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  1. I wrote him a letter -- How I feel about his test
  2. Hate that my mail is delayed, what is going on???
  3. Am starting to get excite hehe Im going to see him
  4. Boyfriends phonecalls are STRESSFUL!!!!
  5. EX wife is going to visit my husband~How do I deal with this?
  6. Oh my gosh he called!, this is the first call in a yr, SO EXCITED!
  7. Visits Canceled and they cant use the phone-- I'm worried.
  8. Dont you hate it when..(re: visit attire)
  9. Would you be upset re: in-laws getting visit before you?
  10. Confused about email~He says he can't recieve them but corrlinks says he can
  11. Can Magic Jack be Considered a Landline?
  12. Inappropriate contact, he had his hand in her pants!!
  13. Who else is planning a Thanksgiving Visit
  14. Need help! My sweety GOT HIS GED! Need some ideas.
  15. Question about visiting rules
  16. Letter to DOC - My story of loving an inmate/Updated
  17. "It's unheathy to sit in a Prison All weekend every weekend!"-What do you think?
  18. Writing your babe...what is your special phrase you put on each letter?
  19. What number are you at visits?
  20. I don't want to get discouraged but when will I get his letter?
  21. Talking Dirty on the Phone (Phone sex)
  22. Veteran's Day, It's a Holiday, No Mail!!!
  23. Feeling very bummed! We went to visit and he was in the infirmary w/no visits
  24. Christmas ideas 2011... What are you sending your LO?
  25. How long does it take you to write a letter?
  26. got 3 letters today, lots of good news and maybe visits soon!
  27. Miscommunication...I hope (block on phone)
  28. The things we go through....just for a small visit!
  29. I got my birthday card early!
  30. How long before I should give up? upset over lack of communication
  31. Just annoyed. - Not getting mail as quickly as we usually do
  32. I feel so stupid for worrying about calls & letting my imagination get the best of me
  33. Am I the only one who hates leaving after visits?
  34. OMG! Waiting on mail
  35. Mailing~I kissed and used tape on the envelope. Will it get in?
  36. Letter Ideas :)
  37. Do you hold back the tears and be strong when your visits over?
  38. letters being sent back wth??~Excessive lipstick
  39. Housing info~How do I get it so I can mail a letter?
  40. Missed my husband calls last night~13 missed calls and I was asleep on the couch :(
  41. Finding things to talk about...keeping the communication fresh and interesting
  42. Might not be getting any calls soon~Having to cut off phone and internet.
  43. BUMMED...still no mail
  44. Anyone Help with cheap international phone service!!!
  45. Websites that sell magazines that are allowed in~anyone know of one?
  46. Beware of New Possible Charge $: CBS becoming Securustech
  47. To those of you going to visit...Be safe out there!
  48. need some bday ideas!!
