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  1. Regarding the Closure of the Prison Visitation Forum
  2. I need some ideas for his birthday
  3. Why are we so protective of others writing our man?
  4. update on my visit
  5. Im going to see my baby now
  6. anyone having problems with global tel tonight?
  7. having second thoughts about sending in my visiting form
  8. How many of you got one of your mates to write to one of his boys?
  9. Can't wait to visit!
  10. Aww my boo ~ Had such a great visit.
  11. Second guessing myself
  12. 14-hr drive and no visit
  13. Local address for a cell phone using GTL?
  14. Finally he called - It was the best 30 minutes of my day
  15. Phone calls about nothing n particular. I really enjoy them.
  16. Do you ever feel the same?? - wanting more after visits?
  17. No Mail, and It worries me :(
  18. 1st visit soon and I am a bundle of nerves
  19. 2 those who use a prepaid cell 4 calls...
  20. He doesnt want me to visit because of my age
  21. He Still Does It .. (Post-visitation thread)
  22. Magicjack as a forwarding service
  24. Labor Day is coming -- are you going to flood them with mail?
  25. new at this - first visit next weekend
  26. mail room drama ugh!!! (returned my letters due to content)
  27. Contact Visit & Not Excited..?
  28. Should I take his dare and go visit with a big Lady Gaga Hair Bow in my hair?
  29. Rough Weekend with No Visit
  30. Had a great visit today, got me wondering "why" him?
  31. DOC Disconnected Our Call
  32. Stationary for mailing letters
  33. It's harder to deal with the lonliness AFTER the visits......
  34. How often and how far have you gone to see your loved one?
  35. Stamp vent !
  36. Federal lawsuit filed against GTL
  37. Kira International
  38. I know its early, but any fun, new creative halloween ideas??
  39. I got 2 phone calls today
  40. Carpool question
  41. The Crazy Mail Ladies Check In-September 2010
  42. First Phone Call
  43. Almost September!! Finally More Mins On Our phone!!
  44. Sometimes just knowing he's thinking of me helps (Phone Games)
  45. Sooo Happy! first letter!!
  46. can your send magazines to barnes and nobles in your state???
  47. My Recent Letter
  48. Crying During a Visit?
  49. GTL BloCked my Calls
  50. How do I unblock my phone?
  51. Am I on my own, what to write about?
  52. Argh my phone number cant be added to my pp's list!!
  53. The bittersweet feeling after visit
  54. They are having him visit in the women's jail now! How would you feel?
  55. where to get art supplies?
  56. i got my first phone call
  57. My first contact visit!
  58. how do i take it? He didn't talk much at visit.
  59. I saw him for the first time this weekend
  60. I am calls
  61. Collect calls cheaper than GTL?
  62. First visit since he's been in prison!
  63. Losing it! (help) He won't write!
  64. hating the "phone call" system
  65. Does he/she ever flip out on phone calls?
  66. Didnt get to visit today...feelin really sad..
  67. No contact visits until Feb 2011! Need your advise..
  68. How long did it take for you to get approved for visits?
  69. I Get To See My Boo Tomorrow!
  70. Anniversary Ideas Needed
  71. Does anyone know why the prison takes off the postage stamps?
  72. gtl~I'm getting calls but should I call them back?
  73. Do you feed him at visits?
  74. Babe Wrote me!
  75. Can the mailroom hold outgoing mail as a punishment?
  76. Ion spectometry test
  77. Question Re: Phones
  78. Our first visit before he changes his list
  79. Has anyone used KIRA International for prisonal phone calls?
  80. my letters are getting shorter...
  81. Which one reveals more of the person to you? Letters or phone calls?
  82. How do you keep his eyes on the prize at visits (PG ONLY)
  83. How many letters do YOU get, write, & send?
  84. Help me please-phone problems
  85. Beautiful Visit experience!
  86. Going to see my Baby today
  87. Surprise Visit Friday!
  88. Excited and Scared/Finally approved for visits!
  89. Feeling Irritated about his letter
  90. Leave tomorrow for first visit!
  91. A little peice of you in letters you send him...
  92. phone vent....OY!
