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  1. feloney probation with no corraspondance
  2. What does F.R.A.N.K. mean?
  3. Other women you see at visiting
  4. Will I fail an ION test if I've had radiation therapy?
  5. Is it a hopeful sign he isn't on the "penpal" list?
  6. Don't Have A Home Phone?
  7. From visitor to CO
  8. my 1st time visiting an inmate..
  9. When inmates are transfered to a new facility is there any reasons why the cant write
  10. Is there anyone that has collect calls?
  11. Summer is around the corner, Ladies!! What should we wear when we see our men?
  12. Opinion Needed...Should I Visit?
  13. Cannot recieve calls, what can I do?
  14. Do you remember your first phone convo?
  15. "You have one minute left" Do you hang up before being cut off?
  16. Have you ever asked your man...
  17. Does he ever prank/call you when he KNOWS you're at work?
  18. How does lockdown effect mail? Lansing Prison
  19. Havent seen him in 9 months, Im soooooooooooo excited!!!!!!
  20. calls to cell phones by using "just talk" service
  21. Just a little rant...Missed his call.
  22. How do you feel after visit
  23. GREAT 1st Visit!!!!
  24. Putting money on CBS with international credit card?
  25. Unwanted porn letters from pan pal
  26. Issues at visitation - What would you do
  27. Phone call USA prison (MI) to/from UK?
  28. Where can I find sudoko games and such?
  29. New To GTL & How to get calls to my cell
  30. I'm going for a visit May 2 & 3 Yippee
  31. Is it normal to feel this way about his excessive phone calls?
  32. Question about Cricket service and recieving calls
  33. Waiting for their calls vs. not expecting one
  34. Cellie jealous of my mans letters?
  35. He hung up on me!
  36. I mailed my sexy pictures!
  37. Don't know what to write to him, need ideas
  38. just wondering
  39. Need help getting calls thru Inmate Telephone Inc.
  40. How is his spelling?
  41. He sent me a 4 leaf clover!
  42. Are you or have you experienced "Slammers" @ visit??
  43. phone company cut me off help me please
  44. how do I get an inmate number
  45. overseas visitors tell me your stories!
  46. Question regarding getting stamps outside u.s.
  47. Curious Question about Visitation and Tears
  48. Who's on his visiting list?
  49. Confused about Portal32 and GTL, have questions???
  50. His demeanor about visitation, need advice...C
  51. #^#@!!! I missed his call
  52. Sad.. Don't know why he hasn't called
  53. If in the hole - do they still get mail?
  54. Postage Stamp Price Change
  55. Problems with Sister-N-Laws and Visitation
  56. He returned my letter to me, what does this mean??
  57. Stamp direction thread, where did it go?
  58. No phone call/draft status?
  59. Queston about inmates having cell phones
  60. Do the letters you get from him make you blush?
  61. The Crazy Mail Women ~ May 2009 ~
  62. Surprise visit tomorrow.....WOOHOO!
  63. Going to visit my MWI
  64. question about CBS (My line was blocked & I didn't know it)
  65. Why no polaroids?
  66. Words/topics that cause phone call to be disconnected?
  67. Send a free Hallmark Card - to your loved one.
  68. Happy AND Frustrated!!!
  69. another inmate wrote me, should i tell my boo?
  70. If you had "family visits", would you take precautions?
  71. What do you write him to get his mind outta depression?
  72. COs and 'sexy pictures'
  73. how many miles from prison=local call when GTL is the phone company??
  74. First visit ever. Have dress code questions?
  75. Mother's Day card
  76. I cant wait for a visit!!
  77. Once your married can you be denied visits?
  78. Cons call home
  79. Out to court
  80. Question about cards allowing him to call a cell phone
  81. Correctional billing services keeps hanging up on us
  82. He done the sweetest thing @ visit
  83. He's not writing as much because he's in a drug program
  84. how much postage stamps??
  85. How do you address a letter to an inmate?
  86. When you send your pics...
  87. printed my envelopes upside down
  88. Question about Pre Paid calling cards
  89. How do you unblock calls?
  90. Yesterday was his Birthday - no phone call!
  91. Questionable Markthrough...
  92. I hate his mail room!
  93. What should I wear/how should I act/AHHH!
  94. Mailing Services Prices Effective Monday, May 11, 2009
  95. Dirty letters!!??
  96. Ever go thru phases where you don't feel like writing?
  97. Trying to check my GTL balance & having problems
  98. Worst Letter Ever, What Do I Do?
  99. PCS prepaid service is GREAT
  100. Long overdue to visit, I cant wait
  101. Bringing kids to visit. Please share your experiences
  102. How long did it take for him to write to you?
  103. His Birthday.....What kind of things do you do?
  104. He Sent a Mother's day card
  105. My lover-I have to brag-did another thing wonderful
  106. I have the sweetest man ever!!!
  107. My Mother's day gift
  108. WARNING!! Re:International calls
  109. Anyone having trouble with PCS login?
  110. Prison Guard Blues - Need Help
  111. Hairy letter! I got his first gray hair!
  112. Where do you keep their mail?
  113. Is seeing you and not touching you too much for him?
  114. Another visit another headache........
  115. Its been 4 Weeks And Im Goin Crazy, no word from him
  116. Majic Jack Line or Concallhome, need suggestions
  117. Gtl - Can I set up an account online?
  118. ? about sending reading material
  119. Hippopost
  120. letter from my boyfriend.
  121. do you spray your letters with perfume?
  122. Hate those phone calls that make you feel like he's PMSing?
  123. Waiting 2 hours for only a 15 minute visit???
  124. Phone call from my hubby
  125. Pissed Off and a Little Disturbed
  126. Wedding Anniversary Phone Call!!!
  127. Tired of Writing
  128. Why is it always so damn noisy when I'm talking to him on the phone?
  129. Writing on the wrong side of the paper?
  130. For those Super Students Out there!
  131. does anyone else get pre visit jitter's??
