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  1. Visiting while in the hole?
  2. newbie, wondering about rates from FL to NC
  3. Would your man be offended if you wrote to his friend?
  4. Birthday ideas?
  5. Back at it ~ had a visit
  6. 21 questions
  7. Does it get harder & harder to leave after each visit?
  8. Birthday Radio Shout out HELP!
  9. Birthday help please :)
  10. Skype
  11. Have you ever written, and requested certain poses?
  12. There is a way around high call costs
  13. Have you had that "special" phone call yet?
  14. Handwritten or typed letters?
  15. A guard asked me what my relationship is to my husband...
  16. Problems with CBS-please help(went from direct bill to prepaid & now no calls)
  17. Am I doomed to "glass" visits???
  18. What else do you include with your letters? Photos, poems, lyrics, momentos?
  19. Helpful link for printing photos!
  20. Cute St. Paddy's gift from my honey
  21. no need to have romantice feelings...
  22. Mail delivery time from Montana to Ohio 47 years....
  23. What's it like visiting your guy in jail/prison?
  24. I need help! Accidentally blocked calls
  25. What happens to your bra if the detector sounds off??
  26. For once a good exp w/GTL
  27. birthday ideas??
  28. ?s about Lowell C.I. boot camp rules for mailing
  29. Email addy 4 GTL?
  30. 3 to 10 days to get phone numbers approved
  31. How does ConsCallHome work?
  32. not liking a sexy letter?
  33. Setting up to recieve collect calls
  34. Giving him a promise ring next visit.
  35. Where do they keep all their mail?
  36. No letters!!
  37. Perfuming letters would they get return?
  38. Which is worse, not hearing from him or him not hearing from you
  39. A little help please..Stamp positions and the meanings?
  40. What books do you send your loved one?
  41. Has his hygiene at visit ever been a bit poor or below average?
  42. I went card crazy!
  43. I Got my Letter from My Baby Today!
  44. how often mail is sent?
  45. I just got a letter
  46. Re: Envelopes Sizes????????
  47. Please help!!! How do I send a copy of my phone bill to GTL when using Cons Call Home
  48. Need sources for writing to him
  49. My Birthday stuff =) and Anniversary! Aww
  50. Do you prefer the cards he buys or the cards he makes for you?
  51. new here-trying to figure this out now help
  52. Can inmate write letters to each other?
  53. Why hasn't he called yet? (Please read)
  54. Question? What IS HAPPY CARD?
  55. Not the usual "questionable pictures"- think he'll receive them or..?
  56. What is the policy of conjugal visits?
  57. Has anyone ever tried MagicJack?
  58. Phone Ripoff -- A solution -- MajicJack?
  59. Need help writing a sexy letter!
  60. If he is being transferred, do they forward his mail?
  61. Has your man ever asked you to call another inmates wife ?
  62. Are you so anxious to visit that you cant sleep
  63. any cute ideas?
  64. What would you do if you saw this? (Inappropriate PDA at visiting)
  65. Kissing HIS Letters
  66. Does your man look you in the eye when you visit?
  67. Body Spray VS Perfume
  68. April Fools Prank
  69. Ladies and gents I almost caught a charge today!!!
  70. Is there a minimum to use vconnect?
  71. Jealous of his ex...
  72. Writing the first letter/ what to write about?
  73. Mailing address position meanings
  74. How do you make your letters more fun!
  75. MagicJack/GTL
  76. They gave him my letters
  77. I've got the can't visit him blues...
  78. question about inmate number
  79. "Those" letters
  80. Where can I find adult Pics inmate can have
  81. My first visit with him
  82. help what is the cheapest way to get calls
  83. They sell the naughty pictures??
  84. Question-What happens to mail that arrives after he is released?
  85. Food: Do you ever wish...
  86. U.S. Posttal Srvc..considering canceling Saturday Delivery
  87. How much would you pay?
  88. My Man Was Given a Warning for Excessive Contact...
  89. phones messed up for the past two days... grrr
  90. Help! What phone company should I use!
  91. retarded mail lady-needs to get a life
  92. What if he sang to you at a visit?
  93. So he had a book get denied...
  94. Has anyone's guy ever done this? (Strange instructions in letters)
  95. GTL and funding limits
  96. CBS 2 payments in one day?
  97. Cips Network (I think)
  98. What are the chances that two pen pal in the same prison knows each other?
  99. They won't let me see him!
  100. Help - is it allowed to send in cardboard with paintings on them?
  101. Express Mail via USPS
  102. Burruss correctional training center mail
  103. Gel pens?
  104. The most important thing .. just being there
  105. Best time to set up GTL?
  106. Any use a Tracphone for local collect calls?
  107. completely devistated!!! Visit terminated
  108. Who else feels tired? (same thing over & over ).
  109. Prison Potties- How are they where you visit?
  110. Pre Paid Visa cards and GTL
  111. Bring a brand new baby to prison visitation?
  112. What do YOU talk about in your letters?
  113. Did I overreact about Drinks for trustees
  114. CBS cut off after 5 min!!! :S
  115. Questions about altering a cards size
  116. We Had Our FIRST Contact Visit Tonight!!
  117. Just didn't feel like visiting...
  118. How often do you write back and forth?
  119. Do you ladiez do weird things while you talk to your man?
  120. does anyone know about Evercom?
  121. Letter Decorating
  122. 1st Phone Call Out of Reception Question-Is it normal to be a stressful call?
