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  1. Why is their mail never delivered when it arrives?
  2. What Are You Planning for Him as a Surprise During the Holidays?
  3. Woo hoo! My account is FINALLY set up with GTL!
  4. Sleepin on the
  5. He called! (Our first phone conversation).
  6. Impact of writing a letter
  7. New to this
  8. Willing to give a lift to anyone who needs a ride to pitchess detention center
  9. rideshare
  10. During Reception Period
  11. Got Approved - Visited - Now Not Approved???
  12. What's the longest you've gone w/out calls due to lockdown?
  13. question about GTL call limits
  14. I got my first call!
  15. Different Postage Rates?
  16. not sure where to put this-I'd like to make his letters "better"
  17. still no phone call telling me I am Approved
  18. now I am worried!!!
  19. What letter 'Traditions' do you & your man have?
  20. sending money...need help
  21. Christmas is Coming!
  22. GTL taking over all billing for collect calls
  23. will the phone calls through GTL show up on phone bill or?
  24. The 15 minute time limit... sometimes sucks... other times...
  25. I work at GTL please read
  26. Our first visit and the CRAZIEST thing happened...
  27. First food visit alone... scared!
  28. Got some really bad news in his letter....(may be facing more time)
  29. Reception Visit
  30. On The Way Home From The Visit
  31. First Phone Call---HELP!
  32. Totally disgusted pcs..local 123
  33. Sick after visits...
  34. Collect Calls with Majic Jack
  35. Mailroom Not Delivering Mail in Timely Manner
  36. suspended in one prison..
  37. how long does it reallytake for cc payments to go threw gtl?
  38. Anyone else TERRIFIED of messing up?
  39. Confused and afraid
  40. I am really missing seeing him
  41. Visitation mix -up
  42. not allowed to visit at more than one prison
  43. Dixon IL prison visiting forms
  44. Need Help Please with Phone calls From Prison
  45. So upset right now
  46. Anyone Use Local123
  47. How to send envelopes??
  48. Stationary Packages
  49. see amazon prime for free 2 day shipping for 30 days
  50. What to send an artistic prisoner
  51. Fighting On the Phone
  52. Helping with postage costs from the uk
  53. Depressing Visits
  54. Letter count - What number are you on?
  55. PCO/Paypal
  56. CCH and GTL
  57. Worried... What Do You Do?
  58. he has been!
  59. TDCJ Inmate writing supplies -
  60. What's the cutest thing you ever got in the mail from your loved one?
  61. i think i blocked the call!? HELP please
  62. Is North Facilty on Soledad got visit backs yet
  63. Decorative stamps vs. standard stamp ?
  64. For Those Who Write Daily...
  65. has anyone got any great ideals for were to buy cards at
  66. In ure letters
  67. talked to the CO "again" about my visit App.
  68. I just feel so devastated!
  69. Smokers
  70. Only calls when he's mad.. (just venting)
  71. Denied Visitation
  72. money on his book
  73. his letter-he made me cry
  74. Question Please. Will arrest under another name show up?
  75. How do other inmates keep gettin my address?
  76. 9.30am Visit
  77. Prepaid Cell phones and GTL setup question.
  78. I wrote him 185 letters so far!
  79. PCO connection problem
  80. Having an issue...
  81. First fight
  82. Interesting Article About CBS/Evercom Price Gouging
  83. processing your visit app. ???
  84. TDCJ new phones Ad Seg
  85. Too much mail?
  86. i missed his call yesterday
  87. I'm Approved OMG!!!!!!!
  88. How do i send money to there books. im new to this
  89. If he got transfered while i was sending mail, will they send the mail to his new doc
  90. how to get stamps to a pal in a US prison if im in Australia..
  91. Can you send perfume samples from magazines?
  92. I get to hug him in 4 days!
  93. General info on visits
  94. Post Visit Depression
  95. I went and surprised him again today
  96. got to see him.
  97. Crying at a visit
  98. My First Visit
  99. $16 was all I could afford to put on his books
  100. Help, Never wrote to inmate before!!
  101. Express Mail to a County Jail
  102. Sending books via Barnes and Noble either online or in store
  103. Sending Newspaper clipping
  104. approval 4 visit
  105. mainline contact visits
  106. What do you talk about to fill up the visitation time
  107. ? mail in NY~are window envelopes allowed?
  108. gtl is not the most expensive for oversea
  109. MY Daughter (Not His) Visiting...NEED OPINIONS
  110. have a question- Can I send a turkey?
