
  201. Mail questions, need websites with questions for loved ones.
  202. Excited about visiting!
  203. When He Doesn't Call Strange Things Happen
  204. First visit and definitely not the last!!
  205. Surviving the hole this summer
  206. Do you know who your guy writes to besides you?
  207. Put off my visit so his mom could visit, then she doesn't show!
  208. I walked out on my boyfriend during a visit
  209. Oh man! No phone calls No mail
  210. Grrrrr....So Frustrated!!!! No Visits
  211. What Gifts Can Inmates Mail Home?
  212. Had an Argument at Visitation
  213. Has anyone tried PrisonCallSolutions?
  214. Frustrated at prison's visitation rules!
  215. I Don't Want Him to Call Anyone While I am Visiting
  216. In love all over again!! Had a Great Visit
  217. To those in the UK... How long does your mail take ?
  218. So worried, haven't heard from him in a week.
  219. I need help. I need to see my man but I'm on DOC. What do I do?
  220. 17 Years Old... I want to visit my friend in jail, w/o my parents!
  221. Are the ads about cheaper calls legitimate?
  222. How does it make you feel when its time for him to call?
  223. Anyone else find it hard to find something cute/sexy to wear to visit???
  224. Didnt hear from my baby
  225. Yayyaayay- I got a call!!!!
  226. He's not writing again
  227. Writing dilemma, should I keep writing a friend?
  228. Well this sucks.....visits AND phone privileges suspended
  229. Upset - Missed His Call
  230. Didn't get a call today...
  231. AHHH!!! Got the 1st Phone Call!
  232. Had an amazing visit with my MWI
  233. Don't understand why my MWI hasnt got my mail !!!
  234. Worried About My Fiance' Please Read!
  235. Question about Jpay-will my name show up when I send money?
  236. Had a great Visit!
  237. My fiancÚ's birthday is coming up! HELP!
  238. We got in trouble at visit for something we didn't do.
  239. Anniversary coming up. HELP with what to send.
  240. Am I being selfish? No letter in 10 days
  241. how do i set up my phone to receive calls?
  242. New member question- Why are calenders prohibited?
  243. Lost number for GTL
  244. He hasn't called and I'm freaking out!
  245. Can I bring baby wipes to visitation?
  246. Do you cry when you visit him?
  247. First contact visit- nervous and excited
  248. 21 Questions!What one question would you ask your boyfriend?
  249. Feeling horrible! My bf isn't getting my letters w/UPDATE
  250. How do calls work?