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  1. Why Do They Ruin Visits????
  2. I want to visit him, please pray with us
  3. Can someone tell me how to go about getting an mci account?
  4. Emotional crashes after visiting - help please?
  5. Can I give my dad a great big hug?
  6. Can I type letters to inmates?
  7. I was denied visits
  8. Phone calls to U.K
  9. How much do Natural Disasters effect Mail delivery
  10. I HATE this! Couldn't accept the call.
  11. I feel so helpless...(gas prices)
  12. He doesn't want me Sending $$
  13. What should I get him for his bday?
  14. Should I Feel Guilty because my letters or so simple?
  15. I'm so angry - No Call when he said he would?!?!?!
  16. Frustrated with GlobalTelLink
  17. CBS online issues
  18. Phone List Approvals?
  19. I want to Suprise him with a visit!!
  20. Finally I got a letter today and now i am upset, i need advice!
  21. Any good news leave it here, Mine is .......Thank the LORD for MCI!!
  22. CBS frustrations
  23. I was expecting my first visit to be different
  24. writing concerning a departed family member
  25. Looking for a company to offer best rates on Calls from Florida and Virginia to GA
  26. Heading for Boston to visit my man-wish me luck ;)
  27. Went to visit.. and there wasn't a visiting list..
  28. i'm approved for visits!!!
  29. Yay!! Had my first visit!!
  30. Will they send pictures with bathing suits back
  31. can inmates buy the 2 cent difference in stamps?
  32. How do I send a letter?
  33. So MAD at my phone company!!!
  34. How long do you get to visit your man?
  35. what if they move prison? Will they forward a letter
  36. piercings & jewelry-will they let me in?
  37. Was I taken off the call list?
  38. How do you share your visits with his family?
  39. Ever feel like your'e stalking the mailman?
  40. Question about the visitation form
  41. Need the Mag stores web address?
  42. Reading My Mail
  43. How do you write a "nasty" letter to your man?
  44. I Cant Stop Crying!!! I got my first bad letter today
  45. ideas for letters
  46. He Won't Be Close At Visit-He Says We Can't-I'm Hurt
  47. I'm approved... But I have mixed feelings.
  48. i get my first contact visit!!
  49. Use cute stamps to make your letters stand out
  50. Book turned away with "questionable page"
  51. sexy pictures!!!!!
  52. Gas going up stamps going up!!
  53. do they have to give you mail while your in the hole?
  54. Im surprising my man by bringing his sister
  55. Why are some people so selfish?
  56. When He Introduces Me To His Homies-I am Given High Regard & Much Respect
  57. Visiting With My Baby He Makes Me Feel So Loved!
  58. What Would You Do??? Music Blaring??
  59. Anyone heard of mail review?
  60. Inmate Communications Corp
  61. Control Your Kids...Please (I am a mother but I am venting)
  62. Are they supposed to read outgoing mail?
  63. I haven't gotten mail and I'm worried
  64. Great Mail from him today
  65. Ideas for his birthday
  66. my first visit is Sat...I'm so nervous!
  67. Phone company recommendations please
  68. Phones In Texas Prisons!!!!
  69. Please Celebrate With Me...I no longer need a land line
  70. prison gave letter to wrong guy-my pics gone
  71. No Call And Needing To Vent.
  72. Question about sending artwork
  73. How to get the most time on a call
  74. Share excerpts of Love Letters?
  75. what do you do when you don't hear from them After a visit
  76. Men who are mean to their women on visits.
  77. Need Suggestions On This One-he lied what should I do?
  78. Phone service in Michigan
  79. Card Question-does anyone think it will be a problem?
  80. Writing Letters - Sending Stationery
  81. Stickers are considered - "CONTRABAND"
  82. Question On Vistitation I'm an Ex-Con
  83. Ever Feel Like You Just Got To Have Him Right There At Visit?
  84. Manilla Envelopes....can they receive mail in them?
  85. How do you bring yourself to tell him not to call?
  86. Silent Status? No visits?
  87. Monitored Calls...Can you tell when they are?
  88. getting a block removed
  89. anyone else? no mail his last few weeks in?...
