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  1. Food at prison visitation
  2. For those who regularly mail sexy pics
  3. A question on forwarding GTL number to SkypeIn number
  4. local phone
  5. First time using this right?
  6. First Phone Call!
  7. Couple Of Questions about Phone Calls..
  8. He called...but I missed it
  9. Awesome Card!
  10. How many minutes will $25 get you?
  11. Arrested but not charged- Visitation?
  12. Writing Rituals?~What are yours?
  13. cheap international calls
  14. Have you ever got a bad letter from your loved one?
  15. Is it right that TX inmates can't call overseas ?
  16. They have the wrong bday down - can I still visit?
  17. Help with ICSolutions
  18. I feel terrible about the horrible letter I sent him.
  19. I knew this would mail today
  20. Very Surprised by Internal Affairs inquiry
  21. Value Added Communications. I have a question
  22. Very mad at GTL!
  23. I used to love Sundays
  24. He complains that I don't visit enough and that he wants to see me more
  25. New Phone Line-How long for it to be listed?
  26. Totally overdressed Vs Plain Jane? Input please!
  27. I got a call from a blocked number, and it was my ex that is in jail
  28. What would be your most crazy visiting experience?
  29. Arguing over the phone again
  30. An odd question - Should I send him a Father's Day card?
  31. Got my first letter
  32. Any ideas for him? (Want to tell him the sex of the baby in a special way)
  33. Reading mail....
  34. what would you do? Postpone flight? Or leave things as they are?
  35. My friend wants to visit but she has a warrant on her.....
  36. I have an extra Google Voice invite / Update - It has been given away.
  37. I think he misses me.. overflowing with mail!
  38. Anybody ever make something homemade and successfully send it - With Glue?
  39. He demands me to not put my home address.....why would he do this?
  40. This was weird to say the least~Just got a letter in the mail from '06
  41. Father's Day! What are you doing for him?
  42. I got my first letter!
  43. Google voice - need info how it works with GTL
  44. How expensive is your call?
  45. Are you in Florida or Texas and having problems recieving calls after you press 1?
  46. Does anyone know if I can wear an underwire bra?
  47. Mail Rejected~Because of photo
  48. Help me decide what to do!~Should I spent the $500 to visit before I deliver
  49. Have you ever NOT gotten the reaction you wanted in a letter?
  50. Does GTL have a new website?
  51. Interesting letter from him
  52. Love those early morning wake up calls
  53. Who uses MagicJack with CBS?
  54. He doesn't want me to visit
  55. I received a letter from a different inmate
  56. Does your man understand Internet abbreviations?
  57. Why Does CBS Charge In 5 Minute Increments?
  58. Does anyone use straight talk and access corrlinks?
  59. UGH! 2 of my letters were confiscated because of cologne & she received write ups!
  60. Accessing corrlinks with a straight talk phone....
  61. 4th of July Mail Ideas
  62. Quick Father's Day question
  63. My husband HAS not called me and i am so annoyed
  64. Does anyone count their letters?
  65. Ok my creative new friends...I need help cheering up my man!
  66. I need some Birthday Ideas
  67. Drug testing for visitors
  68. Have you broke up with your loved through the mail??
  69. Problems with GTL tonight? Anyone else having problems?
  70. received a letter from my ex, i think?
  71. Finally got a letter
  72. Sites for quizzes?
  73. can anyone advise me/Not approved for visitation
  74. WOOHOOO! I gotta letter
  75. So... help me control myself, ladies!/Finally got a letter!
  76. Can I visit him in prison if Im on fed prob.
  77. Need help getting calls to Europe from San Quentin
  78. Visitation!! I Need To Know Who's on His List!
  79. New rule: video-only visits with SHU inmates
  80. Best & cheapest way to receive calls?
  81. goggle voice invite
  82. Is there a Website that will send cassette tapes?
  83. Odd problem with ConsCallHome -- strange short ring?
  84. Naughty letter~ Any ideas on what to say
  85. hes not allowed to have visits!
  86. Told not on visit list/escorted out
  87. Do they really read the letters?
  88. Letters from county to reception, question!
  89. They wont let us visit.
  90. Google voice
  91. about phones calls
  92. Is it true if you use manila envelope your L/O gets your mail faster?
  93. Magic Jack for HOUSE ARREST?
  94. GTL...I hate
  95. Rude guards?
  96. Funny Letter From My Guy
  97. OMG!OMG!OMG! He called!!!!!!!!!!
  98. What if Prison visitations were ended??????
  99. Writing her a letter from her cat to make her smile (Updated)
  100. vconnect SUCKS!
  101. Has ANYONE ever appealed denied decision to visit?? I'm going CRAZY!
  102. Refused/Return to sender...From me!
  103. OMG! I just got a thank you letter signed by 24 girls in her pod!
  104. Google Voice is available to all - no invites needed
  105. $100 Phone Plan?
  106. Letter returned for inappropriate pictures?
  107. I'm not in the US, does anyone know how i can receive calls from prison in the US?
  108. Ooma - Has anyone used that?
  109. Post cards - do they get to the inmate quicker?
  110. Fathers day cards considered contraband!
  111. First Contact Visit..Sooo excited but nervous!
  112. phone issues
  113. Finally had my first visit!!!!
  114. What is the code on the visitation list with my name mean?
  115. I got a really sweet letter!
  116. Awful Visit. We were both tense and nervous!
  117. The wait.... Why does it take so long to process the background check
  118. Local cell phone number for cheaper GTL calls??
  119. Is your guy a letter writer? If not, is that a bad thing?
  120. I got a letter from my loved one today! Did you?
  121. How many times do you visit your man in a month?
  122. Cheaper Calls
  123. Does anyone have Google Voice, and has to use GTL???
  124. Anyone know about Legacy Inmate Phones?
  125. Overweight mail returned or postage due?
  126. denied family visit
  127. My guy keeps calling and I can't answer!!!
  128. Over Charged inmates, for pic. taken at visit
  129. No mail because we talk on the phone?
  130. In his presence/First visit
  131. How many pages per 44 cent stamp?
  132. Phone Role Playing Ideas
  133. 3 day weekend!!!