  93. Frustrated with his phone calls!!!
  94. First visit to CTCF - summary
  95. Wrong Zipcode?! What will happen to my mail?
  96. My first visit is tomorrow!
  97. Steps on getting CHEAPEST Phone Calls from your loved ones who are in jails
  98. No DATE NIGHT (only 1 call left on phone acct)
  99. keeping my letters uplifting
  100. I saw him yesterday! Awesome Visit!
  101. have u ever HUNG UP ON HIM???
  102. During visits do you ever shock him??
  103. His jail mail has advantages
  104. Walked out of visit due to arguing?
  105. Visiting for the First Time
  106. Ladies: Have you stopped writing your man?
  107. 3 letters and a card
  108. I spent such a beautiful weekend with my husband but the time
  109. What if... He could talk to u all day, illegally?
  110. "Tying Up Loose Ends" Letter-Then Wham-o!
  111. Neep help reinstating my visits - Any advice appreciated.
  112. Please help ~ I was taken off visiting list.
  113. Getting a local number?
  114. Please brainstorm with me, how to pay the bill??
  115. 30 days no visits!
  116. CBS and getting overseas calls?
  117. people getting frisky at visits!
  118. Our "Date" is Coming Up...
  119. what is visiting like where you visit?
  120. Can you talk to someone in prison online?
  121. Vent - They cut my call short!
  122. OUR 1st year anniversary! (What should I send him?)
  123. Surprise visit this Sunday
  124. Sweetest Day Ideas Needed
  125. Mailing Printed Material
  126. Seriously, this company owns all the prison phones???
  127. i spend u spend? on visits ---
  128. I want to talk to him/Can I set up GTL online?
  129. what should i cook for my visit??
  130. Anyone else feel this way - Still haven't talked to him
  131. The Crazy Mail Ladies Check In-October 2010
  132. Google Voice
  133. GTL issues!!!!
  134. Just when I have GTL figured out, they go and cofuse me all over again!
  135. Am I the only one?~This was easier before I started visiting?
  136. i finally talked to him
  137. went on 1st visit....then was upset after/I feel I'm rushing things. Advice?
  138. two very important questions about phones & mail
  139. Crying/Not crying at visit/Does it get easier?
  140. Should I Hold out on sending him letters?
  141. Do you ever find yourself reading old letters?
  142. Has *HE* ever gotten in trouble over something you sent?
  143. Can inmates use the phone if they are in administrative segregation?
  144. am i the only one who hates missing phone calls!!!??
  145. Sending letters..?~Is the register # the same # I put on his letters?
  146. He's stressed: So i just got off the phone...
  147. Filling out the visitation form (SC) for foreigners?
  148. Son hasn't called and I am freaking out!
  149. Reminder no mail Oct. 11
  150. 21 missed calls today
  151. when you write your hubby....
  152. He caught me not paying attention
  153. How Do You Dress Sexy but Follow Dress Code?
  154. do u ladies get mad @ ur hubby's when they don't send letters?
  155. Another CBS gripe...
  156. Visitation revoked based on a lie. How do I restore our visits?
  157. visit tomorrow what can I do/wear/take to suprise him
  158. A Friend is trying to get a bill passed-family visits in all states. Ideas please.
  159. BiRTHdAY IdeAs.. oct 15th.
  160. Going insane - haven't spoken to him due to block on phone!
  161. Have you gotten suggestions for books to send?
  162. Can I send a letter written on Hemp Paper???
  163. How do you keep your letter life more interesting?
  164. Stole your address?
  165. Are there such things as book catalogs?
  166. When ur Visit is over do you look back as you walk away?
  167. visit this sunday :)
  168. When your phone doesn't ring...
  169. Photo Paper or Regular Paper?
  170. does anybody know the international postage rates as from 2011?