  123. The Crazy Mail Women ~ April 2009~
  124. ****************- any feedback?
  125. Information on portal32 phone service?
  126. Friend sent a Recordable teddy bear
  127. Input welcomed
  128. Judge gives boost to prison inmates’ mail case
  129. Need Easter Mail Ideas
  130. how many of ur men put the date on their letters?
  131. I need advice was jumped, should i still go see him?
  132. Cheapest phone calls?
  133. conscallhome--false advertising?
  134. Prison Calls Online
  135. is this a sexy pic???
  136. Global telelink
  137. Pictures while n the hole??
  138. He hasnt recieved My letters?? HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!
  139. Will he truly appreciate my visit?
  140. Your info being passed around!
  141. Free Google forwarding service soon available
  142. WHAT pops up on your Caller ID when he/she calls?
  143. What is Vac and how does it work???
  144. "LEGAL" stamp. What does it mean?
  145. What does he really mean when he says Send me Pics...
  146. Buying xxx magazines
  147. Collect calls
  148. International Calls??
  149. I just don't get it- Picking a phone service
  150. <B>GTL Info That May Affect You!</B>
  151. Does it matter how you send your payment?
  152. No mail on Sunday...anyone suffer some withdrawal!
  153. Buying shoes for visit...
  154. JPAY Email--Inmate dropped from list
  155. Ever feeling sick of writing?
  156. I'm feelin' guilty...I haven't seen my husband in 5 yrs!
  157. I got to see his jealous side today!
  158. JPAY Not working
  159. Global tel
  160. Mail Extras! What do you like to do?
  161. Mail in the hole-not receiving letters
  162. Funny visiting stories
  163. The crazy phone call
  164. I have a question? Anyone heard of AmericanPrisoner?
  165. He's putting another woman on his list!!
  166. Returned Mail-not being forwarded
  167. Global Tel Link
  168. It's that time for mail
  169. OMG I can't read his letters...(Updated)
  170. visitation- He doesn't want me to go see him.
  171. What is the meaning of 381 on his letters?
  172. PLZZ HELP!!! Urgent! Fiance Must Call- but it's SO expensive!
  173. Removed from visting
  174. Cant receive calls and dont know what to do
  175. how long does it take to get a response?????
  176. How does he/she sign letters?
  177. GTL complaints- How can we effectively get them heard and addressed?
  178. How long do letters take to reach a prisoner
  179. will i get in trouble for nude pics sent to inmate?
  180. 1st time and need picture suggestions
  181. Question about sending letters from one inmate to another
  182. Is it Global Tel or Global HELL?
  183. Visit or Not Visit......that is the question?
  184. Does he send gifts?
  185. Mail on Good Friday??
  186. How often do you visit?
  187. lost letter
  188. My first visit!
  189. The reduced phone advertisement
  190. Mailing erotic content question!
  191. Does anyone know how to remove a block
  192. Issues with Vac account
  193. Can't believe im askinga personal question, what do you do at that time of the month?
  194. Does your inmate notice what you wear?
  195. My amor called me and I am so happy!!!
  196. Number of Photos allowed in one mailing?
  197. Easter visit
  198. First Visit in Almost 7 years
  199. How do I get my ex to stop writing?
  200. GTL- How many days did it take to set up prepaid account?
  201. two questions......(about saving money on phone calls)
  202. I have a question concerning sending pictures
  203. Life goes on...But do you write about it?
  204. What the h***, GTL taking my money?
  205. call limits with GTL-How do I raise my limit?
  206. cost of visits, how much do you spend?
  207. Hit me, baby, one more time... Do you keep having him call back 'til the money's gone
  208. Giving a ride to another person?
  209. How do you let him know that you want to have phone sex?
  210. Conscallhome, need info
  211. What do u think your man would think of your change of style?
  212. Not getting charged??????
  213. Waiting patiently for his letters! What's wrong?
  214. No return address on envelope considered contraband??
  215. Pain in the mail, waiting so long for his response!!!
  216. My Letter To Him
  217. Do you miss his voice?
  218. Oh, the letter feud.... arguing about how often to write
  219. Sad after visitation....
  220. My letter came back- insufficient postage.
  222. Grrr...ics issues
  223. GTL & recording phone calls...
  224. His birthday is coming up! Any ideas on something special?
  225. Need new suggestions on what I should send him
  226. help im cluless- Anyone know about ConsCallHome?
  227. I Hate GTL
  228. What is the procedure to visit at your prison?
  229. Portal32.Com Offers 5000 Minutes!
  230. do they receice a letter if they have been trasfered?
  231. pre paid cards
  232. Will the real wife please stand up?
  233. Conjugal Prison Visits - what are they like?
  234. How has he/she asked you to dress for visiting?
  235. Is his habits on visits hot or not?
  236. Vontage & CBS
  237. how do you know if the number is blocked w/ GTL
  238. Getting in trouble for kissing!!!
  239. CBS, more nightmares.......
  240. Will GPS get me to the prison to visit?
  241. How often do you talk to your man on the phone?
  242. Do you think he's sexy in his prison uniform?
  243. New Ideas for Letters..
  244. Question about phone approval
  245. What's the 1st thing he says when you answer?
  246. Got approved to visit, now what should I wear?!!!
  247. He hung up before I could accept, should I be worried??
  248. I love the mail!
  249. Why are mailmen so slow?
  250. lost id! what else can I bring to visit?