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  1. custom home-made stationnery :)
  2. A sweet letter from my fiancee, he wanted me to post this(:
  3. 4 County: Global Tel Link STINKS!
  4. I need info on how to write an inmate on death row
  5. Brave and Bold in the visitation room
  6. GTL, how do I know if they blocked my number?
  7. The Crazy Mail Women ~ June 2009
  8. PTO Quilt Project
  9. PTO Quilt Project
  10. PTO Quilt Project
  11. Visting Stuff Has Not Called For Appointment...worried!!!
  12. What would you thinhk a co would do in a state of emergency
  13. Do you spray your letters with perfume?
  14. What's Your One Wish for Visits?
  15. !!urgent!!
  16. Questions about congigrated visitation
  17. Interesting article on cell phones in prisons
  18. How can I know for sure if there is a block on my phone?
  19. How do you deal?
  20. What kind of cards do you send your man?
  21. here is a cool idea for a picture project
  22. Question about E-mail company's costs?
  23. Are YOU allowed to "french kiss" on a visit?
  24. So excited - finally! a visit on friday!!!!
  25. How long does it take to get approved for calls?
  26. why post date covered???
  27. Need Help With Visitor Information Form
  28. Need info about Portal32?
  29. ****Global Tel Link Class Action/ACLU****
  30. Should I go to his mom's house to receive his call?
  31. This time tomorrow at visit...
  32. Can I receieve G.T.L. Calls on my cell phone ???
  33. Visits cancelled due to enhancement, VERY upset!
  34. Calling Family-Can everyone talk to him/her?
  35. Saying I love you at visits...
  36. Preparing for visits....
  37. Sending materials to Prisoners
  38. ****global tel link class action/update****
  39. When you dont write your man?!
  40. Somethings special happened at visit!
  41. They took his STAMPS!
  42. two people to visit?
  43. Hey indiana...i cut my phone calls in half...
  44. Special words from a CO…
  45. changing visitorslist!!
  46. Torres Unit
  47. SO happy I got visits back!!
  48. Confused about phone plans, local numbers, charges!
  49. How do I get my hubby to let go of the letters?
  50. How does mail work in prison boot camp? what can you send to immates?
  51. annoyed- Changed number, changed account... still have not talked to friend!
