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  1. Need info on phone system at Twin Towers
  2. I would like to send a
  3. when does he call?
  4. Gtl - Phone bill not in my name so I can't make the payment?
  5. jumbo-sized cards
  6. vumber?
  7. TRCI Christmas gifts!
  8. Any way to quickly change my number so he can call?
  9. jumbo size cards
  10. No mail.....
  11. Need advice~what to do for our anniversary?
  12. Can anyone help me. ~ he doesn't want me to write until he gets to his new spot
  13. Turning off the phones without warning!
  14. Christmas cards - what's allowed?
  15. Which Phone Service Is Really Better?
  16. Worried re threat
  17. He called me!
  18. Set up 800#-why can't he call it?
  19. I got arrested like 3 weeks ago- Should I say so on the form?
  20. Lorci Address Format
  21. help with inmate electronic messages
  22. phone calls please help-need suggestions for co to use in PA
  23. First contact visit in 2 yrs!!
  24. What makes them think it's 3 way calling?
  25. Mail Ideas
  26. Sexy Pictures...
  27. Christmas Cards
  28. I missed his call!!
  29. all the whinning about mail...
  30. I'm Scared... no mail
  31. PSP for Mable Bassett CC any one know??
  32. Had first visit
  33. Which would you rather have? (visits)
  34. He likes the quotes I send in his letters
  35. Should I go, I am so confused
  36. Hey can someone help!!-want to say I'm his spouse
  37. trying to figure it all out-calls are blocked & not sure why
  38. Writing letters in strange places?
  39. What are you getting him/her for Christmas?
  40. Denied Visit In Ohio due to being the Vicitim
  41. Such a good visit -- Remembering WHY we're in this.
  42. Have you ever had a conjugal visit or family visit? Do you live in So Cal?
  43. Magic jack
  44. I shouldn't be mad but I am...he didn't call today
  45. Music...
  46. Can I get in trouble for sending contraband??
  47. Got my first official letter Saturday
  48. OMG I found a ride!
  49. What to send to him...
  50. Can you send a post card!!!
  51. do they open our letters?
  52. A month of no visiting until tomorrow
  53. Any Short timers going thru a mail drought?
  54. dirty letters
  55. New cheap service on the West Coast
  56. Do you dote him at visit?
  57. what about that time of month?
  58. Christmas Ideas...
  59. almost missed his call!
  60. A great day!!!
  61. A gift idea-a picture puzzle
  62. Our contact visit
  63. Something worse than waiting for the mailman
  64. Pics, pics and more pics
  65. Madd!!!! I was tricked just now!!!!
  66. Who sets GTL rates??
  67. the best and worst weekend..
  68. Naughty pic question?
  69. Error with Correctional Billing
  70. please help me
  71. Ladies..... i got my visits back
  72. what to expect on a contact? my firsts this sat
  73. Would you sneak drugs in for your man?
  74. woohooo my first phone call is tomorrow morning!!
  75. Visits every 14 days
  76. Heaven forbid I get a 2 hour visit...
  77. 1 minute syndrome
  78. yay for the walgreens lady!!! she agreed to print my pics!
  79. IS IT NorMal
  80. Letter creating site
  81. Christmas idea
  82. i'm going to scream!
  83. Question- Where do I mail the visitation form?
  84. pics for your man-face or no face??
  85. what does 143 mean?
  86. Grrrrr- He shared my letters!
  87. One cent Stamps
  88. why would someone not want mail?
  89. Get Cheaper Call Rates
  90. ii love that my boyfriends mom calls me
  91. My Christmas Present :) :)
  92. Anyone else think he tries TOO hard to write you love letters?
  93. musical cards??
  94. Forsyth Detention Center
  95. I was waiting for the mail today....
  96. Cute Santa Jokes to send for those who like jokes
  97. This privelages were revoked
  98. Finally approved question about travel
  99. Thank you Dee Dee
  100. help-how to fill out a money order for him?
  101. Why do things always work out like this? (phone issues)
  102. Phone frustrations!
  103. Problems setting up CBS account
  104. I hate gtl!!!
  105. Magic Jack & GTL-How do you setup an account?
  106. I feel like an idiot!-I got my phone wet, and it still had minutes!
  107. My Christmas Present =) :) =)
  108. A Special Moment . . .How Did He Really Surprise/Impress You?
  109. Oh yes i got approved for visit! Yay!
  110. He got transfered to prison and I got to talk to him!
  111. Number approved on his list!
  112. Christmas Stamps....
  113. First Contact Visit in 3 hours!
  114. What does he need from me?
  115. Does the weather play a factor wether you visit?
  116. What a Terrific Visit Today!!!!!
  117. Your BEST visit with him
  118. PCS Daily Dial!
  119. Can he get family visits ??????????
  120. The day after is always the hardest...My hurts simply hurts
  121. Question please.
  122. i had my first contact and it wasnt what i thought
  123. Phone in HIS name
  124. Can someone walk me through setting up an account with GTL?
  125. cbs actually gave me money back!
  126. woohoo!