  111. Personalized Stamps
  112. A good gift-This cheered my whole year up!
  113. Guess What I got today! No, Don't Cheat! Guess!
  114. Gurney, TX how long until you can visit?!
  115. On court Probation, need to be approved!
  116. Do you ever look for members at visits?
  117. Am I allowed to ring and ask??
  118. R U adding extra visits this week?
  119. Victim and possibly not allowed to visit my man :(
  120. Personal 800 Numbers - Do they work?
  121. He calls too late!
  122. Waited 2 HOURS!
  123. Yep, another first phone call story...
  124. Does anyone have anyone in Jackson, GA
  125. Things to let u know ure obessed with the mail
  126. Is It True that bathrooms in visiting can be monitored?
  127. Just so you know ( pictures )
  128. long-distance-love
  129. Zazzle
  130. any GTL problems from VA today? 11/27
  131. Mail restrictions as punishment?
  132. Xmas cards and Polunsky - a question
  133. Grrr just venting
  134. Im goin to see my babyboy tomm
  135. Do you dress up to visit?
  136. Using Coke points to send magazines?
  137. How in depth? - Do COs read the whole letter?
  138. It's Federal Prison Christmas time again! UGH!
  139. is he mad at me?!?
  140. What's the difference between GTL's "Advance Pay vs "Pre-paid"?
  141. another gtl question
  142. As time goes by does it get easier to leave without him?
  143. Embarassing Visiting Room Moments
  144. magic jack and GTL..GREAT
  145. am i selfish for wanting to visit him alone
  146. Keeping mail from him
  147. Ways to Know Your Mailman Knows You're in Love with an Inmate
  148. Did You Ever KNOW It Was That Many Holidays
  149. Photo calendars??...
  150. My first Visit!!!!!!!!!!
  151. foriegn exchange
  152. ALOT cheaper
  153. Mail on lockdown,sending and recieving
  154. sending pics from a online photo shop! help
  155. Can you send post cards
  156. For those with a call limit on your GTL account (direct billed account)...a question
  157. GTL Website??
  158. GrRrRrRr... Problem printing sexy pics @ Wal-Mart
  159. Question about vumber and not accepting??
  160. Mailing from abroad
  161. Pictures at visiting
  162. Giving Vonage a try
  163. SNARES from prison guards/CO's
  164. Blocked
  165. my man and the dang phone list!
  166. Do you ever run out of stuff to say?
  167. And he doesn't think I can be sneeky! heehee
  168. Would You Stay or Leave The Visit IF....
  169. if you dont got the money to you still go!
  170. Have You Ever Had "Heated Fellowship" During a Visit? What Was the End Result?
  171. Does a dropped call count?
  172. Do You Try and Accomodate His Appearance Requests?
  173. A local number?
  174. We were told different rules by the same jail, why? (UT)
  175. I am sure it's not only the mail system this time...
  176. Just thought i'd share
  177. Music via Mail
  178. Signs on the palm of your hands
  179. 300 minutes for $25.00 !!!!!
  180. Outrageous prices on calling!!
  181. Cellphone and Consolidated???
  182. WHat do you do if you are not allowed to see him
  183. Value Added Communications $5 fee
  184. Saving money on phone calls using SKYPE
  185. Naughty pics
  186. Prepaid Phone Service for USDB in Kansas
  187. Sending Mail for an inmate
  188. Why has he not recieved my letters
  189. How 'naughty' are letters allowed to be?!
  190. Irritated at the post office
  191. Help ease my mind please!!
  192. Does he notice when you are about to cry?
  193. Got letter returned... thanks DOC
  194. A 7 hour visit
  196. Payphones, Texas, 15 minutes how much?
  197. Just wanted to share (man's brother visits after a long time)
  198. large envelopes
  199. What was your first visit like?
  200. What christmas gifts can i get him?
  201. Quickie at a Visit?
  202. How much do you spend on phone calls?
  203. Do you get a letter every single day?
  204. Mail forwarding volunteer
  205. Indiana - Miami Correctional
  206. Every letter gets shorter...
  207. how come every visit?
  208. I am floating on cloud nine!
  209. Visiting tomorrow...just happy!
  210. California phone ... have questions
  211. Should I worry That he doesn't want to call.
  212. Please help! I have been writing but no reply yet
  213. I am going to see my BABY tomorrow
  214. 'Delivery Attempted'
  215. just venting - missing his phone calls
  216. Music questions
  217. saw my husband today
  218. Package info?
  219. How do you deal with his family not visiting??
  220. Do you sometimes wish you could call him???!
  221. Do You Send Him: Money, Packages, etc?
  222. Does he knock you off your feet sometimes?
  223. Am i the only one whose loved one wants to hear dirty talk?
  224. lost phone privileges??
  225. the waiting is agony...
  226. Globaltel
  227. gtl question in cali
  228. Visit Surveillance-
  229. Global tel link screwed me.
  230. I was approved and I'm the victim...
  231. glue allowed?
  232. Thinking of visiting...
  233. Are you the only one that he calls or who visits him?
  234. Email Writing Help needed to register
  235. Our first phone conversation!!!
  236. They know me...
  237. visitors trying to sneak illegal items in
  238. Prison Bra
  239. Love him to death but Hes so stupid..
  240. What Was Your Highest Phone Bill?
  241. Yay for surprise phone calls!
  242. Murphy's Law at it's best
  243. GTL question -- interception?
  244. How long has it been?
  245. Is His PARANOIA Valid???
  246. no mail AGAIN today!
  247. need some mail prayer!
  248. Haven't heard from my Ashton in 3 weeks
  249. Do you still get nervous before visits?
  250. trying