  90. they don't double charge do they!?
  91. first contact visit
  92. Question about information needed when filling out a visitation form?????
  93. sending my 1st letter
  94. They are holding his mail and I don't know why
  95. how many pieces of paper can u send with 1 stamp?
  96. Family Circle Network???
  97. How long will it take to set up an MCI account?
  98. Can I set up an MCI account when the phone is in someone else's name?
  99. French kissing at visitation..................
  100. mci won't let me set up an account
  101. I Got APPROVED!!~!!
  102. Setting up CBS service/ is there a fee, or minimum?
  103. Mail Not Delivered Back Home when he was transferred to a federal prison
  104. sexy pics..need advice..
  105. Yippeeeeeee!!!!!!!Visiting restriction lifted
  106. My baby liked the perfume and pictures:)
  107. Torn between Bills and a Visit???
  108. What Happens When Your Man Get Move Around Does His Letter Get Tranfer??
  109. musical cards??
  110. How do I know how much each call costs?!
  111. Finally a contact visit!
  112. How do I remove a block I placed by accident?
  113. ~Is String ok to mail???~
  114. Alternatives to PCO?
  115. Mail holidays for various carriers
  116. are religious pamphlets okay to send?
  117. How many pages per letter do you write
  118. Vonage-Will I be able to accept collect calls?
  119. I am so ticked off/3 months and he still hasn't gotten his mags
  120. Ahhaahahha
  121. Is there a Limit when sending mails?
  122. Help - I Forgot To Write The Inmate Number
  123. Mad As He#$--MCI says someone already has my phone number
  124. Memorial day weekend was my first visit....!!!!!
  125. I sent him a Magazine Subscription will it be ok?
  126. ~I got a letter from pen pal today asking how I liked my Valentine he sent...~
  127. Interesting (Older) Article About Phone Rates
  128. We Got To Visit 2 Days In A Row-It Was Heavenly
  129. did I use enough postage?
  130. too many stamps on the envelope?
  131. can i print on an envelope to make it personal?
  132. Important!!! Postal Office Regulations Have Changed!
  133. Can you visit if you have a warrant for a ticket?
  134. GlobalTelLink in NY-do u use them now?
  135. What is a "trailer visit"?
  136. Application for visitation denied for a misdameanor?
  137. Question about taking niece to visit and what I need to take
  138. i got my first phone call!!
  139. Engaged-pregnant And Still Can't Visit!!!
  140. Phone calls to a cell phone
  141. Writer's Wrist?
  142. Do you create an atmosphere to write?
  143. The Kitty Print?
  144. crying every letter i get
  145. ~Waiting for the mail to get here~
  146. Postcard stamp prices went up also!
  147. do inmates get mail on weekends?
  148. Does anyone else waste time by fighting? Can he only call collect?
  149. Have you sent Father's Day cards yet?
  150. ~I am so P.O'd right now....=o(~envelope came apart/no letter
  151. My worst visiting day yet....
  152. I can't believe it! I'm FINALLY going to see him!
  153. Will they forward his mail to his new location?
  154. How much does it cost??
  155. How likely is it that officers in prisons mess with mail?/Overly picky
  156. What does he mean by "you're still close"?
  157. MCI monthly limits?
  158. fam, he wrote...
  159. going back to see him 6/15!!!
  160. Will they accept a utility envelope?
  161. Will books from Amazon get delivered ok?
  162. No Mail Again Today !!!!!!!
  163. A bit crazy?????????Has anyone else begged the phone to ring?
  164. How many phone calls?
  165. I don't know what to do about being denied to visit
  166. How To Accept Prison Calls On My T-mobile Cell Phone?? Help Me!
  167. How long til I get a phone call :/
  168. Quick Question!!! Can you be denied visits in Shock for past convictions
  169. Anyone have digital phone through the cable company?
  170. His Birthday Is Soon-Any Ideas Of Something Special To Do?
  171. I've got to vent!Why don't they give us all the info we need?
  172. I don't know what to do. I haven't heard from him and I fly out soon for a visit
  173. how much mail do you send him
  174. What is up with CBS
  175. what do they consider contraband at David L Moss in OK?