  52. Question on recieving phone calls please help!!
  53. Video visit this weekend, cant wait!
  54. What a good day! Got a free call from my Sweetie!
  55. Having him lean on me in visit, would this be weird to ask?
  56. Ever had your man tell you to not just show up?
  57. A cute site for Disney Printables
  58. Questions about video visitation?
  59. Confused - Where is this number and forwarding??
  60. The sweetest birthday card ever!
  61. He sent me a shirt in the mail and I had to share it with everyone
  62. Feeding each other at visitation, do you do it too?
  63. Signing "love" at the end of the letter doesn't mean he loves you, right?
  64. The nicest thing he ever wrote to me was:
  65. Any words of wisdom for my first visit ??
  66. Needing some help understanding the prison mail system
  67. What have you used for paper to write a letter?
  68. Phone sex, does it help the relationship?
  69. How does a US cell phone work?
  70. Hate waiting for the mail man!
  71. Pay as you go phone plans, need info?
  72. FLIGHT Cheaper than Phone Calls
  73. When is the best time to set up acct to receive calls?
  74. First contact visit vent !!
  75. Member has various GTL problems
  76. Does your man threaten to take you off the visitation list?
  77. First time missing a visit - feeling sad
  78. Global Tel Link - Frustrating issues, do you have them?
  79. Ah! he's amazing, he sent me the best birthday gifts!
  80. Drove 900 miles - then no visit :-(
  81. Florence West Prison - what are the rules before calling family?
  82. Why is the envelope I received stamped that it was from Phoenix?
  83. Bad day at visit today, was i wrong?
  84. We all love mail! (Hearing their name at mail call)
  85. Put on suicide watch because of a letter!
  86. Envelope-How big can it be?
  87. Angry at ADC cos when I went to visit this weekend!
  88. First contact visit with my now hubby!!
  89. Prison phone question HELP!!
  90. Missing my baby - Cant visit due to reclassification
  91. How long did it take you to be approved for visits?
  92. Polaroid rejection is it true?
  93. Father's Day card - should I or shouldn't I?
  94. Do you save his envelopes?
  95. So sad, cant see my boyfriend because they wont approve me
  96. Ladies, I need help with ideas for Father's Day
  97. Visitation In The First 30 Days..
  98. Will he able to send mail to the uk?
  99. Do you check out the other men in prison?
  100. I need to vent - he still doesn't have his package!
  101. Do you remember the FIRST phone call you had with your man?
  102. Request via mail
  103. No knowledge of approval for a visit
  104. Any one hear of Non Domestic Mail
  105. I am about to go crazy! (waiting on mail)
  106. Words of a hallmark card are so fitting
  107. What if your man hits you during conjugals?
  108. His 20th bday in a week! What to do for his bday?
  109. What are Family Visits and can my state have them?
  110. Question - How Are Photos taken at prison?
  111. Would rather have Verizon then GTL!
  112. Does anyone else have 2 numbers for 1 CBS account?
  113. Telephone Companies Blocking Collect Calls
  114. Seriously need help with Vonage problem
  115. Finally Gonna SEE HIM - wish me luck!
  116. Member needs phone info
  117. HAHA I think my phone calls are being listened to!
  118. Question about pics - Is it ok to send sexy pictures?
  119. So excited - Visiting Tomorrow!
  120. Would he send a visitation to end things, need opinions?
  121. Something creative to put a smile on his face! (List your ideas)
  122. Cell Phone calls - How do you set it up?
  123. Ever have phone sex when he calls?
  124. Is it CBS or another reason why are calls are disconnected? Please help
  125. What is
  126. Need New/Unusual Birthday Ideas
  127. IPS deleting services - does anyone have any info?
  128. My 1st Visit...Started BAD ended in AWESOME
  129. ADVICE/HELP/INFO needed ASAP, can you help (US calls to the UK)
  130. My heart keeps telling me to write him - Need advice
  131. GTL and the BBB
  132. Would you block your mans' calls and letters to end it all?
  133. Upset b/c of call from a stranger at hubby's facility...
  134. Legally, can the Prison withold mail?
  135. What happend to his mail during transfer?
  136. This makes me so mad lol~when he calls and hangs up just to hear my voice
  137. Have you taken your child to meet your man in prison?
  138. Is putting a piece of hair in a letter allowed?
  139. I'm so sick of CBS terminating my calls!
  140. Stamp Placement Questions!
  141. Today Was A Good Day - Finally received mail from him
  142. GTL are legal extortionists
  143. Confused - Letter got sent back, did I address it wrong?
  144. Visiting this weekend- UPDATE He Propsed!
  145. Do the guards read all incoming letters?
  146. GTL block on my house phone from previous user..? how to take it off?
  147. Opinions - What is your fav/least fav visiting room food?
  148. Phones Back after 3 years!
  149. Going to see my baby tomorrow. Nervous & excited
