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  1. What I did. . . about phone call costs.
  2. I got my first letter from him today!
  3. When HE doesn't call YOU......
  4. Views on bennettsville fci
  5. Fyi....correctional billing
  6. Sending Mail to Huntsville Please Help!
  7. Finaly approved for visitation, I'm scared to go :(
  8. Stolen Letters - taken when he was at the hospital
  9. Are CO's allowed to withhold his mail?
  10. ^%#%$# that was just crappy
  11. WORST DAY EVER! denial, bail, && denial again
  12. Mail from UK to Colorado...
  13. How long does it take for your number to be approved?
  14. Visitation and body jewelry
  15. Prayer during visitation
  16. Being Transfer...When is it a good time to send mail, newspaper, magazine and books?
  17. If you ever thought you sent too much mail?
  18. visits for me?!
  19. Do they mess with the mail?
  20. Please help!! Need another service other than global tell
  21. $22 for 20 minutes! Are you kidding me?
  22. New to this - mail!
  23. At last something to smile about - Cheaper Phonecalls
  24. We had the best or 2nd best trailer
  25. Funny! Bring your own towels if you have trailer visits
  26. JPay email to the prisons
  27. Jpay Questions - Need ETA after sending money?
  28. Ideas for pictures
  29. Nervous (going for 1st visit)
  30. Compliment from GTL...I think?
  31. GTL and Call Forwarding
  32. Pulling chain in La Tuna (can you send a mag subscirption)
  33. Venting about costs, not calling, etc!
  34. Yeah--Im so excited now--got a phone call
  35. todays visit was super hard.
  36. Ever Had an AMAZING visit??
  37. GTL Global Telelink Down!!
  38. These are cute!...Free printables for you letters!
  39. Wondering What You Think (He told me to start visiting every other Sunday) w/UPDATE
  40. Surprise Contact Visit
  41. Question about visiting in IMU
  42. So proud! (I made it to visit)
  43. Envelope One Liners and Graphics...what do you use?
  44. 3 way calls
  45. I can't believe how expensive GTL's calls are!
  46. receving phone calls
  47. Success w/GTL with different billing as area code #. How did U do it????
  48. Got a couple of missed calls but don't know from where
  49. Rate hike with Conscallhome - unexpectly
  50. receiving collect calls
  51. Visitation status reactivated!
  52. Returned letter help please
  53. The Crazy Mail Women ~ September 2009~
  54. Impatient! How long before I get the visitation form?
  55. Wanna/Gonna send my first letter... what should I say?
  56. Barely writing..I'm just not motivated - anyone else have this problem?
  57. Ga calls routed out of Texas - what's up with that??
  58. Does anyone else have problems with female C.O.'s and set ups?
  59. Sexy Phone Talk and Listening COs
  60. Not sure how prison phones work help
  61. What holds you back during visitation from doing something sexual in the VR?
  62. How long does your mail take?
  63. No phone calls
  64. Questions about visiting prison
  65. Have you ever been shocked by your man's appearance at visitation?
  66. Hope its ok to send him paper chess pieces and puzzles
  67. What is the funniest / weirdest thing you’ve seen during visitation?
  68. Calls from illinois to alaska
  69. Are the guys able to take letters with them when they get transferred?
  70. Cons Call Home saved me! Check this out!
  71. Google Voice - Free Forwarding and more
  72. So CLOSE and yet so FAR
  73. using CBS 800.844.6591
  74. Cricket Phones
  75. my experience with CBS!!
  76. Our visit was great
  77. How monitored are the phone calls? Can I get in trouble?
  78. phones in eastham
  79. Whew! I got to talk to him for an hour!!!!!!
  80. How to send stamps and envelopes?
  81. Just for fun! Would you pay for some 'private' time with him?
  82. Have you ever had your pictures stolen?
  83. I want to see him, but I don't. Any advice?
  84. My 'sent from heaven' visit.
  85. Renting a car to visit.
  86. What the hell is an inmate's books?
  87. Beauty and the eye of the beholder
  88. ConsCallHome Saving Money Question
  89. I get to see my man in 9hrs! I'm SO excited I can't sleep!! :)
  90. Do you ever feel as if you are being treated like an inmate when going to visit?
  91. Calls from Santa Fe NM
  92. GTL & CBS illegally blocking calls and closing thousands of accounts
  93. How much money have you spent on phone calls?
  94. Dress codes and showing to much 'skin' at visit
  95. Need to receive calls using Magic Jack - Have questions
  96. hey you guys..are these stamps still good?