  176. Starting Over...ever rewritten a long letter?
  177. International Collect Calls
  178. What a day! My first "alone" visit with him
  179. My Car Broke Down On The Way To Visit Today! I Was 2 Miles Away!!!
  180. CBS Restricted Number?
  181. Unsure......Getting approved for prison visits with a record.
  182. Would you tell him bad new if there was nothing he could do anyway?
  183. Giving rides to visit
  184. i asked him to send a sexy letter back... he said this?
  185. help!!! cost of collect calls is killing me!!
  186. Waiting For Another Visit To End
  187. should i go visit
  188. FATHERS DAY IDEAS!?!? helpppp!!!
  189. HELP has this happened to anyone else??No calls after talking about the facility
  190. Problems with MCI
  191. I'm sad.. I haven't gotten a letter what should I do????
  192. Has anyone ever surprised their honey..from long distance?
  193. Say what?!Someone sending him money through me
  194. Im a Minor how can I visit my Boyfriend at San Quentin
  195. Please, I need some answers..Correctional Billing Sevices
  196. Writing to Family Members...what do you write about
  197. MCI - what is really going on? New Phone # blocked
  198. Any idea's on how to cope with him not being home?
  199. what the hell does the tat he wrote about mean?!?
  200. Any facilities with bad phone reputations
  201. I got all excited...for nothin'
  202. I Got Suspended From His List!!!
  203. Trying to get approved to visit after being denied
  204. MCI pre-paid - Ohio phone number but Florida billing address
  205. AT&T remote call forwarding?? ANYONE?
  206. July 14th and July 15th my first visits!
  207. Why is Mci Calling me when I have AT&T
  208. All I can say is :-)
  209. Can i visit with my passport?????
  210. 1 stamp or 2 stamps to mail a greeting card?
  211. Being Near Him Is So Wonderful!
  212. Postage Stamps and Such
  213. I recieved the wrong letter!!!!
  214. sending "Happy cards" to inmates?
  215. i've been a biotch lately- how can i surprise him at visit?
  216. Prepaid for Los Angeles County System
  217. Visitation Suspended Permantley
  218. Something Sweet He's Done
  219. visiting form what will happen
  220. I'm Scared to visit
  221. mail room refusing my letter
  222. He didnt put me on the visit list!!!!!!!!!!!
  223. When the other baby's mom visits
  224. I'm So Happy.. I Might Explode
  225. Help with making an Mci account?
  226. How many of you want to vote Evercom off the island?
  227. Can someone help me translate this to spanish for me?
  228. glitchy phone system for Fairfax, VA
  229. OMG visits are coming soooo soon!
  230. Uniontelecard... good phone card
  231. Question about visits (or not visiting) bf
  232. MCI Correctional Billing Website Address???
  233. 20 Days Till Visitation
  234. background check/address will be different will that matter
  235. Feeling Down and don't know what to think
  236. Can they really deny a visit off of unapid parking tickets???
  237. Difference in visiting rules between a Work Camp and a CI?
  238. Sexy photos request
  239. CBS - What the ???!!!!!! - Cut Offf
  240. Will I Be Denied for a visit?
  241. what to expect from MCI??
  242. He Was So Hot & Sexy Today At Visit
  243. Should I write him a letter?He was moved and hasn't contacted me yet
  244. Can You Req Your Old Visiting Form
  245. Isn't this sooo sweet!!!???He sent a flower to me
  246. What gifts can we send?
  247. i have a question about sending poker playing rules
  248. should he be notified that his mail may be denied?
  249. Can you collect call out of country...
  250. sending money grams to vac