  127. Somethin' fun to do..
  128. Which type are YOU and why? (chatty or quiet with others at visitation)
  129. Does this happen to anyone else?????~Panic Attacks
  130. Phone call with Hubby
  131. Visiting tomorrow!!!
  132. Cell phones in prison
  133. I have found my brother!!!! (1st visit conerns)
  134. The mailroom is RUINING my hubbys present!
  135. Annoying Inmates (in the background on the phone)
  136. CBS overcharging a little everyday?
  137. Anyone visiting their man for the holidays?
  138. I just spoiled his Christmas surprise...
  139. Phone Calls (special/funny things you talk about)
  140. How many pics can I send my man in California?
  141. so my baby hasnt gotten any of my letters since he got to a CCF
  142. anyone driving to Florida??
  143. He got them!!!!!! (my sexy Christmas pics)
  144. Forgot to pay my bill
  145. help im usin GTL it sucks
  146. Lonely
  147. Somebody please help me!~in another country, how long to hear from him?
  148. Longest time without visiting?.....
  149. whats family visits like??
  150. Important question
  151. do they drug test visitors?!
  152. Finally got to see my BOO!!!
  153. same old thing...anyone have any fresh ideas??
  154. Reducing phone bills
  155. visitation logs
  156. what do I send?
  157. I get calls again
  158. Global Tel Link Contact Information
  159. Prison Visitors Form
  160. why are phone calls allowed
  161. What was the topic of your last letter?
  162. Vistation Days!!
  163. sAD after viSIt
  164. 1st visit
  165. write FCC to ask for lower phone call costs when calling prisons
  166. just wondering (saving letters)
  167. Please help me with my first visit!
  168. Why would he deny my visit?
  169. Does anyone have a phone form for South Carolina prisons?
  170. need to vent-my parents are not giving me his letters
  171. Ex girlfriend... what would you do?
  172. christams card from my papi
  173. Magicjack, So Far, So Good
  174. Busy Signals
  175. GTL Advanced Pay
  176. Got any ideas for things to talk about?!
  177. Want to know about pictures at visits.
  178. Valentines Day Ideas
  179. Texas Phone calls - Why can't they call?
  180. What did your love one make you
  181. How long does it take!? :(
  182. Banging head on wall!!
  183. Anyone use Prison Calls Online?
  184. Vumber- 20 hour limit
  185. Need some Ideas for his Birthday
  186. daily notes or one long weekly letter?
  187. Phone min-extra for the holiday months?
  188. Is anything wrong? I haven't heard from him
  189. Should I be impressed or not....
  190. Oh dear - my phone bill
  191. mail during the holidays
  192. Global tel Link, Credit Card fees and Merchant Agreements
  193. HELP!!!!!! can't accept a call
  194. Help- CBS and blocked calls.
  195. Can we visit tomorrow for new years day?!?!
  196. 2 hours = priceless
  197. Happy freaking new year to me (they said I wasn't on visitation list)
  198. Awwwww, I love him! (happy new years calls)
  199. Have you ever been skipped by your mailman?
  200. What Happened with Portal32?
  201. ITI phone service
  202. help!!which phone service is the best ?
  203. Angry when the wives/girlfriends do this.... (bringing in drugs)
  204. Changing My Number with GlobalTelLink
  205. The Crazy Mail Women ~ January 2009
  206. How many of you sit by the phone and wait for his call?
  207. Cards RETURNED because it was addressed to Daddy!!!!
  208. Countdown to visit
  209. How Often?
  210. Mail between inmates/halfway house
  211. GLT pay via western union
  212. Inmates Blogging
  213. Heart-filled letters from him: Cheesy or Romantic?
  214. CBS still hasnt posted my payment!! GRR
  215. Nudy Mags?? Do you send them?
  216. help with addressing mail to SSCF in NJ
  217. I'm going to see my man!!!!!
  218. New Ideas on things to send our loved ones!
  219. Just curious about certain things not allowed.
  220. THE cheapest phone service
  221. Tickets asre booked, going to TEXAS to see my love!!!
  222. Is it getting any easier?
  223. Cards that play music
  224. Food Visits. And what would you cook if you could?
  225. a few new to this. want some answers regarding mail and phone thanks!
  226. hi! new here.
  227. Finally got to hear him
  228. His Mom ruined our visit today....=(
  229. Control over phone calls
  230. *Putting together the Perfect Letter*
  231. Are u aloud to send cards to Northern Regional jail??
  232. Mail Games
  233. Check this out...inappropriate questions
  234. Portal 32
  235. Gtl is screwing me over!! someone please help me!!!!
  236. Will books follow the inmate if they are moved?
  237. Any ideas? What can I do for our anniversary?
  238. Mail
  239. Beg the Prison to Send Your Man Home letter
  240. Does anyone know if I have to write what's in the package on the outside?
  241. **raiders**~know where I can find NFL stationary?
  242. philosophy and morality tests ~ interactive mail ideas
  243. crossing fingers now
  244. He's so sweet--I got gifts!
  245. my sexy photos (he didn't get them)
  246. con call home
  247. when using GTL thru a CCF..which number do you press?!
  248. Vumber failure, 3rd party call terminated!
  249. Anyone using/or heard of the company ear 2 ear?
  250. Going nuts!! I've been waiting for days....