  171. Global Tel*Link Still Making Money
  172. Ever say something in a letter you regret??
  173. kisses on his letter <3 (Will he get ragged on for it? How do you cope?)
  174. Went on my first visit!
  175. I know I shouldn't stress it but...I am!
  176. How long does it take them to get e-mails
  177. Denied visitation! So frustrated!
  178. A returned letter (INFO PLS HELP!)
  179. White out on letters?
  180. Do women that fight at visits aggravate you?
  181. Can't Stand it! Miss him
  182. Does he lift up his shirt at visit?
  183. Has he ever sent you something from prison and told NOT to open it until he gets home
  184. Got to see my babe!!!
  185. I saw my BABE and he admitted he's scared.
  186. Bummed That I Have Not Received A Third Letter From Him.
  187. My first contact visit, It has been 7 months since I hugged him!
  188. Frames of Reference
  189. Our visit went great!
  190. does it go away, the crying after visits with my dad
  191. i cant believe this happened! - Visit denied
  192. quick question about pictures? Can he have pictures of himself?
  193. 30 day blackout period sucks, he can't call me!
  194. homemade bday cards?
  195. my 1st visit!!,so emotional, it left me crying
  196. No Calls since 10-9, I 'm worried!!!
  197. Visit = Amazing <3
  198. How long does it take to recieve first contact?
  199. Better not to call the "outside" world at all?
  200. calling cards
  201. Writing my my man's counselor an apology letter/Updated, approved again!
  202. How do I really know if a pen pal has stopped writing?
  203. What kind of magazines can they receive? And who can send them?
  204. visitation question, how many of you cross states to visit???
  205. What is your packing routine for visits?
  206. If you could only have one form of contact with him, which would you choose?
  207. Fun ideas for letters/stationary
  208. How much is collect call from Arizona to California?
  209. Visitation at Gurney Unit in TX
  210. paragraph from my babes!
  211. Another inmate wrote me and wants me to place a pen pal ad for them
  212. Restriction on phone/Prison Calls Direct
  213. Creating crossword puzzle, please help!
  214. A block on the phone...-Finally Fixed!
  215. My first visit saturday, but im in bit of a dilemma
  216. Need advice (our visits got taken from us)
  217. Phone call emotions
  218. anyone ever been strip searched before a visit
  219. Phone Vent, phone is set up(finally) but still can't talk to him!
  220. Do you pick & chose what you tell him?
  221. Someone else's mail in my envelope, what happened?
  222. Best resources to communicate by phone
  223. Writting the Warden a letter... Need your help!
  224. Need tips on getting the best deals on plane tickets
  225. do u ever get sick of going to visit?
  226. Need your opinion about friend that constantly calls me when I am talking with him
  227. I got Approved for visit, need tips for long drive and first visit
  228. Themes for letters?
  229. Should I write him?
  230. Is he able to email you?
  231. 1st family visit/Did you take anything too racy?
  232. First real LOVE letter, just thought i'd share it with you guys
  233. I had such a great visit
  234. Do you ever get a letter and just know they need you to hold them right then?
  235. He called me!, he is doing OK and now I can relax
  236. I am behind in writing hubby's letters, tell me I am not alone!
  237. Making Friends on a visit?
  238. No visits for a while :(
  239. Yay, got my first letter from DVI, classification
  240. What are some creative birthday ideas for your husband or boyfriend?
  241. Visit tomorrow! Excited!
  242. Question for Any1 who's had money sent to them
  243. do u need a minimum balance for gtl?
  244. Why hasn't he called?
  245. Crazymail Ladies and Men check in November 2010
  246. Sweet & Creative Mail he has sent you <3
  247. How often do you write him?
  248. Would you be mad if he was getting mail & pictures from other woman?
  249. Could he be testing me, received a letter from someone in the prison but not him?
  250. Oh NO ... we lost our visits :-(