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  1. Why are nude mags and pics banned?
  2. He forgot my birthday :(
  3. Got Through To Gtl Quickly
  4. Does anyone have a solution? How can I find out what happened to his book?
  5. Halloween 08
  6. calls to cell phones
  7. Gtl Question
  8. has you man ever called at a really bad/awkward time???
  9. Letter from my friend in Segovia unit...
  10. Cell phones calls from the county jail?
  11. WARNING: Brian Prins is doing business as Jail Calls.
  12. can they do that? Tell my girlfriend we can't write to each other?
  13. What is your fave saying that they close their letters with?
  14. ***They Keep returning Educaton***
  15. How do they send a hanky?
  16. Phone questions about calling cards and cell phones
  17. Why I write on the envelopes....
  18. Prison Mail
  19. 6 month mark is up!!
  20. ICS Problems?
  21. I am so mad at GTL!
  22. I got the best letter yesterday!
  23. Yeah the lights are back on so visits are back!
  24. Reply paid envelopes
  25. Red Rock Phone Systems?? ?
  26. Prison Telephone Contract (NY)
  27. No Letter In 2 Weeks!!!!
  28. Need Sum Help!!!!
  29. Can letters be THAT?
  30. new ideas
  31. Need Advice Quick Please Please Please
  32. the road goes on
  33. What do you guys do....
  34. prison calls online, conscallhome, etc..
  35. I Got A Letter :)
  36. I Got A Letter!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  37. How many of you watch for the mail man and wait for the phone to ring
  38. Please read before you arrange to carpool/rideshare.
  39. how can he call me when i live in england?
  40. Prepaid Calls?
  41. radio station shout outs for inmates
  42. I get to go see him in....
  43. Advice about medical appliance/implant & the metal detector
  44. Does Westville have CBS
  45. a letter dance...
  46. Sending letters in A & O?
  47. I finally get to go visit him tomorrow!
  48. through the glass...
  49. Cablevision and Food Package Questions
  50. ? about pcs and cell phones
  51. What Are Your Three-Way Limitations?
  52. Question about Sports Weekly
  53. Spicing up Prison Mail
  54. conscall
  55. I got to hug and kiss my baby today!
  56. Required Inmate Address Labels Coming
  57. approval?
  58. has this ever happened to you?
  59. How long do you wait???
  60. need catalog info
  61. Is it a freaking holiday?
  62. Sending cards for him to send out?
  63. Mail at Egeler Reception in Jackson, MI
  64. Christmas mail ideas?
  65. MY BDAY CARD WAS RETURNED!!!! Because of caricatures?
  66. Women Visitors Getting Involved With Other Womens Husbands
  67. Bras at Twin Rivers or shelton
  68. Mail from another inmate?
  69. Our Last Visit Was BitterSweet!!! *i miss him already*
  70. I live in Texas and can't get phone calls from son in Wasco.
  71. GTL - Put a block on my phone due to call forwarding???
  72. Mail for the incarcerated???
  73. Anyone feel like this???...the calls are just too short
  74. Fun thread: Reasons you tell yourself he doesn't call?
  75. How 2 send mail to Germany
  76. Problems with CBS accepting payments!
  77. NOTICE: Borders Bookstores!!
  78. Isn't it funny how your mind messes with you?
  79. Need new ideas check this out
  80. Excuses To Leave or Miss Work...
  81. Anyone going to Tennessee Colony from Dallas this weekend??
  82. Wish I Could Visit My Papi, BUT....
  83. collect calls new jersey
  84. Have account w/ GTL but need to change my phone number?
  85. visitation in 2 hours!!!
  86. Extra Little Things You Do...To Get Ready For a Visit
  87. I need visiting Info. for Valley View #34 Elk Creek, CA Fire Camp for my son and I!!!
  88. X-mas Gift
  89. Girls Please Help...i Need Ideas
  90. Global Refunds
  91. Cons call home!
  92. CBS Rates?
  93. mail is taking forever and im pissed!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrr!
  94. Sending Books [???]
  95. Little Sad...Missed His Call....
  96. Visting my man for the frist time need some advice
  97. HELP i need cheaper calls
  98. benton2b
  99. Phoning Australia
  100. I have a question? What does indigent mean?
  101. Fill his cell with letters and pictures
  102. I was just thinking....(it would be nice to be able to take cameras to visits)
  103. Cheaper Phone Options Needed
  104. I'm hurt and confused by his bunkmates letter to me w/UPDATE
  105. Gtl Questions
  106. What No Coloring Book Pages ???
  107. Broken pipe=No plumbing=no visits!!!
  108. Has anyone been experiencing this lately with GTL?
  109. I'm a minor who has a child with an inmate... visitation?
  110. USDB Stamps
  111. Got a phone call
  112. how do you get him sports stats? newspapers?
  113. dying for a call
  114. something CUTE, from a friend
  115. Letter from celly
  116. Please HELP! Need info about calls to cell phone
  117. He's not receiving my mail
  118. Great way to get intimate at a visit without breaking rules!
  119. I got a phone call today
  120. Inmate Phone Services, Anyone use it?
  121. Phone Company??
  122. Questioner Question ???
  123. October 15 = "Sweetest Day"
  124. limits on mail?