  49. Heavy heart, sad after visits, missing him
  50. Inmate call solutions~How long does it take to get a #?
  51. Full week w/no mail:(
  52. My idea is to photo copy a few books"Can I do this"
  53. Weird things visits do to me
  54. Phone call from a stranger?
  55. Contact vs non contact.. what do you get?
  56. Little Reminders of Love...
  57. Late for visitation and he flipped
  58. Trip to visit is a pain, going every other week
  59. Trying to send pictures, need ideas
  60. Postsecret - saw a postcard I thought many could relate to~
  61. Colored Ink Pens~Can I write my letters in them?
  62. Any ideas for a 1st anniversary? I want this to be really special!
  63. Confused about emails and questionnaires - please help.!
  64. Now I understand why I got warned about associating with females at visit
  65. Question about mail - Not sure if it matters or not~The format of the prison address
  66. How many letters/drawings are you getting?
  67. Inmates Callin Home..need help!!
  68. He called while me and the kids were decorating
  69. Losing interest in writing back to him...
  70. Depressed - visit canceled. Can't make it to visit due to car trouble
  71. CO interputed our phone date!!/busted talking sex
  72. Mail Delay Anyone having the same problem?.
  73. Wish me luck! I'm off to my 1st visit!
  74. So I am an idiot...I didnt even realize (mail question)
  75. Need help with reinstating my visitation
  76. I turned in my PO Box key...
  77. Going to visit & have a big question...(tattoo)
  78. ~ The Crazy Mail Ladies (& Thomas)~ December 2010
  79. Amazing letter today!!!!!
  80. Postal mail?? Any problems~Delays in mail?
  81. Got let down by a letter (Updated)
  82. I love getting letters but.... (I also get really upset)
  83. Collages...sending to him.
  84. Best net 10 phone?
  85. Date Night!!! :) Do you ever...
  86. Freedomline?~Has anyone ever used it?
  87. Still no mail...really disappointed!
  88. Global Tel Link phone service reliability?
  89. CBS prepaid account, funding through phone, anybody problems?
  90. CO asked if I had been drinking while I was checking in at visit!
  91. Visit today was hurtful and disappointing
  92. My first visit, and I had no idea how to act!
  93. I want to talk to him (HELP)
  94. We had a great visit, for a quick second it felt like we were at home!
  95. help with the phones
  96. The Warden Sentenced Us Today To No Visitation for 1 Year
  97. So I write him everyday and he writes like 3 times a week
  98. Phone Issues!~My man tried to call but call didn't go through.
  99. Cheap international phone calls and domestic~Found a good Co.
  100. I am so angry, I get three or four letters a month.
  101. letter writing frustrations
  102. The Post Office here is a JOKE!
  103. Envelopes and humidity
  104. Should I send a Christmas card to my ex?
  105. Need good wishes that I can make some money for a surprise Christmas visit!
  106. Need new ideas on how to show our loved ones they are thought of!
  107. Wirefree bras with no metal hooks in me find one for visit!
  108. Christmas came early for me, got a phone call!
  109. First visit is today!!!
  110. Question re: Sending Money
  111. Driving home from visit feeling down
  112. I am torn, want to visit; just not on Christmas!
  113. Our loved ones will be never be bored again! Check out the link.
  114. How does Magic Jack work? (outside USA)
  115. Need help with xmas present~sending a care package
  116. GTL- International~Has anyone ever set up advanced pay with their CELLPHONE #?
  117. Just Struggling so much lately (can't afford the phone calls)
  118. My experience passing messages for 2 inmates thru the mail
  119. Choosing between visiting him and a special family event.
  120. Honestly, how many of you have been naughty during a visit?
  121. Don't You Just Hate It When You have more to say, but you can't call him back
  122. Uggh trying to decide what to wear to a visit is a headache!!!
  123. Are letters always good enough?
  124. Stupid me...joked about escape on the prison phone(W/updaate)
  125. Anyone else ever had this happen? (Slowdown in receiving letters)
  126. Do you have to schedule an appointment to go visit your man in prison?
  127. First contact visit/Now I'm sad ... :(
  128. My birthday is on Christmas & my family is throwing a fit because I want to visit him
  129. Lord help me.(Christmas card from her was disappointing)
  130. Waiting for a letter
  131. Dont they usually get a free envelope?
  132. Please Share good Questions for Letters
  133. Getting frustrated~post in Feds & can't meet anyone from Greenville IL to VI w/me
  134. Are you spending Christmas Day at the prison?
  135. Can I send my Boo a card with sound?
  136. How fast is mail delivered?
  137. Husband probably can't call on Christmas
  138. His Letter Made me Laugh
  139. Keeping In Touch...Why is it so hard?? Questions about prison mail
  140. Idea's for Mail
  141. Yay for pictures!
  142. Christmas Visits?!~May not be able to make it. Should I feel bad?
  143. Books returned?
  144. So frustrated with CBS!!!!
  145. need advice...~Only immediate family can visit. Should I try and visit w/ his dad?
