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  1. Does GTL put a block on your phone?
  2. First Visit
  3. mailing information
  4. Visitation TERMINATED!!
  5. Are larger envelopes processed faster?
  6. Can I Visit Cdc With A Suspended Driver License?
  7. Billing Issue with Global Tel Link!
  8. Needed to vent about
  9. He asked me to call someone else
  10. No Visits And Now No MAil
  11. would u get jealous if ur friend wants to send him mail?
  12. Help! code required for calling...
  13. I got my local123 number now what??
  14. Wtf?! Phone Blocked!
  15. What happens to the mail after leaving reception?
  16. How much are your monthly bills?
  17. I'm very confused now and really need some help!!!
  18. Local 123 or VOIP?
  19. Cbs Question
  20. hate GTL
  21. phone block.
  22. GTL Question
  23. strangest thing at a visit?
  24. How Bloody Frustrating
  25. Calling Features
  26. Call from the prison; but no one on the line.....
  27. sooo angry!!
  28. I feel guilty
  29. how long before it gets there
  30. I get to see him tomorrow!!
  31. He's giving his friends my address...
  32. NO visits for me...
  33. Anybody know about those 2 jail addresses ???
  34. GTL and taking $ from a credit card and not getting the $ on the account
  35. Feeling really down! (missed visit)
  36. Visiting on my birthday
  37. Need DC6-111A (visitation) form - electronic version/file
  38. What can they terminate visits for?
  39. US mailing rate will INCREASE May 12th!!
  40. Should I visit him or not?
  41. I went to see him!!!!!!!!!
  42. Hoping i make visit
  43. Mail!!!
  44. A surprise visit!
  45. just venting!
  46. What do you all think?
  47. When can I see him???
  48. Visiting with suspended liscense
  49. posting books to prisons
  50. calls may be cheeper re:lawsuit
  51. question about possible visits!!
  52. New to the phone calls...
  53. Mental meltdown (after visitation)
  54. Writing Letters and Getting Mail
  55. Does it feel like it takes forever?
  56. How long are your prison visits?
  57. Could use some help ( he ceased to put stamps on upside down)
  58. He Called!
  59. How often does he call?
  60. Visits tomorrow, how often do you get to visit?
  61. Question about undergarments
  62. GTL question
  63. new CBS service! UGH! HELP :)
  64. Gtl Fax Number
  65. Can I get collect calls on Vonage?
  66. where do you buy postcards from?
  67. Hadnt Got A Call From My Man Yet
  68. Embarq contract
  69. Purchasing U.S. stamps In the U.K.
  70. Stamp prices going up AGAIN????
  71. Magazine Subscriptions to Tennessee Prison
  73. I want to talk with my friend!
  74. Picture attached to typed letters
  75. HELP!! I lost my bus ticket
  76. visiting list
  77. Got a call ON my cell phone! (original title-cell phones in prison)
  78. Change phone number??
  79. Visiting with Kids....HELP!
  80. Question about Calling Cards
  81. Wave Broadband
  82. Does ne one else think the mail system SUCKS???
  83. Need help writing a dirty letter!
  84. Magazines from Ebay
  85. need help..
  86. Dirty Mail
  87. Burned out on letters!!
  88. Mail restriction???
  89. AHHhhhhh .....T-Netix on my nerves again
  90. It NEVER Fails..I always get nervous before a visit
  91. Can he call my cell phone?
  92. Visits,Finally Approved BUT...
  93. Help! need to find address
  94. Can inmates make collect collects outside of the United States?
  95. I'm visiting NORCO tomorrow
  96. wondering, can you help - Phones in Salinas Valley???
  97. Should I surprise him or tell him I'm coming to visit?
  98. how soon can you get visitors
  99. Easter activities at shelton?
  100. Are Cards allowed at wcc?
  101. NEED HELP!! *Correspondence refused?!?*
  102. State Prison Services Bus Company
  103. Help- (
  104. me calling him
  105. MAIL AT MCF Lately
  106. How much do you spend on phone calls??
  107. Help; i need some ideas :]
  108. Do u ever talk to his friends {other inmates} while ur on the phone with him?
  109. looking for help- how do I contact my nephew?
  110. I know repeat but can someone help me with naughty letter ideas?
  111. UGH stupid cell phone- dropped calls.
  112. Sentimental Gift Ideas plz... (He's gettin out in a few months)
  113. FYI Prison calls
  114. When you talk to him on the phone....
  115. Please Read/Some reasons for No calls yet
  116. getting married
  117. sending scratch off's?
  118. Has Any One Used Mci Phone Service!! I Need Big Help
  119. 'maxim' in prison?
  120. Money Expires with GTL
  121. Cartoon clips?
  122. MCF Level 3-Receiving Mail
  123. Is this what I have to look forward to?
  124. Does Any One Know About
  125. camp hill sci helppp where is he??
