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  1. how far are you away from your mwi or hubby or friend?
  2. how do I change visting list?
  3. JPay.
  4. Psychic Mail connection?
  5. should i be worried?!
  6. He just stole my heart AGAIN!
  7. The First Visit
  8. Can you all stand one more question? Can I take a camera to our visit?
  9. He's So Sweet!
  10. I'm so upset!! I missed his call
  11. i need some help
  12. What is a post office without stamps???
  13. Need Feedback~cellie messing with our mail?
  14. What Does Your Man Ask For????
  15. Yay I actually had a good day ! (surprise visit)
  16. Stationary Idea's
  17. Problems with Correctional Billing
  18. Mail gone missing?
  19. Sending pictures......
  20. Gtl-Setting up an account w/ a cell phone (Co Jail)
  21. Be careful what you mail
  22. Help! (he hasn't called)
  23. A huge thank you for holiday cards!
  24. Question about Skype
  25. I'm kind of upset
  26. GTL Rates - Did they go up?
  27. Please help, urgent mail issue!
  28. Another sexy picture question......
  29. a surprise that lasts 4-ever? what could it be?
  30. He sent me a rose today:)!!!
  31. Please Help! I got Get Connected and gtl needs a phone bill faxed, I have none!!!
  32. Federal System Phones
  33. I need Help-My Po wont give me permission to visit my guy.
  34. Punishment for calls
  35. Post office chaos!
  36. Photos containing firearms?
  37. Halmark cards???
  38. Cost of P.O. Box in Connecticut?
  39. How to unblock a call
  40. has he ever sent you a letter that smelt good?
  41. thinking about sending pictures? :/
  42. Visiting room confessions!
  43. After a visit?
  44. Anyone eles not getting mail.........
  45. Who knows what a "time and charges call" is?
  46. Stupid snow!
  47. Recieving Calls problem
  48. Why do they take a photo of you before you visit (FEDERAL)
  49. MAJOR ACCIDENT on the way home from our visit!!!!
  50. Lost out on visit- He's in solitary.
  51. What we mean~and what our letters mean to each other
  52. Feel Like I Have Nothing To Write Him About
  53. Portal32 Phone Bill for GTL
  54. How many pics???
  55. Visit yesterday
  56. Sexy Stationary?
  57. i know im not alone..
  58. The worst joke ever!!! #@*# >=[
  59. Still no letter... it's been a MONTH... yay, rant time!
  60. passing letters for inmates? good or bad idea?
  61. Cell phones thru CBS?
  62. How many Pray at Visitation???
  63. Getting Letters Returned Sucks!!!
  64. First visit woooooooo!
  65. what are my chances
  66. Letter was LOST he thought I didn't write him for 3 days! ahhhh
  67. New to Florida system and PTO~questions about card project and mailing letters
  68. Leaving to see my baby :)
  69. Would anyone like to share.....?
  70. Info on envelopes please
  71. Turning down contact visits? What do you think??
  72. Counting the minutes...
  73. Typical cost per minute for GTL?
  74. Call-forwarding?! Is it a good idea?!
  75. Needs GTL phone
  76. Please Help!!!~accidently went into visit with meds in my pocket
  77. How can I send emails ????
  78. Question about visiting?
  79. I am So mad at CBS
  80. Great way to develop those sexy pics!
  81. Any Suggestions???
  82. they enjoyed eachothers company
  83. still hasnt gotten them
  84. Problem Viewing Billed Calls On CBS Website
  85. Calling England from US
  86. Weird letters from inmates??
  87. Wait all day for the mail lady!
  88. who ran out of places to take pics?
  89. I have a ??????~Can he call me with a calling card when my phone is blocked?
  90. Changing my Vonage number/gtl accept it?
  91. Amazon lady would not ship book to my honey cause he is in PRISON!!!
  92. HELP!! How many pages can I send to my hunny
  93. Girls Gone Wild Magazine
  94. Need help finding Greeting Cards
  95. another jpay question
  96. Best Home Phone Carrier For Collect Calls
  97. *WhAt hAvE u dOnE fOr hIs b-DaY!!*
  98. Disappointed & Somewhat Pissed...Am I wrong? (he chooses a visit w/dad instead of me)
  99. Visiting for the first time....
  100. Pictures, pictures, pictures - need ideas for poses
  101. Can anyone tell me how to get a hold of your arrest records?
  102. does anyone know will I need proof of insurance...?
  103. visiting for the first time...
  104. oahh question!!~my man don't know I got the phone set up for calls
  105. the "insider" magazine
  106. Anybody familiar with
  107. The fate of my days!!!!!
  108. He did such a sweet thing....=D
  109. Waiting on those phone calls...
  110. GTL saying LOCAL123 is not allowed?? Please Help!!
  111. Cons call home
  112. Dont you hate it when you miss his calls!!!
  113. Pictures During Visit??
  114. yay i finally can get calls from baby!
  116. Valentines Day Ideas
  117. SSCF - NJ Inmates will now be able to buy Phone Cards!
  118. No visit today
  119. Can I send him a drawing of a naked woman?
  120. OMG!! Can I use my cell phone once he moves?
  121. Jpay on Martin Luther King Jr. Day?
  122. Cutting Costs
  123. Visitation at work release center
  124. Texas Inmate Outgoing Mail Opened?
  125. Are you guys ALWAYS together, holding hands during visitation?
  126. I'm confused...
  127. Anyone ever heard of "Text Collect"?
  128. Its been 2 months and no approval why?
  129. I am so excited
  130. Is mail read before it goes out?
  131. they have the pictures in his property bag
  132. Music CDs
  133. Prison Phone Sex Calling Cards?
  134. USP Lee getting EMAIL?????
  135. Amazon
  136. Question about Mail to AZ
  137. Visitation form for florida
  138. Would you be mad, upset or am i being selfish? (a visit from his daughter...)
  139. I think its dumb that we have to pay for prison phone calls!!
  140. I need help connecting
  141. Can they take their books and mail when they get moved
  142. Interesting fact about prison's profits from GTL
  143. another jpay question
  144. odessa jail help
  145. do you think this would be considered a package sent????