  146. Wanted to bring this to everyones attention~Cheap stamps.
  147. Gtl crisis, I think my payment went to the wrong account
  148. What if they deny me visiting him?
  149. Inmate Calls Connect?~Has anyone used this Co.? Are they any good?
  150. Can't get approved for visitation, I was recently on probation
  151. How many wifes/girlfriends DO NOT get to visit their man?
  152. I sometimes see posts saying you send stamps. How?
  153. How many stamps do yo go thru writing your loved one?
  154. Am I Wrong for referencing the mailroom in my letters???
  155. Dropped phone calls, we should not get charged for them
  156. No response to my letters, is this his way of ending the relationship?
  157. Wahoo!! Finally, a letter!!
  158. Describe your first prison visit
  159. Slow mail this year
  160. More visits = Time going faster?
  161. Most repeated Phrase on the phone or at visit?
  162. ~Crazy Mail Ladies~(and Thomas)~January 2011
  163. It is the New Year, let's keep our loved ones uplifted with letters/calls
  164. What is GTL's contact info?
  165. Did price of stamps go up?
  166. Visitation~is it worth the travel time?
  167. Feel like he never opens up to me in his letters
  168. So upset! Visit refused, THEIR mistake!
  169. First visit this weekend!!! 01-08-11
  170. He gives my Butterflies!!!! Do you get them too before visits?
  171. I think we might be touching too much at visits, I do not want to break the rules
  172. Tired of Evercom, Correctional billing, T-netix?
  173. Need to write a letter to ex-boyfriend who is accused of molesting 2 family members
  174. Need help with phone! I spent over 700 dollars in one month
  175. Has your man ever masturbated during a visit, have you helped him?
  176. How do I find the best phone service???
  177. What phone service do you use for your collect calls
  178. Very emotional phone call , reminds me that I love him so much!
  179. So excited, we got our contact visits back and we have a baby on the way!
  180. Disconnected call thanks to signal!
  181. COs at visit! Ughhh/Anyone else have problems?
  182. What do you do when you don't have much to say?
  183. Help with Visitor App I have traffic tickets
  184. Haven't had our 1st visit yet, I love him...hope we get contacts
  185. Do the CO's really shut the pay phones off
  186. Is Correctional billing services the best for Collect Calls!
  187. Gtl - federal lawsuit by ca residents
  188. Other language (Polish) in letters: Is it ok?
  189. What happens if you visit during a lockdown period
  190. Camera Tricks: Share!~How to take a full body shot (by yourself)
  191. Nervous about visiting only because the female COs have been flirting with him
  192. Advice for good boudoir photos
  193. Do you take your letters to the post office or put it in the mailbox?
  194. No Mail on Monday Jan. 17th
  195. Why cant we hold Hands at Visitation?
  196. No mail...worried
  197. Have you ever sent a nasty jpay only to regret it the second you hit send?
  198. If your in county Jail can you write to someone in prison
  199. Drove through the Blizzard!
  200. Visit time, I am wearing his shoes to visit LOL
  201. roadblock with setting up global tel-link...i need a solution
  202. Here is an idea for cheaper phone calls
  203. Visit Day!!~Finally after 2 long weeks.
  204. Should I go to the visit..or not?
  205. Does he act like a hard ass when you visit or turns into a big softy
  206. Do I write too often?
  207. Need pic ideas ladies!
  208. Vistitation!~Went great he's doing great.
  209. Do you just take it? ~mean co's at visits~
  210. Scared to open your phone bill?
  211. Dying to hear his voice/Phone has a block on it, Help!
  212. A rough but wonderfull visit
  213. <3 v-day ideas <3
  214. Denied Visitation because I am on probation,, is there any hope to get it overturned
  215. CBS account from overseas
  216. I so hate no mail days......
  217. Inmates walking their visitors to their cars? Really. LOL
  218. GTL Confusion
  219. Mail addiction???
  220. Ok 6 years in and.......~holiday mail vent.
  221. Finally had contact visit
  222. He read my Freaking Mail...
  223. Looking for quotes to send
  224. "Please Mr. Postman"
  225. how can i prove I'm his significant other in order to visit
  226. Such a wonderful surprise in the mail!!!~He made books for our daughters.
  227. Visitation Reinstatement Letter-Follow up?
  228. Denied visit because of hand check?~Said I had drugs on my hands
  229. Do I write to Him or not Help
  230. Anyone try to do the Sex talk thing in those little 15 minute slots? impossible. LOL
  231. Issues with Snailmailr~Have they gone bust?
  232. Two visits in a month
  233. Cards and Stationary Exchange
  234. Cute Printables (Both for Valentine's Day & Any time)
  235. Ideas??!! Please help~Need ideas for a mail game.
  236. My first visit is Saturday!
  237. You know you visit your man too much when... (Finish the Sentence)
  238. Quick question about vconnect
  239. Greeting Card Swap
  240. What to say after.., "How are you doing?" When writing a letter
  241. US phone number, please help
  242. Idea for a surprise and fun for kids!
  243. Had our first hug and kiss today!!
  244. Visit....why would he refuse?
  245. We were caught in the bathroom together
  246. Contraband in Visit... What would u do? (Saw some on the floor)
  247. Cell phone issues/Keeping it charged
  248. If you are from the Uk are you allowed to visit your US inmate?
  249. Talking about Prison programmes in Letters
  250. I think this girl is lying about mail limits