  126. Save On Prison Phone Calls Any On Know About That Web Site?
  127. still cant visit
  128. When Using Local 123
  129. Gtl *vent*
  130. Stamps US to UK
  131. How much do you spend per month on prison calls?
  132. Please, please help... can't accept the calls
  133. Where Is His Books ?
  134. Your Signature Line
  135. My Man On Writer's Strike???
  136. Package full of 'FUN'
  137. Do you match your amount of writing to his/hers?
  138. new to the whole prison visitation
  139. US Postal Service will be changing their rates.
  140. Phone providers
  141. questions about my phone service and collect calls
  142. Missed A Call
  143. Just returned
  144. Rip off!!
  145. Can I use a prepaid visa card
  146. Miami Correctional Facility,Indiana/Phones
  147. Local123 - your experience
  148. GRRRR (just a vent)
  149. Inmate to Inmate mail - Allowed or not?
  150. GTL number to check for blocks??
  151. Situation - Dealing With Arguments :(
  152. what to send HER
  153. stupidity is driving me crazy!
  154. Actual Phone Charges
  155. How do I use the computer as a phone?
  156. Do you cry when you leave visitation?
  157. Do they test mail with the ion thing
  158. I got my first visit last friday
  159. I am so mad - No Phone Extras Allowed
  160. Help - Other Ohio Phone Providers?
  161. Yeah Baby Yeah... I Finally Got 1
  162. Should I Continue To Vent In His Letters
  163. My visit today, I have to vent!!!
  164. Cute Messages 4 Him
  165. I Wrote A Dirty Story......
  166. Phones out of service?
  167. Prison Call Termination
  168. that just seems crazy to me
  169. WArning on GTL
  170. Need Help finding a thread i saw earlier
  171. Co-defendant phone calls?
  172. Are you the only one that visits?
  173. -sealed With A Lipstick Kiss
  174. Greeting Cards for Prisoners
  175. Received 1st call FINALLY!
  176. Check Out This Myspace Page!
  177. Emotional High/my First Phone Call
  178. Question about Mail????
  179. Was just curious! Envelope question
  180. Calls From Prison to Mexico
  181. Question about letters
  182. How long is your longest letter?
  183. How long before he can have Visitation?
  184. Can anyone else not talk to their loved one for lack of home phone
  185. Letters only taped???
  186. Lockdown?
  187. Racism Towards visitors
  188. Get out the last letter he/she sent to YOU! FUN/INTERESTING THREAD
  189. I need someone to help my calm my nerves please!!!!!!!!!!
  190. Stupid block on my phone!! (vent)
  191. I don't like phone calls!
  192. Hi Guys
  193. A Father's Letter to his son...
  194. Help......any ideas!!!
  195. I Need To Vent
  196. my cousin needs a female penpal
  197. Are your Letters Just Prison Talk Or Truth
  198. can you be approved for visits if you're on informal probation?
  199. getconnectedus..... a good solution!
  200. Boobie pics, is this OK??? *help*
  201. Whew, phone call costs/budget plan
  202. How do I send an e-mail to an inmate at VSP for Women in Chowchilla
  203. Does Anyone Know the Inmate Mailing Address for Baltimore Central Booking??
  204. My husband doesn't want me to visit, and now.....
  205. Was just always curious about how much they take off their books?
  206. I Put My Egg In One Basket (didn't get to visit)
  207. first time visiting!! i need some advice...
  208. Mail Battle Won!!!!!!!!!!!!
  209. He calLED!!!!
  210. Does he/she ever send YOU things like 100 ?'s
  211. At Home With Daddy's Wife
  212. drug screening..does anyone know what the machine screens for?
  213. Where else to get "naughty" letters
  214. 1st *Stressful* visit ...Those Darn CO's
  215. I have ? about using vonage for calls from California Correctional Institution
  216. NECX Visitation
  217. If it's gonna happen, it'll happen to me of course.
  218. Cute ways to tell him my 1st "I love you."
  219. How come GTL hasnt unblocked me yet?
  220. Contact Visits
  221. Phone not ringing on my end, on his end it says no answer
  222. First visit jitters
  223. i got mail yeyyyy!!!!!!
  224. Play fighting and fitness?
  225. visitation issues
  226. Help please, how to send books to TX prison?
  227. Mail question.
  228. genuine guy?
  229. Globel tel Question....PLEASE HELP
  230. What Is The Shortest Letter U Have Written
  231. JPay Internet Mail
  232. Bad Luck...! (not able to visit and tell him how I feel)
  233. Prison Calls Online
  234. Why would staff be reading outgoing mail?
  235. Newbie Needing Help to Clarify how to about phone Calls
  236. Lolcats! Something fun to mail your PP/mate.
  237. My penpal on Florida's DR - can he call me?
  238. Are they strict on stickers?
  239. recieved a copy of original letter
  240. I'd like to visit alone sometimes...Am I Asking Too Much??
  241. stamp idea
  242. Does federal prisons allow sound cards?
  243. Problem with Correctional Billing Service?
  244. I missed my visit cause of her!!!
  245. 3 weeks and still no letter
  246. Are You Getting Calls From Global Telelink
  247. Family Visits????
  248. Confused with CBS
  249. he says he isn't getting his mail
  250. Follow up question about sending sound recording greeting cards?