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  1. Is there a shuttle service to Ironwood State Prison in Blythe, CA?
  2. i'm visiting CRC Orient Ohio Thursday and Friday Dec.4th and 5th...
  3. He made my birthday
  4. Do you believe in good karma?
  5. visitation applications
  6. Answeing a question on the visiting form
  7. Going to see Randy
  8. Whats your opinion on what this guards said to me?
  9. The Visit
  10. sharing expenses for visits
  11. Help with Christmas....
  12. Anyone from Houston going to Mineral Wells, TX?
  13. halfway house
  14. Flying to the States on Wednesday.
  15. visitation - how long can they keep him from visitors?
  16. phone number blocked
  17. How many people feel me on this!
  18. Trying to get to Big Muddy C.C.
  19. Posing for pictures
  20. privacy directory
  21. Boyfriend's parents still not approved for visitation
  22. Where can I find good stationery paper?
  23. advice needed to get visitation
  24. Help! I need to get to Ogdensburg
  25. Correctional Billing Services-Your experiences?
  26. Question about switching from T-Netix to Evercom after a transfer...?
  27. Ex-offender trying to visit
  28. Need ride to Florence Az from South California
  29. my 1st visit
  30. carpooling (to Avenal)?
  31. I'm gonna bust up when we get contact visits!!
  32. telenet question? Two inmates one account
  33. Telenet or Prison calls online?
  34. Christmas Ideas
  35. Carpooling - in Colorado
  36. So Excited (about visit tomorrow)
  37. Christmas Presents
  38. Family Visit In 5 Days!!!!
  39. Mixed emotions about first visit...plz help
  40. Anyone heard from Sara!!??
  41. The first touchable visit
  42. How long do I have to know him previously?
  43. visiting your boyfriend
  44. Pics of me and my Randy
  45. Are they doing this where you visit?
  46. It Went Great
  47. Telenet And T-netix
  48. An update on my visit!!
  49. Very Important Topic! Extended wear Lipstick
  50. Reporter on Deadline, seeking interviews
  51. Some thoughts on cutting back on phone calls
  52. Hi everyone...back from visit to States.
  53. letter from him to mom
  54. YAY! Visitor Application APPROVED!
  55. In the hole or in the box
  56. how long does it take to get visitation in a fed prison
  57. I Got A Letter!!
  58. Cell Phones
  59. visitation question
  60. REAL BAD Day - MCI demanding huge deposit
  61. Soooo upset...went to see my husband yesterday and he ALREADY had a visit Monday
  62. pissed about letter today
  63. Contact and no Contact visits
  64. No visit this weekend...
  65. First Visit
  66. If I Dont Get A Letter By Tomorrow I Will Be Furious
  67. Kids visitation? and some good news finally!
  68. Won't let me see him at all!!
  69. Visitation This Sunday
  70. Help I need to get to Lewisburg, PA !!!
  71. buses
  72. is anyone going to donovan prison this friday or saturday
  73. Dumb Question - toll free numbers?
  74. obtaining visit logs
  75. need to get to FCI allenwood
  76. Non Contact Visit Time Question
  77. Question an visiting a loved one who is locked up
  78. Denied familt visit
  79. Do you need a ride in Ohio???
  80. Stressing Out....Expired License
  81. What Holidays?
  82. If anyone can help me on this, please do!!
  83. How unfair!
  84. Omg A Letter A Good One!!!!
  85. Visiting List Question
  86. Anyone else dealt with faulty drug test?
  87. US Postage stamps below face value
  88. Alternatives to underwire bras and lingerie
  89. collect calls
  90. Piercings?
  91. Crzy Letter
  92. Problems with AT&T
  93. I Know WHY All the Prison Mail Rooms are SO SLOW!!!
  94. come on ladies he sent a card let's read it "k"
  95. Collect Calls on Cell?
  96. sing it Willie (on the road again)
  97. Early Xmas presents anyone?
  98. service charge, universal fee, whatever
  99. Venting - Denied Visit
  100. contact visit
  101. Off to see my baby!!
  102. Metal detectors
  103. Getting Ready to Not Pay!
  104. MCI Said
  105. writing him letters
  106. Visited for the first time since they transfered him
  107. Great GIFT!!!
  108. MCI
  109. christmas gifts??
  110. FCI-Gilmer in WV
  111. Transportation for Families ( I am from Washington DC)
  112. You Won't Believe This!!
  113. Visit for the first time in SOOOOO long
  114. Carpool...WA to OR
  115. First Visit To New Facility
  116. arguing on a visit
  117. I got to touch my baby, finally!
  118. Correctional Billing/Evercom
  119. please help - need address for TeleNet/PCO
  120. Stop paying Evercom/Correctional Billing
  121. xmas gift from his parents
  122. I am on my way tomorrow to Fort Grant
  123. My wonderful Christmas gift but still a little sad
  124. Do You?
  125. AT&T Stinks!!!
  126. Visiting rules in Federal prisons?
  127. how often do you visit?
  128. how often do you visit?
