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  1. When will mail not arrive to him
  2. Going to see my baby tomorroww!! 1st contact visit.
  3. Ive seen it ALL!! - Scantily clad female at visitation
  4. What is the best way to send a money from Canada to USA?
  5. Do his letters work like magic?
  6. HIM saying "hello" to other inmates in visit - what are your thoughts?
  7. My Visit - the unexpected contact visit! :)
  8. Do you ever notice other couples not speaking at all during Visits?
  9. 311 on his letter, what does this mean?
  10. Will large amounts of hand sanitizer go off in the detector? Urgent PH
  11. free letters??
  12. Question about these LETTERS...
  13. will he get my letters? barred communication?
  14. getting calls from various facilities from CBS
  15. Would you like him to send you a Recordable greeting cards
  16. MWI and visits!
  17. How Long Does the Visiting High Last?
  18. Glowing after visit - does this happen to you?
  19. CBS + Western Union Quick Collect + Non US Resident
  20. Dont you just hate missing calls......
  21. Knowing the dress code - list things NOT to wear
  22. He costs you a visit; do you forgive him?
  23. Mail taking longer to get to me - Is this normal?
  24. VERY upset! Cousin isnt allowed to visit!
  25. Can I record our coversation?
  26. Can I send inmates books & magazines?
  27. The phone... Does it make him lazy??
  28. Things he used to take for Granted...
  29. Vac Money order
  30. 3 Letters today !
  31. Questions re: Sending Pictures
  32. Cards and postcards - how much do you pay?
  33. FiRST ViSiT & SO Excited - Finally get to see my man!
  34. Why was I taken off his phone list?
  35. My first naughty letter...
  36. no letter!! =(
  37. Has he ever reused the stamps you send on his letters?
  38. Have you ever had to scold him for anything that he said or did during a visit?
  39. Help i need the phone dance right now
  40. Using a local number, routed to a cell phone, w/ CBS??
  41. On cloud nine!!! First phone call in 4 years!
  42. Why am I paying so much with CBS ?
  43. if you werent with him when he got arrested what was the phone call like?
  44. Call doesn't ring through to the house - What can I do?
  45. Are they still blocking phone numbers?
  46. Sending him Magazines In California
  47. UGH! Missed his call...
  48. Can Inmates E-mail In Prison?
  49. The spell...that makes me cry
  50. What can you send through the mail?
  51. How do you deal with the "tension" at visit?
  52. the endangered blue boxes
  53. help plz! Needing info on different phone service (GTL has block on cell phone)
  54. First visit and turned away (joint replacement)
  55. A BIG ol' box of mail!!!!!!!
  56. Lining up on road to enter Prison grounds - how does it work where you visit?
  57. After the visit - an experience in carpooling
  58. What is the code for inmates and gf or wives?
  59. What have either of you done to get visits taken away?
  60. Waiting for approval! It's ridiculos!
  61. Just venting about the costs of phone calls
  62. Ladies please help I need a visit dance
  63. Please help how do i set up a account with GTL for incoming calls useing SKYPE..
  64. Need help finding fun and unusual questions to ask him
  65. Lipstick kisses on letters..
  66. Waiting for the call...
  67. My husband said I am not allowed to cook at visits
  68. Conscallhome - Had bad experience with them
  69. OMG So happy - Approved for contact visits!
  70. How much $ do you spend at the Vending Machines?
  71. Did visiting make you gain weight?
  72. Alternative to hotels when visiting?
  73. Has the recession made you cut back when it comes to visiting?
  74. Get mail online!
  75. Had a wonderful birthday visit - had to share
  76. How many phone calls before the honeyphone pase wore off
  77. blocked numbers
  78. New mail ideas, puzzles and jokes
  79. Has anyone used Magic jack? Tell me what you think!
  80. Rules for writting? what is and isnt allowed?
  81. How do you sign your letters?
  82. Greeting cards?
  83. Question Re: Books from Amazon--Read first
  84. Sweetest letter EVER!..had to share
  85. I got a present from him today!
  86. Can I visit if I'm a temporary employee?
  87. How much money do you spend talking to your man?
  88. How do I write out the SBI number?
  89. Colored notebook paper and envelopes. Allowed or no?
  90. How do you get used to the 1 minute conversations?
  91. Cute stamp idea!
  92. When you are on the phone with him?
  93. Can I send a picture printed off the computer?
  94. Had First Contact Visit Today!
  95. Photo Collage in Letter
  96. The Crazy Mail Women ~ August 2009~
  97. Free Website to do things with your picture
  98. Do you ever just GO? Even if it's a long distance?
  99. How do you and your loved one have a stress free visit
  100. Worried - visit didn't go well and ended rudely
  101. Special requests for attire from your loved one?
  102. I made the drive, and it was WELL worth it!!!
  103. Hate To See Only Negative Posts All The Time So Here Is A Positive One (happy visit)
  104. It's his birtday soon --need some help.
  105. Have questions Re: Verizon Prepaid Service
  106. In Europe - How can I receive calls from the United States?
  107. SO EXCITED! Seeing him both days!
  108. Do the people know you at the Post Office?! HA!
  109. Can we send blank cards?
  110. Prison transfer slowing the mail???
  111. Which is better? Global Tel Link or CBS??
  112. Rideshare's - What do YOU think is reasonable cost?
  113. Federal Prison - local phone number
  114. Do the CO's gossip about your letters?
  115. Mailing photos
  116. phone comp rip off
  117. Need help setting up service for facility phone calls
  118. Our trailer date got postponed
  119. Why visit if he "broke-up" with me?
  120. Anniversary Help
  121. HELP>>>I think I missed his call (Updated)
  122. US Postal Service to cut 700 branches?
  123. Curious - Are you too embarrassed to eat @ visit?
  124. when they dont call UGGGG
  125. What's better? Allow Global to bill or collect calls?
  126. A dress at visit? HELP
  127. Is it the telephone system or is it him
  128. need ideas for little project!!!
