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  1. NO more Hankies-~Can't be sent out from the prison, considered contraband.
  2. Staying at hospitality house~How much $ should I give them?
  3. Calls from (713) 981-0098 BEWARE
  4. He's upset over 5 letters
  5. poems - Does anyone know where to find good ones?
  6. First Call & Letters Today!!!!
  7. Hardcover Books~Are they allowed?
  8. Noreaster grrr/Cancelled visits!
  9. Amazing mail questions~Cards returned because they were laminated.
  10. V- Day Cards " Can you send the BIG ones?"
  11. They are closing TONS of Post Offices
  12. Just A Little Something For Valentine's Day...
  13. Quotes For Your Man!
  14. Tired of the same mirror shots....need a digi cam and tripod
  15. Serious case of writer's block!
  16. Alpha Dates
  17. He is my alarm clock
  18. Crazy Mail Ladies n Dudes!!! ~ February 2011
  19. Corny but sweet!
  20. I am the only one with my red flag raised on the mailbox?
  21. Writing letters? Do's & Don'ts? Where do I begin...
  22. Some Ideas. :)~To add to your letters. Please add yours.
  23. Price of prison calls?~Who regulates how much calls are?
  24. Working on his scrapbook!
  25. 13 Things ur Mail Carrier WON'T tell you.
  26. First visit tomorrow. I'm sooo nervous!!
  27. Should I contact the warden? I have questions about visitation!
  28. Waiting time vs reading time
  29. Seriously.. I have to know...why?(men with several women visiting)
  30. Did you cry the first time you visited him?
  31. Can I get an out of state area code so calls will be cheaper?
  32. Sunday IS NOT a fun day - No Mail
  33. Is your mate receiving mail and/or pics from someone else?!
  34. The most adorable love letter ever!
  35. Question about calls
  36. Query About Help!!
  37. Poor quality of phone calls
  38. Blacklisted visitor~How can I get my visits back?
  39. What kind of paper do you use for your letters?
  40. Got MAIL today!!!
  41. Got to Visit Him Today!!
  42. 1st visit..what to wear?
  43. Need mail ideas!
  44. Misunderstanding what he said in his letter
  45. Cheapest phone calls?? HELP
  46. Visits suspended! VENT! / Will it be hard to get them back?
  47. Looking for a cheap way of receving calls
  48. Visits terminated indefinitely....~Drug dog in visiting implicated I had drugs.
  49. Im so mad!/Couldn't visit due to ID having different address
  50. Whoops. I didn't mail off his Valentine's Day stuff yet...
  51. No Valentine This Year
  52. upset, sad, angry, frustrated- Said he'd call, hasn't yet.
  53. How many of you ladies would forgive your man if he called earlier than his one day?
  54. Look what came in the mail today
  55. call connection~Phone shuts off when we talk and says "No 3 way calling"
  56. i forget what i wanted to talk about with him!
  57. How do I put money on my correctional billing account from UK?
  58. *vent*... NO mail delivery today...
  59. A Question about things to send him
  60. Darn Phones!!!! (vent)
  61. Help needed for project in nyc
  62. My cards and pics were sent back; confused, what to do?
  63. I was added to his visit list!!
  64. enjoyed 1st visit @state prison
  65. Yay! I got to talk to him!
  66. Amazing visit :)
  67. Do you spray your mail to your man with perfume?
  68. I'm accused after visit...WTF??!~Said I passed him something during Non-Contact visit
  69. Vent - about prison phone calls
  70. I think I just heard my heart break. No mail again today!
  71. Are all phone calls recorded?
  72. Dayspring cards in prison
  73. Globaltel, Verizon block?
  74. Has anyone ever gotten a letter that your penpal/husband/man meant to send elsewhere?
  75. Phone calls- Has anyone tried PrisonCalls?
  76. **April Fools** Any good ideas for pranks we can play on our loved ones?