  134. Has anyone had this experience? Visits terminated indefinately - Advice!
  135. What do you do before you visit him?
  136. Crazy Mail Ladies Check-In ~ July 2010
  137. Do you ladies/guys know about mailing stamps??
  138. Transfers~Will he still recieve his mail?
  139. Need to send mail to a prisoner
  140. The prison system is crazy~Don't know why my visits were terminated
  141. Got Bad News Today =[~Might not be able to visit
  142. Adding additional line to cell with local number to make calls cheaper??
  143. Silly PCS Question
  144. have you ever got your visits terminated?
  145. Just Believe-Visit Miracle-A story of hope
  146. What a beautiful letter!
  147. Arguements in your letters?
  148. How long do they can keep outgoing mail?
  149. Collect calls
  150. No letter - I'm so sad!
  151. visit today!!!
  152. Woke up sick this morning so no visit
  153. Direct Calling from prisons?
  154. Agitated by mail - how should I respond?
  155. He disrespected me so bad in visits today
  156. YAY Got to talk to him on the phone =]
  157. OMG - I got 6 letters from my fiance and how about that letter sex!
  158. How many stamps does he need?
  159. No Mail On Monday, July 5th
  160. Visitation!
  161. prison allows 300 phone minutes per month
  162. I got to see my man!!!
  163. Never visit right after you have sent sexy pics
  164. Do you ever get awkward stares at visits?
  165. Question about Global Tel Link & making a payment on a holiday...
  166. Not sure if I should write him
  167. Funny Story about PCS
  168. First visit!
  169. Your Advice..Vonage? Magic Jack? Google Voice?
  170. Anyone having a problem with getting your calls?
  171. Mail vent! I'm sick of the mailroom cutting up my letters!
  172. MWI's did that first visit seal the deal?
  173. Have you ever gotten into an argument during visit?
  174. Have you ever tried to flip through the visiting sign in log?
  175. can I write to him about what happened?
  176. How many of you have done the letter sex?
  177. Need some advice - she wants me to tell her when to call the next day
  178. Using P.O. Box as mailing address
  179. Heart broken~Haven't been approved to visit yet.
  180. "Cons Call Home" experience
  181. Ever go through a not writing phase
  182. Post office announces 2-cent rate increase
  183. how soon can federal inmate call after arriving
  184. whats the best way and whos source to use 4 phone calls
  185. Listed as Aunt on Visitation Help!
  186. wat does money on cards mean?
  187. Wat shows up on caller ID from prison?
  188. Please help - he won't call back - how do I respond
  189. Visit approved~Nervous to visit, we are MWI
  190. I'm scared to visit him~Haven't seen him in 22 years!
  191. How does gtl work?
  192. No money for phones...
  193. Would you mind if he had a funny smell to him?
  194. Amazon gave out my address
  195. No mail in a while
  196. The little things he does...
  197. Typed letters? ☺~Can they be?
  198. no mail in a few weeks and i really need him
  199. just went in yesterday how long till he calls?
  200. All you Creative ladies please Help!!
  201. Global tel link
  202. TRULINCS - anyone know about this?
  203. Sending letters home? Am I wrong for wanting my letters back?
  204. Do you think a single playing card would be considered contraband?
  205. Thanx everyone for the googlevoice advice!!!
  206. I just can't do the sexy letter thing
  207. Trimming photos?
  208. Question about what I should do for his birthday, I can't quite choose.
  209. Where did the letters go?
  210. This call is being terminated: no 3rd party calls allowed.
  211. Devens FMC phone calls - when?
  212. Visits... Contact or non-contact?
  213. Need Answers....confused about the time I received his email
  214. mother nature has hit
  215. Question on San Quentin Phones
  216. What does it mean FDR on the envelope?
  217. Do you rush home to get your mail???
  218. Make it look like you and your man are in Disney? Or Paris?
  219. Gifts from them
  220. How many pages was the longest letter your hubby ever wrote you?
  221. Visits declining due to Economy??
  222. Prepaid visa cards not recognized by GTL
  223. No More Letters :(
  224. Mailing catalogs
  225. Got Mad be cause i had to work
  226. So tired, but too excited to sleep..(contact visit tomorrow)
  227. Can anybody translate this? *It's French*
  228. background checks for visit
  229. How sexy can the pix be
  230. first vist :)
  232. i finally heard his voice after over a month!!!! he's mainlined and he called me!!!!
  233. GTL customer testimonials
  234. Denied visitation; They want dispositions.
  235. What mags are allowed in most prisons?
  236. vists are 7 days a week at downstate!
  237. Impatiently waiting
  238. Is there another way to make calls cheaper?
  239. I BLOCKED HIS CALLS! What will he hear on the recording when he calls?
  240. Our 3rd & 4th visit
  241. is this a great cell phone to buy??
  242. Not Fair - every time I go to visit, there's something wrong with my clothes.
  243. Prison Call Direct
  244. Kissing styles at visiting?
  245. My first contact visit {details}
  246. First Visit Today
  247. Has your loved one been put on the Mail "Watch List"?
  248. Do you talk dirty during phone calls?
  249. How long for phone lists to be approved?
  250. Do you do this for his birthday?