  150. Does it matter what prison they are in when setting up a prepaid account?
  151. Does your guy get his v.o's (visiting order) the same time every month?
  152. GTL Prepaid users How much are your calls?
  153. First Visit update(at new facility)
  154. Sharing my excitment - Seeing my love after 9 years!
  155. Is Cons Call Home worth it?
  156. Have I made a huge mistake RE: content of my letter?
  157. Visitation tire's him out? Need advice
  158. Seeking information about GTL prepaid calling card sales/use
  159. GTL - Changing your number?
  160. UK digi cards
  161. Speak your voice as to why embossed envelopes are so much more expensive?
  162. Magic Jack - Does anyone use them?
  163. Cheapercalls - Need Information
  164. How explicit can we be in letters ?
  165. Angry - Visitation Denied, has this ever happened to you?
  166. MCI Warning! Don't Send Your Money Too Soon
  167. Inmate greeting Cards
  168. Who's nervous to look at the collect call bill?
  169. Six Day Marathon to see my man
  170. The Crazy Mail Women ~ July 2009
  171. has anyone used
  172. The USPS needs us all... We can help
  173. A small victory for us visitors
  174. I am so HAPPY & surprised at the cost of calls!
  175. Problem with Evercom, CBS & Conscallhome
  176. Do you cry during or after visiting?
  177. What do you miss about visiting your man?
  178. Help me out ladies! (letter romancing...)
  179. can an inmate in immigration/customs section get mail
  180. Ear to Ear - Has anyone heard of this company?
  181. writing to an inmate- what can I say? What should I avoid?
  182. ~A Wonderful Visit~ Just wanted to share
  183. I have a question- Do I need to provide a return address?
  184. setting up cbs
  185. Opinions please...about this letter to my guy -UPDATED
  186. just received mail from my fiancee
  187. Cbs - How to remove a block?
  188. The mood he sets for you when he calls
  189. Questions about GTL and recieving calls?
  190. Phone fight already and its only been two weeks!
  191. Question Re: Visitation Form (Do recent acquaintences get denied?)
  192. I cant get the inmate email to work??? Anyone if you can help me please.
  193. Is Cons call home legit?
  194. Update - HE wrote!
  195. Changing phone company
  196. Where can you go to print out pictures yourself w/o the workers looking at them?
  197. i got a letter today
  198. ~Another woman eyeing your man~ LONG
  199. CBS Vent!
  200. What stops you from visiting?
  201. Cbs- watch your special features on your phone
  202. Lower phone costs
  203. How many of you are Barred Visitors
  204. A Full Month Without Mail - what would you do?
  205. Taking Advantage of the Ride to Visit
  206. For those who cant see your man, how do you cope?
  207. local numbers + CBS, without getting blocked?
  208. Please give some ideas when you have reached writer's block...
  209. Lying about why you're not visiting - Is it ok when.....
  210. Those with problems with CBS blocking your CCH numbers!!!
  211. Why is he not getting his mail?!
  212. I gots APPROVED ladies -n- gents! :D
  213. Does anyone put lyrics or poems in their letters?
  214. Do you think they're better observing things at visit?
  215. Curious - Do you all really write that often?
  216. I miss his voice! Having phone call withdrawls - UPDATE
  217. Help! question about pre-paid cells!
  218. Angry letters- do you send them?
  219. Phone Calls? Cons Call Home
  220. PenPal for an inmate
  221. I feel like I am about to explode!
  222. Is my hubby lying about the phones?
  223. What to do when they don't call
  224. Visit's - I love them and hate them
  225. What if there was someone else in your seat at visit?
  226. noise noise noise - I hate having trouble hearing each other!
  227. Can't get used to leaving him behind after a visit
  228. Other than letters, the best thing he's sent in the mail
  229. Steamy Love Letters
  230. refused to take payment???
  231. Ladies, have you asked your loved one where they keep the letters, they get from you?
  232. Going to see my baby for the 1st time!!!
  233. Tell Your Senator to Vote NO on S. 251-- Safe Communications Act of 2009
  234. Sexy Coupons for his Birthday- ideas please!!
  235. Having phone problems - when he calls it won't connect through. Just dead air.
  236. payment to CBS with visa need zipcode??
  237. Will you or won't you? Phone sex & risque letters
  238. The Proverbial "Hate" Mail
  239. He's happy - he got mail from family
  240. question for the non-married - does your state allow contact visits?
  241. Finally Approved to visit - SO HAPPY!
  242. Can you tell his mood thru his letters??
  243. How long does it take to get on the approved list?
  244. Need help asap..
  245. I wish Prisoners Could Have Pre-Paid Cell Phones!
  246. Do you think the COs profile the visitors?
  247. I have a fun idea!
  248. Sending from vendor
  249. Nervous & worried, he hasn't called
  250. I have been approved for his phone list!