  77. How do I order these mags he wants?
  78. the collect calls are really expensive!! Need HELP
  79. Help! Prison holding my mail
  80. Got to see my baby today..
  81. What are the sweetest things he's sent you?
  82. having a horrible week :( having issues with my car that are threatening visits
  83. Phone Services
  84. Grrr! His sexy letters are better than mine/Anyone else have this problem?
  85. Taking my kids to visit, any ideas to make it the best visit ever?
  86. Will the higher gas prices limit your visits?
  87. HELP!!! he wants a dirty letter!!
  88. To what extreme have you gone to answer their call?
  89. Global H*** tel link
  90. Visit tomorrow
  91. ~Crazy Mail Ladies~March 2011~
  92. Can you send books about the prison experience to people in prison?
  93. Thomas McGee aka crazymailman aka Tor-K aka thomasmcgee289
  94. Selfish of me? His mom is taking one of my visits
  95. Phone Help please....How does she access the the money I put on the phone acct?
  96. Writers block~Anyone else go through this?
  97. Am I the only one that goes thru hell trying to pay my phone bill?
  98. Calling question- Which service is best/cheapest?
  99. Delivered long does it take once it reaches the facility?
  100. Help =] Need more ideas for pictures
  101. When your man calls you, can you hear him perfectly fine?
  102. Has anyone heard of ConsCallHome phone service???
  103. Birthday ideas, my man's bday is coming and I need a great idea on what to send
  104. I'm so mad!! vent-lost visits for 6 months and he's in the box
  105. Sigh...Sundays are the worst
  106. Vent about TDC phones, I can not hear him on the line
  107. Question about medical metal setting off the visiting machine.
  108. Securus Tech (formerly CBS)
  109. If an inmate gets in trouble, can they still send mail?
  110. Help getting message to my husband
  111. How was your first visit to see him?
  112. Email Communication availability
  113. Help can't find a website~Cute pictures and sayings
  114. You Have One Minute Left......
  115. I'm not getting mail til at least the end of the week
  116. I havent got a letter:(
  117. FOUL PLAY w/ MY MAIL- My housemate might be hiding it!
  118. Reusing a stamp?
  119. What should I do if he doesn't want a visit?
  120. Visit~Had a great visit
  121. Metal detectors in prisons vs detectors in airports
  122. The Urge To Do The Unthinkable During A Visit!!!!!
  123. I miss my girls that I chatted with at visits
  124. Walked out during visit!
  125. Global Tel Link problems? Is this an FCC violation?
  126. Ideas for Easter?
  127. Had a GREAT first visit, but hate havin to leave him behind...
  128. Which states allow Conjugal Visits?
  129. Pictures "I hope he get's them"
  130. In a dilemma... My mom wants me to write to another man in prison
  131. Not able to visits till 2012
  132. We had our first call!
  133. Who is writing your man?, I do not feel comfortable with other ladies writing him
  134. I need help writing a dirty letter about a courtroom fantasy
  135. St. Pattys Day, do CCA facilities consider this a visiting holiday?
  136. Today's the day!! I get to visit him!
  137. The wonders of prison grammar when he writes - Your opinion!
  138. Have you ever NOT wanted to go visit?
  139. Prepping for my first visit tomorrow!
  140. Does mail usually take the same amount of time?
  141. Blahh .~Waiting for him to call.*UPDATE He called*
  142. Thought I'd Play a Game w/Him :) we played it thru the mail
  143. Do they get mail while in the hole?
  144. inmate collect calls- is there a cheaper option?
  145. Something Special for the Crazy Mail Ladies!!
  146. I shouldn't even be thinking about quandry...
  147. I cant sleep! 1st visit, haven't seen him in 10 yr
  148. First visit today
  149. Feeling very guilty :( too nervous to visit my friend and he would like a visit
  150. Our first visit! what did u go thru before yours?
  151. Ringtones? Do you have them?
  152. 1st Visit UPDATE-LONG/ Visiting Day Outfit PIC
  153. Cheaper Phone calls...HELP!!
  154. How do you get him to open up in his letters to you?
  155. Sometimes a little Prison-Visit kindness can go a long way (kinda long)
  156. Help! There was no way to accept the call?
  157. Mail Question!~I taped the back of the envelope.
  158. How can I find out who visited him?
  159. so excited..1st visit!!!
  160. How has a letter changed your day?
  161. Uncomfortable Question: Do you have phone sex with your man?
  162. Puzzled why I am on his visiting list when we dont speak?
  163. Do you have a prison visitation wardrobe?
  164. Help- Is Global Tellink the only option?
  165. When you visit can you have pins/clip in your hair?
  166. Hello, my name is mud...messed up appointment and blew a visit
  167. i saw my baby!
  168. 1st visit today...~It went great!