  132. Your 2 cents - should I read a letter that "shouldn't have been sent"?
  133. How do visits affect your loved one?
  134. CBS Problem...UNBELIEVABLE!
  135. I feel like a show at visit!!
  136. an old cell mate of my boo has my pictures and writing me
  137. returned mail??
  138. How long has it been since you got a hug from your guy?
  139. i do not know what to write anymore
  140. Enmasse we need to complain to our States about GTL
  141. What happens when an inmate is caught with cell phone?
  142. What do you call your BF/husband in your letters?
  143. How do you deal with mail drought??
  144. Free stationary?
  145. question about CBS past pratice
  146. Should I go visit him?
  147. global tel link and portal 32 help please
  148. Cell calls and boy your calls are cheap!
  149. If he doesn't call when he says he will...
  150. GTL and Vonage Questions
  151. Stupid mail room people...
  152. He told me not to visit 'til next week- he has "something else" to do
  153. Craziest Mess I Ever Wrote?
  154. Our Contest!! Who can write the longest letter by Monday
  155. maybe im the only one who didnt know this thought i would share though
  156. Money issues with I.T.I., does anyone have any info????
  157. SPITTIN' NAILS - dress code frustrations!!!
  158. How was your first contact visit?
  159. Carpooling Problems to visit, need opinions...
  160. Got my four hour visit today!!!
  161. Some ideas, if you wouldn't mind - what to do for our anniversary
  162. Magic Jack, do you use it & how does it work?
  163. For those that get a lot of letters...
  164. Talking "Amourously" on the Phone
  165. Sick to MY Stomach - he's late calling
  166. mail STOLEN!!! Has this happened to you??
  167. Does your state encourage visitation
  168. Do they use the phone like a leash?
  169. ever had a CO hit on you at visitation??
  170. Phone block?
  171. Do you or your loved one ever write anything on the outside/inside of the envelope?
  172. This STINKS!! (Cutting calls back to every other day)
  173. Do you keep his messages so you can hear his voice?
  174. National Campaign for Lower Priced Phone Calls
  175. Another GTL Nightmare
  176. How can I get money back?
  177. Phone Plan - so confused which one to choose??
  178. How often do y'all talk to your man?
  179. can't wait to hear from him then
  180. GTL just trying to get my money?
  181. ughh what should i think..(he asked me to give his ex his address so she could write)
  182. Why cant i get my phonecalls through?
  183. What year did you have your first prison visit?
  184. Angry about the phone
  185. I've HAD it! Where's my mail?!
  186. Got a Birthday Present!
  187. Need suggestions about sending Non fiction True Crime novels???
  188. Does it have to be a "book" of stamps?
  189. GTL and Vonage Update
  190. Do you dress up or down to see your man?
  191. Does anybody else have a checklist when preparing for visit?
  192. Can anyone answer this, is GTL cutting my calls short?
  193. I got a letter today from him, had to share
  194. Is it dangerous to go by yourself?
  195. does your man get mad if the co's are nice to you during visit?
  196. My Friend Never Mailed me Back??
  197. you can have my stamps
  198. Attitudes with the guards??
  199. mail less and less
  200. What Does It Mean When They Don't END Their Letter W/ I Love You?
  201. Wants to see me (after breakup) but still w/o our son
  202. Good idea on how to save money when sending books
  203. No Open Toe Shoes
  204. staff writing to inmates
  205. Do you use saveonprisoncalls?
  206. SHU Visitation - What is your experiences
  207. The best day in a long time! PICS!
  208. i need help- Where is this phone number?
  209. Hating GTL more each day
  210. It sucks being the nice guy sometimes LOL
  211. Need birthday suggestion to give to an inmate
  212. Too self conscious to send him sexy pics - help!
  213. He told me he couldn't have visits, but I find out he can...Is someone else visiting?
  214. I wish I could see my baby!!!!!!!!
  215. Cell phones in prison...
  216. Extra visiting time!
  217. Had to share my first visit experience with hubby
  218. New and need to write a letter
  219. Coming back to visit after a year, found out someone else was visiting
  220. help me figure this out, received letter from a mystery man!!!!
  221. i paid for them its his (CDs not allowed because of missing reciept)
  222. Finally told global-tel to take a hike today!
  223. My aftervisit letter...
  225. can you tell me about CTI phone service?
  226. Butterflies when I'm going to visit, does this happen to you?
  227. Alternative to CBS for phonecalls from inmate to UK?
  228. Just had to say thank you for all the great mail ideas
  229. do you keep all of his letters?
  230. Fiance's Birthday-Any ideas?
  231. Funny Caller ID Info- Global Tel Link
  232. anyone want to write to an inmate??
  233. Do you ever feel the CO's are jealous?
  234. if you messed up, how would you let him know your sorry?
  235. What would he do if another woman wrote to him?
  236. upside down stamp
  237. Warrant for my arrest..
  238. I need some ideas on what else to send him!
  239. I can't sleep... I'm too excited for my visit! :(
  240. I can't sleep..I'm way too excited to visit. :)
  241. So Frustrated/ Phone Companies
  242. How do you handle other inmates staring at you in visit?
  243. Here's a fun questionaire I sent to my baby
  244. would you do this, give a person a ride to visit?
  245. Phone Companies for calls from Prison
  246. Who has nearly lost their visits for something small??
  247. Need ideas on making a prison visitation trip cheaper
  248. need help with inmate address to send letter
  249. our way of surviving using GTL
  250. phone calls at sfrc