  125. Is it appropriate to bring my 5 yr old stepdaughter in for a visit
  126. Im Looking for a Female Pen Pal who is doing some time for Drug related issues
  127. questions to ask your s.o.
  128. Free printable card making site
  129. Soooooo Yummy
  130. Taking my stepson to see his mom.
  131. What kind of kiss do u give ure man on vistation
  132. skeeved out! please help :(
  133. Have you ever gotten a letter like this from your man?
  134. GTL and Vonage - please help asap
  135. Paper Size
  136. Ugh. :/ he hasn't called back
  137. Approving Visitation!!!!
  138. Fsl Elkton Visits
  139. Looking for birthday ideas?
  140. Fax # for GTL
  141. Vonage main line number change
  142. Tapes?????
  143. he called me today
  144. Phone numbers for where inmate is at?
  145. Just Got Back From Visitation
  146. I have a question... Please Help!
  147. What would you think?
  148. I've got a conjugal visit
  149. Keys! Dont Leave Them In The Car!
  150. Phone Systems Now
  151. US Stamps
  152. Can You Show Up Without Tellin' Him - Would he be Upset?
  153. lockdown phone calls?????
  154. disconnected calls?
  155. Cheaper Phone Calls
  156. Do you get to send CD's and books?
  157. How long for phone approval (FL)?
  158. Who reads their mail?
  159. Smithfield Prison Visit
  160. Tomorrows the visit....
  161. GTL hell!!!!!!!
  162. SIgning our letters with 1-4-3
  163. Returned Mail
  164. Finally Recieved A Letter
  165. Phone call
  166. Anyone using ???? ARRRGGHHHH
  167. an idea that I did on a whim and he loved it stationery sealed with a kiss
  168. VoIP-How to get local phone call rates
  169. Approval process for phone numbers
  170. Recieving Mail During Lockdown
  171. Holiday ideas
  172. Has anyone sent a bible?
  173. Vumber
  174. Will the book be returned???
  175. CBS Question
  176. I wish I could give each one of you a big hug!
  177. need van service
  178. Something Sweet!
  179. Is sending and receiving personal mail condered a privilege that can be suspended for
  180. Some phone help! CBS account
  181. Slow to realise the importance of mail
  182. How long does he have to be there before he can call?
  183. Im so worried.. He's been there 4 months and this has never happened...
  184. Does VA GTL put a block on the phone after so many calls?
  185. Internet Phone
  186. Cell Phone sniffing dogs & DOC/Cell phones illegal in FL prisons
  187. wow can I share a few excerpts from the letter I got today?
  188. A Little Phone trick we have
  189. Help!! Contact Visits
  190. Temperature in Visiting Rooms?
  191. Which Is Which And Which Is Best?
  192. Soooooooooooooooooo Happy
  193. Brands of Bras you know you can wear on visiting day?
  194. Having a card "blessed"
  195. He drew a symbol on his it supposed to mean something?
  196. can i send an inmate in tdcj-allred unit prestamped envelopes?
  197. My First Time...visiting....(FSP)
  198. help - need info about physical contact in visits
  199. Feeling real stupid!
  200. I need ideas please.
  201. Gtl !!!!!!!!!! What Else Is New
  203. Visits revokes without notice
  204. Calls from NY to CA
  205. How the USPS sees your mail (informational)
  206. I FINALLY found a way to lower my phone bill!!!!!!!!
  207. Calls for no more than $15 a month
  208. neat texts
  209. What are some awesome things that you have sent your man
  210. Blocked calls help
  211. Local collect in MN?
  212. I opened a can of worms! I got a local number & it didn't save me $$
  213. Something Cute
  214. GTL! Problems! Problems! Problems!
  215. Holidays
  216. Crazy fast visit approval!
  217. Address to luther unit
  218. Missed my bus
  219. Going To Visit Finally
  220. How can i find the truth
  221. Horrible visit, a vent
  222. Christmas cards for prisoners
  223. Something special for Christmas give me an Idea
  224. No mail on Columbus day
  225. we fought tonight during our visit....
  226. Some CBS news..
  227. Nervous as h e double hockey sticks!!
  228. topics in mail
  229. What time of the day do u wait 4 him to call?
  230. Grumble grumble Columbus Day grumble
  231. Do you have any fun ideas to send husbands in letters please post
  232. Surprise - he doesn't know I'm visiting :)
  233. glow in the dark notes
  234. want some opinions about this (bringing my child to prison visitation)
  235. Does the Spokane county jail use GTL?
  236. Visit shocker
  237. My first visit......
  238. Visit Follow Up, Help!!!!!!!
  239. who reads there letters and how often??
  240. Do you get upset when u miss his calls?
  241. I think he is in the doghouse
  242. my first visit.....
  243. Question about postcards
  244. Best phn plan for Lasalle cnty Illinois.
  245. Vumber User Questions
  246. advice please! inmate to inmate mail !
  247. Depending on mail
  248. Feeling Far Off..
  249. Question-how to send a letter to an inmate through the net?
  250. the sweetest letter i've yet to receive