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  1. Internet Approval?
  2. important question!
  3. He let it slip...
  4. Advice! (Needed About When to Visit)
  5. I've Been Approved For Visitation!!!
  6. First visit...they should have let me take him home!!!
  7. Things I Need To Know For Visitation
  8. No-Show to the visit
  9. Has this ever happened to you? (phone lines crossed)
  10. Am I Getting Ripped off by Telenet? Not a chance! :)
  11. Neveda State Prison Anyone???
  12. bad visit
  13. Visitation screw up
  14. (Drug Task Force/DEA) Checked Me Out!!
  15. (Problems With) That CO!
  16. I Finally Made It Up To See My Sweetie Yesterday!
  17. calling lists
  18. first visit
  19. can i visit with a case pending?
  20. Ahh So Excited For 2morra!
  21. Oak Park Heights
  22. Approved
  23. No Contact visit / Contact visit ??
  24. Problems with other women
  25. ASPC-Winslow Rideshare??
  26. Update on advice poll
  27. ARRRRGGG Correction Billing Problems again
  28. Prisoners' relatives bemoan cost of calls
  29. I get to see my baby!!!
  30. Family Visits
  31. how many phone calls can you get before mci blocks your line?
  32. Other Phone Choices?
  33. Conjugals... Needed: For & Against Arguments About Them
  34. FINALLY got approved!!! :)
  35. help need phone info
  36. I got a very sad letter today.
  37. what prisons are making off our phone calls to our loved
  38. 1st visit to a CF tomorrow
  39. Do belly-button rings set off prison metal detectors?
  40. Visiting in Prison
  41. A Wonderful Visit
  42. My visit at Bibb
  43. the best visit yet
  44. just a cute idea
  45. does anyone have the #
  46. Is anyone waiting for visitation approval at FDC Philadelphia?
  47. Happy visits!
  48. Toll Free Phone Lines AT&T $0.10 a minute $2.95 a month
  49. Kissing the glass
  50. Need Prayer
  51. tele-net
  52. S.q. Visits
  53. finally approved to visit my BF
  54. Question about clothing
  55. Cute Gift Ideas
  56. Why don't I want to visit?
  57. HElP! DENIED visists for 5 years
  58. had a great visit today
  59. Visiting question
  60. Delaware Policy...This is ludacrous!
  62. Grrrrrrrr (fiance sent to county jail, visits now behind glass)
  63. Visitation
  64. What should I do? What would you do?
  65. First visit was AMAZING!!
  66. More visits, more hours, closer - what more could a girl want?!
  67. happy happy day!
  68. Phone Call Cut Off
  69. carpool from tulsa oklahoma to amarillo texas
  70. visitation rules and regulations - Georgia
  71. Visited my son at the Lopez Unit yesterday
  72. Where can I get custom cards from?
  73. My first visit
  74. Another company besides Tele-Net?
  75. I had our first visit!!!!!!!
  76. is a toddler considered a visitor?
  77. Voice Mail that accepts collect calls???
  78. Needing to go to WMCC in Cameron, MO
  79. I went back!
  80. Mci = Severe Frustration!!!
  81. Underwire Bra's!
  82. such a long week
  83. Budget Phone Co
  84. Visitation Denied
  85. If you could wear ANYTHING you wanted to visitation... what would it be?
  86. bringing your child and their food
  87. I hate the system!! Grr
  88. Anyone else visiting this weekend?
  89. My Outcome of My First Visitation and A Special Thanks To Babygirl719!!!
  90. T- netix ?
  91. federal visitation by felon wife
  92. direct calls - vs - telnet?
  93. Visit a prisoner that is close to you.........
  94. This weekends visit.
  95. Tips for a first time visitor
  96. The realities of visitation
  97. Bad Boy- 1st fight
  98. Ranting about phone companies!!!
  99. County Jail Has Blocked My Number - WHY????
  100. any other choice besides t-netix
  101. Inmates' families call for help
  102. Ideas for what to write him!
  103. Poll: Who's loved ones can receive handmade cards?
  104. prices of collect calls in New York State?
  105. 5 days to go
  106. Helping my Mans friend see his girl...
  107. Phone List Approval
  108. first visit at FSP
  109. I need help!!! T-Netix Blocked Calls
  110. How many pages do you write?
  111. Unsat. equals no visit???
  112. Halloween Ideas?!?!
  113. favorite and least favorite
  114. 2 more days until 1st visit!
  115. Visiting This weekend! 10-25-03!
  116. first time visitor
  117. T-NETIX Improving Customer Service?
  118. does anyone else have vartec for local phone service
  119. I was suppost to get a special visit this sunday!
  120. Institutional Phone System
  121. What is the deal with T-Netix???
  122. Remote Call Forwarding
  123. first visit in 1 week!!!!!!!!