  97. Concerning Letter - He sounds so down
  98. Do visits tire you out?
  99. Mailing a torn up letter back to him...
  100. Why am I being so stupid? Missing my mail
  101. Maybe TMI - but had to ask?
  102. Why does he take sooo long to write??
  103. Something's happening to my mail
  104. Going for my 1st visit - what is there to do for 6 hours?
  105. NJ Prisons Removing Vending Machines from visit halls
  106. Do i need to call gtl??
  107. Visiting HELL from the Mt.View Unit finally Over or just beginning?
  108. Does this mean that he wants THAT kind of letter?
  109. Does your man send ALL his mail to you 1st for you to read and then mail?
  110. GTL and rates
  111. Please someone help (visiting)
  112. Really Need some Advice (missed one visit and he flipped out on me)
  113. I Love My Boyfriend T-Shirt
  114. Letters are my everything, is that bad?
  115. trying to contact old freind by mail so lost
  116. Amazing Sunday Visit!
  117. Cell phone at visits??
  118. HELP visiting Picacho tomorrow
  119. Is this site good for magazines?
  120. My First Hate Letter
  121. visiting boyrfirend under age
  122. Will my letter be sent to me since he was transferred?
  123. Inmate Calling Solutions/ IC Solutions
  124. High Telephone Prices
  125. Should I help out a stranger with a ride to the prison???
  126. What should i do? (found a letter he wrote to his sister)
  127. GTL in OK, as of 9/3/09 new 90 day limit!
  128. Buckeye to tucson calls
  129. Sunshine on a Rainy Day!
  130. Do they open & read every piece of mail before delivering it?
  131. NYS- How to receive collect calls on a Cell Phone?
  132. HAPPY I get to see him but sad I have to wait until next time
  133. What type of photos can be mailed
  134. How do you play the visitation game???
  135. Brother wants me to find non nude photos of women
  136. A lil extra sumthin sumthin?
  137. If you could spend two holidays a year with your man, what would they be?
  138. My man stands in line to use the phone in the unit he's in...
  139. Birthday Cards
  140. Couldn't get my phone call and don't know why?
  141. He threw every letter away except mine?
  142. Letter to warden
  143. visiting question
  144. Greetings @ visitation - How do yours go?
  145. It's been 10 yrs. since we had seen eachother, now we are rekindling the relationship
  146. SO mad...can't believe they took ALL his letters!
  147. Questioning if I can send..
  148. I have 3 pen-pal requests
  149. Why have i been denied approval??
  150. Have to vent, had no choice but to ignore his call
  151. Ear 2 Ear ripped me off
  152. Can't Wait To Hear His Voice!!
  153. Going to visit..and my friend is coming to meet him!!
  154. So Sad! Worst Visit Yet!!!
  155. Mail center a$$holes!
  156. Mailing your man magazines
  157. Pen Pal Magazine?
  158. Pissed off at people who dont know how to do their job - phone issues
  160. Got a collect call from Minnesota
  161. Came up with a new idea on stationary!
  162. CBS - Debit Card?
  163. How much stuff can I send him that counts towards 15 page limit??
  164. Visit on Yesterday - Had a great time
  165. Postful - Email to Snail Mail Service
  166. Does mail run for them Monday through Saturday?
  167. I can't see him on his birthday...
  168. The way you dress on a visit.....
  169. Sharing my amazing visit at the prison he just transferred to
  170. Using cricket cell phone to set up prepay have ?'s
  171. Cell phones, which provider still working in Europe?
  172. Want to send a "just in case" package...need ideas..
  173. ok so i finally got the letter i been waiting 4...
  174. Question - how do i send money?
  175. pen pal lists in prison
  176. What would you do if you went to visit & there was already someone there?
  177. Who picks out your outfit? You or him?
  178. Do you keep the phone with you at all times?
  179. Why hasnt he called?
  180. Packages.. ordering, sneakers, clothes
  181. Please Help Me W/A phone Co.
  182. Another cheap forwarding service
  183. How many letters do you get from your man?
  184. Do you hate that awful 'click?'
  185. GTL’s obscure “clarification” of their refund policy
  186. Anyone using "ICS Letters" to send e-mails?
  187. Mailing Provocative Photos
  188. If only we could call them!
  189. Prepaid phones.-which is the best?
  190. Do you forget everything when he calls?
  191. ok so i finally got it working
  192. Sexual Mail
  193. Going to see Boo and wanted to share with you
  194. How do I find out if he's writing to someone else?
  195. **What Does THIS mean??** (hidden meaning of message in letter)
  196. Need some info..can the jail take money from my CBS account?
  197. ~Remember your sweetheart on “Sweetest Day” Oct 17~
  198. He claims he has a surprise for me?!
  199. Messing with the mail
  200. So once you've faxed your bill to GTL
  201. So mad! Having difficulty getting calls to Canada thru CBS
  202. Visiting my husband this weekend, but not as excited to see him as I normally am
  203. Do you hold mail when you're angry?
  204. Gtl - omg!
  205. Can I send my boyfriend German stamps?
  206. I Have To Wake Up at 245am for a 310am pick up (van service vent)
  207. Who knows the owen sound inmate mailing address??
  208. Pcs phone system-anyone else having problems?
  209. His birthday! Ideas needed!
  210. how often do you write?
  211. corrlinks email in iowa
  212. How do I find out if he got my letter?
  213. I need input- he's not writing as often as he used to
  214. Help GTL I think.-trying to accept calls, but getting disconnected
  215. Calls from Louisiana State Penitentiary (Angola)
  216. ion drug scanner?
  217. Good ideas to send for Halloween and B-Days ?
  218. Why won't the phone work?
  219. Please, Try to Help getting calls to Germany from US
  220. How sure is it that he gets my letters?
  221. What could it be? He's sending me a package.
  222. fulton phones
  223. Earth-friendly wireless bra :-D
  224. Saturday mail service getting cut
  225. Song lyrics?
  226. Yet Another Bad Visit
  227. Don't you hate it when he gets on a phone with bad reception?
  228. Cutting up his mail?
  229. How Many Pages/Pictures Per Stamp?
  230. got to see sister in law
  231. Skype or Ear2Ear - which one is better?
  232. Can I write in purple ink?
  233. Limit of Photos Per letter?
  234. Listing contents! and NO Lipstick Kisses!
  235. Love him, but not going out of way to write
  236. do prisons allow decorative stamps?
  237. Any cute poems that tell him how you feel?
  238. Help w/cheaper phone calls please.
  239. Games through the mail?
  240. An idea about international collect calls
  241. Inmates Trading Pics?
  242. Any ideas for Halloween letters for our guys?
  243. Does it bug you when he talks to other inmates during your call?
  244. city telecoin
  245. Siro wireless-new service on CBS' website
  246. He was holding her hand at visit!
  247. is it possible to send lowrider magazines to an inmate? if so how?
  248. How was he on your first phone call?
  249. Mentally tired
  250. Offender ITI...Crooks!