  129. Never got a bill...
  130. I think I "shook UP" the folks at Correctional Billing!
  131. Who is going for Christmas?
  132. Christmas Present
  133. calling cards and three way calls
  134. It's not my fault he's there (he gets mad when I miss visitation)
  135. We all keep asking, will they change?.. His sister told me THIS after a visit!
  136. Heading out this afternoon for Ca to visit....
  137. sex related question
  138. next year's visit
  139. Expired Marriage License
  140. Has Anyone Else Had This Problem? Disconnected because of 3-way when it isn't there?
  141. Finally got a letter he is sick please stop in and say Hi
  142. Ctel
  143. Conjugal Visits
  144. Conjugal Visits?
  145. What do you do at visitation?
  146. visitation
  147. Christmas visit was AWESOME!!!
  148. He's So Fine...
  149. Between Color lines
  150. Surprise New Year's Day Visit!
  151. removal of visitation
  152. The Worlds Best Visit
  153. Question about overnighting mail
  154. I Am So Sad!!
  155. CO's WHATS UP?????
  156. Christmas Mail - Or Lack Of It
  157. I am so excited - (getting phone service back)
  158. First Family Visit
  159. Im so excited!!!!
  160. visitation,egeler
  161. Valentines
  162. I'm Pulling My Hair Out!!!!!!!!!!!!
  163. what do you think?
  164. Finally I Can Relax
  165. I am extremely CURIOUS
  166. Help! I need info on furloughs and visits
  167. Do they do anything cute.....
  168. Someone is stealing my mail!!!
  169. Visiting Approval For A Victim???
  170. Can they (CBS) do this????
  171. Waiting & Waiting & Waiting
  172. any ideas ??? (special things to do for baby's birth?)
  173. Setting up a new (TeleNet/PCO) phone account
  174. Printable Valentines Stationary Links
  175. who sits down first?
  176. MCI NYS Your call can not be?????
  177. Questions about visiting
  178. I'm looking for someone I can stay with in the Salt Lake City area in UT
  179. How many ladies would marry to get tralier visits?
  180. got denied for visitation
  181. Cell Phones
  182. How long does it take for Tele-net?
  183. rudeness!
  184. times and days to visit in memhis
  185. Anybody going to Mule Creek via Lodi?
  186. Tired Of Being Raped By Mci: Need Your Guys' Help!
  187. Tito's parole office paid me a visit today
  188. We Had Our First Contact Visit!!!!
  189. Okay, I Got a Cellphone...
  190. What are the possibilities of getting approved?
  191. no letter this week yet
  192. Do you think I'm wrong????
  193. How Many Of You Get Mad At The Mailman When You Dont See A Letter!
  194. Wrote a letter saying goodbye....
  195. I was wondering something?? (How often does he write?)
  196. Where are the pages regarding specific info for specific states?
  197. Question Regarding Mail and Lockdown
  198. in the hole
  199. Storytime at visitation, you ever try this...
  200. Valentines Ideas ?
  201. Birthday Letter for Matthew...
  202. Valentine Day Ideas
  203. can someone help me - do I need to fill out new visit form when he's moved?
  204. Information needed - prepaid prison phone services
  205. Editorial from FL The Ledger on Phone issue
  206. should i visit him?
  207. My first contact visit
  208. Help Is There Hope? (Can I visit while he's in diagnostics?)
  209. What do you wear when you visit?
  210. States that allow FRP, Conjugal Visits
  211. Today is visiting day!!!
  212. I am ready to explode...No mail still!!
  213. Judge must hear case against SBC (calls from Indiana jail)
  214. No More Thursday Friday Visits
  215. Getting refused for visitation for having met him as pen pal?
  216. Having trouble getting cleared for visitation
  217. What other PTO forums do you visit?
  218. 1-800-281-8400-AT&T collect calling plan call and complain
  219. How much cheating is going on at prison visitation?
  220. My Son Gets Bored
  221. My first CONTACT!!
  222. does martin luther king day take three points away?
  223. How early do you go to visit your Loved one?
  224. The visit was great !
  225. police report do they read em....
  226. How many are you sad that there is no mail Today?
  227. Visitation Denied
  228. Mail and Holidays!
  229. Tele-Net Question...
  230. First Family Visit
  231. TDCJ collect calls?
  232. The Great Valentine's Day Idea Thread
  233. i contacted mt state prison about ph. calls
  234. Our Special Visit
  235. How Many Ladies Feel Me?
  236. Kirkland R&E
  237. urgent visitation question - ID expired!!!
  238. My Child Gets Bored!
  239. I have been charged for 20+$ worth of phone calls i never accepted
  240. How many of you have been pulled over by the police on the way to a visit?
  241. Can't sleep. Calling all of you crafters and creative folk out there - need ideas!
  242. General advice for dealing with companies
  243. Best Conjugal Visit
  244. Ideas for Valentine's gifts
  245. Gifts from him
  247. Darn mail!!!!
  248. California Prison Tour - Your thoughts
  249. Finally got a letter!!!!
  250. Valentine's Day Gift Idea's ... :D