  124. Cell Phones - question about forwarding calls
  125. I dont think I can handle my visit in 7 hours
  126. Should I appeal my visitation suspension?
  127. Great 2nd Visit Today...except he gave me bad news
  128. Crap!!!!! (Forgot to set clock back prior to visit!)
  129. frustrated and confused
  130. Telenet
  131. Carpool from Syracuse to Elmira for 11/08/03
  132. I was approved for visitation...
  133. Are you allowed to do this during a Visit..............
  134. Any ideas on how to make sure my son knows who Daddy is?
  135. A Visitation Thank U
  136. Family visits approved
  137. I Finally Went
  138. 1st visit was great! (kind of long)
  139. What is a trailer visit?
  140. evercom phone system
  141. Halloween Visitation.....
  142. Husband felt helpless after visit
  143. Only Treats this Halloween
  144. depressed
  145. Non Contact Visit - Help
  146. One more day!!!
  147. Does anyone in the Dallas area carpool to Allan B. Polunsky?
  148. Questions about family visit
  149. "Sneaky" Visits (kind of perverted, but aren't we all?!)
  150. Only My 3rd Visit - A Complete Disaster - Need Advice ASAP
  151. first contact
  152. Bad Kicked Out
  153. carpool tulsa to amarillo
  154. This Weekends Visit!!!
  155. The Worst Visit Ever!!!!!
  156. Does It Matter If We're Married?
  157. I wanted to share with you guys my exciting and wonderfull visit
  158. Transportation to FCI Schuylkill in PA
  159. Any chance for us to get approved ???
  160. Anyone have Global Tel Link?
  161. Sleepless in PA
  162. Keep your eye on T-Netix
  163. Has anyone done this? (complained to BBB about T-Netix or other systems)
  164. My first contact visit
  165. first visit
  166. My Visit to Death Row!
  167. Missed my wedding day !
  168. my car died i have no way to visit
  169. I need everyone's help and advice... (on visitation denial)
  170. Can an inmate get in trouble for using alternate phone companies?
  171. unknown phone call (inmate)
  172. Does the state (or Fed) prison system you deal with allow catalogs to be mailed in?
  173. Conjugal Prison Visits
  174. Visiting 11/10
  175. Visitations Restored!!!!
  176. conjugal visit?
  177. Uncomfortable Visits
  178. a missourian hopeless - looking for ride to Bowling Green
  179. Back from Illinois
  180. Excited about a Visit
  181. does any one know?? (about the John Howard Association/Society)
  182. please read this - transportation in Canada?
  183. Everyone read...and help if you can!!!! (Problems w/ CO's at visitation)
  184. Scanned for drugs and denied visit
  185. Visitation-no hug pic and no food :<
  186. A sad Visit
  187. Another horrible visit at Lancaster
  188. Help!!! (Nervous about upcoming visit)
  189. Denied Visitation in Florida
  190. Pictures in Prison - Questions About Procedure/Prices
  191. Transportation To Camp Hill
  192. Transportation to Wisconsin Prisons
  193. Getting around the collect calls
  194. Sorry if this sounds bad - Glad visits are being cut back
  195. Talk America
  196. Question about transportation from a prison, please help...
  197. my first visit
  198. What to Get Him for Christmas (or other occasions)
  199. Carpool (from Chicago/Gary area) to FMC Lexinton,K.y.
  200. Every Saturday
  201. Prices on collect calls in cali
  202. How long does it take to get approved for visiting???
  203. Can I get contact?
  204. Butterflies about first time visit
  205. Visiting This weekend! 11-15-03
  206. How far do you have to drive?
  207. I Wish My Sister*in*law Would Wake Her Ass Up
  208. Positive effects of visiting help..
  209. Sexual pressure!
  210. Can't remember your user name...from Redding?
  211. Got to see my baby yesterday...but for only 2 hours
  212. Phone Sex?!?
  213. inmate requests (about sending contraband through the mail)
  214. What is the longest letter you ever recived from your man??
  215. illegal sprint blocks on collect calls
  216. I feel SOOOOOO Good, perfect visit
  217. found out something bad on visitation any words of advice
  218. denied
  219. Phone list denied
  220. How Can I Help My Phone Bill!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!
  221. confusing visit
  222. Do your man have a bad day and take it out in your letter ?
  223. I am so happy
  224. My first visits this past weekend were...
  225. Collect calls on your phone bill?
  226. carpool - from Greenbrier/Monroe Co. area to HCC?
  227. carpooling - Ludington area to Jackson (Cotton CF), Michigan
  228. Southern State In NJ - Carpool?
  229. Here in Massachusetts
  230. visiting form question
  231. need a ride to Onieda Correctional in Rome NY - from Rochester/Wayne Co. Area
  232. Denied Visitation
  233. denied visitation
  234. Denied Visitation
  235. bring my kids to visits
  236. What is the best pre-paid phone card?
  237. Prison Collect Calls/answer
  238. Wheeler Correctional Facility - carpool?
  239. Excited & need ideas!
  240. Mule Creek from Stockton? Ride?
  241. weekday transportation to prisons? (to Attica)
  242. Can they use phone cards?
  243. forwarded calls?
  244. Thanksgiving
  245. I got a letter and he made a VOW!
  246. AT&T Network Security is the Bane of my Existance!
  247. Anyone heard of Cataman Communications?
  248. going to jail while visiting
  249. Question - What is T-Netix?
  250. the Visits!