  169. What goofy way does your guy say his name on the phone?
  170. he is calling tomorrow!/I have not heard his voice in 3 months
  171. Have question about sending/receiving money orders
  172. First Call Since His Transfer
  173. Stuff to send to pass the time.
  174. Have you ever received a letter that gave you the giggles?
  175. Kite Sender~Has anyone used this company before?
  176. What are you doing for your husband/boyfriend for April Fool's Day?
  177. Need Phone Call Info?
  178. Protective order but I want to visit
  179. ~Crazy Mail Ladies ~ April 2011
  180. Ahh! He's been transferred and I will not get to visit tomorrow.
  181. Visit terminated early - feeling a mess...
  182. Postcards-Any ideas as to what to put on them?
  183. On cloud 9, finally received mail.
  184. who is your loved one calling n emailing ???
  185. Ughh what a visit today men i swear
  186. Sealing Mail? Need Help asap!~Is it OK to use tape to seal envelope?
  187. Sending him some goofy pictures
  188. Omg He Just Tried Calling~Update, he called!!!!!
  189. Help! How do i receive calls from him?
  190. I called GTL.~Can my account from county transfer over to state?
  191. When he calls, what is his ringtone?
  192. Sending A Book from the Uk to My PP in the Usa
  193. Do you think that other inmates help him write letters?
  194. Calling cards?~Can they be used in prison?
  195. My Man made my day! Got a letter...
  196. My babe sent me a rainbow
  197. Birthday Ideas
  198. Why does prison mail have such stupid rules :(
  199. Just Wondering..How would it feel for an inmate to get 4 books in one day?
  200. So, they can't tell me if I'm approved...great!
  201. His letters, need ideas for a nice way to keep and save them
  202. Worried! No Letters...
  203. New questions to ask in a letter so we can get to know eachother better?
  204. Im soo pist off.. My BF is not writing (vent)...
  205. Has he ever NOT wanted you to visit him?
  206. How do you end your letters to your husband/boyfriend?
  207. My morning wake up call
  208. Does it get easier once you can visit?
  209. Ear2Ear~Has anyone had any problems with them?
  210. How long do you wait for your first letter?
  211. Is the postage price going up in April?
  212. Is it normal to feel this way when you don't get a letter?
  213. Vonage...
  214. Please tell me I'm trippn, he has written twice in two weeks.
  215. can't find Global Tel Links number to put $ on my phone
  216. Denied Letter/foam stickers considered contraband
  217. HOW do you spray perfum on letters?
  218. I dont get this- What would constitute "Misuse of Mail"
  219. What to do if visitation is denied?
  220. Going To See Him Tomorrow! Nervous..
  221. Phone help...~Need to find a phone service to use.
  222. visits taken away for bringing in contraband ?
  223. Online letter sending sites ?
  224. I did something dumb...~Almost sent my man a lawnmower through Amazon
  225. Waiting for the call....maybe we should set a specific time for the call
  226. What Magazine Should I send him?
  227. How many cards and letters do you have so far from your man?
  228. Tape on the stamp? Do you think the letter will go through?
  229. Need some help reassuring him after a lull in letterwriting
  230. I can't visit so, instead, I stand where he can see me.
  231. Letter rejected.. From a Cheetoo!! LOl
  232. Arguing on the phone...I wish it would end, and it feels so bad!
  233. Easter Mail, he sent our 2 yr old an Easter card and she loved it!
  234. If you haven't heard from your loved one lately, check in here
  235. Redundant question do you send paper and stamps to inmates?
  236. Weirdest/Creepiest Thing Your Man Has Sent You?
  237. What is the cutest thing or things your man sent you?
  238. If you could send him Just ONE thing.. ???
  239. What are the special things you do in your letters for your Man?
  240. Approved for visit, now I can get a kiss after 9 months!
  241. How should I make a mail room complaint?
  242. I want to surprise him.. question!!~Do they know who is there to visit them
  243. Ranting, he writes letters when he is mad. Then he is okay, I can't take it
  244. Rate increased on sending a postcard, SO THE JAIL DID NOT SEND THEM OUT!
  245. So, perfume on letters is allowed?
  246. Is there such a thing as letters being too cheesy/lovey?
  247. 1st visit=]~It went great!
  248. If your man couldn't get through on your phone, would he call your parents?
  249. I need a hug (his letter was not what I expected)
  250. Mail seems to take forever or is it just me?