  146. Ok, just had to share this!! (letter received)
  147. Inmate Wants E-mail Pals
  148. OMG I can't stop sniffing this letter!
  149. He just got my "sexy pics"!!!!!!!!!!!
  150. Visiting Forms
  151. A word about scented stationary and such
  152. finally i get to see my man
  153. Congrats Ant's Wife - PTO Conference Design Competition - WINNER!!!!
  154. Arrival very timely and calming (letter received)
  155. How to help make sure mail is not tampered with.
  156. What the hell is wrong with global tel?
  157. Quick Q about books?
  158. Need some cheering up-no mail in 2 weeks-not normal ]:
  159. Found this online tonight if you think your calls cost too much
  160. His letters-lack of words written.
  161. I won't go ..... and I mean it ... I won't share my visit with his mom and family.
  162. GTL-international calls- empty account
  163. Im surprising my hubby!!
  164. I'm trying not to freak out, am I overreacting here? (call disconnected)
  165. 1 phone call a week.....*sigh* so unfair
  166. question: underwire bras & prison visitation?
  167. Alternative to ICSolutions?
  168. First visit with my guy today!!!
  169. call from CA to Michigan
  170. Overwhelming!! Wow!~First contact visit
  171. why didnt it use my prepay???
  172. I need some one to talk to. Visitation question
  173. my latest "project" lol monthly calendars
  174. help...XTRA LARGE CARDS???
  175. worried if i should do what he is asking me to do. (contact on visit)
  176. i heard from him ~ need phone information
  177. how do find who is on a visit list
  178. Questions about getting a call from a prison
  179. Valentine's Day....need ideas of what to mail him
  180. just got a recorded msg from GTL help pls
  181. does he let other people read your letters you sent him
  182. J-pay mail, How long does it really take?
  183. Pilot Program
  184. Do You Like the Early Morning Calls or the Just Before Bed Ones? Why?
  185. does anyone use t mobile and CBS
  186. Sending mail/email to 3 Rivers in Texas?
  187. How can i get a contact visit or special visit?
  188. I just have to share..SO EXCITED!!!
  189. T-mobile VS Verizon wireless please share your experience
  190. Forget Amazon - ships FREE!!!
  191. what do u do with all the letters???
  192. Am I Overreacting?
  193. Wow who know you can't get stamps with a picture of a convicted criminal on them.
  194. Do His Calls Put you to Sleep Like a Baby or Like a Grown Woman?:)
  195. pictures are getting stolen
  196. post office wanting to cut a delivery day?
  197. Six day mail service in jeopardy?
  198. his letters are all i have
  199. Oh Lordy, I Can't Even Belive I'm Posting This . . . (intimate phone calls)
  200. Ringtones - what's yours for him?
  201. what to wear to a visit....
  202. How to get "Family Visits"
  203. Mail days being cut
  204. talking about cuting down mail to 5 days
  205. Scared to Visit
  206. Valentine discount declaration: save 25% on every iphones. Call now.
  207. Valentines Day on SATURDAY...Hooray!!! ~ special visit planned?
  208. Is your VIRTUAL number working?!?!?!
  209. What day would you cut?
  210. How Do You Greet Him When He Walks In?...
  212. FIRST call in over a year!!! he best 5 minutes of this year!
  213. First call in a year!!! BEST 5 minutes of this year...
  214. Help! First Time Visiting no credit card how to get a hotel and car?
  215. How hard is it for HIM to watch you leave?
  216. help...which phone company to use?
  217. virtual phone number telemarketing
  218. JPay
  219. CBS will not let me use my new number!
  220. Survey's any new sites?
  221. do inmates get mail on saturdays??
  222. Need help.! Writing sexy letters
  223. Envelope for pictures
  224. Mail Question-Are they really cutting out a delivery day?
  225. Phone Call from Dad
  226. Haven't talked to him in 1 1/2 months
  227. Correctional Facilities Collect Call Providers
  228. Colored Envelopes??
  229. ~The Crazy Mail Women~February 2009~
  230. Problems with GTL?
  231. Horrible visit HELP! Need legal help
  232. My stomach is sick cause I haven't heard from him
  233. CBS doesn't want my money
  234. Verizon-Do I still need a GTL account?
  235. I feel terrible, finally contact visits but he to far away for me to visit!
  237. frustrated mail was lost in the transfer
  238. what company does jackson state prison have
  239. Postage on Valentines Day Card
  240. Which prisons allow scented mail?
  241. mexican post-Do you have trouble mailing to the US?
  242. Barnes and Noble said "No"
  243. His Being Transfered Will The Mail Follow
  244. I need some help again!!! He's not getting my mail
  245. What happens when a married couple go to prison?
  246. Anyone out there that use the CONS CALL HOME service?
  247. so mad- He's getting moved!
  248. How do you prepare for Visitation Day?
  249. Denied again for the 4th time!!!!
  250. Valentine's Day,Thanks myspace