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  1. Prison Attire!~Wanna look cute but not get turned away.
  2. Mail idea for meeting my MWI for the first time. (Could be used for many count downs)
  3. Is there a limit to how many pictures you can send in one envelope?
  4. Do you send him "Girly Mail?"
  5. Does CBS allowed prepay on cell phones?
  6. Help!~Writing sexy letter
  7. I'm so worried :(~No letter of phone call in a week.
  8. Possible way to have call forwarded outside the US
  9. Phone calls while in prison
  10. recently out of incarceration. can i visit boyfriend?
  11. I need to brag - he sent me the sweetest gift!
  12. GTL + Magic Jack Can`t receive his calls anymore
  13. Do you keep the letters? If so will you throw them away when he comes home and why?
  14. Mail is so important-one ex felon's viewpoint
  15. Love/hate relationship with the phone system!
  16. Ready to give up! He is complaining my letters aren't the same
  17. other inmates give me their address and cdc number at visit
  18. how does magic jack work?
  19. Cons Call Home
  20. How many letters do you get in a week?
  21. Did GTL's prices drop?
  22. addresses~will it be the same as the address I found on PTO?
  23. Waitin for my baby to call
  24. Can't receive calls
  25. Sexy pic / Would it make it through?
  26. First Page of Recent Phone Bill
  27. Can he still get the letters that i sent him?
  28. First contact visit!
  29. Having problems with GTL?
  30. Plans Question
  31. finally seeing my fiance :)
  32. How to handle tough visits?
  33. Would you ever write an inmate for someone else?
  34. Ride to visit didn't show or answer phone!
  35. Boy the CO's can sure ruin a visit...
  36. What to do with all those hankies???
  37. Can I send him the DMV drivers' hand book?
  38. Having problems with correctional billing services
  39. Sending Free Books to Inmates at County Jails
  40. Cost of stamps when inmates order through Canteen?
  41. Need help now that GTL has blocked Magic Jack!
  42. How often do you visit your man?
  43. Strength after change
  44. How to address the envelope?
  45. Concerned he may be visiting with another
  46. When staff hassles you but let others slide!
  47. What do I do for his birthday?
  48. How how do you travel to see your spouse?
  49. 2 letters today!
  50. My man's friend would like a pen pal.
  51. Get to see (visit) him tomorrow
  52. Successfully installed google voice outside the US??
  53. Why would a book delivery need to be "signed for"?
  54. Can I mail pens or pencils to inmates?
  55. Worried about Visiting~If I can pass the ION machine and what to say?
  56. Approved to visit! Yipee!
  57. How to address the envelope?
  58. Visit today was the best
  59. What was the most pages you wrote to your spouse?
  60. How do you know if it's just "Jail Talk"?
  61. So Sweet! He sent me flowers for our anniversary.
  62. Being Nervous About Visits~Have butterflys and not in a good way
  63. Why are the C0's so mean?
  64. Paying extra money to talk longer?
  65. I got the sweetest letter today!
  66. Last visit before he heads back to county!
  67. Can my man receive mail and pictures in the hole?
  68. Any tips on taking and sending tasteful sexy pictures
  69. GTL/
  70. Lost Letter~Sent from pen pal
  71. What is a "reload" and how do I purchase one?
  72. "Secret Female Penpal"?
  73. What about those cards you can record your voice? Are they allowed?
  74. Postcard Precaution
  75. Not having much to say lately and writing him less
  76. How can I support my guy over the passing of his mother?
  77. How often do you write?
  78. Gr8 phone conversation but....
  79. so frustrated with GTL and the price of calls!
  80. Letters that make you say "awww"
  81. I got a letter! Finally!
  82. How much does it cost to visit him?
  83. Do women just write more than men?
  84. CO took some sexy pictures of me, for himself?
  85. Do the number of Collect Calls expire??
  86. First visit in 14 months..but now I miss him more than ever!
  87. A Scary Vist
  88. Cute Quotes to send your loved one
  89. Got to see him on our anniversary!!! (7-24-10)
  90. No numbers avail. with Google Voice?????
  91. Know of any good joke sites?
  92. He calls collect to say that he misses me even though he knows that I can't answer it
  93. Phone vent!
  94. My ♥ sent me birthday flowers
  95. forms for phone calls from R & E Kirkland
  96. Furlough this weekend - nervous about being with him again. Help?
  97. how do phone calls work in the prisons?
  98. Havnt gotten a call so stressed
  99. Correctional Billing Services- is this true? $3.95 connection fees
  100. To all of you who`s Magic Jack number is blocked by GTL
  101. My very first visit ever!
  102. He didn't call
  103. Got my first letter!
  104. How to unblock his calls?
  105. First visit & he didn't call to confirm! Now what?
  106. At&t uverce
  107. List for Phones???
  108. hung up in the middle of the message?
  109. Im an egghead! Made homemade cards/His prison doesn't accept them!
  110. Internet Mail Service
  111. so the list has to be approved before they can call?
  112. collect call limit???!!??