  129. Visitation Vent - They're cutting down visitation time!
  130. hmmmm?...being billed from 2 separate companies
  131. Questions regarding sending him a book - will he know its from me?
  132. Nervous & excited - He is meeting my baby bro for 1st time =]
  133. Email pictures with letters
  134. Had a good Visit w/ my Hubby today
  135. ~Over Due Visit for the August 11 & 12~
  136. Finally! I get to go visit him tomorrow.
  137. Is anyone grateful for being able to visit?
  138. Has CBS come clean yet about blocking Vonage?
  139. Phone Restriants
  140. Need mail ideas!
  141. Prison calls- who's the best?
  142. Needing a bit of advice - visiting issues
  143. ?Help with phone calls thru new legislation?
  144. How much does it cost you to visit your loved one?
  145. My first letter in about a year!! He also drew me a picture!! :)
  146. Had my First visit today
  147. I hate it I hate it I hate when mail doesn't arrive on time
  148. Do you believe this? - Not allowed to visit due to hair weave
  149. visiting days and hours
  150. Google Voice
  151. Help! naughty letter
  152. Visit went great and i have amazing news!!
  153. Does HE keep the letters?
  154. How many letters is too many?
  155. Very deep letters??
  156. what is the full adress to send a letter to taft?
  157. Two Years ago Today first visit which....
  158. What do you do for him on his birthday?
  159. Haven't gotten a letter in DAYS!
  160. Jigsaw letter
  161. Has anyone gone through this??? (stressful phone calls)
  162. Need info on fixing Skype and GTL phone problem?
  163. Lowered costs of phone calls?
  164. I need a translator!! por favor
  165. Getting hit with the ugly stick at viso...
  166. THAT kind of letter...oh man
  167. pen pal ??? Is it a bad idea?
  168. Problems with online account CBS
  169. Mail Happy Dance ...
  170. Cute mail ideas.
  171. Mail FUN - Thanks Patty !!!
  172. Just got house phone, now they are on lockdown - bummed out
  174. Cell Phone Dropped Calls
  175. newcastle phone system
  176. Being a hott mess trying to get ready for visits
  177. Inlaws @ visit! How the hell do u deal with them?
  178. Someone talk me out of this?
  179. I went to visit today but he wouldnt see me
  180. Our first visit with REAL FOOD
  181. Longest 3 hours of my life - almost!
  182. Am I awful for wanting visits for just me?
  183. Why didn't he put me on his visitation list?
  184. What's a lockdown?
  185. re blocked phone line
  186. Visit terminated, you'll never believe why (w/ Update)
  187. VAC - is it what I use for an Oregon-Idaho phone?
  188. Paying GTL with a Visa Giftcard?
  189. OMG his KISS!!
  190. **super confused about collect/GLT...grrrr**
  191. BIG BIG argument at the prison door
  192. His letter made me cry...
  193. IMPORTANT! The FCC is taking action on the blocking of local phone numbers!
  194. telephone petitions work
  195. Does he ask you to call someone else for another in-mate
  196. I can't flirt...
  197. Phone Call Just When I Need It
  198. Should I go OR should I stay? What would you do?
  199. Why didnt he call?
  200. My Favorite quote from a letter so far!!! soo cute
  201. My man feels guilty when I send him $
  202. How do I liven up my letters?
  203. Anyone else get a free phone call today?!
  204. ADVICE- unable to accept inmate email
  205. Waiting for my first letter?
  206. Letter from his old cell mate
  207. Any new ideas for things to send in the mail to our loved one?
  208. I cant receive collect calls from george bailey!! I dont have a block on my phone!!!
  209. Oh so happy! (Got my first call after one year)
  210. Got My first phone call today!!
  211. Mail Art envelopes - what happened to them?
  212. Writing a humorous letter: need input!!!
  213. any one know? Can I send porn. magazine clipping to prison thru mail ???
  214. Need a new phone number.
  215. Visitations Via Webcam?!
  216. Global Tel Link agrees to a $1.25 million fine by Florida’s Public Service Commission
  217. My carrier is verizon with global tel
  218. Phone Call Services - Price
  219. Verizon blocked my calls??
  220. Do u do any special things to make him smile in your letters
  221. Can I send pre-stamped envelopes?
  222. Should I expect a delay because of transfer?
  223. Show Driver's License to visit...why?
  224. Seeing your man for the first time.
  225. What are some of the creative ways you stay connected?
  226. He's sending my B-Day (8/25) Mail already.
  227. Another 50 dollars ... thanks to the ex
  228. about scented mail?
  229. More than 10 ounces
  230. Phone Complaints - Try this ...
  231. GTL payment questions
  232. AMAZING mail day today :)
  233. things that make you go hmm (AL company to pay Fla. for inmate call errors)
  234. Please allow me to vent about my 2nd visit with MWI
  235. Northpoint Training Center prison riot in KY, visits cancelled.
  236. Magic Jack & GTL in VA
  237. Heard from my baby tonight!!
  238. Prison Pictures in the Mail
  239. (tried to send money, but message sd "inmate is blocked")
  240. Sexual tension @ visit; um wow!
  241. What do you think when C/O's ask personal questions?
  242. Looking for coca-cola cap codes in visit
  243. Is he okay??? Haven't heard from him in 4 months
  244. Phone blocked after one call
  245. Does CBS call you more than your man does?
  246. Global Tel Link has reduced prices! YAY!!! (CA)
  247. Never had a problem before going to visit my husband
  248. Does it always turn into sex conversations?
  249. Opinions - Would you go to visit?
  250. Question about phone calls thru GTL