  113. Call and cancel your visit if you aren't going...
  114. Does IC Solutions have collect call limit like GTL?
  115. I didn't get to visit him
  116. HELP with the "Infinity Phone Service"
  117. He'a writing less - could he be writing others?
  118. Looking for inexpensive options to get calls from Nevada? Google voice, MJ, Vonage??
  119. Question on Visiting with Disabilities
  120. First visit gone bad
  121. So excited today...going to visit!
  122. No mail day? No mail weeks!
  123. Frustrated at trying to set up a call from UK to Alabama or vice versa
  124. Missed his call tonight. :(
  125. The Crazy Mail Ladies Check In-August 2010
  126. nervous about call
  127. Does your loved one get mail on Saturday?
  128. Didn't hear from him
  129. Evercom/CBS limiting inmates to 5 calls. Anyone else had this?
  130. Does your man ask for phone sex?
  131. He asked me to make my letters smell good.
  132. Steamy letters
  133. How do you save money for visitation?
  134. Emails to an inmate~How do I do it?
  135. What to do? Lack of communication..
  136. Phone Sex as a Weapon?
  137. Got my surprise today!
  138. Send Some Love His Way. Today!
  139. Can i give the prison my # to give to my fiance?
  140. Would you send him a naughty magazine?
  141. Global Tel Link blocked??
  142. He says "I'm too busy to write".
  143. Fighting on visitng day?
  144. i finally got a letter
  145. Majic Jack Phone
  146. Jpay letters~Am I notified when he recieves it?
  147. My gift
  148. MCI in Norfolk inmates & call list
  149. Bummed:(~Haven't gotten a letter
  150. Cruel Mail Joke
  151. Guess who just got a letter??? ME =)
  152. Patiently waiting for another letter.
  153. Excited about tomorrow's visit. Get to give him some good news!
  154. looking for cute creative ideas, letters, images to send my love
  155. creative bday gift
  156. Going visit my cousin, but I'm scared that I will get sad (missing my husband)
  157. An idea for spraying perfume on letters
  158. Cheap service provider?
  159. Going for a visit tomorrow
  160. I got a letter
  161. Carpooling Nightmares~Share your story
  162. To Accept Charges, Press 1 - NOT!
  163. Level 3 phone priveliges
  164. HELP...can he get mail while in The Box
  165. Ever been pulled over on the way to visitation?
  166. Phones out and I've got the blues - anyone else?
  167. Need Help With Mail To Prison!
  168. One mins its i<3 you and the next i dont care???
  169. Not such a good visit!
  170. Tried to surprise him with a visit, but it didn't work!
  171. annoyed! (visit got shortened!)
  172. Does lack of mail have the potential to break your relationship?
  173. Mail meltdown!
  174. Foootball Season :) and wearing his fav team shirt to visit
  175. I know there is a letter coming!
  176. Happy Birthday Call.
  177. Can inmates email each other through Corrlinks?
  178. Visit restriction!!!!!~Said his hand was on my butt. What can we do.
  179. I saw my love
  180. Printed posts from PTO. Will he get them?
  181. Scam save money on phone bills
  182. Finally Got My Letter
  183. Are Jail visitation records available to the public?
  184. They got my visiting form today! (fingers crossed)
  185. Got my second surprise today!
  186. $6.18 per call!
  187. 300 minutes limit a month!
  188. He got his pictures!
  189. For those who write letters with sexual content
  190. Making the best of SHU Visits
  191. No mail yesterday and I was so sad
  192. What is the maximum number of pages i can send in one letter?
  193. GTL and Google voice
  194. Phone Rant - Evercom
  195. Will my boyfriend get his mail?
  196. Got 2 letters today!
  197. Question..Need ideas for his birthday
  198. do you walk right in or sleep in your car?
  199. Faithfully Writing
  200. Happy Happy Joy Joy! It's letter day!
  201. Haven't gotten a letter
  202. Reality call dropped and he didn't call back
  203. Finally saw my baby....
  204. I got unexpected mail and I'm on cloud nine
  205. contact visit.~Went great!!!!!
  206. So very ANGRY (they cut the phones off)
  207. Question about surprise visits
  208. He asked me not to visit
  209. Need ideas: Something fun to surprise him with!
  210. Can't believe some of these hoodrats at the visits! Stickin her booty in my mans face
  211. Can't wait!!!/He's calling tonight!
  212. Question about missing a visit etiquette
  213. Visits through the glass. I keep waiting for it to get easier
  214. First Contact Visit!!! I don't know how it happened...
  215. When you start to doubt your decision - go visit!!!!
  216. Looking for things to write to him about...
  217. Trying not to panic!
  218. Need *Birthday ideas* for his 27th b'day
  219. Who reads the mail before it gets to the inmate?
  220. Any experiences with Skype?
  221. Got a sweet letter saying he's sorry!
  222. Got a phone call
  223. Do you think they take our letters for granted?
  224. Tomorrow is visiting day!
  225. How much money are you allowed to bring in for visits?
  226. Denied-Letter to Warden
  227. YOUR PERSONAL STORIES about prison phone calls, for magazine article?
  228. Free Call From Inmate
  229. How do i setup a line to receive calls from douglas Az prison?
  230. Help! Im on probation having trouble being approved for visit!
  231. Crying after visit~Am I the only one who does?
  232. How in-depth do they go into your mail?
  233. Can two inmates write to each other?
  234. Its gettin closer to our conjungal visit.
  235. problems with jpay
  236. Surprise! (he doesn't know I'm going to visit tomorrow)
  237. Just been approved for visits
  238. Need Ideas!~On new ways to start my letters
  239. do you get more minutes if you r transferred???
  240. In consistency with visitation policies
  241. E-mail for inmates is it better than writing a letter?
  242. The cutest letter yet!
  243. When you go to visit does your inmate notice things about you?
  244. A way to save on those expensive calls.
  245. Post office Gripe!
  246. I'm so excited I can't sleep!!! Visit tomorrow!
  247. Attention Crazy Mail Ladies -
  248. Regarding the Closure of the Prison Mail Forum
  249. Regarding the Closure of the Prison Phones Forum
  250. Regarding the Closure of the Prison Visitation Forum